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S11E8 Jessa

Season 11, Episode 8


Age: 22
Location: Osseo, Minnesota
Addiction: Alcohol, Meth, Marijuana
What’s memorable: How mean and angry she gets, her mother’s disgust at her being a lesbian, the overly supportive, enabling father, the very tense but ultimately successful intervention.  I know she’s portrayed here as a real pisser, but I have a feeling Jessa’s a pretty awesome person in real life, especially after getting sober.

Official Synopsis: Jessa’s meth and alcohol addiction have caused her to hole up in the her parents’ basement, drinking and using drugs until she blacks out, punches walls, and even attempts suicide. An intervention is desperately needed before Jessa overdoses and dies right under her parents’ noses.

Original Air Date: February 2012
Interventionist: Donna

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  1. Andrew

    Yeah Jessa is great. I wish i could contact her too. The way she left the intervention was baller i bet she is so fun to be around. I hear great things about Minnesota, go JESSY VENTURA!!!!!! but get out of there, if u have to move to San Fran or some other gay friendly place DO IT your great the way you are.

    1. Stefan

      Minnesota is overall progressive, but the area she lives is in the very backwards part of the state (the 6th congressional district, where Michelle Bachmann used to represent). Fortunately, it’s not far from the Twin Cities, which has a huge, vibrant LGBT community.

      1. Cups

        Yeah… Osseo is definitely not backwards. It’s also in the 3rd congressional district. Majority of the metro is fairly accepting to LGBTQ+.

      2. Stefan

        Yah I actually mixed it up with Otsego, which is in the 6th Congressional district and just outside of the seven county Twin Cities metro area. Osseo was in the news a few years ago for having incident regarding some faculty and staff breaking into a bathroom stall when a trans student was in there, and they also voted for the marriage amendment in 2012 (by a very narrow margin, but still all neighboring communities votes against it).

      3. Mike

        Yeah, small town in Minnesota, around where I’m from. Pretty backwards outside of the twin cities and Rochester and any big city really. Just about every smaller city is backwards as hell. Poor jessa, hope she’s doing well.

      4. Steve

        I wouldn’t praise electing outright communists- which the Twin Cities currently does.

  2. Anne Marie

    Just watched her episode. So hope you are doing well, Jessa. It was great to see you shining through at the end of the episode

  3. Jake

    What was the most upsetting was that I wonder how much of her pain is from her mother’s lack of acknowledging her daughter is a lesbian. I think that it’s important for her family to suggest she get help, but I wonder if her mom thought about her reaction to her daughter’s sexuality played a role. Glad to see she was doing better though. She seems like an amazing person and someone who would be fun to be around.

    1. DNep

      I know first hand she IS a great with an offbeat sense of humor, and according to my husband that grew up.with her family in there neighborhood, there is a definite editing slant to their portrayal. Also Osseo is pretty progressive and is a suburb of Minneapolis with a thriving LGBTQ community.

      1. Stefan

        It did narrowly vote for the anti-marriage amendment in 2012.

  4. blarinna

    Anyone have a facebook or any other updates? I never can figure out how people get addicts’ last names… the only person I’ve ever found on Facebook was Sturgill. But that’s cuz, well, his name is Sturgill.

  5. Hanna klosterboer

    anyone know any updates on her

    1. Stefan

      I’d love to know too. I don’t live too far from where she lived at the time and would love to connect.

  6. Hanna klosterboer

    nice, my american family is from minnesota and i love her story, im curious, i did a lil digging and could only find a myspace page but i think it might be abandoned

  7. Hanna klosterboer

    stefan, add me on fb

  8. Bre

    It’s 2020. Any updates yet?

  9. Nancy

    Where’s Jessa today?

  10. Kathy

    Jessa wherever you are I hope you’re okay and living as gay as you please

  11. Al

    All I could find on Jessa is her last name is Thompson and she lives in Circle Pines, MN. I hope she’s doing well and is living her best gay life.

  12. LK

    I wish there had been a full episode dedicated to Jessa’s story, I was very curious about her life from the minimal information we were given. I think her segment was a bit overshadowed by Skylar’s (what with his bizarre hallucinations and with bath salts being very “new” and “scary” at the time this aired). Jessa’s parental relationships, friendships/romantic relationships, and also her childhood I feel deserved more screen time. Hope she is doing well!

    1. hanna

      I am so with you here, that is exactly why I have never liked double episodes. It is kind of interesting that it is hard AF to find any info on her or her family members

      1. Mia

        I would love to get an update on her too. I live about 2 miles from the liquor store she was shopping at.