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S11E6 Dorothy

Season 11 Episode 6


Age: Early 20’s?
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Addiction: Alcohol, cutting
What’s memorable: Her parents had to lock their door when she was 14 because they thought she was gonna kill them. How much her stepdad loathes her and how his wife helps her. “I feel like I’m not gonna accomplish anything in my life. Sometimes I think my life doesn’t have any meaning. Sometimes I don’t even wanna be alive.” – Dorothy

Official Synopsis: Neglected as a child by her alcoholic mother, Dorothy is now lost in a haze of drugs, alcohol, and self-inflicted cuts and burns.

Original Air Date: February 2012
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Gregory Moore

    Poor, lost Dorothy. But you can almost see the instant where she just gives up fighting everyone and opens her heart to the love she’s been pushing away most of her life. I’m noticing in so many of these stories that the unifying factor is that so many addicts were abandoned by one–or both–their parents…and clearly, Dorothy’s acting-out, especially against her caring step-father is just raging against an unfair world, in which she’s deprived of a father’s love. She’s a lovely young lady, and I’d like to think that she’s blossoming, now that she’s accepted help…I wish her and her family the best of luck. I’d sure like to hear a happy follow-up to this girl’s story.

    1. Skye

      Didn’t that same stepfather call her evil?

      1. Gord

        Yes, yes he did. That man seemed to have about zero love or respect for Dorothy. This episode was one of the saddest I’ve seen. This girl just wanted to be loved and she was not getting that from anyone in her life. Her mom was ok, I suppose, but you could tell Dorothy resented her. I hope Dorothy found what she was looking for in life – she certainly deserves happiness

    2. Gregory Hatzis

      me too she’s really special ❤

  2. Rachael

    Dorothy’s stepfather was absolutely deplorable…more so than addict Dorothy. He’s one of the holier than though, recovering alcoholics up on his pedestal. The way he said his piece during the intervention “affected ME…what you do to ME….what you do to your. Mother.” Even Candy looked at him like “you just ruined this”. I can’t stand him. He’s still gonna treat her like shit. I hope she gets better and finds peace.

    1. Brooke

      i completely agree!! candy TOLD him he needs to express his love to her, that’s what she needs to hear, but NOOOO! he couldn’t wait to tell her all of his bottom lines, right after he told her how her addictions affected HIM! and that’s why she walked out. even during the pre-intervention, his first question was whether they could cut her off if she said NO. the only time i didn’t completely despise him was the SMIDGE of compassion he showed when trying to talk her into going and he FINALLY said “love you” once she agreed. i wouldn’t be surprised if that was the first time he ever said “i love you” to her.

    2. Stefan

      A prime example of how sometimes the addict isn’t necessarily the sickest person in the room at an intervention.

  3. Jason

    But the difference came when her stepfather 1st layed it on the line; and 2nd showed her he did love her but that because of her addiction and negative behavior they didn’t have a good relationship. She realized ALL her family loves her

  4. Sam

    I agree, he came around in the end and saved her life! I don’t think she would’ve gone if he hadn’t opened up to her. It was touching fr. I wonder if she’s still ok?

  5. Rae

    I’ve seen this kind of step parent. I’ve had this kind of step parent. You don’t speak like that of a child. I feel like the only reason he came around is because he doesn’t want to look bad on tv. He needs to pull his head or if his rear end and realize that he was there once, he struggled with addiction. He needs to come off that high horse and try loving that child. Hes not healthy for that family. Period. Candy just looked at him like “you ruined this. You ruined all this.”. Then the “i knew this was gonna happen.”. The step father makes me sick. He really only did that “i know where you’re at” speech because he didn’t want to look like the bad guy.

    I hope someone has updates on her. She needs a hug. She needs love. She needs encouragement.

  6. Samantha

    Any updates on her? I really felt her pain & still think about her!

  7. Samantha

    I hope you are good Dorothy. I would love to hear any update. Prayers to you and your family

  8. DrSloan

    I found it telling that Dorothy decided to stay in Utah after treatment; I think that was wise. I’m not confident that her father would have been in a place in his own life to refrain from the constant judgement he was inflicting on her. Hopefully he dealt with that in his time at Betty Ford. And the “geographic cure” is often an important part of an alcoholic’s recovery.

    I hope you are well and happy, Dorothy.

  9. Chris

    She isn’t doing so well.

  10. Catesby

    She dated one of my friends, stole half of his stuff and ran half way across the country, she isn’t doing well and she isnt as sweet as she seems. I know she needs help still but it isnt any excuse to take advantage of some one who only wants the best for you, especially as someone who is nearly 30

    1. Bails

      Well, she’s an addict. So, she doesn’t make clear minded decisions. What happened to your friend sucks, but she is sick.

  11. Carolina

    You can look her up on facebook, Dorothy Raisbeck. She is sober now and has a baby on the way !

  12. Sara

    Does anyone know where her episode can be found? I haven’t been able to find it on AETV, dailymotion, or youtube. She seems like someone I can relate to on a lot of levels and I would love to watch her story

    1. Cass

      It’s on Hulu !

  13. Dahlia
    For those on TikTok, this is Dorothy’s sister’s video on how Dorothy is doing now. Seems pretty well, wish her and family all the best!

  14. Nivey

    Found this recent video on Dorothy! She looks amazing! Her episode was very impactful my heart hurt for her! I’m happy to see her come out of that dark place of family trauma, alcoholism and self harm! She seemed so far gone but I prayed she was still young enough that she could save herself and she did! Bless her and I hope Ivan the other episode featured with hers is doing well also! Such a talented likable guy! I love to see positive updates like these! 🙏🩶