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Season 5 Episode 16


Age: 51
Location: Texas
Addiction: Self-injury (hits herself), plastic surgery, shopping

What’s memorable: Sharon hits herself with her hairbrush in the head, in the stomach. She tried to kill her dog in the toilet, and she still spends everyday with her grandchildren. No one has any idea what’s going on her her head. It’s hard for anyone watching to know what’s going on in her head. Needless to say, her self-esteem issues have seriously affected her life, yet she seems like a really good, caring, sympathetic person.

Official Synopsis: A 51-year-old grandmother, Sharon is a compulsive shopper who has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to feel better about her appearance. She also feels she must hit herself. She has bruises on her thighs and stomach and repeatedly hits her head with a hairbrush. Now things are getting even worse. Sharon recently got the urge to drown one of her Chihuahuas; she didn’t harm the dog, but now Sharon’s daughter is terrified that Sharon might try to harm her grandchildren. Sharon’s dangerous compulsions need to stop.

Original Air Date: March 2009
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Connie

    I was watching this episode. Is there an update on how she is doing? Is her husband still with her?. I hope she us doing well…

    1. Berta Graeftner

      Did she – at least – have a success in overcomimg the effects of her lifelong abuse? – Emotionally by her mother and husband, physically by her childhood neighbour, husbands …
      I would love to hear how she did before she passed, wether this is good news or bad.

  2. Lisa

    I hope that Sharon is doing well~ would love to hear an update! Hard to believe that those little boys (her grandsons) are so much older now.

  3. Staci Newton

    Any update on Sharon? I hope she is well .🖤✨

    1. Andy

      I would like an update too. I really liked Sharon and I hope she’s doing well.

  4. Amy

    Hello, it was surprising to me that she was not screened for Body Dysmorphic Disorder, as well as the OCD which they do mention/hint at. At least, it wasn’t shown on the show. Her compulsions to shop, avoid the mirror, many plastic surgeries, self disgust etc. and lack of functioning in life point to this. I hope she can get the help and compassion she needs, as she was clearly suffering a great deal.

  5. Cindy Williams

    Any updates on Sharon at all? I also felt like she was possibly suffering from hormonal fluctuations to do with menopause. She appeared very depressed as well.

  6. Sally

    Sharon had sustained a severe head (brain?) injury, cardiac surgery and, speaking as an older woman, some of her descriptions leads me to suspect hormone changes, which can cause actual mental illness in some women. I feel a thorough medical check up would be important before any mental therapy.

    1. Katie

      I think you’re right. The sudden behavioral changes at her age suggest her hormone levels are off, possibly from menopause. Surprised they didn’t address that or other mental illnesses during treatment.

      I hope she is doing well. It hurt to watch her hit herself.

  7. Chantel Gallant

    From what I saw, she was sadly never able to break free from the cycle of trauma and abuse – from her parents/ childhood, to each abusive husband including the current one. They touched on it, but the wounded, narcissistic inappropriate relationships with her own mother and daughter broke my heart, and the fact that the husband was obviously emotionally abusive and caused her almost immediate relapse.

    1. mystic

      Ive just turned 50 but im very different to Sharon but I agree that many of the problems of what she was going through would have been exacerbated by peri menopause.I feel like her husband wasnt really sympathetic to her and cared about her looks mainly.Her mother seemed cold and dis not want to say im sorry for your abuse. The fragmented parts of her personality are common with self harmers and abuse victims.I hope she has found peace and left her husband and replaced the voices of self hate with self love.

  8. Xlio

    I’m sorry but as soon as it exposed she tried to kill her dog.. I lost all sympathy for her.

    1. mystic

      Everything she was doing was for attention and help, she really needed help .

  9. perry

    hope she is well.

  10. Jennifer Meadows

    Sadly, Sharon passed away a few years ago. Her husband had died the year prior to her death.
    I was the childhood friend on the episode, not my finest hour.
    Sharon really was a good person, shs just had issues.

    1. Dizzy

      I’m really sad to hear that. Thanks for posting. Do you have a link to her obituary or any other confirmation? Or if you just give me her last name I can try to find something to confirm. Do you know how she died?

      1. Stefan

        Dizzy can you email her directly and ask for any information to confirm Sharon’s death? It’s quite possible that she didn’t see your reply on here.

      2. stephanie

        Was this ever confirmed?

    2. Judy

      I’d love to hear what happened. How did Sharon pass?

    3. misses bee

      I just watched this episode- what happened? She seemed so lost but I felt that glimmer of hope for her.

  11. Ingrid

    I wasn’t really sure about this episode I saw a lady hitting herself with a hairbrush I didn’t really think she was seriously harming herself but….. trying to murder a small dog or any animals is really pathetic and disturbing her daughter is right to not allow her around her grandkids alone…. personally their may be a self harm disease but…. I think she was hitting menopause and NOT liking herself more