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Season 12, Episode 4


Age: 41
Location: Belton, Missouri
Addiction: Meth
What’s memorable:  How he walks 20 miles a day just wandering the streets, how he took the rap for his dad and went to prison and everything went to shit while he was there, but he still managed to get out and make a great life for his family until the housing market collapsed and it all went to shit again. How great his family was doing after his intervention.

Official Synopsis: Once a big-hearted Christian family man, Dennis uses his meth addiction to run from the past that haunts him, while his family falls apart.

Original Air Date: August 2012
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Adly

    what happened to him?

    1. Dizzy

      Followup said he relapsed after a few days in treatment and still uses. That may change though, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      1. Dillon moore

        My father is clean and doing well he spends most his time taking care of my son while I serve in the marine corps.

      2. Cheri Bolles

        I’m glad he got clean. Meth is horrible, I lost my family because I was the same way as your dad. I’m glad your dad got out of that horror story. God bless. Way to go Dennis!!

      3. Danie

        I’m so proud of you and your family, your dads journey touched my heart and your family is absolutely wonderful and I pray that you and your family will have many blessings 🙏🙏 god bless you always

      4. Amy

        Dennis! Thank you For being such a strong young man and taking care of your self and your family. Especially thank you for serving our country! Please don’t let comments from other people on this site upset you. you have a beautiful family, mother, and father and it showed in the show. I love how you put your arm around your brother when he read his note. Keep being true to yourself and doing the right thing. You are a leader!

      5. Rob M.

        That’s really amazing, the story of your family was so heart-breaking it was poignant and sad. You could understand how each person felt the way they did and why changing the dynamic would be so massively difficult. Honestly your family was probably one of my favorites on the whole series and i watch it every time it re-runs-I’m very happy that Dennis/Butch finally got his life back and hopefully, the rest of your family’s along with it!

      6. Shannon

        Dillon Moore, I hope you see my comment here! I love your family and found your dad’s journey moving and inspiring. Addiction is horrible, and nobody sets out in life to become an addict. I just saw the episode for the second time and am praying for you all. Please ignore the haters. Because of this show you also have a lot of random supporters as well. Peace!


        I hope he got clean..I cried listening to thise kids begging him to get clean an wanting him in their lives. Drugs are an evil thing..I hope he gets his life on track for his kids an grandkids to come. That family needs extensive talks an love to become what they once were..Find an have faith in the Lord an he will see you through….much love guys ..have faith

      8. Kara Bishop

        Now the follow up on the A&E app says that 7 months after he relapsed, Dennis went to a local treatment and has been sober s since October 25, 2012. So proud of Dennis!

        And to Dillon Moore, first, thank you for serving our country, and I am so happy that you and your siblings have your wonderful dad back! From what we could see on the show, you and your brother and sister seem really loving, sensitive yet resilient, & well rounded!! I was a crystal meth user on and off from when I was 18 until 29 when I was pregnant with my son… And now I have been sober off of meth for over 18 years! Your dad loved you while he was using, but one thing about crystal meth, think more than any drug, is that it takes away your empathy… and time goes by so fast when you’re smoking meth and all of a sudden you realize it’s been hours since you were supposed to go see somebody (like you and your brother)… you feel like it’s better off to not be around those that you love and you know you are hurting. I am just so glad that you have your dad back, and if he ever does relapse, help him to get back onto his path of recovery by telling him just how much he is hurting you just like you did in your letters… But an addict usually will not be successful in recovery until they want to get sober, but hearing those letters will help. I’m sending you my thoughts and prayers for you and your family!! By the way, how is your mom doing… and your brother and your sister ? I really felt for your mom, as well as you, your brother, & your sister!!! Thank you for putting your lives on Intervention for the world to watch…it really helps many recovering addicts, like myself, stay sober and others still in their addiction take that first step to become sober!! God bless you & your family from California! 🙏🏼💕

      9. Kara Bishop

        And I know the end of the show said his sober date was 2012, but after reading on, someone commented that after coming out of jail and staying clean and sober, Dennis relapsed after hanging out with friends that were still using. That is so important to cut out all friends who are using. I moved away from home, the area that I was using around for around three years and then came back and made sure I stayed away from anybody that was using. I knew that after a few years, it would be safe to move back home because I wouldn’t know where any of my using friends lived anymore, since most people using crystal meth lose their homes and hotels as that is just one thing that meth takes away. And the first thing I did when I got sober, was that I got rid of my phone and got a new phone with a new phone number so that I would have no way of contacting my using friends and they would have no way of contacting me. If you can’t move away, at least get rid of your phone and phone number.

        Thank God Dennis’s son Dillon said in a 2017 post that his dad has been sober and even watches his grandson (Dillon’s son) I knew that someday when Dennis was ready he would get sober!

  2. anonamous

    He has cort today that’s all I know

    1. BB

      was just wondering if you know where he is in jail so i an write to him.

    2. JS

      I hope jail will force him to get clean, so he can move forward and rebuild his life once.

      1. Aracely

        I just watched your guys episode and as children of God Satan often attacks and divides Glory to God that your dad found his way back. Reminds me of the footprints in the sand. God was definitely carrying your dad addiction is strong but Jesus, Gods plan is so much more stronger. I will keep y’all in my prayers God bless your family.

  3. linda

    This was the first Intervention show I ever watched and it really affected me. I couldn’t sleep. I can’t believe a grown man who has the capacity to be a good father and build a successful business would live his life this way. He’s lucky his wife and kids supported him for so long, after the way he treats them. He seems to have no shame about living such a loser life. I wish there could have been interviews with his meth-friends. I wonder where he eats and sleeps and bathes, especially now that his family won’t enable him. I hope he watched the show and got a good look at himself. It’s never too late to change.

    1. Jamie Allen

      And 2013 Butch(Dennis Moore) escaped several years in jail, and received only five months. The charges are unknown, but they weren’t not related to drugs. on a temporary super positive note, he came out of jail clean and stay clean for a while. He was doing very well. Unfortunately he continued to hang out with users. Which, despite several months of staying clean after jail, Butch started to relapse. Primarily due to his sociopathic, psychotic meth using girlfriend, Tonya.. Butch (Dennis) is a very decent human being. His track record does not prove that, but if you have a one-on-one, you would see it. as of this posting, it is unknown if he is still using. I would like to think not, considering I heard is a very good job now. A very high-paying, decent job. And he has had it for at least 2 months. His family, his friends, and even his friends that are using, I’ll tell him he should stay away from the drug, get away from them, as far as you can. He was in prosper and be much better off. His girlfriend, Tonya, despite her mental derangements has the ability to be a very decent human being is well. Unfortunately she struggles harder with the drug as well as your family history of mental instability. He stays with her several nights a week, as best he can. Butch (Dennis) is well known in the community. Both good, and bad. He has many long-standing, loyal, willing to help friends. Unfortunately, they have all distanced themselves and are waiting for him to stop using. If he could just break himself away from these bottom feeding people, he could be back on top in no time.

    2. Irma M.

      Yes, but until your in his shoes will you know what it is. I’m not an addict, but I do have family members who are fighting this disease because that’s exactly what it is. I just saw this episode last night, and I’m sure praying for him.

    3. Kara Bishop

      Linda, it is an addiction, he has a disease and should be treated with a little more compassion and understanding… just my thoughts…

  4. Dawn

    What’s his last name? I’m the same age as Dennis. Such a pity… I don’t live too far from Belton.

  5. Dawn

    Is his last name Weber? I live close to Belton, MO. I think it’s really sad… Meth is such a terrible drug…

  6. BB

    This is pathetic and really upsets me. His wife cheats on him, his family helps him GET drugs, infact even gave him $ for this addiction COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you truly LUV someone you do NOT CHEAT.
    Dennis you are a good person, don’t ever forget that .
    [email protected]

    1. WW

      I agree 100%. Dennis’ problem begins with his wife cheating on him. That injury can never be taken back. I could see in his eyes the hurt and disdain when he looked at his wife. She brought this upon the family. How nice to see at the end of the show that “she has started dating again”! Great, now there is zero chance of this family healing together. His wife’s affair is the reason he can’t quit, it is the only thing that makes him feel like a man again after she castrated and humiliated the poor bastard. Dennis, you will heal, but only when you finally understand that this was not the woman for you. She may be a good mother to your children but not to you. She betrayed you worse than your father did. Get over her first and then you can get better. You will never be whole with her, she even admits that “it will never be the same”. You are still plenty young enough to find a good woman that would never think about cheating on you. That is what you need, that is what we all need.

      1. Clee

        Um, he used before she cheated and before he found out about what she did.

        People need to take responsibility for their actions and not blame others.

      2. Sam K

        Ummmm… NO. Had he not been dealing in the first place, he wouldn’t have been in jail. He was using before she confessed. You cannot blame someone for the mistakes of someone else; everyone is accountable for their own actions.

      3. pam

        Umm, WW, his problems began with his abusive father. Also, yes, he used BEFORE his wife cheated. Get it right thx.

    2. Christina Cowell

      The greatest trauma Dennis suffered was from his father abusing him and then only showing him any kind of positive attention when he started making money dealing drugs for him. He then took the rap for this father and did prison time for him and his father returns the favor by trying to rape his wife. I feel terrible for Dennis but I feel a hell of a lot worse for his wife and children. They stood by him for 7 years while he was in jail. They have suffered terribly. Fifty percent of all spouses have affairs – I think you are being way to harsh on Dennis’ wife.

    3. mary

      until you walk in a family members shoes to try an save a loved one from addiction then don’t even say the things you do. yes his wife did do something that is truly unacceptable but he has since using drugs cheated on her many many times. his daughter is only doing what she can to beable to show she loves him. no person on this earth in their mind ever think they will do drugs. his own father is account able for getting him in to drugs not his wife an children an no child is to blame for anything. so until you walk in the shoes they have keep your hated to yourself

  7. STP

    Man, what are u doing Dnnis?..I actually graduated High School in Grain Valley,Mo.()…So my friends and I were 18 years old when this area(Kansas city,Indepndence,blue spings) was the Crystal Meth Capital of the World.I dropped out of college in nov 95 came home and started doing meth withfrends.Within 9 months was livng were I could(meaning homeless) and was in rehab by August 1996. My point is why are you doing this crap so late in life?….Its a horrible drug and I was lucky enough to get off it but man 37 years old and doing this drug?…its not cool. This drug WILL make you homeless, thats what it should be called is the homeless drug. Theres no way around it, i couldnt even control my life when I was 18 with no responsibilities. So being a middle aged man with kids,mortgage and a wie, LOL thres no freaking way.No one can control their life while on Meth,its impossible!….Get off that shit, you have a family that cares and wants you…quit meth and just smoke weed. Weed doesnt make you homeless, you dont stay up for days and miss work and miss your responsiblities…..Meth is 110% NO GOOD….you cannot do meth and have a responsible life.

  8. Barbie

    anyone know where I can watch this full episode? I wanted to send it to someone and all I can find is clips…

    1. Chicky

      you can download the A&E App…most of the episodes are on there… that’s where I saw Dennis’s story

  9. William Foote

    I truly felt for this guy. Betrayed in the most horrific way by both his father and then his wife, I can only imagine the sadness and loss of trust in humanity he must have felt. Sometimes that sort of emotional abuse/trauma can be worse than physical abuse/trauma. Heartbreaking.

  10. Tammy

    anyone know any information on this guy, like his last name? I would love to try and get in touch with him or his family, the episode really touched me, please help if you can. I do know his last name is not Weber.

    1. Kara Bishop

      Dennis Moore jr

  11. Rachel

    There’s his contact info in jail as well.

    Anyone have any updates on him?

  12. MC

    This is not the same person. Allen Weber was not the one on the show. I won’t give the last name for the one that was on the show but it is not Weber.

    1. Deb

      Does anyone know how the three kids are doing and if “Dennis” is in jail or what?

      1. Dillon Moore

        I’m doing Fine and so is my father so fuck you and anyone who doubted him. He currently is taking care of my son and entire family while I serve in the marine corps pass that message on to you and everyone of these bottom feeders who commented on my family’s hardship. This tv show fed the wrong story to the public. They recorded thousands of hours of interviews and told the most one sided story I’ve ever seen in my life and gave my family including my father nothing in return fuck you and fuck A&E.

      2. Missy

        Wow. So many words of encouragement and love for your father and your family are posted here, and you reply with filth and hate. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Glad to hear your family is doing well (if you’re even telling the truth) but it seems you have some issues of your own considering the way you’re attacking people who are just emotionally invested in your Dads story.

        On that note, I know a family who was on the show personally, and they too have nothing but horror stories to tell about this show and how they were treated by A&E. They claim if they didn’t like what the family said in interviews, they would give them a script to read. And that the so-called treatment was more like a vacation. They even allowed my friends husband to create online dating profiles and date while in CA in treatment, even though they knew he had a wife and kids back home. They thought it was good for his recovery to meet new people. They actually encouraged him to abandon his family. So on that respect. I can understand your anger towards the show and the network. But don’t take the anger out on us who relate and are just showing affection and encouragement towards you all. It’s not very nice.

      3. Jeri Stone

        Hey Dillon, I thought your family was amazing. And extremely well mannered under the circumstances. Your father was dealt a shitty hand early on and once he was able to build something on his own he did a great job of it. When the market collapsed a lot of people took a really bad hit. What matters is that he is doing what he needs to do for himself and you all as a family to live a long healthy happy life. To hell with everything and everyone else!! God bless and thank you for your service!!

      4. Mary Callozzo

        Dillon please don’t listen to the garbage!! You and your dad, and family have many people who support you! I’m very happy to hear that all is well!! It’s wonderful!!

  13. Gregory Moore

    I hope that, perhaps, Dennis might see this comment: Brother, you were dealt a rotten hand in this life. I hope you can somehow see clearly that your past (and current?) problems are not your fault. It would take a super-human to overcome the horrific abuse that was heaped upon you by your own father. But you can get past the past. Your story truly touched me and I wish for you to finally find some bit of inner peace and happiness. It can happen. You deserve it. Your past does not have to define your future. Begin again. You are a very good soul, I think that anyone who watched this episode would agree with that assessment. My best wishes always, Gregory Dennis Moore (that’s really my name, too).

    1. Simone

      This speaks so loud with love & compassion and I feel same way.

    2. Kara Bishop

      Gregory Dennis Moore, I really enjoy reading all of your comments on intervention Directory! Your words, which you articulate very well, are thoughtful and encouraging and explicit! I don’t know if you’ll even read this because you wrote this so long ago, but I am just wondering were you ever an addict or maybe had a family member or friend who was an addict? Not that that really matters, I’m just wondering if that’s where your amazing insight comes from.

      1. Gregory Moore

        Thanks so much, Kara. Yes, speaking as a former alcoholic and morphine addict who quit both on my own—truly, with the help of INTERVENTION, which I continue to watch in continued rotation. I see the show as something of a “there but for the grace of God” cautionary tale. I think of these fellow addicts as friends who point the way for me—and others—to make wiser choices and value life and living as the great gifts they are. Thank you for your kind words, Kara, and I wish you very well, indeed. Best always, Gregory

  14. Sally

    All you people blaming the wife and the dad are ridiculous! Yes she cheated but that is not enough reason to abandon your children! Your father was a POS man up and be the complete opposite. His wife nor dad held the lighter under his meth for him to smoke. He chose that lifestyle on his own and blames the people in his life to make him feel better! Addiction is strong but love is stronger. I feel for those poor kids and as a mother I will never be able to comprehend how you leave your own blood behind to suffer. I pray the rest of the family is doing well and that they choose a better path for themselves than their father did!!

    1. Debi

      Exactly, I had an addict for a brother. He blamed everyone but himself. He abandoned a child, but as usual it wasn’t his fault. I will NEVER enable anyone. If they refuse to help them self I’m not about to do it. A life like that does not end well. My brother passed away 2 years ago. He refused to get help and thought his problems were caused by everyone else. I tried to give him food and never money. He of course refused because all he wanted was money to buy more drugs or he would rob you blind. It’s not the wife’s fault. What she did was wrong. But nobody forced him to use drugs. I’ve been cheated on and didn’t become a meth user, had some messed up things happen to me, but I refused to let them get me down.

    2. Christina Cowell

      I’m with you Sally! My mother was an abusive alcoholic and speed freak who abused me for decades. I have worked hard to do the opposite and to be a good mother. Its not easy but it is soooo worth it. Once you have children you don’t have the right to ruin their lives with your addiction. That being said I wish only good things for Dennis and I pray for his wife and children.

  15. Michelle

    As I watched the show late last night, I was amazed at the love and support the twins gave each other and his daughter gave to Dennis. Clearly Dennis and his wife made mistakes in life but from what we saw from their children, they did three things right. I just hope and pray that those three children break the cycle of the drug addiction. This poor guy didn’t have a chance when he was a teenager with the type of father he had, he was bound to repeat it. Dennis (and Dennis’s family), if you are reading this, know that we are all praying for you to stay strong together! Don’t lose touch with each other-God gave you all to one another to love. Don’t throw that gift away no matter how hard it all can be. All our love.

  16. Sandra

    I am rather astonished at the comments from a couple years ago. Blaming the wife for his addiction? His dad is the one that started him dealing. Then while Dennis was in jail, the father tried to rape his wife for crying out loud!
    Dennis is the one that decided to whore around to get meth, but blaming the wife for his choices… how does anyone get to that conclusion? Dennis chose to leave his family for his love of meth and sex. The pain is obviously very deep, and I truly hope he got the help he needs. Tragic 🙁

  17. Ash

    I know this guy and he is older then I and I’d like to say I have had the same addiction as him for the as couple years, also Tonya is my family and fyi it is very immiture and ignorant for any one to say anything bad about either one of these ppl at all! I have grown close very close to both of them they took me in when I did have no one to turn too! I love and care for them very much almost as if they where like parents too ‘close’ in age but you get the gist of it. Anyway, Tonya may have her issues so do I so do you! Who doesn’t he who is with out sin cast the first stone! Don’t post that crap or anything bad about either one one here again they both have big hearts but with an addiction it grabs you and it takes over like it runs your soul okay I fight this battle every day I would like to say I look up to butch he is very intelligent person and he knows what he has to do just like with anyone else it’s Getting over that last final road barrier and I know more than any the decision to walk away from everything you know is hard not saying that that all he knows I can read his mind but when you have a heart and love and care for ppl in your lifetime you can’t just walk away n never look back can you he’ll no! You know that’s right! Encourage ment and praise will help %100 when your happy do you want to get high most the time you don’t for me anyway,just ask your self thisand I cwote” would you walk away from you mother or one of your children because that’s the only way you will ever get over this disease? I didn’t think so, so you tell me now is it more of an addiction or a disease? It’s supposed to ‘ve a fact that only 3% of methods users EVER quit doing it completely ever again how can we fix that? My ex husband was on methamphetamine’s for almost more than half his life as well as mine I tried to get him off not stop but Instead became dependent he took my life my kids EVERYTHING away from me you would think I would of stopped he took my four beautiful loving children. From me, but…. I couldn’t DISEASE! That’s what I say mind over matter come on get your head in the books docs! I NEED HELP!

    1. Anonymous

      Only you can help yourself. No one said it was easy with such a powerful drug. Please do it before it’s too late.

    2. Michelle

      Ash can you contact me.. I want to ask about Denis michelle Missy Gasior Facebook I am in Pittsburgh and seen that show he was on..
      Thanks honey

    3. Scott

      How is Dennis now Ash? i just watched this is he using or working or better? does he have facebook?…Id like to add him.

  18. Leslie

    Where is he now ?

  19. jen

    People are blaming his wife?! FOR REAL?! WOW. There are only 2 people to blame here. 90% of the blame goes to his POS so called father who started him on this path through beyond sh*tty “parenting” and then literally drawing him into that world. His father is horrible, and he did so much lifetime damage to Dennis.

    HOWEVER, Dennis has to share a part of the blame. He was looooooong into drugs and dealing before his wife was around. He was in prison because of his own actions. This is when his wife cheated. Does it excuse her? Not at all. But he was on this path well before she did ANYthing. He also knows how it feels to be treated like sh*t by his dad, yet he’s being a sh*tty dad to his own kids.

    You can tell Dennis is a good person at heart. And NO ONE deserves the childhood to which he was subjected. But he needs to take responsibility, and clean HIMSELF up. His father certainly isn’t going to do it. His kids shouldn’t even be in this position at ALL. HE has to do it. I truly hope he does, because he deserves a happy life. But he’s the only one who can do the work.

    But it’s always easier to blame others, isn’t it? Especially evil women, with their wiles and womanly voodoo *eyeroll*

    1. Penny

      I totally agree. I watched the episode just today again and it is shitty parenting his dad is a piece if shit. If his wife cheated there was a reason. But if they truly love one another it will last. Does anyone know how he is doing this day and age and how his kids are and ex wife? I’d like to know.

    2. commenter

      Jen: “But it’s always easier to blame others, isn’t it? Especially evil women, with their wiles and womanly voodoo *eyeroll*” Actually there were a few women with wiles and voodoo in that episode, the ones who PAID HIM with drugs in exchange for sex. Kinda unusual. I suspect their own stories are sad too, we just don’t know them. Pray for all involved, especially Dennis’ kids.

  20. P

    You have to have the willingness and honesty in order to make a change. Jail institutions or death are promises you will receive from addiction. Pain is inevitable…Suffering is optional
    I hope the family has been able to move on with their lives. I too have a a mother in severe addiction and i have accepted the fact that she’s an addict and i continue to pray for her. Good luck and God bless ????

  21. Laura

    Shocked by the comments blaming the wife’s cheating for causing his problem. You know, when you are the wife of an addict you give up yourself to taking care of that person 100% of the time. You sleep with the car keys, the checkbook, the credit cards, and the cash in your pillow so the addict won’t steal and run away in the middle of the night. Everything you dreamed about before the addiction and everything you loved about yourself is out the window. Everything revolves around the addict. And then the addict leaves for treatment, or in her case, jail for 7 years. She got to re-connect with herself and be a part of the world again. How freeing it must have been for her to relax and breathe for 7 years. I’m not shocked she cheated on him; I’m shocked she went back to him. She has nothing to do with his relapse. She should date and marry a man who will cherish her and take her on weekend getaways, have movie nights and have shared hobbies, and feel not one ounce of guilt about his sorry self one more millisecond of her life.

  22. Becky

    I just watched the episode about Dennis. I hope he got clean. I am not an addict, I have never been a drug addict and I rarely drink. I felt so bad for his children; they love their father with all the hearts and he let his addiction take control over him. I realize his father abused him and he starting selling drugs to gain his respect. I found it amazing that he overcame that crappy childhood to become a loving father and husband. It was so sad to watch his daily life; to see his children in tears because of his addiction. I was saddened to see he had relapsed twice at the end of the episode. Does anyone know if he has gotten clean? I really hope Dennis has gotten clean and established a good relationship for his children.

  23. LeAnn

    Why doesn’t intervention have more follow-up episodes? I watch intervention on a regular basis and would like to see how some of these people are doing now, whether they’re doing good or bad. Come on Intervention more follow-up shows!

  24. A.

    This episode was shocking… What a scumbag for a father… And who would let a kid stay with a drug dealer?!

    On the other side it’s ironic, because he abandoned his own kids just like his father. I think he had no healthy coping mechanisms at all. He treated his family like sh*t.
    To be honest I didn’t think he will get clean at all… I wonder where he is now.

  25. michelle

    I’ve known Dennis since I was twelve and he cheated on his wife before they even got married and continued to cheat over and over again until he went to prison. So enough with the cheating wife crap.

  26. Carolyn

    He has a very sad history and yes, very sad his wife cheated. But to blame her for his inability to step up and be there for his kids, who he seems to love so much, that is bull shit and a very pathetic attempt at making excuses for his continued addiction. You may have a spouse who takes you down but your kids should always bring out the best in you. And to even suggest any blame on them, for giving him money and driving him around…they deserve NO blame for their co-depencence. Their letters tore my heart out. It amazes me Dennis couldn’t step up and stay strong after all of that. I am so sorry for them all. But Dennis can take all the excuses and sad, sad history to explain it all away OR decide to want a life worth living. Isn’t that what it boils down to? Making that choice, to have a life worth living, with or without his family? I wish them all the best, truly.

  27. Dennis Moore Jr

    Yes i must admit, some of your comments made me feel angry, but most of them hit home. Look people this is Dennis Moore the person that chose to be filmed! Here is some incite from the man himself. Yes that drug is so terrible it will tear your life to peaces, and it doesnt stop! I didnt have the best childhood, boo hoo for me. NOT. I blame no one for my actions any longer. If they showed the whole interview, which was twelve hours. Like i was under attack by the feds. Again! Lol. My goal by the episode of mine Dennis Moore from belton. My hope was that even tho i was destroying my own life, there would be someone saved by the terrible choices i have made. There are so many people out in the world that are crying out for help! That never get the chance to receive any help. Or are even heard! And im very proud to tell all of you. There is hope for the addict that has reached the end of the road, rock bottom, ect. Tho we, myself and my children suffered thru my addiction. Thanks to My three children, there was some young adults, teenagers accross the globe have turned there lives around and got treatment. And im please to say that my Daughter has been in touch with a substances abuse counselor from Australia. On a regular basis and he uses my life in the drug and alcohol program there.
    Im very thankful for my life today. You see people, things in life happen for a reason! Good or Bad! Do I have alot of regrets, of coarse. I blame no one for my choices. But my self! What i have learned thru it all, there is country song by. Tracy Lawrence, “You find out who your friend are”! My advise to those that dont know the drug called METH,SPEED,ECT. Please read how it will take your life and wont let it go, it will kill all your fellings and trust. It never gets enough, and yes it will kill you. For along time that was my goal to have it kill me. Cause of the choices ive made. But GOD had a better plan that my vision couldnt see in my addiction. I have began my journey back people, its alot harder climbing out of tge whole i dug and jumped into. But let it be known, Its not Sheri’s fault, so get off of her, please. See she did what a mother should have done. She stayed strong thru it all. And our children had a great life. That’s what matters. We have both remarried, she is with a good guy,Chris. And im with a beautiful woman, my wife Tonya, we have been picking up the peaces of our broken lives. And let it be known, we have regained relationships with most of our family. But most of important our children and grand children. And i owe it all to my LORD and SAVIOR. Thats right JESUS CHRIST. And our wonderful children. Thank you Taylor, Dennis,Dillon,Jordan,Nick,Brianna,Ellie,Emma,And Easton. We owe our lives to them. You see folks it doesnt matter how much you have in life, cause if you dont have family you dont have anything. So stop tripping on what ive done or havent done. And look around you might just be able to help someone crying out for help. And you just might make a difference. Think about it?????? If i can help i will do my best to do so. “The first step one needs to take, is admitting they need help and letting someone know” Their someone may just be you??? So as your comments touched me, i hope mine has done the same to you. be known that my father DENNIS MOORE SR. has went on to be with the LORD, yes he made some wrong choices in life, JESUS Christ found his way into my dads heart and he was forgiven. Dad I Love you and i give you too. Never got to see him before he died. 22years. But I LOVE HIM. And yes folks get off of him too. Hope all of you hVe a good day. Cause im going to make.the best of what i have left. God Bless you all. Your hero or some may say Zero. But none the less BUTCH, DENNIS MOORE JR. GOOD DAY!

    1. adam inabinet

      Great to hear you are doing well Dennis. Just watched your episode and it really hit home. I hope you are at peace with everything,and that your children find it in their hearts to forgive you as you have forgiven your father. God bless

    2. Debbie Archer

      I just watched arerun of your show. I’m so thankful you are doing better and in a healthier life thank you for the update.

    3. Shannon Cashwell

      Thanks so much Dennis for letting us into your life and your road in and out of addiction. Though it’s always there. I hope your faith holds true BC and the rest of your life is filled with peace happiness and the love of your family. Love from The Cashwell Family

    4. Tracy Walton

      This is awesome! Your children and your story……..unforgettable. Those twins had me bawling. I’m glad to hear you are in a good place. I’ve got to know this…… who was that little cute baby in the opening scene at your ex wife’s apartment ? I thought I heard someone say it was your grand baby. WAS IT?! I’m a 41 young grandmother so I was curious about that. God bless you and your family.

    5. Jonas Sweden

      Endless love Dennis

    6. Drew Tav

      Good to hear!! Best of luck.

    7. B. Hilton

      To watch someone’s life struggles on TV, and for some reason actually wondered and worried where and how this person is doing today…..I guess since I thought my life has been a big tribulation, and vivid journey as well. I only want to wish the best for you, and definitely for your children. By the way, I’m very proud of you, but even more proud of your kids…Dillon remain strong, and thank you for serving our country. God is good.

    8. Bruce M

      Sounds to me like your 12th stepping Dennis! God bless you,your story is inspiring to lots of folks. My wife and I just saw the episode, we’re both in AA and as all families have addiction. Happy to see your clean!

    9. Karen N

      Dennis, I am thrilled to hear you are doing so well! You & your loving family touched my heart more than any Intervention episode I’ve ever seen & I’ve seen almost all of them! I wish you & your family all of the best in your future! Keep up the good work in your recovery! You will be in my prayers.

    10. joey

      Hi Dennis (and families) all the way from New Zealand! I saw your episode on tv sometime last year and you and your family really stayed with me. I was really affected by your story and wasn’t able to forget it. so i prayed for you and yours because that was all i could do..
      I just wanted to say that Im So Glad that the Lord had Other Plans for your Life..namely for a Hope and a Future! That way we are all getting our own happy tv kind of ending.
      Your Fathers in Heaven must be very Proud!
      I believe Your episode’ has probably touched Many peoples hearts and everyone would like an update! To know that you have started your journeys first steps and chosen to come into the light gives me hope – Gives Us All Hopeand Hope is something we all need!. Even though it sounded like you possibly regretted the process (of the intervention programe) I believe the Lord utilized it to good and higher purpose. I was devastated after watching,seeing the road were you were then walking and walking,knowing/remembering i had walked there too.The desolation really hit home (as did the Strength of the love in your beautiful family). The (then) tragedy of a man willing to love to death (but not to life) or willing to love others but not himself. Seeing that man as he was then helped me to see that I was doing the same. I was letting my addiction slowly kill me which was easier than standing up and learning how to live. You showed me if God can forgive me and tell me Hes forgot the things i’ve done then I had better learn to forgive myself and to start showing myself some kindness. Making
      Something beautiful out of my life is what iam now trying to learn how do,without mt addiction staling Every good thing in my life. Mainly i wrote you to say Thank You Butch and Bless you and Yours! You Guys Rock!!

      1. Dennis Moore

        Keep up the hard work! God is real and He will guide you in your journey! Today I am blessed with family and a new church family. With GOD I would have never made it! You stay strong !!

    11. Hannah Ansley

      I prayed for ur family..each one touched my Dennis touched mine the most..there’s no doubt in my mind tgis man us clean…God was all over him..and all over this episode. I’ve watched this many yrs…many times..his story stood out and I couldn’t stop crying…God laid this family so deep on my heart..I have prayed and prayed for this man..and each of his children as well …and his wife..
      There’s no fount in my mind God has got big plans for this guy..Some of the ppl with the worst past make the best leaders to Christ…He’ll have a beautiful testimony. Dennis.
      If ur reading this…my heart and prayers are going up..what beautiful hearts ur children have…obviously got it from thier dad..Hold tight ro his promises..God is REAL..and u have not been on this journey alone..Be Blessed Today!Much Love to these beautiful ppl 💖

    12. Pepper

      Hi Dennis. It has been several years since this post. I just only watched your show last night. I cried through the whole episode, it truly touched my soul. I just wanted to hug you and say that everything will be okay. I saw so much pain in your eyes that I too felt pain in my heart. It was clear how broken you were. The devil may have grabbed you for awhile, but your faith in God and your love for your family won the battle. God never gave up on you…and neither did I. I’m wondering if life is still good for you now, 2023. I
      Will always remember your story and your gorgeous but sad eyes, and I will forever thank God for helping you get through your darkest days. Much love to you and all your family. Thank you for sharing your experience ❤️

  28. Halley

    Thank you for sharing all this with us, Dennis. <3

  29. Cami

    I saw the episode today on Dennis. It brought tears to my eyes and I just cried for him and his family when the episode was over. I felt overwhelmingly compelled to pray for you Dennis, and your family. You have beautiful children with the most amazing hearts and that is from you and your wife Sheri. I will continue to pray for you all and that your life will change many. God will use you and work through you to touch others. He makes beauty from ashes…. <3 Thank you for sharing your story…

  30. amber

    this episode brought me to tears, and not just a couple small drops, like crying with snot running down my face kind of thing, his children pleading with him at the intervention did it for me, i couldnt take it. i grew up the child of an addict and i can absolutly relate to where those poor children were coming from. i read so many comments on here blaming the man’s wife or his dad, just passing the buck on who’s fault this is, over looking that the only person at fault is Dennis, he is the only one capable of making choices for his life. addiction is now defined as a sickness, a mental disease, please keep in mind that this is coming from a recovered opiate addict, that went through probably more in less then a year then what most go through in a life time,i grew up w a father as an addict, and at a young age 16 to be exact became an addict myself, after growing up telling myself that id never turn out like my dad, i found myself hooked on pain killers at age 16, got married at age 18 my husband never knew a thing about my addicition, i hid it from him for the next 5 years, we had our first daughter 1 year after our wedding day i was able to stay clean for my pregenancy, and immediatly relapsed after i gave birth, i got further and further out there, i began to sell my body for drugs, i stole whatever i could get my hands on, i lied about everything, and all of it hidden from my husband, i lived two different lives, the one he thought i was and the one i really was, after 5 years he found out, not only about my addicition but what i had been doing to maintain it, certain that he was going to leave me and take our daughter with him i was ready to give up on life and threatend suicide, and ending up in the hospital for 8 days while i detoxed, in those 8 days God preformed such a miracle in my life, my husband forgave me, something i never thought possible, but he did, he became a completely different man and husband after 5 years of living basically as roommates instead of husband and wife, having two seperate lives, he began spending all his spare time with me and his daughter something he never did, we began to pray and read the Bible togethher, he opened his heart up to me, he shared his feelings with, something our marriage had never been, but what i had always wanted it to be, he stood by my side he took me to rehab and the doctor, he was there for me, for the 1st time in our entire marriage he was there, then 2 months later, we went kyaking, just him and i, after we went to church for the first time in our whole relationship we went to church, then wanted to spend the da together we decided to go fishing in our new kyaks, then as we where ready to leave, heading back accross the watershed, we stopped to take a break, he accidently flipped his kyak over, and in his panic he drown, even though i did everything i could to save him, i couldnt, that was the day i relapsed, becoming more strung out then i had ever been before, i found out that i was pregenant with our second daughter, the same day as his funeral, and sadly that wasnt enough to make me stop, it took almost loosing my other daughter before i decided to quit, my inlaws got an emergancy temperary custody order in an attempt to take her from me for good, and the week they had her i reached my bottom, and i finally turned to God and laid it all down at His feet, and begged for help and my child to come back to me, i felt as though i was now mourning her death as well cause i knew if they were permitted to keep her id never see her again. since that week i have not touched a drug, and dont plan to, God gave my daughter back, He allowed my second daughter to be born healthy and whole inspite of my actions, we bought a home, and now are doing well. I finally decided my children matter to me far more then a drug, or anything else in this world, and that is the choice all addicts have to make, they have to find whatever it is that they care more about, what they want to fight for more then anything, and square off with their addiction, and fight for what means more on a daily basis. i dont know how much of a disease it is, i dont feel it truly is, its a choice u make within urself, u decide that either the drug is more important or is it what u care for more important and make a chice on a day to day basis to either pick up or not to and to say no daily, u have to choose to change, and the reason i dont feel its a true disease is because people who have diseases didnt choose to have it, thats all. but i pray that dennis can one day decide that his kids that love him are far more important than dope, but theres no one or anything to blame other then him for the choices he made, just like me, i chose to do drugs when my husband died even though i was pregenant, even though my 4 year old daughter needed me, i still decided to numb it all and use, just like i chose to put it down, and fight for what mattered to me, to beat addiction, and i can only hope he does the same, cause dope takes u 1 of 2 places and we all know where they are.

    1. amber

      i have been clean for five years and 3 months, and still counting, but as i stated above, it was a choice that only i could make, and am so thankful that God allowed me the chance to make that choice, and He saw me through, just as He continues to see me through each and every day

      1. Roger

        Wow Amber, I’m sorry you had to go through all that. When I read the part about your husband flipping over in the kayak, my jaw dropped. I almost drowned that way. I had given out using my arm to thrust my head up for air. Once I went limp, my foot dislodged. I went from thinking “it’s over” to “I’m gonna live” in a split second. I got to the surface just in time to breathe air. Death should have gotten me that day. Why did it have to get your husband? Life can be so mysterious and unfair. Despite the tragedies we face, you, Dennis, and countless others show the strength and courage many of us are grasping for. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Isabelle C

    Dennis I just watched your episode today, I really felt for you, but I’m so glad to have found this thread and see that you’re doing so well. Truly amazing! Best of luck

  32. Leslie Sheehan

    This message is for those who try to lay blame where there is no blame to be had. Everyone struggles and it’s not up to us to pass judgment. That’s left to a higher power. I rarely comment or give my opinion on other peoples lives but after seeing this rerun, I was desperate to know how things are progressing. Not to pass judgment or to lay blame, but to hope that things are turning out well for everyone and if not, just to say, don’t give up. Stay strong and keep fighting because you are all worth it. I was raised in a very strict home and was never exposed to alcohol or drugs but when I got older and had my first child, I watched his fathers downfall and then again with the father of my second son. When I hit my early 40s, I saw the tell tale signs with my significant other and not wanting to deal with it, I continued working on the road 100% hoping that he would find his own way but what I didn’t realize is that I was enabling him in my chosen absence. After another 10 years of working on the road and ignoring the obvious, I knew things had to change. I requested an at home assignment, stopped traveling, sold my house and moved closer to my son and his wife. I also gave my significant other the option to get sober and come with me. He accepted and went to rehab. Unfortunately, two months into his sobriety, I lost my best friend to a relaps. She had just completed in 30 days of sobriety when her husband called me with the news. At her funeral he handed me the letter that she wrote to me in detox and now, 10 months later, I still can’t open the letter. It hangs in a frame on the wall waiting until I am ready to except her passing and read her last words. To my significant other, is a reminder of what was just lost and to stay the course. This is not an easy path to navigate. At times there are more thorns than roses but, there are roses. Whether you are the addict or dealing with one, it’s a hard situation and a recovery road it goes on for infinity. My final words are to anybody that wants to pass down judgment, DON’T…. as we pass enough judgment on ourselves every day about what we should or shouldn’t do.

    This family is strong and they have shown they will continue to fight no matter how many curve balls come their way and for that, I am truly inspired.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  33. Amanda

    I’m proud to say Dennis is my brother not by blood but by choice.. he’s a very strong individual and I’m so proud of him… Butch I love you

  34. Allison

    I’m just wondering how old his daughter is because if she was seven when he got out of prison and he did seven years then how would that make his two sons and where they born after he got out of prison because his daughter doesn’t look very old and I’m thinking I guess that’s her child at the end ?

  35. Nancy

    Where is Dennis today? It’s now 2020

  36. CLeigh

    Hey all, pretty sure I found his Facebook page.

    Not sure if he’s using or not, lots of comments about prayer and god

    1. Lindsay

      Hey thanks for posting his facebook page!

      Unfortunately, it looks like he is a crazy Jesus nutter now, but I guess it’s good that he is off drugs.

      I just wish, for once, I could find a story where someone gets sober WITHOUT having to rely on imaginary stories and beings. It’d be nice to know that one can get off drugs without having to go all crazy into religion.

      1. John

        I am not religious, but I don’t insult those who are.
        Is it only Christians you hate or are Muslims and Buddhists included too ?

      2. Stefan

        Christians are the dominant religion in this country, and they overwhelmingly force their beliefs onto others.

        One of my favorite gifs ever was one which said, “the strongest motivation I’ve ever had to not do hard drugs is becoming a Jesus freak after I recover”.

      3. Natalie S.

        Stefan – that’s freaking hilarious

  37. Glen

    Oh no, was rooting for him (his episode was replayed today). Not that I wish any ill will on him (as a former addict myself) but he’s a Trump supporter?? Would think most addicts/former addicts would see through Trump’s BS and lack of compassion for anyone. Hope he’s still clean.

    1. Stefan

      It happens more often than you think, especially if they “find God” in the process.

      1. Lica

        So this is one of those Interventions that I can’t stop thinking about. I wanted Dennis to get sober so bad. I was so bummed watching the ending.
        So fast forward…. it’s now August 2020.
        So does anyone know about Dennis???
        This episode really touched me. He seemed like such a good man but just couldn’t stay away from that disgusting meth. His family was so loving too.
        Does anyone know if Dennis got sober??
        Praying he did. And hoping his family is doing well either way.
        Thank you to anyone that can answer.

      2. Lica

        Oh, I see Dennis Moore posted here. I just read it. So glad he is happy and sober now.
        If anyone missed it scroll up to read it. 😊

  38. Pat

    This episode brought me to TEARS. My heart goes out to every one of them. The letters from the kids… I could not stop crying. And his wife that was so loving and forgiving. Dennis seemed like a man with a good soul who had a rough childhood that he tried hard to escape with drugs. Sometimes demons follow you even when you have a good wife and kids who want you back. I hope he’s doing well – and I hope those kids and Mom can heal.

  39. Melissity

    Right in the feels, this one. So happy you turned your entire perspective on life around, Dennis. Peace be with you.

    1. Nivey

      Is that his daughter?!! I just saw his episode on Vice! Omg, his children’s letters had me in tears! Praying for this family!

      1. Whitney Jackson

        No his daughters name was Taylor. Idk what the article has to do with anything

      2. koj

        I believe it is his new wife Tonya. I could be wrong and I hope that I am but it fits the profile. Maybe someone else can weigh in??

    2. KZ

      That article spells it Tanya, and Dennis’ gf (later wife according to above) spells it Tonya. Also a different state. Not that people can’t move, but it’s doubtful.

      His fb page no longer shows up, unfortunately. Hope he and his family are still doing well.

  40. Sam

    Life gets you down, it’s hard. This show is supposed to let you connect and think about these people as babies and not worthess addicts. Some of my family is addicted. I went through a party phase and everyone threw me away. It’s way more complicated than whose to blame. He found Jesus that is what will save you from literally any problem with time. Judgers lay off and look at yourself your not perfect no one is.

  41. Sam

    Also I am so sorry to those who are suffering. This world is so cruel and cold. God loves you.

  42. David Moore

    Dennis is doing great. he is dealing with some health issues now, but we are hoping that we found the solution. thank you everyone who showed concern.

  43. Stacey Wilson

    Any updates on dennis now?

  44. Kara Bishop

    Court case about his father Dennis Moore, Sr.

  45. Jess

    Simply a question. I am frequently confused by whenever a divorce happens and A&E puts into writing that ” ‘so-and-so’ chose to live with ‘this parent’ “. I feel like something is missing when they do that. This episode is one of those examples. Dennis was very young at the time of the divorce, and I wish we could get a bit more insight into that decision. Did the parents sit him down and let him decide etc.? I don’t believe this is the first time they state that a child chose the parent to live with, and I wish just maybe for one extra line or two on the matter. I always find that very abrupt. Like if it was that they let Dennis decide as a child, then write it as “Dennis’ parents allowed him to decide which parent he wanted to live with, and he chose his dad.” Otherwise I feel slightly like it’s possible the mom wanted Dennis or maybe there was some arguement, but just too abrupt. Maybe I am the only one that feels this way! But since divorce is often a huge part of many of these people’s lives, I feel a bit more insight would be good.