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S13E1 Jessica

Season 13, Episode 1


Age: 29?
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Addiction: Heroin
What’s memorable: Jessica seems like a really likable person trapped in an addiction that makes her unbearable. The house she squats in and her mother’s level of enabling are both pretty shocking.

Note: Jessica has commented below that she is doing well, and in the 4.10.16 episode (Karissa) there was a video update from her. She looks amazing and has custody of all of her kids, plus a new one! Congrats Jessica. So happy for you.

Official Synopsis: Jessica is smart as tack with a lust for life. Unfortunately, it’s the life of a heroin addict, living in an abandoned building, being shot up by a boyfriend, that she is committed to. Having spent her youth yearning for an absent, alcoholic father, Jessica followed the footprint of addiction left to her by her father, and now her own children are at risk of losing their mother.

Original Air Date: June 2013
Interventionist: Donna

All comments.

  1. Lissa

    This is the most disturbing and powerful episode I’ve seen yet. Very, very sad on every level.
    Her newly sober husbands emotional reaction on screen was shocking but understandable. And what an ending!

  2. robin childers

    Jessica is one of my very best friends.I havent seen her in about 10 years but shes a great person, and a wonderful and caring mother. Shes a beautiful person and i miss her alot.Her children are very important to her and she cares alot for her friends and family. I got pregnant at 15 yrs old and the first time i heard my sons heartbeat was at her house and she told my mom i was pregnant. I love u jessica, and your beautiful daughters are in my prayers. Love you Jessica, aliayah and mikeal

  3. Michelle

    On the intervention facebook page, Jessica’s episode was just reposted.
    One person commented this ” just for the people who are wondering Jessica is doing FANTASTIC she’s engaged with a baby on the way and happy but most importantly. SHES CLEAN!!! I’m so proud of her she has come a long way and she’s such a great person.”

    Hopefully this is true. I am happy to hear she is a live and clean.

  4. cricket

    Jessica is a lovely girl, intelligent, insightful and sweet. Thanks be she accepted the treatment that was offered and got herself well.

    The first time I watched this episode I felt bad for Marty, Jessica’s husband. The second time however, I felt very differently about him. He is very volatile and unstable and clearly not much different from her current romantic interest, Jose. She was using while she was with Marty and still using now with Jose.

    Clearly neither relationship was meeting her needs. Marty skipping out and not showing up for the intervention showed his true colors and he has no business condemning Jose as he is no better.

    My favorite thing in this episode was the family friend Shelly. She is so wise and loving. The scene with her and Jessica in the parking lot is amazing. She maintained a calm, relaxed stance, very soothing and yet firm with Jessica. When Jessica says “Where’s my mom?” and Shelly says “She can’t help anymore.”, it was just the right tone.

    When Jessica finally surrendered and said “Okay…we need to hurry and leave before I say I’m not going…” and Shelly responded so calmly with a “Yeah…let’s…let’s…let’s just do that…” it brings me to tears.

    1. Charity reed

      What happened to Marty?

  5. Vanessa

    A new baby? Joses baby? What happened to their relationship?

    1. Jessica season 13 episode 1

      We are still very good friends

    2. Jessica

      Yes Jose and I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. He passed away 3-15-16

      1. Becky

        Jessica – I’m so happy to see you posted here. First of all I want to tell you how sorry I am to hear about Jose. It was clear to me during the episode how much you loved him and how much you deserved to be shown kindness by a man as all of the men in your life seem devoid of emotional support. I get it. I’ve been watching intervention from the start. Your episode has always stayed with me. I felt a kinship with you and have thought about you many times over the years. Seeing that you are doing well during an update made me so happy – I cried. Again. And I just rewatched your episode. And cried. Again. When you talked about feeling the emptiness as a child and the need for connection that couldn’t be filled, I so get it. I saw so much of your step dad in Marty. That hollow masculine control is so familiar to me and I am so glad you got away from it. So much I want to say to you but my battery is dying! You’re such a purely beautiful soul girl. I’m so happy your kids have you back.

  6. Melissa

    My son in law is a long time friend of Jessica and stays in contact with her on facebook. She is doing great and is still sober. The new baby is not jose’s, and she is no longer with the babys father. She is now concentrating on her kids and her own sober life. She has custody of all her kids now and has made everyone around her very proud.

    1. Jessica season 13 episode 1

      H who’s ur son-in-law if I may ask??

      1. melissa

        hi Jessica! Im Jeremys mom in law. cant wait to see your update, Jeremy told me they were gonna do an update on you when the new season starts. Jeremy keeps me updated on you whenever he talks to you, lol. You are one of the few who have truly turned your life around. You should be very proud of yourself.

      2. Amanda gullotto

        Jessica what’s ur Instagram name I’d love to follow ur story I’m a heroin addict for 13 years but been clean for 2 taking Suboxone I relapsed several times when I tried to get clean in 2013 n then 2 years ago had a severe seizure and died in my sons arms for 90 seconds because I was trying to quite so I can go on Suboxone and I had to wait 4-5 days so if people say u can’t die from heroin and methadone withdrawals is a liar it happened to me and now I still have memory loss the whole year of 2018 is erased it took me 4 months to remember my kids dogs and other things but now I’m on Suboxone I don’t crave I don’t think about it at all. I’m a big advocate for Suboxone . Anyhow I’d love to follow u on social media . Congrats on being clean and staying clean!

  7. Jessica season 13 episode 1

    Awe thanks!! I would like to take this time to point out a few things!! 1) Marty was never clean for 1 minute so everyone saying they feel sorry for him makes me mad, or it used to.. He has been in jail now for a year and in January went to prison!!! Jose went to prison 11 days after I left for Texas but he is out and we talk once a week or so I love him very very much but I love me more so I have to love him from a distance! 2) I have a beautiful baby girl she is 9 months old and very unplanned but a pleasant suprise!! Me n her dad dated a few months and I got prego but he WONDERFUL I jus don’t love him and haven’t loved anyone since Jose he still has part of my heart I think!! Anyways Lydia was 10weeks early and was I. The NICU for several months she is great now and I have full custody of all 4 of my daughter and my mom is still my best friend and always will be!! Any questions?? Or did I cover it all??

    1. Ky

      Was your daughter in the nicu at St. John’s in Springfield, il? I believe my son was in the nicu at the same time as your daughter. My son is Crew

    2. Erika

      Hi, Jessica –

      I actually work for Intervention, I work in post-production so I never met you but I worked on your episode. I spent weeks of my life working with the footage from your episode and as weird as it may be, since you don’t know me, I really cared about you and I’ve wondered if you’re OK. I just saw the update and I am just so happy for you that you’re clean and doing well. I could see how much you loved your kids, and I’m so glad you’re with them. Your kids deserve their mother and you deserve a happy, healthy life. I’m glad you’re doing well. Working on this show can be hard and emotionally draining but when someone gets clean and stays clean, it makes it all worth it. Thank you.

      1. Jessica helton

        Oh wow that’s amazing!!!! You know me probably as well as I know myself LOL. I have been wanting something added to the end of my episode since Jose passed away. I would really like something said about him passing away. Do you think there’s anyway that can be done?

    3. Stephanie Brown

      I am so glad you are doing so well. I’m really sorry to hear about Jose passing away. My cousin passed away 4 years ago leaving behind a daughter. The pain that is left behind for her family and friends is excruciating. She had a similar personality to you, smart, beautiful, talented. We didn’t even know she was back on drugs. She was a heroin addict in her teens but got clean, got married, had a baby, and a great job as a nanny. One day she found percocet in the bathroom where she was a nany and she took it. She was fired and ended up having a problem with pills. She actually overdosed on suboxone at 33 years old. Watching your episode had me in tears because I want you to be there for your kids. You can’t take it back once you overdose, it’s final. You deserve to have a great life with lots of love and support. If I had known my cousin was into drugs again I would have told her the same thing. Just know that you are loved by so many people, maybe even some that don’t talk to you often. I hadn’t talked to her in a long time but I loved her so much.

    4. Jessica

      My name is Jessica and I’m and addict!!! My clean date is November 19th 2013. I just watched your episode. I’ve watched many episodes of intervention, but yours hit me directly in the heart. I felt like I was watching myself on TV!!! I couldn’t hold back the tears. And hoped during the entire episode that you would accept the help and treatment!!! I’m so happy you did!!! You are a beautiful person inside and out!!! I’m so proud of you and the progress you’ve made!!! There is nothing better in life then finding recovery after living in the pits of hell!!! I hope you are still doing well!!! Keep God first, and hold your babies tight!!!

      1. Jessica

        Thanks so much!


    I am glad you are doing well J. Every hope and prayer for your continued success.

  9. Ashley Brown

    Awesome Jessica!!!! (season 13 episode 1), I’m so happy for you and your recovery, you’re and inspiration, I myself suffer from heroin addiction and on a methadone program but still relapse time to time

  10. Art

    Hi jessica I just wanted to say I’m very proud of you getting and staying clean. You are gorgeous and sobriety looks great on you. Someone is very lucky to have you

  11. Alyssa noelle

    Hi Jessica!
    It is so good to see you are doing well.i saw your update, you look so beautiful. I am also a recovering drug addict and know how hard it can be to stay sober through tough times but you have done it, have 4 wonderful children and a great life ahead of you.

    1. Jessica Helton

      Awe, thank you very much!!! Unless you’re an addict it can’t really be understood the battle that we fight every single day! So congratulations on your sobriety as well !

  12. Sara

    I don’t even watch this show that often but this story was crazy! So glad you came through all of that. It put it In another perspective for me because my ex husband has been addicted to pain pills for years and hasn’t seen our son in a year, made me wonder if that’s what it’s like for him, even though most days I just hate him, I hope he will one day clean up and come back into my son’s life.

  13. Shannon

    Jessica, I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are, allowing your story to be told and working so hard to come out the other side, and getting your beautiful kids back as a result of the hard work. Your story touched me, and I will continue to root for you. You’re an amazing soul. Keep up the excellent work! I’m a chronic pain patient who is so weary of being a slave to the meds, but I’m close to the point of doing what I can do to get off of the opiates… I just need to accrue the vacation time to take off work for a week and go cold turkey, if I can without putting my life in danger. Thank you again for sharing your story, and I wish you all the best.

  14. Sandi Wood

    I am so sorry to hear that Jose passed but I am happy for you and your sobriety. Sending lots of prayers and love to you and your family. Your relationship with your Mom brought tears to my eyes – I hope the two of you have healed together and are in contact often.

  15. Kristy

    So sad to hear that Jose passed away.

  16. Anna

    Wow! Jessica, just watched your episode. You look amazing. Keep up the wonderful work!

  17. Dave

    I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. I worked security for the crew while you were filming, and it was heartbreaking to see such an obviously nice person in that situation. I just saw this site, and have often wondered what happened to you.

  18. Dewey

    When did Jose pass?rip

    1. Jessica

      3-15-16 (one of the worst days of my life)

      1. Debi

        I’m sorry that you lost your friend..

      2. Cali Chick

        im so sorry to hear of your loss. I also lost my fiance and his dad March 18 and 23 respectively I commend you for getting through that, losing a significant other you loved is awful. good luck to you and your continued sobriety!

  19. Leah

    Jessica I’m so proud of u!!!! It’s Leah your friend and Rehab nurse!!!! I just seen your episode I’m SO proud of you girl!!!!!!!

  20. Jacki

    Hey Jessica! I could relate very much to your story, as went down the same path. Your story struck me so personally. I’m so happy you are doing so well! You are an inspiration! I’ve been sober for almost 4 years now, but so many of my friends that I had to keep myself at a healthy distance from have died from this disease recently. 🙁 So many people don’t know that there are success stories like you and that there is a choice and option to get away from the madness as I like to call it. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but for temporary discomfort and addressing the underlying issues comes a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations on your recovery and your family blessings! Keep being awesome! 🙂

  21. gord

    Yes, congrats on being sober jessica. A few thoughts though, is anyone surprised that jose is gone? And why the hatred towards marty? Obviously all we know as outsiders is what we see on the program, but the way these two were portrayed, I feel differently. Marty appeared to want to be a father to 2 kids who were not his own – that in itself is admirable. Who knows what circumstances really occurred (jessica says above that he was not clean – but is this really true?) Who could blame Marty for losing it on camera when all he seemed to want was to have a sober jessica and his family back together? I’d be angry with Jose too, if I were him. I could go on but I am sure I have typed enough to receive some flaming and judgment, so I will stop.

    1. Jessica

      I do not have hatred towards Marty I just do not like how the show I didn’t tell the whole story. I did heroin with Marty for a year before I met Jose . Jose was sober I was the one Who got him to start doing drugs again! Since the show Marty has been in prison but has recently gotteb out and I wish nothing but the best for him! I lost Jose on March 15, 2016. I miss him every single day but I see him when I look at our daughter!

      1. gord

        Apologies for being judgy – congrats that you are doing so well. life is a trip, man! 🙂

    2. Jessica

      The reason I know he was never clean is because he finally admitted it. The show did get a few things wrong. I was doing heroin with Marty for a year before I ever met Jose. Me and Marty started shooting up together two years prior to me meeting Jose. Jose saved my life many times both from overdosing and from being raped and murdered in Chicago.

  22. Luli

    Non ho nessuna pena per te Ho visto l’episodio che ti riguarda…mi veniva il voltastomaco nel vedere il tuo egoismo e il tuo menefreghismo Soprattutto riguardo le tue figlie Hai mai pensato a quanto hanno sofferto?Spero solo che tu cresca perché sarebbe anche ora!

  23. Bekki

    Are we all here for Jessica? LOL, I know I have wondered about you, Jessica. Though I hardly ever watched that show I saw your episode. Man, what a gut wrencher…but it ended so well! How crazy is it that total strangers can care this much about each other? When I read (above) that you’re doing so well it was so gratifying. I think that you and your loving family resonated with people. God bless you all!

    1. Jess

      Ty!!! Xoxo

  24. Jessica

    KEEP HOPE!!! Do you only reason I’m still alive is because my family never gave up. Now I have an amazing life that I had never dreamed of. I’ve gotten everything back that I ever lost to drugs! I know also have a new daughter who is now 18 months old she is the light of my life! I just Close on my new house November 15 of 2016. I never would’ve dreamed I would own house. Getting sober was not an easy thing but by far was the best decision I’ve ever made!

    1. Melissa M.

      I am so touched by your story and inspired by your recovery and success. Keep going sister! We are all rooting for you.

    2. Ashlee

      This warms my heart that you were able to fight your demons Jessica! I hope you are still doing well with your babies. I have four years clean from heroin. Overdosed in 2017 and lost my kids, by the grace of god I got help finally and have been in recovery since.

  25. Lisa

    It’s so sweet that you respond to people. I’m proud of you on your progress and congratulations on your bundle!

  26. Em

    Hey Jessica. Seeing your episode again and have seen your updates video as well. Hopefully you are still growing in positive directions. Life is a tough road for kuds and single moms under normal circumstances. I pray for you as well as others from all walks of life.

  27. Amy K

    Aloha Jessica!
    I’m a first grade teacher and this entire week I have been “binge watching” (and or background noise as I work!) Intervention on Hulu while setting up my classroom for the new school year 🙂
    Out of ALL those episodes and seasons, your story left me in tears. To the point where I had to get my computer and see that you are doing ok now and what every happened to you.
    My favorite part was at the end where you said that your daughters are gifts, and how lucky you are that you got them. For someone who has suffered years of infertility and loss; those little perfect miracles are truly gifts beyond words. God (or whoever hehe) chose YOU to have those gifts 🙂 And I’m so glad you see that 🙂 Much love, success and ENDLESS beautiful memories with you and your 4 beautiful miracles!

  28. Jessica helton

    Thanks all of u so very much! My life has changed so much but I look back and have no regrets! Having my children back and being blessed with another beautiful daughter is more than I could ever ask for! I’m one lucky girl and getting to help people just makes my life all the more wonderful! All I can say is if u have loved ones Who are suffering from this disease do not give up on them recovery is possible no matter who you are and what you have done.! Xoxo

    1. Madi

      Jessica, Im so sorry you lost Jose. But all your kids are beautiful and they have a beautiful, strong mother! Your episode is one of my favorites. You have such a great personality and your story is so incredibly inspiring! Xo.

    2. Kristina L.

      Hey Jessica! I was trying like hell to find you online. My boyfriend and I just watched your episode. Your episode made me so emotional, especially when you talked about your kids. I had my fingers crossed hoping the episode had a good ending. My older sister is a heroin addict and when I seen you put that needleft in your arm, it made me so sad imagining my sister doing the same thing. She lives 5 hours away and only wants my help when I have money to offer. During your lowest point, what is one thing you wish people would have understood about your addiction?

      I am so freaking proud of you, you have no idea! I soooo wish my sister would watch your episode.

  29. Theresa

    Hi Jessica, I was just watching your story on Intervention. I’m so happy that the Lord has given you the strength to fight your demons. You seem like a nice person who like the rest of us has made poor decisions. (I, too, thought Marty was the good guy until I read your side above.) Although I wish him well your life is better w/out him. God bless you & your children on your journey;may He keep you strong & stand beside you to help fight your everyday fight. ????????Just an aside ???? I find saying the Lord’s Prayer” & the “St. Michael” prayer to be very helpful when the devil rears his ugly head. You & yourfamily are in my prayers. ????????

  30. Jessica

    Thank you that means a lot. My life is far more amazing than I feel I deserve BUT who am I to question gods plan! I recently found out my two-year-old has cerebral palsy and with my family and faith I know that she will continue to amazing everyone. At the rate she’s going she should be walking in the next year which is huge. Her progress has surprised everyone! I’m so lucky god blessed me with such an awesome job , being her mom! I have all 4 of my daughters and a new home and nothing but blue skies ahead!

  31. Pedra

    Jessica, I’m watching my best friend make the same same decisions your mom did and her daughter making the same decisions you did. Was your mom able to get stronger and make tougher decisions? Where did she go? Did she just do the 3 day program? How did she do it? I’m 25 years sober and watching this is like walking in in the middle of a bad movie!

  32. Jessica

    Hi, Jessica from another Jessica. Im whatching your episode right now and decided to look up and see how you were doing and came across this. Congratulations on staying clean I’m also a few years into my sobriety and know what a challenge it can be. I also know as a parent of a child with special needs it makes it sooo much harder. So I just wanted to encourage you to keep your head up because the beatiful angel you were blessed with needs you.

    1. Jessica

      Thanks so much!

  33. Tina Corum

    Hi Jessica…congrats on your sobriety. Your story is one of my favs. You are a remarkable young lady. I ha e never been an addict but my ex husband was and I know how difficult it is living that lifestyle. Forgive me for asking but were you sober during your pregnancy? I noticed you said your baby girl was in NICU and now has ceralbpalsy? Understand, not judging you if you had a lapse, it happens. Also, I thought I read you had a short relationship with someone who fathered your daughter who you were no longer with then later read that you saw Jose in her when you looked at her. Just wondering if he was the father or someone else. Also, how did Jose pass, overdose? Please know I’m not judging. I’m just a big fan of the show and especially your success story and I enjoy reading the follow-up. I too admire that you take the time to respond. Congrats on your new home and all your success and I pray that you continue to have the life that you so deserve!

  34. Jessica

    I was completely sober during all my pregnancies
    Including the most recient! The whole paternity issue is complicated but José is her biological dad but the man she calls dad is my X husband Adrian. He has stepped up and completely (by choice) taken on the daddy roll. Jose got out of prison in January 2016. We decided to try to make a relationship work but unfortunately he couldn’t stay clean. But I stuck by his side because he was my soulmate the love of my life. They found his body in an abandoned building in March 2016

  35. Pedra

    How did you mom do with the Betty Ford program? I have a sister who is very enabling of her daughter. We’re concerned and are thinking about presenting the idea to her.
    Congratulations on your continued sobriety!

  36. Tina Corum

    Thanks for replying to my post! Sorry to hear that about Jose but glad to hear that your ex is there for your his lil one. You are a strong woman to be able to remain sober through such a loss. You are an inspiration and I wish you a lifetime of happiness in whatever comes your way. I look forward to following your journey! Best wishes!!


    So glad you’re doing well.
    The sincerity that came out of you, and the honesty, was what made me cheer you on from afar.
    Me too, clean & sober.
    Congratulations Jessica, keep it up. 🙂
    Every day clean and sober is a victory.

  38. KB


    Your story struck a chord with me and I’m so glad I found this page to see your updates. You are so unbelievably strong, I’m completely in awe of you. My mom struggled with addiction and still does- started when I was 12 and I’m 25 now, she’s been in rehab numerous times and clean for months but can’t quite seem to completely shake it.. but stories like yours bring me happiness because I know someone defeated the disease. Your daughters and you deserve the beautiful life you’ve made.

    Congrats on your house and happy life. I’m sorry for your loss in Jose, but you should be so proud of yourself.. he is too. I wish you and your family the best!

    1. Jessica

      Thanks so much hun!! I love all the positive feed back!!! I love that I have been able to inspire hope that real long term sobriety is totally within reach to everyone who truly wants it! God blessed me with 4 beautiful daughters which is amazing but the best blessing he ever gave me was the opportunity to appreciate what it is to really be a mom and how precious every second is and lastly how fast it can all disappear ! If I’m ever needed for anyone to talk or any questions family stories whatever I’m here

      1. kitty katt


        Just wanted to say how amazing your life story is. You put it all out there (good and bad) when most people wouldn’t. You have given hope to those who feel hopeless. God bless you and your beautiful family. You were given a second chance and took it. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

      2. Jessica

        Thank you so much. I was very blessed to have gotten this second chance not only with my children but life in general!! God bless
        Jessica H

  39. Kylie P

    Oh my gosh!! I’m so glad I found this post. I have your episode saved on my dvr and watch it all the time. It’s my favorite! I am actually in the middle of it now and it made me wonder how you are today. I am so happy to see that you’re doing well! The part in the show when you are visiting your girls and the little one says “the bus picked me up,” CUTEST thing ever! You can tell she has a huge personality! I’m so happy to see you all are well and happy! ❤️

  40. Kaylin

    I hope you continue doing well. I emphatise with your situation–not having a father and a codependent mother. Congratulations on your recovery. 🙂

  41. hannah

    jessica i don’t know if your ever going to read this but my names hannah and just 3 years ago i was in the EXACT same situation you were i could not believe how similar our stories were i was raised in a good family as well but got into heroin in 2007 and in and out of rehab then was homeless living in abandos dumpsters and under bridges with my boyfriend for almost 8 years, i know your relationship was different than mine in one way because my ex beat me every day and i had to support my habit plus his by going out and panhandling with my dog(who i still have to this day) or turn a trick for some quick cash. i’ve robbed dealers before been in and out of jail and kept relapsing every time regardless, i was also doing meth as well and drinking to intensify the heroin because i smoked it most of the time and my boyfriend shot up. my mom came out to the west coast where i was homeless and told me i had one last chance to get my life back but i was leaving my boyfriend behind and moving out of state never to look back. now at 31 i still have my dog i have my family to support my recovery i got a job & am working on getting a car but never in a million years thought i would be clean today and got 3 years on top of it!! moving out of las vegas saved my life and even though i don’t have any kids or a husband like you i’m just glad to hear your doing okay and i would love to hear from you and maybe we can share our stories through an email or something because i’ve watched so many intervention episodes and your one of the few that actually had a success story with a happy ending and i look up to you. hope to hear from you god bless girl♥️stay sober!!

  42. Bethany Semm

    I just watched your episode congrats on being sober and that you have your kids back!!! I’m so sorry about Jose 🙁 You are such a beautiful woman inside and out God’s light shines right through you! Hope and pray you continue on this great path. I’ve never dealt with drug addiction but my Aunt is a alcoholic so I understand the addiction cycle. God bless you 🙏

  43. Chris

    Is there a Facebook Page for Jessica?

    1. Jessica

      My Facebook shouldn’t be to hard to find. It’s Jessica Renee Helton. My profile pic is just a picture of me.

    2. Jeasica

      Or Jessica Renee carter jus shoot me a PM so I know who it is cuz I have like 75 pending friend requests!

  44. Courtney

    What Chicago neighborhood did this take place in? I’ve been searching and can’t find out anything other than it being filmed somewhere on the west side of the city

  45. Irene

    Just watched your episode wow! What a women to overcome all of that. Sorry to hear of Jose passing.
    Your girls are beautiful I hope your sober happy & living a good life xox

  46. Joshua


    All I have to say is keep up the very good work. I’m hearing great things. Keep it up. I just watched your episode and it tore my heart to pieces.

  47. Sheila Emily Thiele

    I appreciate your honesty about Jose. I felt so sorry for him. Seemed like a truly precious soul. I can’t imagine how horrible it must’ve been to suddenly be alone for 90 days with no way to contact the love of your life. I feel he too suffered a lot of trauma (as I am sure there is some history there). I felt the show did him a great injustice by not providing treatment and I believe it was racially or perhaps socio-economically toned. As I have seen many episodes of Intervention and they always help the partner and boyfriend. I know if they had he would be alive and sober today. Don’t be mad at yourself for getting him to use (your honesty is both touching and inspiring and does justice to his memory) you were sick. The people that truly let him down were the producers of intervention. There is no excuse. They should have tried. They used his image etc and filmed his addiction. Exploiting him with no help offered. I have never seen anything like it.

  48. Nicci

    Hey Jessica, um I personally deal with heavy addiction foe about 8 years now…um. Tried sobriett lasted 3 years…i honestly feel completely just LOST. You know ? Of course yoy do. Anyways im so glad to see some of us can make it…not sure if i will but i pray one day ill get better . congrats on your daughter. And i am very sorry to hear about jose regardless of the circumstances between you two. One love!!!

  49. Melissity

    “What I want to get sober for is to be able to be a good enough me to be a good enough mom.”

    You did it Jessica! So proud of you!

  50. Steph

    I was rewatching all the intervention episodes and I rooted for you the hardest!! I live in Chicago and while I’ve never done heroin, I’ve seen how the city will swallow you alive with it. I’ve lost dear friends to it. The drug has consumed chicago especially the south side and suburbs. I dated an addict and had to understand the disease. It’s literally just like being possessed. I’m so so happy for you and so happy you escaped. You have 4 beautiful kids now and I couldn’t be happier for you. I was rooting so hard for you girl! God bless 🙌

  51. Maggie

    Oh my goshhhhhhh it looks like she just had a new baby about a month ago and he’s absolutely precious! She looks happy and healthy also. I’m so thrilled to come read the comments after watching her episode and find such a great update.

  52. anon

    did anyone else get really frustrated when gary said that a child (jessica) didn’t share his interests? like you’re the adult, show some interest even if you don’t care because you’re supposed to care about the child, not necessarily the child’s specific interests. what like i’m supposed to be super interested in paw patrol? no but if my kid is i’ll dress up like a firefighting dog and bark all day. come on. I’m mid episode so maybe he gets better but goodness gracious he seemed selfish in the beginning.

    1. T

      I agree 100% and no he doesn’t get better. I felt so bad for Jessica because I can really empathize with her desire for a father’s love. I think Gary’s lack of love/acceptance/affection/connection was a big reason for Jessica’s sadness and I think that was validated when she said the most touching moment from the intervention was seeing Gary cry. She literally just needed him to care about her.

  53. Bibi

    Is Jessica still doing well and clean? Her episode touched me so much especially the relationship with her mom, my mother passed away 2 years ago from heroine and I’m a recovering addict so there were so many thoughts and emotions while watching this episode.and when she spoke about her daughters it made me think of my mom and just made me think that must’ve been how she felt it was just so hard to get help.I would love to know how Jessica is doing if we can get an update

  54. Tobie

    Jessica you’re amazing! I stumbled upon your Facebook and your family is beautiful! I’m so glad to see everyone so happy.

  55. KelsChester

    I just found her on fb she is still sober and now has 5 kids! Her youngest was born with down syndrome and he daughter she had with jose also has a disability. she looks amazing and so healthy!