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S12E11 Al

Season 12, Episode 11


Age: 32
Location: Modesto, California
Addiction: Meth, Pain killers
What’s memorable: How his size and tolerance mean he’s taking 15 hits of meth plus 45 pain pills A DAY. That’s an insane amount of drugs to consume. His crazy untrue stories, the whopper of a lie we find out about at the very end, getting bullied and kidnapped as a kid, his mother’s need to never lose him. And the lovely followup.

Official Synopsis: Al, a big guy with a big personality, is sacrificing his relationships with his wife and children to chase his out-of-control meth and painkiller addiction.

Original Air Date: October 2012
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Mehal

    Minor typo: He’s addicted to Meth, not Math. Though I would totally watch a show about Math addiction.

    1. Dizzy

      Ha! Me too.


  2. Sarah Thomas

    For me, I’ll never forget about how he intimated his mother and bullied her into getting what he wanted, like when he was texting her that she had to pay him in pills for waking him up. I mean, she was even scared to read her consequences during the intervention!!

  3. Jordy

    I think Ken is my favorite Interventionist. He’s really the best at conveying the realities of a situation even to the most co-dependent family members. Any updates on Al? Seems like he’s a decent guy, and his wife and daughters just adore him


    Now Al….Al really reminds me of myself. You can tell that he is a good guy too, just was lost. I hope hes found peace

  5. Madeline

    According to his You Tube channel, he is still clean and sober and doing well. He’s uploaded this short video. It looks like maybe he remarried?

  6. Kristy

    Interesting. Looks like he dropped a ton of weight.

  7. brandy

    Amazing transformation.

  8. Sue

    MY nephew Al didn’t remarry he MARRIED the mother of his beautiful little girls…he’s doing well. Sidenote: his dad my brother NEVER kidnapped him. His mom asked my brother to take him for awhile when she was struggling with things herself and after my brother did she changed her mind and claimed he kidnapped Al. True story….

    1. Brooke

      methinks you are not who you say you are. because according to al himself, they are divorced. when asked if he was still with his wife from the show, he said, and i quote, “No my ex wife now but have a cordial relationship for the sake of my daughter.”.

    2. Romey

      Sue, where has Albert landed? Did he stay clean?

  9. Spessie

    Does anyone know what his Facebook is? I’d like to see how he is doing.

  10. Zoe

    This episode touched my heart. Al, I hope all is well and I am praying for you

  11. Brooke

    his name is albert tennant and here’s his facebook. he did remarry, to a woman names joelene.

  12. XLIO

    Per his facebook profile, looks like he’s been missing since August and none of this loved ones have heard from him.

    1. K

      Was he ever found?

      1. A.

        All good, still married, put some weight back on his bones but looks healthy.

  13. Ellen

    I am so glad he got adequate help at St.Christophers. My own brother literally left the same day he arrived, because his roommates were trying to sell him drugs. I would say my brother lied a lot during that time of his life, but I have heard multiple similar stories about that particular rehab facility. Every time I watch intervention and see that they go there, my heard drops. I am so glad he found success there!!

  14. Aurie

    It looks like his daughter Zowie has RIP PAPA 10/30/20 on her Facebook bio, but I’m not fully sure that means Al Has passed. So sad if he has.

    1. Stefan

      I think that was her grandfather.