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S10E4 Latisha

Season 10, Episode 4


Age: 39
Location: Kalamzaoo, Michigan
Addiction: Crack
What’s memorable: Latisha appears to really like herself and her life, fancying herself popular and well liked, but the image she has of herself is a bit different from how people actually see her, as her daughter says. 20 hours a day smoking crack at her kitchen table, she can’t be too popular. Her kids at the intervention were heartbreaking. So glad she went to treatment.

Legacy Update:

Official synopsis:  A mother of three, Latisha will go to any lengths to feed her crack addiction, including prostitution. Having been abandoned by her own parents because of their addictions, she’s happy with her life and just wants her family to get off her back, but the needs of her young daughter Tuesday are going unmet. There’s only one way to save Latisha from her herself–an intervention.

Original Air Date: July 2011
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Val

    This episode was in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

  2. Gina

    is latisha currently clean? is her daughter sadiha drinking heavily?

    1. RThomas

      I don’t know about her daughter but I do believe she is clean – she apparently ended up going back to the Prescott AZ treatment center after her relapse – at least according to Facebook (I was so curious as to what happened after watching this episode on amazon prime last night – found some stuff saying she was a life coach at the prescott place…I knew the minute it said she moved back to MI she would relapse…so at least it looks like she went back to AZ & got clean again). I doubt her daughter is using though….that girl seemed to have her sh*t together…

  3. Christie

    LaTisha if you ever read this I just want you to know that I am proud of your recovery. My moma has been a crack addict, alcoholic, and with her being ill she now abuses pain meds also. I’m 31 and I don’t remember her being sober longer than 60 days but I can remember attending meeting with her just to support her. She still uses and it has made our relationship astranged but I know its a sickness. So just to see 1 person make it, its a blessing. Keep up the good work.

    1. Melissa Rice

      Is latisha still clean?

      1. Dizzy

        As of March 2016, Latisha is clean and works as a sober life coach.

  4. Amir Malik Shabazz

    It kinda took me back watch this program I looked at you and ” DAM ” such a beautiful mother and caught up in the game! I am good to hear your doing the right thing and getting back on track, keep on keeping on sister and you’ll be at peace with the world around. God bless ????????

  5. Sara Lee

    Latisha, I watched the Intervention show today, about you, your precious children, and your parents. Your beautiful children made me weep at their tears during your intervention meeting.
    Seeing you healthy and so beautiful, was inspiring to others I know. Keep up the fight, and keep on keeping on!!!

  6. Kim

    What a fabulous woman with a fabulous family!

  7. Hector

    This is one of my favorite episodes and post-show success stories. Her family speaking at the intervention made me cry my eyes out with them. I am so happy for Latisha and her family! And that Latisha is helping others to overcome addiction. Latisha … your family and this positive path you are on are things very much to be proud of! You have truly become a queen!

  8. Tori

    Drug addiction has plagued black communities for years, but Latisha is only the second black woman I’ve seen on Intervention, so this episode really touched me. I think it’s the only episode that had me crying like a baby. I’m so proud of her.

  9. Alice Schmid

    “Y’all cannot keep me CLEAN!” is what the situation is.

    This woman is brilliant! that says it all. Why do the interventionists not address relapse?

  10. Greg E.

    any updates on those three beautiful children?

  11. SJanvier

    I looked at latisha’s FB recently she seems to be doing good! Her son I believe is in jail. Her daughter Sadiha is a realtor AND teacher with 2 kids and owns a beauitful home, very succesful! Tuesday now has a son and seems to be alright.

  12. Melissity

    Good for Latisha for going back to treatment after her relapse!
    I found Solomon’s arrest record and was sad to learn he got 4 years for dealing drugs. He’s out as of 2019 and there hasn’t been anything since, so I’m taking that as a good sign!

    Link below. Scroll to the bottom of the page to agree to the TOS, last name: Bennett First name: Solomon, change offender status to “ALL” and search.