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Season 6 Episode 13


Age: 53
Location: Bay Area, California
Addiction: Alcohol
What’s Memorable: Given the number of years Gloria has been an alcoholic, and her denial of having a problem, it was absolutely shocking that she agreed to treatment and then actually got sober. Probably the most surprising “yes, I’ll go” that I’ve seen.

Official synopsis: At 53, Gloria prides herself on being a good cook and an independent, fun-loving woman. But Gloria uses her cooking and charm to manipulate her family into letting her drink as much as she wants. Gloria had difficulty raising her children, and was married to an abusive man. At 42, Gloria got breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiation but did not stop drinking. Now Gloria drinks and drives, misses work, and spends all her money on alcohol. Gloria’s family has had enough of her selfishness, and they’re ready for an intervention.

Original Air Date: August 2009
Interventionist:  Candy

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  1. Timothy

    Gloria’s father was an alcoholic. Just a suggestion to add the “addicted parent” to Gloria’s list of categories. So surprised that Gloria accepted help though (at first, reluctantly). And that she seems to still be sober as of today! 😀

  2. Hector

    Heart wrenching and beautiful episode! She is one of my favorite personalities ever on the show. She was very tough but I was relieved she went into treatment and embraced sobriety so well. The transformation of her demeanor and attitude were remarkable. She looked so peaceful and full of hope. I am happy for her and hope she is still doing well today.

  3. Galusha

    I’m glad this self-admitted “Angry Black Woman” is doing so well. This episode, along with Sandy, Bret and Cher, was one of the best examples of how booze brings out the worst in a person. I hope Gloria has been able to stay sober, work on her inner traumas, and make amends with all the people she hurt when she was drinking.

  4. Melanie

    I love this episode. Her family was so loving, and they all seem like really intelligent and understanding people, including Gloria. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to quit drinking after 30 years. I really hope she’s still sober, she’s very insightful and smart so I think she’ll continue to have a successful recovery!

  5. sads

    I loved this episode! I’m so happy for Gloria. I really wish there was a more recent update. What a beautiful woman and a beautiful family. I wish them all nothing but the best.

  6. Brooke

    i loved gloria! loved the things she said, she had a way with words, loved her view on life (minus the alcohol, of course). she was no nonsense. i like that. her family was awesome, too! so glad she’s doing well 🙂

  7. Darlene Jones

    Well, Gloria! You’re show originally aired in 2009…here it us, JUNE, 2020, and there are STILL ppl, like me, praying for you & wishing you well! I, too, was hoping to get a more updated report on your well being! Girl! That’s a POWERFULLY BRIGHT, AWESOME SPIRIT DADDY GOD has BLESSED you with! You have ppl ALL OVER THE WORLD caring & praying for you! I’ve seen a few of these Ibterventions, but NONE touched me as much as YOU! Yea…you gave a GREAT FAMILY! BUT…it’s YOU whose shine was so bright I just HAD to kno more! I WISH we could even meet & just TALK! LOL I REALLY PRAY you & ALL of your family are well and happy! Daddy God, Brother Jesus, & Uncle HG (Holy Ghost) continue to BLESS & keep yall! BIGHUG

  8. Xlio

    I hope she’s still doing well! A vivacious and articulate woman with a great family. You could definitely see past her child like drunk behavior and see a genuine person deep down.

  9. Xlio

    Also, I know this is bad, but I’m amazed that at 53 (with 3 decades of partying under her belt) she looked so great! But of course she looked even better at the follow up.

    1. Pang

      That is exactly what I thought too- she looked pretty healthy in the midst of her addiction, especially for someone with the history

  10. Anon

    What a character. I liked watching Gloria. She has a flair and a way with words. I am glad she got help with all of those layers of pain and has tackled the root causes. Happy her daughters got their Mum back and she was spared so prayer was answered for them to spend some quality time together, repair and restore what needed to be healed.

  11. Laura

    Does anyone have a recent update on how gloria is doing? Would love to know

  12. Claire

    Hi, this woman reminded me so much of my own mother. Although, my own mother had an addiction to prescription meds after a long battle with alcohol .
    My mother was very much out there and she would always say but this is just me! I also was the mother – our roles were reversed. Deep down though,I am told, my mum was a very quiet, shy person. I know she had also gone through multiple traumas. On the last episode I feel like Gloria was actually quite quiet too. I hope she and her family are well. My mother died 2 years ago but It never felt a loss because you cant lose a mother you never had

  13. Anom in NZ

    I’d love to know how Gloria is doing? Does anyone have an update? This is only showing now in NZ on Netflix be it I realise it’s from 2009. I truly pray after all those years drinking she was successful after treatment and able to stay sober. And build a relationship with her beautiful intelligent daughters. What am amazing family she was blessed with.

    1. Cheryl

      Im in Nz and trying to find an update on her too! Ive found most of the others facebook links, but no sign of gloria

    2. Annette

      At the end of Gloria’s episode tonight (9/13/2021) it said that after 2 years (2012) she relasped and then went into a 12 step program. That’s the last update I can find, so I am not positive when they are actually talking about.

  14. Gretchen

    This will go down as one of my favorite episodes. I hope Gloria is doing well. Any updates since 2012?

  15. Kara Bishop

    Oh Goldie! You are one beautiful, vivacious, and articulate woman. I really enjoyed your episode and hope that you’ve been able to stay sober all of these years passed 2012. I really hope that your two beautiful daughters got their mom back. I could just see their hurt on their faces. And Renee I hope you were able to finally have children because I feel you would’ve made a loving and attentive mother! And what a wonderful thing you did by contacting intervention and giving this gift to your mother! I hope you’re beautiful and loving family are all doing well! And a sidenote for Claire Who commented on this episode A few comments above mine… I’m sorry that you didn’t have your mom also and now she’s passed away so I just hope that you have had a loving family whether it be kids or grandma or an aunt I just hope that you’ve found love in your life! ❤️