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Season 2, Episode 1


Age: 19
Location: Missouri
Addicted to: Heroin
What’s Memorable: The scenes of her shooting up with her boyfriend for many, many hours at a time really stuck with me. Also, her lovely, heartbroken grandmother.

Update: Corinne Stumborg died of an overdose on March 19, 2019. Here is her sister’s Facebook post. Here is the funeral notice.

Official synopsis:  Corinne is a pretty 18 year-old blonde girl who was an honor roll student, star athlete and played the clarinet and saxophone. She started using drugs at 14 after being sexually abused by a neighborhood boy who babysat her. Still striving to move forward while battling her addictions, she completed her GED and began college, finishing two semesters before dropping out. Now, Corinne has become addicted to a deadly combination of heroin and crystal meth. Corinne likes the “speedball effect” — the dangerous result of overlapping meth and heroin usage. Corinne is also a diabetic who requires insulin, but she often skips her doses because she is so high. After repeated trips to the emergency room, her family is expecting, any minute, to hear that they’ve lost her for good.

Original Air Date: October 2005
Interventionist:  Candy

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  1. Rain

    Since the “Intervention Collection” is now available on Netflix (it’s 15 episodes from the earlier seasons), I was able to watch Corrine’s story. I was left feeling really just…blank, at the final ending. Up until the last minute, there’s so much hope – you really believe she’s going to make it, and the last black screen with text hit me like a ton of bricks.

    I know her episode aired very early on in the series and I want to believe that now, many years later, she is clean. Does anyone have an update? My thoughts are with her and her family. Her struggle was very real.

    1. Holly

      Hi Rain, I was also touched by her episode. I do have an update via her Facebook, which I found several weeks ago. She is the mother of two girls and I believe is in a relationship. I am unaware what became of her boyfriend that was featured. or if he is the father of one of the girls, but I know from a reair update that she became pregnant not too long after the airing of her episode. She appears happy, healthy, and surrounded by family.

      1. Leigh

        Do you have a link to her facebook page?

      2. Anonymous

        If you work at a treatment center, shouldn’t you be respecting confidentiality?

    2. Kathleen

      I just looked it up and she did pass away on March 19, 2019. Could have been diabetes though. I couldn’t find details

      1. Briana

        So sad she passed away smh rip

      2. Diane S

        According to a comment on her Facebook page, she died of a heroin overdose.

  2. Erica

    I just saw this episode this morning on Netflix. Wow. Such a sad ending. She was so close to making it, but I knew she wouldn’t as soon as she said she still spoke to and missed her druggie boyfriend. Such a beautiful girl and my heart broke for her family, particularly her grandmother.

  3. Jimmie

    I feel bad for her. I really wanted her to get her life together. I can’t say for sure how she is doing know, but I’ve seen her Facebook and I feel like she isn’t sober….

  4. Monica

    I want to thank Corrine and her family for letting this episode air. I have yet to figure out the exact reason why Corrine’s story touched me so deeply–but my heart goes out to her. The painful trauma of her past never seemed to be fully confronted especially by the family. The way the grandmother, while well meaning, spoke in nostalgia of a time that must have also been so hurtful. Corrine seems thoughtful, intelligent, and empathetic–a very emotionally mature person for a teenager. I hope Corrins can seek the help she needs and move forward from a very painful time.

  5. Sarah

    Corinne’s episode aired again tonight. Checked her Facebook page, and she’s still struggling — at least for the past year. Her last post of Jan. 9, 2016, said she was in the hospital, then headed to rehab again. She looks really thin. I really hoped she would make it, but after 10 years … At least she’s not giving up — and it sounds like she’s trying her best for her girls.

    1. Ash

      I just checked it & it looks like she’s sober. At least seems hopeful & positive – her kids are gorgeous. One day at a time…

  6. Julie

    Sadly it looks like she’s not doing well at all. She recently posted that she’s ready to give up and won’t be around much longer. I hope she can get well for the sake of her kids.

  7. Halley

    Corinne has always stuck in my mind and she touched me w/her insight and self-awareness. Hang in there, Corinne!

  8. Christina Roschuk

    So touched by this episode. All the intervention people who have so much Love supporting them and their issues. I don’t cry after every intervention episode but this one hit me hard. Just want so much for these people and their families. ????????

  9. Pandora

    On her Facebook page, she celebrated 30 days clean on 12th May 2016, but didn’t celebrate anything on 12 June. However, she keeps posting inspirational pictures about recovery and sobriety, so she may still be sober. You can see on her pictures that the drugs really had a toll on her, I hope she quits definitely this time, to stop prematurely deteriorating, she seems to have lovely children

  10. Ang Pur

    I know Corrine and she is still on heroin to this day. Her older daughter is with her mom. Her youngest daughter is with her Dad. I know the father of the youngest and he is a great guy and had no clue she was like this until after she was pregnant with the baby. He has full custody of the little one and makes sure that the older one sees her sister also.
    For Corrine I don’t think she will ever get clean she just can’t seem to stop.

  11. Audrey Stumborg

    This is Audrey. Corinne’s little sister, she is in jail and has been for about a month now due to possession of heroin. Since she had to quit cold turkey while being in jail this might be the answer to everything and might be a blessing in disguise. Thank you all for caring about my sister and our family.

    1. Theresa

      I’m sorry you have been let down again. I hope that you are able to have a relationship with your nieces. Stay strong and learn from Corrine’s mistakes.

  12. Andy

    Corrine is out of jail and appears to be sober.

  13. Shellsea

    As of 3/18/18 via her facebook- she has 30 days clean and is going to meetings- at least she hasn’t given up. Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

    1. Andy

      I noticed she stopped posting after February 2nd and I knew right away she was back to using. I’m glad she’s doing okay right now.

    2. J Bird

      Fall down seven times… thanks for sharing that! For some reason, it really spoke to me!

      1. Jack

        She is still using and in and out of rehab as of April 2018

  14. Kitty Katt

    Looks like she’s still struggling. Her last fb post was a few days before her arrest. She’s been quiet ever since.

  15. Beth Stokes

    According to her Facebook page on 11-15-18: 30 days yesterday….and I got the Vivitrol shot the day before!!! Got a sponsor tonight, a sponsee sister, and my orange key tag!!! I’m on my way….

  16. Janet

    She passed away.

    1. Dizzy

      Oh no. Do you happen to have any more information so I can verify? A notice or Facebook post or anything? Thanks so much.

      1. Janet

        No, I’m sure in the next few days an obit will be out there.

  17. Lori

    I just saw on fb her sister posted that she passed away!!! I have been following her recovery process for a few years now. I am so sad for her, her girls and her family.

  18. Stefan

    Someone posted on her FB confirming that she indeed passed away 🙁

  19. Tazz

    I’m so sad to read this. I checked her FB every now and then, and it was clear that she quite a fighter. Those poor kids….breaks my heart. May she rest peacefully ♥️ My condolences to her family and loved ones as well.

  20. Kitty Katt

    This is so sad. I too used to check her FB every now and then because for some reason, she stuck with me after all these years. I’ve “seen” how she struggled but I’ve also “seen” how she’d pick herself right back up and try again. She gave it all she got and I’m so sorry that addiction finally won. Her family and especially her little girls are in my prayers. RIP Corrine….you’ve touched many people’s lives that you probably had no idea.

  21. Tobie

    Wow! Something about her just gave off an aura of sadness right to her core. My heart always went out to her, and I often wondered how she made out in life. Condolences to family and friends.

    1. Andy

      I know I’ve been thinking about her a lot today. I feel so bad for her and for her family. I hope she has found peace. She seemed like a beautiful person.

  22. Andy

    Oh no! RIP Corrine! I was so hoping she would make it. I would check her Facebook from time to time. She seemed like she was a really sweet person. My condolences to her family.

  23. Kelle

    I sponsored Corinne for a while. She was so intelligent and so much fun to talk to. She always made me laugh. Bless her heart. She tried, you guys, she really did. She wanted to be clean, she just couldn’t stay clean. Rest in Peace, Corinne….

  24. Missy

    Sad to hear Corrine had passed. She always stuck out to me on the show because of how soft spoken and polite she was. In situations where other addicts would have been screaming and cursing out their family, she was calm and you could really see all over her face that she was ashamed of what she was putting her family through. You can tell she comes from a good family, despite her downfalls. I really wish she could have killed that demon inside her. If she was that sweet while on heroin, I can only imagine what a delight she was to be around sober. Good job to her family for raising such a kind daughter. Even at her worst she was better than most of us. RIP.

  25. Brian

    I’ve watched many episodes of Intervention. I feel sympathy and compassion for almost everyone whose episode I have seen but Corinne was on a whole ‘nother level for me.

    Corinne came across to me as an amazing, sweet girl who was given a bad lot in life. Her mother seems to lack any sort of empathy, her dad and sister were sweet but the mom was the predominant force in the family.

    I feel awful for her. She seemed so sweet, so smart and insightful, i can say from experience, when you feel like you are missing something that you need in life, you really go out of your way to try to give that missing element in your life to others.

    Corinne’s story touched me so much from the first time I watched it. I have watched it many times since.

    I have seen many people that I really liked from Intervention pass but Corinne was by far the most difficult.

    She was such a sweet person who I feel just needed a little more empathy and support in her life.

    I really wish that Corinne could have found the support and love that she needed to no longer need the drugs to offer her the comfort that her inner circle could not.

    Rest in peace, Corinne.

  26. Andy

    Hey if you guys have friended Corrine’s sister fb, she asked kindly to please stop. She has over 400 friend request.

  27. Claire Voyant

    This episode has always been one of the more heartbreaking ones for me and it’s incredibly sad that Corinne passed away from her addiction.

    I think what gets me is how low her self worth is and how powerful her addictions are. In the show she seems to have family support, hate the life she’s living, and has a lot more insight than the average 18 year old. She seems like a wonderful person who just can’t see her own worth and (maybe as a result) can’t stop using.

    When I first saw this episode I was maybe 15 and I remember envying her family support but also relating to her profound sadness. Her and I were similar in a lot of ways and this was one of the episodes that helped me understand that I, personally, would probably become an addict if I tried drugs. Seeing someone only a little bit older than me on this show also helped me understand that the people at my school who did tons of drugs probably had been through more than I realized, and that they were probably in the same type of pain that I was in. That made me sad, but also made me feel more empathy and less loneliness.

    Today I re-watched it at 27 and had some of those same feelings, but was also able to really understand the devastation on another level. At 18- she had so much potential for a good life left. She was smart enough to make it in the world. Even knowing that she had passed away, part of me felt like she would stay sober because it felt impossible for her to keep going the same way. But then she keeps using. To me, that speaks volumes about the power of addiction.

    Long comment, but my point here is that I’m grateful that Corinne and her family shared their story with us because it’s a powerful one that is worth telling. If any of them read this: I’m so sorry this happened. And thank you so much for being willing to share something so personal with the rest of us.

  28. Kim Bouton

    I watched this episode for the first time tonight and it shook me to my core which is hard to do. I’ve been watching Intervention for so many years with my dad being a lifelong addict it’s been a source of solace for me. Since I watch Intervention frequently I visited this site in
    recently and saw Corrine was deceased. I couldn’t be more grateful that I decided to watch it even though I knew the ending would be the most heartbreaking one I’ve ever seen. The sadness, desperation, and complete lack of self love and confidence Corrine suffered could be seen in her eye. For someone so young to hate themselves made me feel so devastated seeing as how special she was. She was molested as they mention in the beginning of the show, which definitely played a major role in her continuous trial and error of staying clean and relapsing. This episode hit harder than any other because not only can you see what a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and loving person Corrine was it also portrays all of the kindness and sunshine she would’ve brought into this world had she just hung in there a little longer until the storm passed. The saddest part about it was reading how she had two young children after the episode aired and who also lost their mother. Her parents lost their one of a kind daughter, her grandma who was head over heels for Corrine has to live with this scar, and her sweet little sister doesn’t have a big sister to look up to. Someone as wise beyond their years full of life and love with so much to offer just couldn’t seem to see her worth and it’s the most unfortunate thing of all. Too many individuals with depression who fall into the cycle of drug abuse lose their self esteem as they lose themselves. The most precious souls are always the angels that seem to leave the earth too soon. Wherever she is now, I hope she is happy with herself, free, and able to fulfill whatever dreams were planned for her above because she deserves it. Despite the fact that I didn’t know Corrine personally and wish I would’ve had the pleasure of knowing her being in the mental health field specializing in experience mental illnesses substance abuse disorders.
    I truly feel like no matter who you are, where you’re from, and what you’re going through you should sit down for an hour and watch this episode. Heroin is an epidemic in the United States and it has torn apart so many families. This episode in particular touches on so many relevant topics seldom discussed in our society because of the negative stigmas surrounding them. Depression and PTSD are real and after the turmoil Corrine endured throughout her teenage years which should’ve been filled with happy memories and times with friends involved trying to wedge the war between her mom and dad. She tried to help everyone in every single way she could and I feel like drugs were the only thing she knew would make her feel better without a doubt instantaneously. She didn’t want to hurt anyone else and emphasized how she wanted to be self destructive and felt guilt for all the pain she was causing in the battle of her disease. Nobody can say she didn’t try and fight by the skin of her teeth to get better for herself, her babies, and her family.
    It’s a true shame to see the good ones die young and I just hope for anyone who’s watching this and is struggling right now, just know that YOUR life is worth it even though the world may seem worthless sometimes. We are only born with one life to live and some of the most amazing people get dealt terrible a hands of cards so all we can do is try and overcome these obstacles to become stronger, better and to make progress. One day at a time. As Corrine said during her first treatment on Intervention, you can’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday. You have to stay focused on right now and the present or you’ll really miss out on living your life to the fullest. Rest In Peace you beautiful you angel ❤️ and my condolences to all of your family members who were considerate enough to share your story with the world in the hopes of helping and saving the lives others in similar situations. You guys are the true heroes who save lives and I hope that’s something you never forget because Corrine will never be forgotten.

  29. Diane S

    Someone posted on her Facebook page for the two year anniversary of her death, and it says that she died of a heroin overdose. So sad. She seemed like a very sweet girl.

  30. Mari

    I was so hopeful for Corrine. My heart is broken. If there is a heaven, she is there. Addiction sucks. Rest peacefully Corrine.

  31. Nahrissa

    This episode was so hard to watch, especially with the update at the end indicating that Corinne had a daughter and to see on here that Corinne passed in 2019. My heart just breaks for all of her family. I’m very surprised at how many episodes I’ve seen on over-the-air TV of people who have since passed away. I’ve read on other episodes’ comments that episodes with people who have died are usually no longer aired.

    1. Stefan

      Typically they get removed upon the request of the family (you can purchase some of said episodes on Xfinity though), but there are some people who have passed and their episodes are still widely available, usually in the earlier seasons (Brian, Lauren, Corinne, Ben).

  32. Todd

    It’s a shame what happened to Corinne. Her episode is from 2005 and she passed in 2019. She was just a baby when she started using. Then, and I’m hypothesizing here, she was probably in and out of drug use until she passed. It’s a tragedy. Nice young girl, sweet and innocent. I’ve seen this several times on “Intervention”. People starting to use before they’ve even learned how to get to First Base in the game of life. Then they cant get out of usage, no matter how hard they try. Next step is the graveyard. Awful.

    1. CinnamonGirl1979

      I’ve never commented on here before but I just finished rewatching this episode and it’s the saddest one of the whole series because of all those years that were, just like you said, in n out of addiction…her story is so similar to my own, I was 17 when I first picked up heroin, I was just like Corinne, parents that loved me, upper middle class, smart, talented. I’m sad to say that I’m 44 now and still struggling with this thing, methadone, jail, lost custody of my daughter, medical problems and it did a number on my physical appearance, and I did see Corinne’s pics on FB from over the last few years before she passed and you could see the years on her too and I don’t mean that in a bad way. but you could tell she had seen some things. Yes, she was a heroin/meth Addict on the episode yet there was still something VERY childlike n innocent t about her. Like, If I passed her in the street, she looks like a cheerleader, not a full-blown junkie BUT SHE WAS. Just how much stuff I think she hadn’t done YET for dope like tricking or stealing. We know that because of her statement about how smoking Crack isnt Wirth it because all it dua is make you want more and it’ll turn her into a prostitute Asian she was saying, “I’lnever become a prostitute”. Like she hadn’t had to go there yet and neither had I at 19…but it got there. Pretty much all of the Intervention episodes, the addicts are engaged in some kind of illegal behavior but not in this episode. Shes still innocent and pure,, like if she couldgethekp now, the possibil we old be endless for her future. It almost looked like she could just up n walk away from the needle one day if she felt like it. For my 1st few years as a junkie, I could fool people too. It just reminds Me so much of myself. Just so so sad to know she spent many many years fighting this monster but in the end, it took her. Oh and Corinne’s father lso passed away too after Corinne did and you could tell how much he loved her. I don’t know if Corinne’s grandma predeceased Corinne but if she did, I bet she was there to welcome her to heaven. RIP Corinne, your story is mine and it meant something to me to watch it again. There was su h a dichotomy between your young, wide-eyed, innocent, highly intelligent, loving, caring self in your episode between most of the other Intervention stories.

      1. KIJ

        Thank you for sharing and being so raw. Your testimony is so touching. I’ll be praying for you. You are worth living a happy, healthy and long life! Please take care and be well! I am rooting for you!!

      2. Kim Horne

        I hope you are having a successful life if you fall just try to get up and step forward best wishes to you

  33. Jayla

    Ahh God damnit I’m so dad to see this update, Corrine seemed like such a sweet girl. I know her battle all too well, sucks to hear she continued to struggle with this throughout her life. I hope you feel at peace now Corrine 🙏

  34. Kim Horne

    I am so sorry to see about Corrines passing away she was such a pretty young girl with her life ahead my condolences to her family