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S4E2 Dawn

Season 4, Episode 2


Age: 40’s
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Addiction: Meth
What’s Memorable: The psychosis, her poor heartbroken sons that love her so much, how quickly she went from functional to homeless crazy person.

Official synopsis: Dawn, 49, was once a model, but today she’s homeless and wanders around town using meth and suffering from the effects of Meth Psychosis.
Original Air Date: December 2007

Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Kat

    I can’t get over what wonderful, caring men her sons turned out to be. Dawn, you must have done a lot right to raise those boys. Hoping you are doing well today.

    1. Theresa

      Since she was an addict for 35 years I would bet that those kids turned out great in spite of her, not because of her.

      1. Laura

        wild theory here, but maybe many people with addictions have more than that one dimension that defines them…

      2. John Williams

        Well said, Laura.

  2. jean

    I want to know how she’s doing today. Is there a website that offers updates?

  3. veronica Kovacik

    Her sons are beyond awesome she’s very lucky to have such wonderful caring young men. I’d like an update on the situation and pray they are all doing good.

  4. Sarah

    Any updates on Dawn?

  5. Mallory

    I would love to know how she’s doing. I loved her personality, it’s obvious that even without drugs that she’s a a cool person to be around. The things she says… “if ain’t fun I probably ain’t doin it” and greeting the worker at the detox center… “how are you?” “Pissed” omg, it doesn’t get more real than that. Did anyone else find the whole laying on her son while strokes her side kind of weird?

    1. Georgia

      Uhh yeah what was that all about. I came here just to see if anyone else found it weird!

      1. Chazz

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that was creepy

      2. Andy

        I think Dawn is just a very affectionate person.

    2. Brooke

      yesssss!!! i thought that had an oddly sexual air to it. not that i think anything is going on or anything. but it made me feel a little uncomfortable. ugh…

  6. melissa

    Omg, im glad someone said it. My first thought was “Norman Bates”, lol. That was truly a little creepy.

  7. Andy

    You know what’s interesting? I don’t think we ever see Dawn use on camera. Like I know we saw her high but I don’t think we ever see her shooting up.

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah I noticed that too, I think it makes for a kind of an ‘off somehow’ episode. Same with Tommy in Season 1.

  8. Brooke

    i feel so bad for her sons. it’s too bad she couldn’t stay clean for their sakes. (and her own, of course.) they were so wonderful. but i get it, addiction takes control.

    1. Kij

      Do we have updates on her? She’s still using? That breaks my heart. Just watched this episode again and her sons were such amazing young men I so desperately wanted them to have a mom.