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Update March 2015

Since the last update it’s been confirmed that Ryan Bond, the chef from Season 8, died in December 2014 of cirrhosis.  According to his girlfriend, he was sober for 2 years before relapsing.  My condolences to Melanie and the many people who loved him.

I just found this Reddit AMA with one of the Intervention camera operators.  Interesting stuff.

So yeah, the new season starts on Sunday the 22nd March. Yes, yes it does. And there’s a 10th Anniversary Special that will air right before the premiere that features the interventionists and crew members from the first 10 years. They’re calling it “I Was There.” I’m obviously gonna be there.


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  1. Samantha

    Firstly, it’s so sad to hear about Ryan. My heart goes out to the family… I hope they are coping alright.

    Words cannot express my excitement for the premiere. When the preview for “I Was There” came on, I started screaming and called my boyfriend. He doesn’t get why I’m so excited… Nor does he know that I have a countdown until Sunday. (I have been counting down since the first day if
    March.) We are almost there!!!!

    1. Kat

      I’m so excited, too! AND my husband agreed to watch it with me! (That’s a first. Usually he just calls it “depressing crap.”). I wonder who they will feature in the first episode. The preview clip looks so intriguing and they seem to be focused on this one particular young guy, I’m thinking he’s first?

      1. Samantha

        That’s so funny, because my boyfriend is coming to stay with me when it’s on, and I told him he couldn’t if he didn’t watch it. So lately, he has been watching some of my favorite episodes with me. Good thing they are trying to appease us! I agree it looks very intriguing… Do you have a link to that clip? I saw it on A & E but can’t find it online anywhere!

      2. Dizzy

        Check the A&E Intervention Facebook page. I’ve saw it there earlier in the week.

      3. Kat

        Ha! I really want to have my husband watch some of the good ones with me before Sunday, in case it’s a dud. But then he might be sick of it by then!

        I saw the clip on the A&E app. If you have the app or even go to the website, search for “intervention” under clips (not episodes). The special and new season clips are both up there.

    2. cameron

      just wondering… does anyone know where i can see the episode on kristen, she is at the top of the most likeable addicts.

      it is not on itunes and it’s unavailable on the streaming channels.

      thanks very much

      1. Dizzy

        Baltimore Kristen? You can watch her episode here:
        That might not be available for long, A&E rotates their videos a lot.

  2. Kat

    I had stumbled on that AMA before. So great to hear from Angelina’s brother that she has been doing so well in recovery and got married. I loved that family. I wish we had updates on everyone from the show and their families. So many people out there care about each one of them.

  3. SD

    I noticed you haven’t posted Sarah P. Elana’s granddaughter up yet.

    Also I know it’s your site and all but I think to do the people on the show justice you should refrain from your own personal feelings towards what you thought. This site has become a directory and I think keeping a neutral unbiased opinion is best for that. I’ve seen some “what was memorable” sections where you say things like ‘how could they do that?’, ‘that was absurd’, etc. We’re only seeing a fragment of what went on. The show is edited and obviously there’s a lot more to their individual stories than what can fit in a 45 min time slot. If you were doing episode recaps where your opinion may be necessary it’ would be appropriate but in a general directory style it’s almost a description of that person.

    1. Kat

      I just want to stick up for Dizzy. Yep, it’s her site and she clearly does this as a labor of love. You can find neutral recaps of the episodes on the A&E site. The point here is to discuss personal reactions to the show. i love these write ups because they are honest and it’s obvious that Dizzy cares and wants the best for the addicts and their families. I love how so many people have taken the time to write encouraging comments and quite a few of the addicts and their families have come here to comment.

      I’ve seen some truly nasty recaps and Facebook comments tearing down the people on the show. Overall I find this blog to be genuinely safe and supportive.

      1. Samantha

        Agreed 100%, Kat! Also, Dizzy is fully aware that the episodes only give a glimpse of the families; she made an entire entry about it in January I believe. She has no obligation to anyone, and we all love/adore this site, as well as appreciate all of the time and effort she puts into it.

  4. billie

    sara, I find this site interesting. but I must say I agree with you for there is much more to the addict/alcoholics story than what we see. However, there are many ppl who are and are not in recovery and some just don’t understand it. I guess one just wont understand until they are ready to let go and let God. Perhaps some people feel this website it informational. Its a shame if a loved one were to come to a site like this and see the negative, bashing, shameful speaking of their loved one, I would be up set as well. thank you for your post.

  5. Gregory Moore

    FINALLY! It’s truly extraordinary, you know, having a network suddenly change their mind like this and bring a show back to their prime time roster. VERY unusual, indeed! Dizzy, I’ll bet your site helped them see that there is a solid “fan base” for this show…not to mention, how many people it has helped–and saved! What a fortunate turn of events for us fans of the show! I will most certainly be tuning in, too!! Really excited that it’s turned out this way!

  6. rob

    So did you make it dizzy?

  7. Sara

    I am simply writing to say that I absolutely loved the “I was there” special! I thought it was very well done. Though I couldn’t help but wonder what Dizzy was thinking in the beginning when they actually recapped Gabe, which is shocking to me because any reference to that episode is quite arduous to find.

    In other news, according to random comments on facebook, Cristy had her baby, and her father, Armondo, has custody. Not sure how true any of it is.

    In regards to th comment telling Dizzy how to run their own site, obviously Dizzy had to approve the comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I love this site and it got me through the time Intervention was off the air. Yes, I think I could use an Intervention from the show.

    1. Dizzy

      Ha! The first thing I thought when the special started was REALLY, THEY’RE GONNA FORCE GABE ON ME? Although it was good to be reminded of why I have him blacklisted, I’ll probably have dreams about him tonight. Ugh.

  8. Dizzy

    Thanks for having my back everybody, I appreciate it a lot. For reference, here is the post where I talk about respecting the families in the comments. Since getting stricter about the comment policy, for every one comment I publish there are about 3 that I don’t. I really am trying to make this a more supportive and safer place than the other sites, Facebook, etc. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s better.

  9. Gregory Moore

    Can I tell you how nice it was to visit this site this morning and see that you’ve already added the first episode of the “revival”! I think the stars are lining up for a full-fledged new appreciation for “Intervention”…and with that being the case, I’ll bet more people will find their way to this website. Keep up the good work, don’t listen to complainers and keep on keepin’ on!! Thank you, Diz! Gregory

  10. Mandi

    I saw that Brooke Boulter passed. She was the pain killer/muscle relaxer episode. I am not good at navigating this site, but I did read she passed from a meth overdose (not opioids as she was depicted abusing). Does anyone know where more information about her can be found?

  11. Amy

    Hi there,

    Thank you for this site! After almost every episode I watch, I look for the most recent updates on the person/people. I wonder if you would ever consider a tab for most recent updates? Either putting posts up when you learn something new, or posting any follow-up videos that come out? The deaths page is very helpful, but for the others, I am so curious. Many of those that I’ve researched when the show says they’ve been sober have actually relapsed after the release date of the episode.

    1. Dizzy

      I only learn something new when someone comments here. The best place to find updates on an addict is their individual page. That’s generally where friends and family members comment about how the person is doing and often I will add the information to the post. Putting up follow-up videos is tricky – the available videos are not stable and it would take a lot of time to maintain.

  12. Clyde

    I wish more than anything A&E would reach out to Tyler Hall from episode Tyler.. Still with us 5 yrs later thank god. But yet to get treatment. Just a matter of time and he’ll be with his siblings. 🙁 kid has a big heart. A very heavy big heart. His dad’s eyes light up the minute he enters the room. Both parents and good people and would do anythingto see Tyler get help. I would do anything! I am under an alias to protect my privacy. If anyone on here has the power or financial means tohelp Tyler please reach out and contact him one more time! It may save his life.. I do believe hes teachable more now than 5 years ago. Thank you and God bless.