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Season 11 Episode 10


Age: 20
Location: Miami, Florida
Addiction: Heroin
Update: Courtney Renee Ball tragically passed away on May 12, 2020. See notice here.

What’s memorable: This whole story is about women. Ok there’s the addict boyfriend who never actually speaks to the camera and the totally absent father who Courtney met when she was 10 and who quickly abused her and she never talked to again. But other than that, this is a story about a family of women horribly affected by their precious girl’s addiction. 20 years old with abscesses and scars all over, hooking for heroin. Also memorable: The crazy, breathless, on-the-go intervention and the surprising followup.

Official Synopsis: Nicknamed the “junkie princess” by her drug-abusing friends, Courtney, 20, injects heroin up to eight times a day and prostitutes herself to finance her own and her boyfriend’s addiction. But now Courtney’s mother, sister, and grandmother are planning an intervention in one last-ditch attempt to convince her to leave her boyfriend and accept treatment.

Original Air Date: March 2012
Interventionist: Donna

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  1. Ben P

    Could Courtney’s mother please email me or give me her email. I was shocked to see the episode last march. I had met Courtney. She use to to tell me the reason she had to go to the bathrooom so much was because she had to take an insulin shot…and I believed her.. Now ,months later, i searched for the episode again and found this site. i really want to know how she is doing..

    1. Charlene

      This is Courtney’s mom do I know you?

      1. Charlene

        My heart is broken over this terrible addiction. I can hardly go on Courtney won’t accept the help I want to give her every day.

      2. Ben

        You dont know me. I met her last year. She called me a couple of times before the episode came out. Then, silence. number had been changed. Plz email me back and we will chat more.

      3. Kitty Katt

        Charlene, we cared about your daughter so much. Whatever A&E did to you may have been wrong but please know that we too are wonders and are on your side. Please tell us mothers who also have our children out there as to what we are in for, What happened to your beautiful girl? Help us to protect out own. MY heart breaks in a million pieces to you and your elder daughter.

      4. Charlene Ball

        This is Courtney’s mom. I am having the worst night and I still cannot accept that my precious baby girl is not here anymore. I am not a social media person at all but tonight I saw this message and I had to write to you. It is too hard for me to talk about what happened but I will find out exactly the reason why and let you know when I find out. Thank you for caring so much about my sweet sweetest ever little girl.

      5. Tiffany

        I watched the episode just last night. I watch intervention all the time, but for some reason Courtney hit my heart. When the show ended with her not getting treatment I Google her to see if there was an update and was sadden to see that she passed away. Addiction is so bad and I just hope and pray my 2 children never succumb to it. To Courtney’s family I send my condolences and prayers. I do believe she is out of her pain and while not here with you, please know you did what you could for her.

    2. Charlene

      Ben how can I get your email – I dont want to send mine over the internet.

      1. Dizzy

        I have both of your email addresses – will send info privately.

      2. Jennifer Schroder

        Hi Charlene I was Courtney’s friend from middle school, not sure if you remember me, I went on a trip with you and her to visit her grandpa once. I would love if you could email me at [email protected]

      3. kitty katt

        Charlene: I couldn’t respond to your comment which was a reply to mine so I’ll do it here.

        Email me = [email protected]

        I lend you my hear, my support and my prayers with you. I have seen too many people that are in your shoes right now and you need to let your emotions out and they say it’s better to do it with someone you doesn’t know you. Its worked for me by going to get professional help because it was beyond repairing my brain, Just wanted to extend that over to you and by all means, if you don’t want to respond I will certainly hold no grudge. You need to make it right for YOU and only YOU no matter where you go or who you go to…find someone to help you. Please let me know how you are doing. Prayers and hugs to you.

      4. perry

        i’m sorry for your loss charlene. thinking of you and your family.

      5. Ross

        Im so sorry for your loss she was so beautiful. What an amazing person she was even though troubled. I will never forget her.

    3. Charlene

      I emailed you today

      1. Kathryn

        Hi Charlene- Courtney’s story had a huge impact on me, and really struck me, most of which I can’t explain..We’re the same age and I first saw her episode several weeks ago and can’t get it out of my head…Is there any way I could contact you, maybe through email?

  2. Charlene

    Thank you for caring about my precious baby girl. I wish she would let me help her but no matter what i do she hates me and wont accept all the help i offer her every day.

    1. Evelyn

      Does anyone know where Courtney is or if she is well? Ever since her episode I can’t stop thinking about her, especially since there was no follow up. Facebook, anything? Can’t help but feel so connected to some of the people on the show. I’ve happened to find a few on Facebook and it’s just good to know they are alive and well

  3. JAH

    Charlene. Im happy to know courtney is still alive. I am a girl, much like her…. With a lot of similar past issues. Everyday i push myself away from the desire not to feel. You are a good mother it seems… Its too late for boundaries and rules with courtney. When you want to critisize, ask questions instead, when you feel anger or disappointent in her or yourself voice instead friendship and remember pity. Intervention does not know everything. Alot of people want to be saved…… But not the intervention way. Even if you do not agree with her lifestyle, pretend or “fake it till you make it” if you can think of drawing her closer theough love and acceptance and then slowly weaning her off…. Costly perhaps but if you love your daughter… You will find a way. No girl wants to escort… She is afraid of trusting others to deliver her “supply” right now that may be drugs but a year from now her supply can be love, family and self-esteem. To those who havent walked her footsteps… It may seem hard to relate, but her pain is real and unfortunatley the less drugs she does… Whatever feeling she was escaping from will be felt x10 so you have to find a substitute for it. She pushes you away because she feels judged and unworthy, be calm, be constant and dont let go. I wish i had a mother that cared 🙂 judgement will push her away, acceptance will lower her defences. Good luck charlene and god bless.


    1. Charlene

      Thank you Joyce. I have gone through every emotion for years trying to find the right way to get Courtney to get help. I am now in a place of knowing that no doctor, addiction expert is right. I now listen to my heart and I text Courtney everyday with positive words but not pushing her anymore. I offer her many options for treatment when she is ready I’ve never thought I would say this but if she needs methodone I told her I will pay for her treatments. I will never give up I love this precious soul my beautiful daughter more than life.

      1. Sam

        I’m SO happy to hear that Courtney is alive and back in touch with you! I was positively LIVID when I saw her episode, and feel that Donna handled the intervention horribly! While I realize that a lot of what was aired was probably edited and cut down for timing, I feel that her direction in threatening Courtney with jail and making a public scene was completely uncalled for! I would’ve done anything to flee the scene as well, were I confronted in that manner. I found myself relating to Courtney in SO many ways, and you’re absolutely right…no doctor or addiction expert is right. They are a WONDERFUL source of support and guidance when the person is ready to get help, but that’s the key factor…they have to be ready! No two journeys are the same, but Courtney will come around. I grew up with a mom who was depressed and bipolar( untreated), never knew my father, was the victim of sexual assault by an ex in my early twenties, and developed cervical cancer as a result of that assault last year…I drank, took MDMA, and shot heroin over the past ten years. I just needed to not feel. And it’s horrible, but heroin really is “the magic eraser”…it just makes everything go away. It gives you a clean slate and allows you to decide on what does and does not exist in your life. But at some point, you do realize that this isn’t the way to deal with trauma. I came to that realization late last year, and have been working on my sobriety since. Trust me, Courtney WILL find her way home. I think it’s wonderful that she has such loving support from you! Just be there for her, love her, and remind her of the glory within herself. Be well!

      2. Angelica

        I can’t find this episode on Hulu or anywhere streaming. What exactly did Donna do during the intervention that screwed everything up?? I’ve seen multiple posts about it but no specific details.

      3. Anon

        Angelica — it can still be purchased on Amazon.

      4. Elizabeth

        Hello Charlene how is Courtney doing? We would like to know.

      5. Enriue

        Hi Carlene
        How is Courtney doing?

  4. Charlene

    Jason thank you so much for caring about my baby girl.

    1. pamela marsgall

      Charlene. I am just hoping and praying that y’all are doing good and that your daughter is sober.

    2. Carson

      Hey Charlene,

      I truly hope Courtney is doing well and you have been able to find some semblence of peace of mind. Also I hope Kim and her wife are doing well too. I live in the ATL area and if Kim ever wants to discuss how heroin can impact you personally from a close family member feel free to give her my email.

      <3 from ATL

    3. Paula

      Any update on your daughter? Her story has touched so many of us and we are praying for her and for all of you. Some of us, who’ve experienced drug addiction, can understand what you are going through. I hope that her story has helped others.

  5. Amanda

    Hey Charlene, this is for you. I was wondering where Courtney lives. With Jeff or who? Is she getting along with Kim? Is Courtney progressing since the show airing?
    Feel free to email me!

  6. Paula

    Hey Charlene, I watched the show one night and wondered why Linda looked my mother. As I watched the show, I felt such a heartfelt concern and by the time the show was over, I realized the connection. “Our” thoughts and prayers are with everybody there and hope that you know that you are all thought of everyday.

  7. Jess

    I just watched Courtney’s episode…
    I’m so sad that she left treatment. As I watched her episode I was so hopeful that it would end with her on a beach in recovery looking healthier n getting to enjoy her young life.
    I really hope that some how she gets help I really think she is the key to the entire family coming back together, love n prayers to her and for the entire family!

  8. Bella

    Charlene, for some reason this episode really hit me hard. I feel so much for you and your family, as I have a sister who struggles with similar issues and I have struggled with issues as well. I too live in Miami and recognized half of the places in this episode and it made it so real to me. I am so glad to see she is back in touch with you guys. I pray for your family and for Courtney and truly hope she recovers as soon as possible.

  9. Elizabeth

    Charlene, Me and Courtney were good friends. This is my last resort to contact someone from the family to find her. Your help is greatly appreciated. I can prove who I am in a private manor.

  10. Alex

    How’s Courtney today? Wish her and you all the best… feel free to email me! xo

  11. Sharon

    Does anyone have an update on Courtney? I’ve been watching episodes on xfinity on demand and of the ones I’ve seen; I’m most haunted by Courtney’s story. I feel unfulfilled by the outcome not to mention she’s young and should have her whole life in front of her. My heart aches for her family – post any updates please

  12. Margaret

    Does anyone know how Courtney is doing? I just watched intervention with her on it and was interested to know how is doing and how her family is coping.

  13. Anneliese

    Charlene, we are all begging you, please let us know if Courtney is okay?

  14. sherina

    Hi, we really would like to know how Courtney is doing. Please post an update. Family is in my thoughts and prayers

  15. Marney

    Charlene are you OK?

  16. Elizabeth

    Hi, I’m a friend of Courtney’s from when she was at Palmetto high in 2005/6…when she lived with her uncle. She was close to all my friends and charmed them right away as a freshman in school. She came to all our parties (sober), I would give her a big hug every day at school, and one day we even talked for a couple hours about the future. She was so bright, funny, and with big dreams. I’m glad to see she is on this show so people can see her story. She’s been with Jeff since she started heroin; he’s a loser and a pedophile, like grandma says. I really hope she can get some help. My friends and I knew about her past but we were hoping she could pull through. None of us have been able to get through to her since she started heroin years ago.

  17. Emily

    i just watched Courtney’s episode last night for the first time and since then, I can’t stop randomly having her pop into my head. It breaks my heart that she came back seeming like she was really to go to treatment and get better. After seeing that she signed herself out, I wonder if her coming home and going was just to get the police off her tail since she knew she’s an adult and could sign herself out anyway. I’m so sad to think that her beautiful spirit was destroyed when she tried to form a relationship with her father, and that it is being destroyed now by her lifestyle. If there could have been a better approach I wish that it would have been taken. Charlene, you are doing the right thing by keeping in contact with her and not pushing her for treatment but letting her know the option is there. I hope she decides to take it. I feel like so could do wonderful things if she’d get to know herself without heroin. I wish Courtney’s mom Charlene and the rest of your family the very best.

  18. Jenna

    This episode is definitely one of the more memorable Ones. The way Donna handled Courtney and her intervention was unprofessional, chaotic, threatening and downright extortion. If you don’t get treatment you’re going to jail. That was absolutely horrendous and shame on Donna. I think Donna took it too personally that Courtney wanted no part of the intervention and then was hell bent on revenge. I’m disgusted by her threats and treatment of Courtney and downright lies to the family. I really hope Courtney is doing better. The open-endedness of the episode leaves me scratching my head and I blame the inept and callous Donna for that.

    1. Carson

      Donna isn’t callous or inept, the only thing that I believe went wrong with this intervention is that they hadn’t filed for the Chapman (?) law beforehand so police would be on standby.

  19. Gregory Moore

    This heartbreaking story is still one more example of how a father’s abandonment can ruin a child’s self-image, sometimes irreparably. I empathized with every single family member in this show–especially her beautiful sister, Kim, grandmother Linda..and mother, Charlene. I can only hope that in the intervening years since her last post here, two years ago, this family’s story has somehow taken a happy turn. They’ve clearly gone to hell and back, trying to save their beloved Courtney. I send my sincerest wishes of hope to the entire family.

  20. Ash

    I did a quick search for Courtney & came across this petition (I linked it). I don’t remember this episode & I’m trying to find it, but the petition claims A&E lied to the family, they didn’t get the help they were promised, etc. Did Courtney refuse treatment?

    1. Shelby Lee Fisher

      In the end it says she asked for treatment several times, but then she never followed thru, so I wonder if it has something to do with that… I know they all had a problem with Donna too..

      1. Chera

        People can not blame Donna. Addicts create the chaos. THis cute little girl behaved like a heroin addict, period. Manipulation mastered!

  21. kristy

    It’s really shocking how the older generation are so unaware of how dangerous drugs are now especially opiate abuse. Courtney grandmother for example with being worried about the police being seen at her house rather than understanding the significance of the girls addiction and that any day heroin could kill her. It just seems like the older generation are so oblivious to how DEADLY drugs are today and alot honestly don’t take the time to educate themselves. I don’t know just something that bothers me alot.

  22. Jordy

    “I want to die with a needle in my arm.” Jeez. That line always stays with me. So scary and heartbreaking.

  23. ShelbyLee

    I never really understood why Donna got so much backlash for this one… There’s been several interventions on this show that have gone quite similarly to this one (chasing, threatening arrest) and no one says shit… Don’t get it. I like Donna, she’s no-nonsense. And obviously A+E feels the same because they still use her!

    1. M

      Donna did nothing wrong, she was doing her job. I’m not surprised her mother is blaming A&E, it’s human nature to blame others, rather than accepting some responsibility for poor parenting.

  24. David

    If you read this Courtney, know that I plan to pray for you all day today. I know you can and want to change. I used drugs from 13-21. I’ve been clean since I turned my life to God. I’m 47 now. You have a beautiful soul.

  25. Angie Wunder

    This episode hits home for us because our daughter is completely lost to heroin addiction. We don’t even know where she is to try to get her help. This is yeast four for us. Is Courtney still alive? How is her family doing?

    1. Shannon

      Angie, I’m so sorry your family is going through such a difficult and scary time! I will keep your daughter and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  26. Tazz

    I’ve always wondered about how Courtney has been doing….She seemed so lost, and the way her episode ended haunted me the most… I hope she’s doing good, and we could get some kind of update on her sometime.

  27. Lisa

    Very heartbreaking episode. Hope Courtney eventually agrees to get the help she needs.

  28. Chris

    Courtney, if you read this, I want you to know that life can and will get better, all you have to do is give it a chance. I don’t know you any more than you know me, but from one addict to another, I know how hopeless it can feel. I pray that you find peace one way or another. It’s never too late.

  29. Kristy

    Geez I can’t find anything on Courtney anywhere but I’m going to continue looking. It’s been 4 yrs since the episode aired and she was in terrible shape for a 20 yr old I can’t imagine what type of condition she would be in now if she was still using. Pretty scary god I hope she’s ok.

  30. B

    I knew Courtney in high school. I have often wondered about her/didn’t know she was on a show until a friend told me today. We skipped school together, zi was very enamored by her, smitten. She was cool. I didn’t know much- or really anything about drug addiction back then. Drugs were cool back then, I guess. That’s not to say I approve. I had always wondered what had become of my teenage crush, my brief partner-in-crime. I hope all the people wondering about her get some good news one day, and her loved ones as well.

  31. Carly

    Has anyone heard anything about Courtney?

  32. Dan

    i just watched this today. ridiculous that you can have someone arrested in florida if they’re your family and you’re worried about them. i think that is so bad. and the woman who was suggesting it, I was getting the feeling that she really wanted to see courtney arrested. i don’t think she handled that professionally at all. Like, that was her main motive here. Not to get Courtney help, but to have her arrested. Bringing the law into your family situation is never the answer. It only complicates things.

    1. Higgs

      Her getting arrested would have meant that she’d be sent into treatment – which is help. It’s not like Donna just wanted to send her to jail. I don’t agree with the law either, not surprised to find out this is in Florida. I can’t say that if it was my own family member, I wouldn’t do it. Many of us have no idea what it’s like to be in the family’s position so for that reason I can’t pass judgement on why they chose to have her arrested. Courtney obviously needed the help.

    2. Lauren

      If they can lock up drug dealers then why shouldn’t they lock up junkies? Maybe if she was arrested she would still be alive today.

      1. Stefan

        Because mentally ill people deserve detox/treatment and not jail. That’s one reason for the high prison population in the US.

  33. Paula

    It’s been almost 5 years since this episode first aired. I saw it for the first time today and am wondering how Courtney is doing. I’m praying for her and praying for you all.

  34. Mark I

    Pretty disturbing to see her in a cab seemingly unescorted (cameras) to treatment…perhaps she wanted it that way…realize it was 2 months later
    life is difficult, addiction is merciless..relapse quite common..
    Dont give up …EVER …There is a fine line between insanity and surrender..unfortunately
    I am a recovering addict …@ 8 years sober…there is great hope !
    the 12 steps in my case have worked when nothing else did…
    “God could and would if he were sought ”
    Find the strongest AA program on this planet(USA)…find it and work it !
    youtube has many very strong AA messages as examples
    prayers for this young lady and her family, especially Mom

  35. Kay

    Is this Courtney? Age fits. She was born in 1991 or 1992.

  36. Melanie

    Sending best wishes and positive thoughts to Courtney and her family. All the best from Quebec, Canada

  37. Janelle

    The Marchman Act may have been a convenient tool for Courtney’s family and Donna to use to get her into treatment, but as far as laws go it’s definitely not one of the better ones. Treatment only works when the addict WANTS to change, and forcing an addict into treatment before they hit their “rock bottom” and are ready to change is unlikely to bring about the desired result (recovery) and therefore pointless. I think Donna made a mistake by playing the Marchman card right away…she should instead have focused on trying to convince Courtney that treatment was to her benefit and that her life could be so much better if she were drug-free instead of waving the Marchman Act in her face. I think this is one addict whose intervention/treatment could have been more successful if Candy or Jeff or Sylvia had been doing the intervention. Donna is very good at what she does, but she f***ed this one up pretty badly.

    1. Holly

      I agree with you. I think Courtney needed a gentle touch instead of being threatened. Compassion goes a long way.

      1. Lauren

        I’m sorry but just like they were locking crack heads up in the 90’s they should be locking Junkies up too. If she wants to “die high” then that’s on her

  38. Cindy Miller

    I sure hope Courtney is doing well these days .. She is such a beautiful young woman with so much life to live !

  39. Laura

    Just watched the episode I DVR it I’m so disturbed & worried about this beautiful girl I hope she is alive & well….Her mom not responding is not a good sign thats my gut feeling I pray I’m wrong….Praying for Courtney Laura from the Bronx NY….

    1. Paula

      I felt the same way. Her mom hasn’t posted since 2013. That is scary. I too am hoping my gut feeling is wrong. I hope it brings her some sort of comfort to know so many people are concerned about her and praying for her.

  40. Angela

    Just watched this episode right now and I can’t help to wonder what happened to her? Hope she is doing better

  41. J

    Praying for Courtney from Houston, Texas

  42. Gary

    I am a 72 year old 100% disabled Vietnam veteran and I am shocked at the family of Courtney she has been abused by her own father at 10 years old and it appears nothing was ever done. I did see that her sister and grandmother tried to help but it appears with the rules she was given all it did was push her away. So at 13 years old she hook up with this addict and turned her into one all I see in him is a PIMP sending that beautiful girl out to make money for him, why wasn’t anything done to him????????? With my addictions and PTSD problems I almost lost my family, it took me to realize my problems and face therm head on, my problems started in 1968 and went on until 1989 since then I have not given into the crutch but the thoughts are always there. I hope and pray that Courtney gets the help she needs, she needs real people in her life to show her the love and caring she needs, I wish I could just hold her and make everything right, it broke my heart to see her that way. Courtney please get better life can be show much better if you find true love, good luck.

  43. Claudia

    I would like to know if anyone has any updates on Courtney or her family, being an addict myself I have a terrible feeling about how things have turned out since intervention, would love to be wrong….

  44. Angelica

    I went to high school with Courtney. Ever since I saw this episode I’ve been hoping to bump into her, let her know she’s loved. I really wish someone could give me news on how she’s doing…

    1. Holly

      Do you know what her last name is? No other episode felt like such a cliffhanger, honestly so many of us are left wondering what happened. Just feel bad for her, and worried.

  45. Martha Jones

    I too have wondered how Courtney is. She was the dichotomy of fragility, darkness, strength and pain. She so badly and desperately needed help for not only the drugs but the sexual abuse and life as a young prostitute. How was her boyfriend/pimp allowed to roam free to take her from “appointment” to “appointment “? My heart broke for her and her family. I am less then a week shy of my 20th sober anniversary and recovering from childhood sexual abuse as well. Recovery IS absolutely and indeed possible! A great many of us get and remain sober everyday! My deepest prayers are with Courtney, her mama, her sister and wife and her grandma.

  46. N

    Hello, I just finished watching Courtney’s episode. I am shocked, her story is moving. I think I remember going to school with her. I forgot her last name, does anyone recall?

    1. Dizzy

      Courtney has written me to tell me that she doesn’t want her last name on this site and I’m going to respect her wishes. Please DO NOT post her last name or link to her Facebook or anything else here. If you do I will delete it. Thanks.

      1. Brandy

        Dizzy can you tell is how Courtney is doing? I have been searching on and off for months trying to find out how she is. Her story stood out more than any of the others for me for some reason.

      2. Dizzy

        Sorry I haven’t heard anything recently.

      3. Bootsie

        Dizzy, if you know her on FB can you at least look to see if she has posted anything. That would at least indicate she’s still alive. Her sad and tragic life is like so many others but, for some unknown reason, her story touched a lot of us.

  47. Sarah

    Hello, does anyone know Courtney’s last name?

    1. Dizzy

      Courtney has written me to tell me that she doesn’t want her last name on this site and I’m going to respect her wishes. Please DO NOT post her last name or link to her Facebook or anything else here. If you do I will delete it. Thanks.

      1. leyla

        So she is alive, how is she? We just want to know we are worried.

      2. Dizzy

        Yes she’s definitely alive. Sorry I really don’t know how she is doing, she didn’t say anything to me other than about her name.

      3. Paula

        So she is still out there? Is she doing okay? Please pass along to her that there are a lot of us out here that are praying for her and sending her good vibes. I hope she has a beautiful life now.

      4. Alice Schmid

        understandable. I believe you are passing along to her our continues support and good wishes….

  48. Tobie

    Does anyone know if she is okay?

  49. Debbie

    Please let me know how’s she is doing if you hear anything. She is VERY SPECIAL to me, as she is my life long BEST FRIENDS daughter!!

    1. Paula

      Aren’t you in contact with your friend? If you hear anything please let us know. This young girl’s story really touched and haunted me. I still pray she’s found her way.

  50. Robyn Quequish

    Hi Charlene how is Courtney doing

  51. Tobie

    I don’t see why everyone is so hard on Donna. Courtney was out of control. She came across as somewhat of a brat- she was alienated from her family only because of her drug use, yet she ran around saying things like, I have no family, like she was raised in foster care or something. I felt so bad for the sister. I hope they are all okay, whoever they are.

    1. Alice Schmid

      no. she did not come off as a messed up brat.

  52. Martha Jones

    I too think Donna is great. She’s a realist and definitely knows what she’s doing. All of the interventionists on the show have their own style and personalities-some we can resonate with more than others. As is true in all other areas of life.

    I pray Courtney is doing well…

  53. KenzieKenz

    This girl really needed help. She had trauma that needs to be addressed, and she will one day die from overdosing. She is very sick and needs all the help she can get. She went through hell and back but she needs to know that heroin is not the answer. I feel so sorry for this girl and I hope one day she will get through it before its too late.

  54. MJ

    I hope the sister has gotten therapy to help her more deeply understand that she had a perfect right to “leave her sister”, go to school, and have a life.
    I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the family, but it always upsets me to see a family member say their loved one is being influenced by a “low life loser” (or such). All we have to do is flip the scenario and it could very easily be the Boyfriend/girlfriend’s family trying to save their child/brother/etc and they’d be calling the current “interventionee” the loser.
    And the grandmother being more concerned about a cop being seen outside her house than saving her granddaughter… she also needs help.

  55. Alice Schmid

    I finally saw this episode.

    I cant help but agree that Donna’s handling of this was ALL wrong. I compare it to the sublime handling of Megan in Seth’s brilliant intervention, and I weep for Courtney. it could have all turned out so differently. I am certain that Donna’s approach in some cases is perfect, but it was wrongly chosen for Courtney. Maybe that rests on the producers’ shoulders, not Donna’s. Makes me so sad for a blown opportunity to reach her.

  56. Luna

    Courtney if you ever see this… I am a 21 year old girl who is struggling with drugs as well. You aren’t 20 anymore but your episode made me feel less alone. You were and probably still are a beautiful girl. I just want to let you know that you are not alone. I don’t have family so no one cares whether I live or die. But I hope one day you get better even if I never do. I know it’s been years since that episode was released but it spoke out to me enough. That I felt the urge to come here and tell you I understand your pain. Best of luck darlin’

  57. Hana

    Luna….i can relate. But know that you have a kindred spirit in this addict’s prayers in Seattle, I CARE THAT YOU LIVE! You too Courtney….i think about you a lot, as I feel so hopeless and alone most days, but I haven’t given up and I hope you haven’t either. I always related to this episode, i had a very closr relarionship with my beautiful older sister who also was my legal guardian. she committed suicide in the apartment we shared when i was 18 yrars old. ive been an iv heroin addict ever since. i miss her so bad it aches my very soul. i admit, i watch this episode any time i feel especially alone and like throwing in the towel. the love kim has for Courtney reminds me so much of Nicole, my sisters love for me….God bless you and your family and your beautiful mother and grandmother.

  58. Rachel

    I can’t believe the audacity of the comments demanding her last name and address or to remind her you care being voiced . She doesn’t need a bunch of strangers ,addicts and armchair psychologists to talk to here or trigger her and relive this shit because you care. Courtney doesn’t owe any of you anything and deserves to be respected as a human yet many of you still pry . You people dox someone everytime you post full names and phones numbers and its gross . Look at the links to Cristy Celaya on here and it shows the true heart of many .

    This culture of thinking everyone on tv or the news is some sort of celebrity with no right to privacy was called minor stalking before the internet but now it’s emotional vultures feeding off misery. Even in crime cases when the family withholds a john does name gets ignored because people thinking commenting on them or reading about them for years in end makes them entitled to information. Lyle Stevik and Buckskin girl showed what I am saying and it still continues.

  59. Brooke

    i think the petition against intervention was ridiculous. it claimed a&e didn’t fulfill their part by providing treatment and that donna lied to them. i just watched the show and 2 months, she finally agrees and the cameras show her going to and arriving at Life Healing Center in Santa Fe, NM. She left after 11 days, but that’s on Courtney. Also, Donna did not lie about the Marchman Act. it takes 3 family members and courtney meets all the requirements. 1) she’s powerless over her use of drugs, 2) she’s likely to harm herself or others as a result of her substance use unless she gets help, 3) she does not have the capacity to seek help or to understand that she needs help, and 4) she is unwilling to get help. Check, check, check and check! the grandmother really annoyed me, btw. she seemed way more concerned about being “embarrassed” than she did in helping SAVE her granddaughter’s life. lastly, i know it’s the fault of the drugs but courtney’s attitude was really irritating.

    1. Chera

      I agree. Many can not get over the fact that cute little girl was a serious heroin addict. SHe was a typical master manipulator Donna worked very hard to save that girl!

  60. Martha Jones

    I often think of Courtney and pray that she has found sobriety and peace in her life. She and her family so very much deserve it. Please keep updating us with anything if possible. Thank you.

  61. Kent

    Just wanted to update and tell everyone she posted a recent photo and she’s doing Great! Never stop praying. Out of respect like Dizzy has said I will be unable to share any info where to find her. But as of now she’s doing well 🙂

    1. Paula

      Thank you for taking the time to update a bunch of strangers. So happy to hear she is doing well.

    2. Martha Jones

      Oh I’m just delighted to hear this! Thank you for posting. Praying for continued success to Courtney and all the rest of us in recovery. God bless!

  62. Kim Karris

    This is Courtney’s sister, Kim. Courtney is still alive, barely. She is still addicted to many more things than just heroin, lives on the streets of Miami, is a prostitute in Overtown and now suffers from episodic, drug-induced psychosis. Today is her birthday; she is 29 and my heart is broken. The years since the episode aired have been painful. Thank you for everyone who watched, who cared, who still reach out to her here. Every time I speak to her, I beg her to not give up hope. I still have hope.

    1. Ami

      Kim, I’m so sorry to hear this. We were all wishing her the best, and hoping she would pull through. I’m glad to hear you still have hope. You are an amazing sister.

    2. Christopher A Etrata

      my condolences. Really sad to hear Courtney just recently passed away.

    3. Kitty Katt

      Kim. I am so very sad to hear of your sister’s passing. What happened? She was a baby? I just wonder if she was alone because it breaks my heart that she is no long here.

    4. Deena

      Hi Kim – I just watched the episode and felt for you the most. You were given so much responsibility at such a young age and took on more that any young person should ever be expected. Your love and nurturing for “a very troubled” Courtney was so evident during the episode. It seemed from the episode that you did everything you could to help her and then some. I hope you’re well and married now.

  63. Paula

    I always hoped she’d finally comment here and say she was alive and survived and has a new life. I’m so sorry. I’m praying for her.

  64. Kitty Katt

    Kim. I am so very sad to hear of your sister’s passing. What happened? She was a baby? I just wonder if she was alone because it breaks my heart that she is no long here.

  65. Alice Schmid

    Kim, I am so so sorry for your loss.

  66. jacinda godwin

    rip babygirl <3

  67. Lynn Wheeker

    I just saw her episode, so sad.

  68. Denise S

    Kim and Family,

    I am so saddened to hear of the passing of your babysister. I truly prayed she accepted the help and you got your sister back.
    My condolences and prayers to you.
    ❤ Denise

  69. Glen P

    I’ve never watched Intervention before as I’ve avoided it as I’m a recovering addict myself (figured it might be a trigger). I had been watching A&E in the AM and then still had it on in afternoon in the background as I worked from home in the afternoon. I became riveted by this episode before I realized that it was Intervention. When it was over, I felt compelled to see if there was any update on how Courtney was doing today. Sadly, I found out. So sorry to the family for their loss and condolences to all who knew her.

  70. Glen P

    P.S. to her sister Kim. You were a saint and I hope you know you did everything you could. I hope you and your partner are still happily together.

  71. Cheyanne

    I too just viewed this episode and while I have viewed ‘Intervention’ many times, as others have already mentioned, Courney’s story reached out and grabbed me. More like tore my at my heart. Sadly, I didn’t realize the episode date, then, just discovered the recent news. For some reason, that tear progressed to nearly broken. I am in tears as this is being written. A lost soul. (We can, however, hope redeemed.) I am to lighting a candle for her.

  72. Laura

    courtney’s story has always broken my heart and i always hoped it would end differently. if any family or friends read this, please know i have so much empathy for you, as i had for her, and may you all find healing. <3

  73. Elizabeth H

    Kim and Charlene and the rest of Courtney’s family,
    I’m so sorry for your loss, this breaks my heart as I have also held out hope for Courtney and wished that she would get better. I cannot imagine the pain of this, I’m so sorry. Kim, you were and are such a magnificent sister. You remind me of my own big sister, and women like you are one in a million. You and Charlene both did all you could, and this isn’t anyone’s fault. I hope you all find peace in this sorrow.

  74. Lori M.

    My heart broke to see Courtney passed away. I just saw her episode again a few days ago. I also had no idea she was from Decatur; my husband grew up there and we live about a hour away now. I’m a recovering opiate addict still in MAT treatment.
    To Courtney’s family, I pray y’all can find peace. My thoughts and prayers are with y’all!

  75. Didi.

    I saw the Courtney episode a few years ago, now I read that she is dead and it fills me with deep pain.
    first I would like to give my condolences to the family.
    Courtney’s story is very sad, I would like to understand why legal action was never taken against the father, for me the rape was what triggered the addiction. I have no words from the boyfriend, just a loser and abuser.
    Courtney is now in a better place and I’m sure her soul rests. Rest in peace precious girl.

    1. Gigi Atkins

      I just watched this episode for the first time…so heartbreaking. I saw a lot of unresolved issues in the family. Grandma was a very “blocked” person needless to say…it’s no coincidence that mom struggled with depression. And this is not meant to be disrespectful in any way…I work with children who have mild to severe intellectual disabilities and I couldn’t help but wonder if that was the case with Courtney. She had the sweet affect that many of my students have.

    2. A.S.

      I wondered the same thing about her dad, he deserves to pay for that.

    3. Pang

      Sounds like Courtney would never say what actually happened.

  76. tyrone

    RIP. no ones talking about her boy friend though, he should really be in trouble.

  77. Jason Lewis

    Such a heartbreaking episode. Courtney’s family are in my thoughts and I wish them the best during what must be indescribable pain. RIP

  78. LizK

    I know Courtney. Though we are all responsible for our actions, her boyfriend Jeff is / was very bad news for her. She started dating him at 15-16 when he was in his 20s! Legal action should have been taken against him, although FL has a “Romeo & Juliet law” that allows age gap relationships, which sucks. If he was under 24, it would have been legal. YUCK. Not to mention he was pimping her out while she believed he was deeply in love with her. He’s a predator…

  79. M

    Only just watched this episode. If someone really has a death wish you cannot force then to stop. I lost my brother the same way, he was suicidal and did it slowly over 4 years, going out with a bang as he called it.

    I don’t think Donna was the problem, she was doing her job. The issue for he was her snobby grandmother. Worried over appearances and what the neighbours would think. If that was my granddaughter I wouldn’t care less!

    I just wish her mother had gotten help earlier, sorted herself out and been a proper parent. The sister was amazing, she has nothing to feel guilt about. I know how she feels, as long as you tried, you can feel happy you did everything you could.

    I’m not surprised Courtney wanted to get away from it all, poor kid felt so alone. She desperately needed her mum.

    A&E aren’t responsible for failings, it’s easier to blame others, than look at yourself, that’s human nature.

    What a mess…….

    1. Parker

      Within the first five minutes of the episode, the grandmother says that she can’t feel empathy. That brings a wellspring of pain and damage, including emotionally neglecting Courtney‘s mother

      1. samantha

        where do i watch her episode?

  80. MJ

    Does anyone have a link to her ep?

    1. Stefan

      If you have Xfinity you can purchase it on there.

    2. Kay

      You can download the roku app and even if you don’t have a Roku you can search intervention and watch episodes signed in as a guest. I’m not sure when exactly, but some time before you watch something it will ask you if you want to sign in, make an account, or continue as a guest. If you continue as a guest you don’t have to sign up or anything. Hope that helps.

  81. Holly Berry

    I watched Courtney’s episode again yesterday. I still cannot believe she’s gone. I was so rooting for her to get well. What a tragic life for such a sweet girl.

  82. Aaron

    I re watched this today a little over a year after Courtney passed trying to make sense of it . It was enlightening how extremely intelligent and Brave Courtney Truly Was when she was talking about her prostitution she described Disassociation perfectly she had to get high before meeting a client to not feel him touching her , Grabbing , her , skin to skin contact : a lot of prostitutes That I’ve researched describe this exactly the way she did . What was most alarming was that her “ soulmate “ Jeff never faced prosecution for rape of a minor and endangerment of a minor and for solicitation of a minor for prostitution… that’s the biggest question mark ? And add to that what happened to jeff ? I bet Jeff and all of her clients were not in attendance at her funeral , they killed the poor girl after all . The other upsetting thing is that her interventionist Donna Did Not Handle Her Intervention well . If Her Sister Kim And Kim’s partner had lead the intervention then I believe she would have gone to treatment and gotten help or at least a BETTER Chance at it . Donna Basically said Courtney you don’t do this you go to jail
    Then literally chasing her and threatening her .. I myself have been clean off cocaine since 11-11-2009 and had to go to rehab but if someone approached me in such an intimidating way that Donna did I wouldn’t have gone . It’s sad when she left she had 9 more years on this earth 🌎 but went straight back to heroin and prostitution. I just wish someone along the way could’ve helped her – prayers to the family for their continued comfort, strength and support. You are an angel now Courtney. Fly High in God’s light .

    1. Lia

      I believe that although the intervention was not the best, the reality is that Courtney was never ready for sobriety. When the intervention took place in 2012, it was obvious that her relationship with her mother was still fractured. Courtney had not forgiven her mother for her childhood since she felt very abandoned. There are many more things to analyze in this case, the only thing left is to pray for their mother and sister so that they can take their pain in the best way, my best wishes for them.

  83. Kim

    To Charlene, I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my sister to methadone/methamphetamine toxicity in 2015. I also struggle with major depressive disorder so my heart goes out to you. I am also my mothers only remaining child, so I implore you to live and remember your other daughter, Kim.

    1. Charlene

      Awe thank you so much. Despite my depression I took good care of Courtney and Kimberly. The show depicts me in the wrong way. My mom and daughter Kimberly blamed me for what Courtney was going through. The truth is I love Courtney more than anything and I was always there for my girls every day and spent every minute with them after work I was a single mom and dads gave me no child support even though the court ordered them too. Nobody is perfect and I did have my moments of sadness and depression but it wasn’t like it sounded like all the time. I hope you hang in there because I understand he hard it is.

  84. George's Pizza

    Seeing her struggling makes me wish I could help. That stuff is just too much. Too much for anybody to tangle with. My friend passed away in 08 from Alcohol + others. I Had not been around that crowd since 89. But he was still consuming and homeless from time to time in our Small Town. Everybody had helped him out but he just kept on.

  85. Charlene

    I want Courtney back and I miss her so much

    1. Lia

      Hello Charlene, I want you to know that I have prayed for you. I beg you to seek God, only he can heal all your pain.
      You can search for this church on FB as: Metro Miami ICC.
      I suffered many years of depression but God took me out of that terrible disease. 💓

  86. Suzvkb

    this story was haunting. courtney was a young beautiful soul that seemed beyond lost in her addiction. I wish she could have been clean long enough to see how wonderful life can be on the other side. I hope her family can find peace💜

  87. Ellie

    Charlene, if you get this, I want to tell you that I just saw your family’s story on Intervention and needed to know what happened to Courtney as Intervention doesn’t do follow ups or try again when the person is actually ready for the treatment as far as I know. I learned about the, “Marchmen Act,” when I was in nursing school last year and did my rotation at a detox center. I’m not sure if I agree with it as it forces a person into treatment that they are not ready for and doesn’t have a high success rate down here in Florida where we have it. The whole time I was watching the episode I knew that they would pull that as soon as I saw that y’all lived here. My daughter and I have been watching intervention lately and we don’t like how they don’t update. It’s like they leave the people who didn’t do the show as planned behind with no hope or help. After seeing your daughter and then looking her up because she and your entire family touched us deeply, I thought I might reach out in hopes that you may want to email and talk so I can get your opinion on it. No pressure. I just really feel deeply saddened by your situation and your family’s story. Regardless, know that there are people who have you and your daughter in their hearts and prayers. ❤️🙏🏼 [email protected]

  88. Ellie

    Charlene, if you get this, I want to tell you that I just saw your family’s story on Intervention and needed to know what happened to Courtney as Intervention doesn’t do follow ups or try again when the person is actually ready for the treatment as far as I know. I learned about the, “Marchmen Act,” when I was in nursing school last year and did my rotation at a detox center. I’m not sure if I agree with it as it forces a person into treatment that they are not ready for and doesn’t have a high success rate down here in Florida where we have it. The whole time I was watching the episode I knew that they would pull that as soon as I saw that y’all lived here. My daughter and I have been watching intervention lately and we don’t like how they don’t update. It’s like they leave the people who didn’t do the show as planned behind with no hope or help. After seeing your daughter and then looking her up because she and your entire family touched us deeply, I thought I might reach out in hopes that you may want to email and talk so I can get your opinion on it. No pressure. I just really feel deeply saddened by your situation and your family’s story. Regardless, know that there are people who have you and your daughter in their hearts and prayers. ❤️🙏🏼

    1. Charlene

      Thank you so much for your comments. It means a lot to me. If you want to talk I would love to. The intervention was twisted because everyone including Kimberly blames me since Courtney was a little girl. I was always there for my girls and never dated or remarried since I was 30 years old.

  89. Linda Aurora

    I remember in the 90’s back when I was a kid they we’re still junkies, but at least they were functional. They would fix your car. Or help take out your trash. Or rake the leaves on the front yard, and was still getting locked up. These junkies now are just lazy ass thieves that will go as low as selling their first Born child and no one is locking them up!! They have “safe injection buildings” basically telling them that it’s okay to do drugs smh. I dont know about y’all but the only way I help a junkie is to shame them into getting help. Maybe if someone locked her up or shamed her she would still be here today. Ijs

    1. Erica

      If you don’t think selling children or stealing was a thing “back in the 90s” then you are woefully ignorant. This comment is so appreciably tone deaf I’d almost guess the ghost of Nancy Reagan herself wrote it. I’d hazard to bet that your favorite pastime is speculating wildly about the day to day goings on of your neighbors while bitterly spying through the blinds and not lifting a damn finger to help any person struggling with addiction in your community.

    2. Laura

      Since it appears that you came here mainly to broadcast your pathetically uninformed opinions, you probably missed the fact that Courtney’s mom, sister, and friends still visit the comments page here. What you’re saying is unconscionable, and you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

    3. Elizabeth

      If shame actually was effective in treating addiction, there would be no addicts. They all feel tremendous shame. It actually fuels their need to use. Safe injection sites don’t condone drug use but they do provide a safe place, clean needles and help in case of an overdose, for people who aren’t yet able to stop using. It’s called “harm reduction” and its benefits are researched and documented.

      If you are going to feel a need to comment on addiction, particularly in a place where people with addictions and the people who love them, regularly read and post, I would respectfully suggest that you educate yourself on the science and medicine and addiction. In the meantime, I suppose you will just have to take out your own trash and rake your own leaves instead of relying on free labor from people struggling with a life threatening illness. I hope it’s not too much for you.

      1. Charlene

        Hi Elizabeth. I’m Courtney’s mom. I agree shaming someone is not good. I always accepted Courtney and never made her feel bad because I knew she had a disease. I had many so call experts tell me to name talk to her or visit her. Her sister would not speak to me because she really think shame would help her. I loved coming no matter what but always wanted to get her help. I realized that the so called experts don’t know how to treat individuals.

      2. Charlene

        I read a book when I had Courtney at 30 years old that really helped me a lot- it’s called “Healing the Shame that Binds Me.
        I was shamed by my mother my entire life.

    4. Charlene

      Hi Linda. Me and Kimberly and my entire family plus cousins have tried to help Courtney. It finally did turn into shaming her and having nothing to do with her. But I couldn’t do that anymore because all that matters is saving Courtney’s life so I stopped listening to anything except my own heart. I just loved her and didn’t listen to so called experts. Each child is different and advice given is well meaning but not always best. I have been through every stage of help my sweet baby girl and I decided to just love her no matter what but always trying to help her. We were so close and she was almost ready for help. Everyone is different and shaming might work for some people but not everyone. I sold my house in Miami so I could get her away from her drugs but she would not come with me to South Carolina- I spent every dime I had to help her in rehabs etc but she left treatment every single time. I would take her place if I could. I miss her so much 🙏

  90. Charlene

    This is a reply to “M” in 2020. I’m sorry I missed your comments and want you to know that I was betrayed very negatively by Kimberly and my mom. Courtney was my life and she had me loving her every second of her life. We were very close and I had to work as a single mother but every minute I wasn’t working I was spending it with her. She was and still is my life. Yes I went through a year of depression but because of Kimberly getting me into a spinning class it changed my life. I would take Courtney to gymnastics class, cheerleading, dance and voice lessons. My boss let me leave work at 3pm and bring her to my office. She always had me and I was devastated the way I was portrayed. By the way I never blamed A&E or Donna for anything.

    1. Chance and Destiny

      No one, Unless it is someone who has lost a child to addiction, should tell you how to love them and especially not make you feel guilty for doing the best you could. Intervention has taught me that so thank you for sharing your story

    2. Nivey

      Charlene I just want to send my heartfelt condolences to you. Courtney’s story truly touched me and so many others on this forum. She seemed like a very lovable and kind spirited young lady. I’m so very sad addiction took that light from her. I empathize with your story. Depression is just as awful a disease as addiction is. Just like you explained in the episode in the 80s and 90s people didn’t openly ask for help or discuss it. Especially not new mothers and most women. I’m sure you did the best you could. Let Courtney now rest in peace and don’t second guess your parenting of her based on some strangers ignorant words. I wish you and the rest of your family well. Courtney’s spirit lives on. <3

    3. Anonymous

      Least Helpful Comment Ever, but here goes…

      I have almost twenty years in recovery. I was born and raised around addicts and alcoholics and I have worked with them professionally…I’ve seen rehabs from five star to government run. Parents who walked away and parents who stayed. Millions of dollars and ten cents.

      I don’t think anyone really has the answers, honestly. Part of the reason I stopped working in the recovery field is because I know I don’t! I cannot explain why I decided to recover and others didn’t. I don’t think I did anything profoundly different from others.

      Perhaps the answer is not for us to know, but with other incurable diseases, to just love the person the best we can while they are here…and I’m sure you did.

      1. Stefan

        Thank your honest and forthright insight regarding your experiences.

  91. Ingrid

    this was so sad courtney was so so young and her passing must of been so hard on her family my heart goes out to her family rest peacefully courtney