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Season 9, Episode 11


Age:  24
Location: Florida
Addicted to: Meth, GHB, Xanax
What’s Memorable: How insanely skinny she is. Doing drugs in the storage unit. The GHB.

Official synopsis:  Tiffany, a former beauty queen, has always wanted the family she never had. Now, after ten years of using crystal meth and looking for love in all the wrong places, Tiffany may lose the one thing she values most, her one-year-old daughter. Her family is terrified that they’re going to lose Tiffany, and desperately hope that an intervention will save her from her abusive boyfriend and constant drug use.

Original Air Date: March 2011
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. snugs

    Her grandfather paid for her flight home after 42 days of free high quality treatment! Jeff was right, there was no point in the intervention if the grandparents weren’t going to stop enabling her.

    1. Victoria

      Here is a video update on Tiffany in case you or anyone else is interested. It looks like she finally got clean!

      (This is a video she did for a rehab program she completed)

      1. Rhonda

        That is great news I wish you an your child an family the very best

      2. No Thanks

        Suncoast Rehab is part of Narconon, run by the Church of Scientology and accused of being a dangerously unscientific front for their recruitment. There have been high-profile, allegedly quite preventable deaths in Narconon rehabs and many of the techniques they use are based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, not guided by best practices in therapy and rehabilitation of any kind.

        I hope she’s healthy, but it’s disturbing to see a Narconon testimonial/ad on this site, even in the comments.

      3. Rob

        You’re absolutely right. Addicts have actually DIED in their care from withdrawal. $250,000 for treatment which consists of sitting in a sauna to sweat out toxins, and running around a track for 6-8 hours a day.

      4. Melanie P.

        Suncoast Rehab is a subsidiary of the “church” of $cientology. Be careful in getting involved with them.

      5. Birdy

        I actually went to a narconon program for four months (it was narconon Colorado “a life worth saving” in Fort Collins, CO). It was in 2009 and my family ended up paying $30,000 for my treatment bc they didn’t take insurance. While I did stay sober for a few months after I returned home, ultimately it didn’t work. The problem with the Scientology treatment is that they won’t allow any counseling or talking about your drug use. Most of the time we just did weird training routines that involved staring at one another. There was never a licensed medical person on staff, or at least not during the time I was there. So anyway, let me get to the point of my comment. I wouldn’t necessarily believe her testimonial bc part of the requirements to advance in the program was to write these testimonials about how the program was working for you, etc. At the end, before they would allow you to graduate, you were required to write a long summary about how narconon saved your life and how you would never use drugs again. If you refused they would not let you complete the program. Also, you had to agree to let them use any part of any of your testimonials in any advertising they wanted or on their website. They made you sign forms saying that. I wish I had kept my books and paperwork from there bc it was so strange. About 75% of the people I kept in touch with relapsed after leaving, so the program wasn’t as successful as they claim it to be. They also try to get you to stay and work there for basically free (eventually you get paid $50 a week or something that goes up over time). It was really high pressure. Most of the employees were past students. Anyway, I really hope she is clean now and I wish Tiffany all the best. Just wanted to let you know that those testimonials are required and are often bs.

      6. T

        She looks absolutely lifeless and sounds terrified. I get this was years ago now but Christ, don’t praise this.

  2. anonymous

    So, do we know if she’s still “sober”? I somehow just cannot see this girl enjoying and maintaining the sober life after a childhood of pageantry.

    1. lis

      LOL! What does being in pageants have to do with being sober? I enjoy a sober and healthy life and I was a kid pageant participant. I loved them and had a blast. What a bizarre connection to make.

      1. C

        I don’t think it’s a bizarre connection at all. Every childhood is different. But there have been conclusive studies about childhood pageants leading to issues down the road. In my opinion (keyword opinion) any hobby that teaches young children that the prettiest girl wins, is damaging and bad for development.

  3. Meggie Tate

    I have been In. Pageants my whole life and had the most amazing childhood and even tho I did Dable into drugs in my teens I have now been sober for almost four years …and I now am married have a new baby and a wonderful life…..

  4. G

    Pray for her and her family. So many can judge so easily. Tiffany is one of those, who with out drugs, is such a great intelligent person, as is her younger sister. Hand to mouth, yes, choice is hers, but that meth is the devil and the only thing that can fight against it is a God supported inner strength along with family members who can forgive but not be enablers.

  5. Anne

    I just saw your episode, Tiffany, and saw the follow-up after your successful rehab. So happy for you. Congratulations and continued sobriety and happiness for you.

  6. Stefan

    Just rewatching this episode and it’s crazy how many Tiffanys there have been on this show lol

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      I know,right? I’m not a fan of beauty pageants for babies/little kids, and it was spooky how she was sitting in the shed and going on about her awards for “prettiest hair”, “prettiest smile”, etc. The fact that her mom kept using the word “perfect” to describe her was also unsettling. I mean, you love your kids, but constantly saying they’re perfect is a burden after a while, or else one “believes their own press” and thinks they are indeed perfect and have no need for understanding and facing consequences for their actions. I am NOT saying that those in beauty contests from infancy are all going to wind up like this woman AT ALL. Lots of denial in this family, though, especially the alcoholic dad and the grandfather who says, “We have no addiction in this family.” My God. How blind can a person be when their sons/daughters are addicts?

      1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        PS: The crowns were so cheap looking…I could have made one with supplies from Michaels’ Crafts!

    2. Kitty Katt

      Agreed. So far there were 6 Tiffany’s on Intervention. Let’s see what the future holds if we get anymore.

  7. Cassie Guerrero

    She’s still clean and a counselor now!

  8. Emme

    Did anyone else think the sister looked like she was using?

    1. Courtney

      Yes I totally did!

    2. Liz

      Her sister was using. I’m from where they both live. Her younger sister, Megan, left her newborn baby in the car and she was under the influence of drugs. The baby ended up passing away. Megan just got arrested for the death.

    3. Marys

      As stated by someone else the sister Megan was using drugs when the episode was filmed. Tiffany’s sister reminded me of Cristy’s sister Jayme as far as also using drugs went .

      This Sept 4 (?) 2020 the sister Megan Dauphin left her infant in a hot car whilst she was high on meth . The baby was only found after someone in the house found Megan masturbating in bed and asked her where the baby was. By the time the baby was found and ems arrived it was too late .

      Making matters worse was Megan going out partying the weekend after her baby died . She was finally arrested in Oct for leaving the poor baby in the car.

      1. Beatrice Thomas

        Whhhhaaaaaat she was in her bed masturbating whileherbaby was dying in the car?!?! This is the worst thing i’ve ever read… peak meth

      2. Kitty Katt

        I’ve only read where a friend was quoted as saying she partied with her a week before this happened.

        Do you have a link to the info you have? I’m disgusted just thinking about it.

    4. M

      Yeah absolutely

    5. Anonymous

      Literally my first thought as soon as I saw her.
      Tiffany was also arrested for neglect of a child in 2019.. Anyone have any updates on her since? I hope she’s gotten better.

  9. Xlio

    Beauty pageant cringe.. perhaps it’s a southern culture thing I simply don’t understand (not cal girl) but I find it so exploitive and creepy. I could tell her parents meant well but it doesn’t seem like the right way to validate a child.

    Also, Dizzy, random but do you think Tiffany is the most common name in the series thus far? I’ve noticed a lot. Not that there is any correlation, just a random observation.

    1. Xlio

      Also the childish pink bow in her hair during her interviews.. definitely regressing to those days.

      Also, though she may not have been anorexic, people who keep themselves thin can sometimes be exhibiting a symptom of wanting to stay child like or not grow up. Also just an observation

      1. Xlio

        Also JVV kicked ass with this one. Perfect match for the addict family and really got them to own their shit. I’d say prob in his Top 5.

      2. Kara Bishop

        It may be… But I did crystal meth and smoked it all day every day, and I did not want to be “meth skinny” so I tried to eat 1 to 2 meals every day and a protein bar. But I just lost so much weight. I was only smoking it for two years, and Tiffany was smoking it a lot more. You probably already know this…Meth suppresses your appetite, it increases your physical activity, so you lose more weight, and because of lack of nourishment, your body uses your muscle and fat for energy.
        On her Facebook page, she looks healthy, she’s definitely gained weight. I wish her well, and I hope she’s found a life of sobriety and peace!

      3. Kara Bishop

        And yes, I think JVV did awesome!! Candy is my favorite, but sometimes JVV is a perfect match for the family! And when needed JVV can be very sympathetic, here it wasn’t needed. HaHa.

    2. Dizzy

      LOL I don’t know, either that or Brittany though.

      1. Stefan

        Yah I’ve also noticed that Tiffany is an unusually common name for this show.

    3. M

      No way I’d let my daughter enter competitions to get awarded the prettiest smile etc, way to go to screw up your child.

  10. Christine

    Holy shit, finding an Intervention that I haven’t seen is harder than it used to be to find a vein (stupid), but I just finished this episode and can’t believe no ones commented on her trauma with the dad. He hit her with TVs and lamps, and she goes to rehab for him? Also the “I love you dad” (or daddy, can’t remember) when she’s getting into the van. And the sister was so clearly an addict, I found it downright weird and surprising that JVV never addressed? She also wasn’t at the pre-intervention. It’s sickening and tragic, anyone’s worst nightmare, what’s happened to her recently. As a mom myself now, it makes me so grateful and so scared of ever using again.

    1. Kara Bishop

      Yes, it scares me too. I used crystal meth a little over 18 years ago. My son is turning 18 in a couple days. I stopped using it when I found out I was pregnant, but it did take me at least a month to stop using. I have not used Crystal meth since. I did start using opiate pills 10 years ago, but only used them for two years. I did start using opiate pills 10 years ago, but only used them for about two years. And now I am clean off of those. Watching shows like this, helps me even more to know that what I am doing is the best thing I can do for my children. I could never put them through this hell. Children need a sober mother! Children deserve a sober mother! 🫶🏼

  11. Hannah

    Anyone else feel like the sister was on something?

    1. Kara Bishop

      Yep, I did!

  12. Michelle

    Just wanted to provide everybody with an updated facebook. She looks GREAT in her profile picture. I hope and pray she is and continues to have a sober life!

  13. JVV hate account.

    More info on Tiffany’s sidter here

    She pled not guilty in November 2020 but haven’t found an update yet since on her case. If someone wants to check the bay county fl Court docket for her name to find more please let me know as the site never works for me in Australia.

    1. Kara Bishop

      That is awful! Her baby was only a few months old. Why is their family letting them raise babies and kids when they’re using. I thought that during the episode about Tiffany’s baby. I know the grandparents mainly were raising her daughter. Gosh, I just really can’t believe this about her sister. That poor baby was in the hot car for four hours! It’s hot in Florida, she must have known what was going to happen, unless she was so high that she was experiencing. meth psychosis. Wow, I just don’t know what to say…