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Season 3 Episode 6


Age: 20
Location: Oklahoma
Addiction: Meth
What’s memorable: His lifetime of risk-taking, his total apathy about what he’s doing to the people around him, his sad frustrated co-dependent mother, the dilapidated trailer he lives in with his addict father, the completely insane intervention. Dillon’s story has an exceptionally tragic ending, which you can read about here.

Official Synopsis: Growing up, Dillon showed tremendous promise. But after a bitter divorce, his mother, Tammy hoped that Dillon wouldn’t follow in the footsteps of his violent, alcoholic father. But today Tammy’s worst fears have come true. Dillon, 20, is living with his father in a dilapidated trailer where he injects methamphetamines every day and refuses any overtures for help. Tammy has one final hope–an intervention.

Original Air Date: April 2007
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Virginia stephenson

    I am so sad to read about this!! I was addicted to meth for a year and have been struggling with other drugs for years!! He seemed like a cool dude!!! It just sucks 🙁

  2. rick

    He was on a cops episode later on in life. His mother loved him soo much. The intervention guy did not like him calling him a ”hard ass” because he had no mercy for his mothers crying. There was a few seconds where he was breaking up and about to cry talking to his brother but he got “emotionless” again.

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      He was probably mad b/c the interventionist was right.

  3. tina thomas owen

    This is my favorite intervention. I would have had a very strong connectión to Dillion. He was angry at the world. And wanted nothing more than to run fast, far, and hard. And he did just that. He Just never realized that fast and far would have led him to his death. I am 30 years old and live in a small town in ky. Nothing to do, so growing up we found What to do. And that was cooking meth. I was arrested at 19 years old on a 20,000 dollar bond, fleeing and invading from the sheriff. 1st and 2nd degree drug charges. Possesion of anhydrous ammonia in appropriate container, drug paraphenelia. Possesion ofweapons. But, that didnt wake me up either, even after doin time. I was in a car wreck few montes after being released, flipped my sunfire Long days 3 times rolled it 4 flew out the windshield sometime thru the roll. Flatlined….. Spleen had eruptured and my body want through shock. Gone 33 seconds. In the icu for 2 weeks. Everybody wanted to say how rude and uncaring Dillion was. They dont arent even close. Anger is a manifestation of frustration and fear. He had abandonment issues as I ddepending upon his birthday and moon sign influences alot on how it affected him. Not knowing him but guessing I would say he May have been a Taurus. They have the biggest heart I am a Pisces with a gemini moon. More gemini. I am a beautiful woman and would Just love to say Dillions story I hold a special spot for always. I feel a very strong connection with him, wish I Could have met him. RIP Dillion u know WHO I am surely by now. See u on the other side…….

    1. Pandora

      You would have gone on so well, you never could spell his name right…

    2. Gemma

      Dated a guy much like Dillon and it pretty much destroyed me. Eventually, all that rage he has at his mom is gonna land squarely on YOU. I’m not trying to speak ill of a young man who is no longer with us, just saying for your own health and sanity, stay away from angry covert narcissists.

    3. bryanna

      dillon ended up ending his life because his step daughter who was also my best friend died a car accident a couple of years later. everyone is so quick to assume, there’s always more to the story, trust that as someone who knew him & his family personally.

  4. eri

    Reallllly lady! So your sign determines whether you’ll be a sociopath or a narcissist or use drugs. You are responsible for your OWN actions and controlling yourself, you can’t blame your shortcomings on your sign. It is 50% bad genetics and 50% nurture who make us who we are so essentially its both nature and nurture NOT our “sign”

    1. C

      If he’s a sociopath, it’s nurture. Sociopaths are created from trauma. If he’s a psychopath, it’s nature. Psychopaths are born not made. I think he might be a sociopath but is probably just a very emotionally wounded man that let drugs take over his life.

    2. Karl H.

      Just how do you know it is 50/50 regarding genetics and nurture? Cite your sources.


    This episode hit home for me because Dillon and I share the same constant anger at the world and those around us even if they have the best intentions. It made me sad to see that he has passed away. I hope his family has found peace

  6. Vanessa

    Where can I find his episode?

  7. JuliePV

    You can purchase Dillon’s ep (and several of the others who have died) on Amazon.

  8. Stefan

    The exact location was Lindsay, Oklahoma.

    1. bryanna

      the exact location was alex oklahoma actually.

  9. Melanie Parent

    For some reason dillon’s episode is the only one not available any where, does anyone know y? I actually bought the episode on Amazon 2 years ago but now it’s also listed on there as not available. I don’t know y, but if anyone knows how to get it please let me know. Thanks

    1. MC

      All of the episodes that people have passed (in), are not available in “regular Hulu” – and I think it’s out of respect for the person and family. Strictly my theory.

  10. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    Ramoin has posed this on YouTube. Also, I couldn’t access the article regarding Dillon’s passing.

  11. Andy

    Just watched his episode last night. RIP.

    Here is his obituary. His dad died last year as well.

  12. Melanie Parent

    Please let me know where I can find Dillon’s episode cause it seems to be the only one that is removed. Thanks in advance

    1. Andy
      You might have to click the link ‘watch this on youtube’ if it doesn’t load.

  13. Toreigh

    SUE ELLEN HEGSTROM… Because I can’t reply to your comment for some reason. Here are the articles I found

    There was another article I read a few months back that I’m currently unable to find where it was mentioned that Dillon had daid he just wasn’t ready to be done with drugs. I hope he is at peace now.

  14. Josie

    I just found an article on his death and what happened. I know the article is short and it is too late to mention it, but the article that was given was shown to not be found on that website so i’m bringing one in.

  15. Laura

    there have been a lot of parents i’ve wanted to hug, but maybe none more than dillon’s mother, tammy her guilt and tearful desperation/determination to save her son, followed by the look of numb exhaustion on the follow up episode, is so painful to consider in light of what ultimately happened to dillon. i still wonder about her, and hope very much that she’s surrounded by love and support on the daily.

  16. sandra

    any updated links on how to watch this one?

  17. brandon ardrey

    dillon was my best friend sad to say its looking as if im about to follow the same outcome young ones stay off the meth

    1. UkGuy

      The same path? I hope you’re alright man, and haven’t done anything drastic.

  18. Michaela

    Oh my goodness I hate this episode. It seemed like the cops were buddies with him.
    I know bipolar and the drugs had a part of it but wow he didn’t seem to care.
    But what a tragic end, RIP..

  19. Beatrice Thomas

    Having bipolar disorder myself and knowing a lot about the illness and a lot of other people affect, this episode really bothered me.

    Bipolar disorder does not make people aggressive, violent and angry like that. I’m not saying he wasn’t maybe also bipolar but that’s not what explained his behaviour.

    He did really seem like a psychopath though… the tire slashing, threatening with a gun, his constantly cold cruel words and threats and apparent lack of empathy. Though the fact he died like he did is of course horribly sad, he was apparently strangling his girlfriend at the time, which i am not surprised by. Watching the episode I quite quickly thought he would hurt someone some day.

    Bipolar people are not violent or dangerous (they don’t intent to be at least, and if they are it’s usually to themselves)

    1. Adrienne

      I agree with you. I am also bipolar. People with bipolar in a manic episode can have anger and irritability. First of all that is with many other symptoms and not just anger on it’s own. Second it it not that kind of explosive anger with violence. He had some other issues also going on there.

  20. Lenaya

    Wow, this guy came across as SO unlikeable and damn rude. Threatening to harm his mom for “embarrassing” him because she asked how much weight he’s lost? His lack of care for anyone but himself and, ironically, his abusive father? Not to mention, they couldn’t find any cops that weren’t friends with him? Like… hello? I have bipolar disorder along with a few other mental disorders, and I really hope nobody thinks that we’re all like this. This guy had other factors at play and it most certainly was not just bipolar depression making him such an a-hole.

    1. Lenaya

      Whoops, I meant “bipolar disorder” not bipolar depression

  21. julia

    this was a hard one, wow. he was so rude and disrespectful, that scene at the dinner table was extremely annoying. having untreated BD can make lives around you so difficult, the struggle is real for sure – but putting this together with meth use?? holy jesus. his family had so much patience. unfortunely seeing his behaviour as he arrived at the clinic was already something, i was not very positive that he was going to make it, but knowing that he died was, obviously, very very sad. may he and his family rest in peace

  22. Mommy

    Why was the episode removed?

    1. watch Series

    2. Stefan

      Typically when an addict profiled dies they remove it from streaming upon the request of the family.

  23. Emmett Xavier Theodoran

    I didn’t know he passed.
    I really like him. Very sad.