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Season 14, Episode 25 (Intervention Canada)


Age: 50
Location:  Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol

What’s Memorable: The father/son relationship, the hopeful ending.

Official Synopsis: Hailing from a small seaside town in Nova Scotia, Barry, 50, was born into a life of alcoholism and turmoil. The victim of childhood abuse at the hands of a close relative, Barry learned to drink with his alcoholic mother as a boy. Both were seeking a way to kill the pain. A gentle giant when sober, but violent and verbally abusive when spiraling on 40 ounces of vodka a day, Barry has alienated just about everyone in his life, including his father, whom he adores, and his 27-year-old son who has cut off all contact. Living day-to-day in run-down motels and struggling to put together a living between binges, Barry has a chance to reclaim his life, his family, and a relationship with his son who has shut him out of his life.

Date Aired:  April 3, 2016  (Aired as Intervention Canada Season 1 Episode 10, on Oct 21, 2011)
Maureen Brine

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  1. Heather

    Any updates? I hope he is doing well!

  2. Michael Kane

    Is there any update on how Barry is doing ? Is he on FB ?

  3. Yora

    Does anyone else feel like Maureen is really self-centered as an interventionist? Always talking about herself and her accomplishments? Just re-watching this episode today.

    1. Sudie

      Oh yeah…and very ineffectual. If I were being intervened upon, I would walk out on her.

  4. InterventionFan

    Barry’s follow up from 2012: