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Season 14, Episode5


Age: 29
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Addiction:  Alcohol, some meth
What’s memorable: This kid had a rough life, no surprise he drinks too much. But wow does he drink too much. And the way he gets when he’s drunk: self-absorbed, messy, emotional, intimidating, dominant.  I’ve known a lot of people who get like this when they’re drunk and they’re incredibly difficult to be around if you’re not just as drunk as they are. Which brings us to his relationship with his girlfriend Sarrah. He says “I’d give up my whole family for Sarrah” but their connection is probably based more on a shared love of drinking than anything else. (I’ve been in several eerily similar drunken relationships. They were intense and unhealthy and entirely dependent on alcohol to survive. They never ended well).  I don’t recall if they show said she got sober too but I really hope so. I love what Daniel said after he accepted treatment: “How am I gonna turn all these people down? Everyone I love?”  Seems like that’s the reason why a lot of the addicts on this show accept the treatment. Intervention works, dammit!

Synopsis: Daniel could have pursued a career as a songwriter, but a series of personal tragedies culminating in his father’s death led him to abuse a dangerous combination of alcohol and meth. Recently Daneil resumed a romantic relationship with Sarrah, a fellow addict who supplies Daniel with alcohol, and their booze-fuled nights escalate his already serious addiciton to deadly lows.

Original Air Date: April 2015
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Sara

    Daniel was such a sweet soul under all the chemical abuse, but meow did the show fly through his childhood. They just breezed through the facts that he was raped and took care of his dying dad only to never mention it again. It took two watchings of this episode to figure out who all the siblings were. They did share that the girlfriend was practicing sobriety also. While I wish him all the best, and so hope he stays clean, he reminded me so much of Dillon in his Skype call. He didn’t smile once. I genuinely hope it was the editing. Candy is awesome as always.

    1. Kat R.

      I thought the same thing, he looked unhappy in the follow up 🙁 but then I thought maybe that was him just being on an even keel and not a hot emotional mess like he was when he was drunk. Let’s hope he is truly happy now. You can tell he has such a sweet, caretaking spirit.

      1. Sara

        That is very true, Kat. He was an emotional roller coaster when he was drinking.I wish him and his sweet family all the best.

  2. Katie

    Does anyone know for how long he’s been sober? The recording cut off the very end and I really liked Daniel and his family. Wish him all the best, hope he’s holding strong.

    1. Samantha

      I think that it said April 8, 2015 after his relapse. Daniel broke my heart… Especially as he cried and said, “I just wanna be good.” I wish that I could reach out to him somehow.

  3. Jimmie

    He’s a good kid who has had a hard life. I hope that things will work out for him.

  4. Tatiana

    i really liked Daniel , one of my favorite “addicts” . He was such a sweetie , hope all is well with you Daniel. Please

  5. Tatiana

    i really liked Daniel , one of my favorite “addicts” . He was such a sweetie , hope all is well with you Daniel. Please be safe

    1. Nony

      I know most of his family members, they are all extremely sweet, and from my understanding he left rehab early and some of his family no longer speak with him 🙁

      1. Audrey

        He completed the 90 day treatment 🙂 Sarrah was 3 days behind him with having 90 days of sobriety.

  6. Jenny

    Daniel was so kind hearted for the most part. It did break my heart to see him suffer so much and Sarah enabling him and him enabling her. So sad. I hope he’s sober now

  7. Seth

    And he’s currently in prison as well for some pretty serious charges:

    1. Kaitlin

      He got 2.5 years so before you go out and obviously had to do some research to find where he was look at your own life it’s not all rainbows and unicorns

      1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        I was of the understanding that he and Sarrah were going to get married. Did that ever happen?

    2. Jo

      You have no idea what happened you know what the court paper says you know what the newspaper say did you know that Sarah brought down $6000 continually him and Sarah got drunk did you know that the woman in the room that Daniel was supposedly with was a woman that Sarah and Danny had been partying with for over a week did you know that when Sarah walked in Sarah cold-cooked Daniel first and then called the police Daniel then turned around and hit her back?her he shoved away she called the police down goes Danny did you know that the conspiracy theory was a recorded phone call between him and Daniel and Yavapai county in Arizona did you know that?

  8. Rae

    It’s such a shame to see a handsome guy tear himself apart. I grew up in omaha, i know the drugs are easily accessible. Council bluffs is a gold mine for hard drug dealers. My mother has been addicted to drugs since i can remember, and i still have nightmares of the night she lost custody of me and went to jail. She went to prison twice, and sometimes the drug is stronger. She’s now not only addicted to drugs, but alcohol as well. It was ground shaking to see that episode from florida and see the Woodmen tower and the downtown park. Not to mention multiple businesses i recognize from living in an area not too far from where he was.

    Message to Daniel for whoever can speak to him, just because you fall down, does not mean you can’t get back up again. When they say change your places and your faces, it’s true. It helps more than you know. But the main thing is to surround yourself by supportive people. I have plenty of friends in the music biz there in omaha. And i know the crowd. It’s hard to stay away from the addiction when that’s how the crowd parties. Take jail time as another chance, and get the hell out of Douglas County if that’s what you may think is causing you to run back. Stay away from Sarpy, dodge, pottowatamie, etc. I can see you have a heart, you have a lot of love. You can beat this. In knowing that you will help your family heal by healing yourself, use that as your stronghold. As you said in the episode, you get happiness from helping others. Help your family and loved ones to heal. Take care of yourself and stay strong. Embrace that great heart you have, the talent you have, focus on it and put energy out there. You deserve this for yourself to find peace. ❤ this episode literally hit home because omaha is my hometown. No matter where i go i have husker pride.

  9. Andrea

    If anyone knows how to write to or call Daniel please Help me out. I know him from when he first drifted to Colorado and he gave me his grassroots hat to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. I am currently working on my sobriety and I would really like to reach out to him. He is a wonderful person.

    1. Cookie

      it looks like his release date is currently set for the 25th of this month, according to one of the links above. obviously, i don’t know any of his plans for after prison or if he has family to go to, but that’s where he’ll be until then.

    2. Jo

      Daniel has had a long road these last few years he was close to death but I can say today he’s trying he continues to try he never gives up he is a fighter he has a deep also and he will continue to battle his addiction but for now he is sober and well and I thank you for all the nice comments

      1. Jo

        I meant to say Daniel has a deep soul but he is a fighter and he is determined to change his life around and he did it on his own

    3. Jo

      Hey Andrea I just want to let you know that Daniel is doing good he is continuing to work on his sobriety he has been fighting a battle for years but he is finally getting the right help that he needs I’m sure he would love to hear from you and I will let him know about the hat but I cannot let anything interfere with his sobriety

  10. Kelsey

    I’ve known Danny for along time, I don’t really know him now but I knew him at about age 17. And his heart is the same as it was then, without all the alcohol. This guy is such a great person. I watched this episode not knowing it was even him, I about fell off my couch. It was really emotional for me. And it pulled at my heart strings in a big way. I hope the best for you Danny. After jail, it’s an opportunity to start new beginnings. So grab hold and never look back. I’ll be rooting for you Old friend.

  11. Gia

    I have watched just about every intervention there is and Daniel absolutely pulled my heart strings. Funny that my Brothers name is Daniel. Perhaps it is because both possess such a pure soul.I wish Daniel the best of luck with his sobriety.I cant imagine the struggle to fight the daily battle of addiction that so many have lost their lives to. May God bless him. He will be in my prayers.

  12. Brynnifer

    Looks like they got married and are expecting a child in the near future 🧡 I hope he is doing as well as he looks in his recent FB pics 💚

  13. Dan

    Hello. This is Daniel Gentleman. My wife and I are married, we did have give birth to a beautiful little girl named Avabella, she’ll be 8 months in like 4 days. My wife put a protection order against me in September of last year, it was supposed to get lifted over 10 days ago, but she re-instated it on the 10th. So she is keeping my daughter away from me. I’ve been sober for 40 days and finished inpatient treatment and now I’m n a half way house for probably 6 months to a year. I’m calling child support offices and lawyers to get rights 2 c my daughter and become the husband I long to b 2 my wife. All I’ve ever wanted has happened.

  14. Dan

    A wife a kid or 2 a home. To live happily ever after. It’s all within my grasp just bring withheld from my wife’s Mom. Sarrah was supposed 2 finish treatment years ago, but didn’t, so her mom is holding that against her. Her mom has never liked me or ever gave me a chance cuz my social status isn’t up to par with the “higher” society. Well I can tell u the “higher society” does not love like I do. My love comes from Jesus Christ and having faith that every little thing is guna b alright.

  15. Dan

    I’m still writing music just not recording it lately. But trust and believe that my heart cracks a little more everyday that I’m away from my wife and daughter. And to who ever said that the phone calls were a type of conspiracy is correct. They put me on all fours in Arizona and TRUPMED up my charges and fine compared to sarrahs and really messed me up. I’m now dealing with ptsd and separation issues daily because of the stay n the pen. I’m a better man after that.

  16. Dan

    And for your who don’t know, the day that sarrah put the protection order against me it was cause I caught her and got her 2 Confess that she was drinking vodka and stealing and taking my hydrocodone pills while pregnant, so because I caught her she felt a type of way and thought she’d get even or something and did this. So now I’m alone, but I’m surrounded by sober and clean people in the rooms. If u read this, know, that, I’m still in love with you Sarrah and I forgive you Sarrah. I’m her for you like I always have been. I’m getting my stuff in order, working the program to a T and the only reason I’m doing this is for myself, if i get myself straight and on the righteous path then everything rise will come back 2 me. U know u still love me and I know u can’t live without me. Like it or not we are soulmates and ur mom Jeanie will have 2 accept the fact that we belong 2gether. I’m not crazy I’m right. If u want to reach me u know how sugardumplin. Sincerely your peanut butter cup, your yo-yo, dangdeezy, boom-boom Dan Danny and daddy Daniel yoao. I love you and to all the other comments in love y’all, even the haters who think they know something. Life is Life it ain’t fair and it ain’t fun, but a step not taken is a leap missed. So keep on trudging, I’ll be here. I love you. 9-19-19

  17. ARGIRL

    Dan. I am hoping and praying for your recovery. I won’t write a lengthy post about myself except to say I am a recovering and opioid addict who NEVER would see the other side. Some days are ROUGH, not gonna lie. But from one addict to another the journey is worth it. Your AND your little baby are worth it. Peace.

  18. Melissity

    Daniel’s last Facebook post was 12/19/20. Still very upset about being separated from his daughter. Wherever you are Dan, you’re on my heart and I hope you are well.

    1. Stef

      He posted on his FB page a few days ago. Looks good, says he’s sober. SO happy to hear this. Hope he is allowed to see his daughter.

    2. Desiree

      A narcissist is someone who isolates you from your friends and family, makes you feel like Queen of the World, gives you great sex, but then
      –starts to criticize you for past actions you can’t change
      –only doles out affection or sex when you “deserve it” or follow their rules
      –accuses you of offenses such as lying, cheating, etc. that they, themselves are guilty of


  19. Brad

    What’s up with all the women defending this guy

  20. Margery

    He is definitely not doing well. 🥺

  21. willy

    The Facebook link above is still active as of March and his posts are incredibly disturbing and sad. I wish him and his family nothing but the best.

  22. Melody Netherton

    Am I the only person that as soon as they heard what he did for a living knew why he needed to drink and I don’t think it really got addressed. You can’t go around lying to people about hearing their loved ones etc without that eventually causing you guilt if you’re a decent person he needs to come out and tell the truth if he ever wants to stay sober that’s probably why he relapsed. You can’t dupe vulnerable people for a living and have a happy life. What he does to these people is called cold reading. It’s done by many psychics and it’s a psychological technique before you criticize my comment please read about it.

    1. Chance and Destiny

      You are referring to a different Daniel from season 15 but I 100% agree with you about him. His episode INFURIATED me. I have no sympathy for con artists.

      This Daniel was also an alcoholic but much sweeter and had a very sweet caring family. Unfortunately, it looks like it has been a hard road for this one

  23. btf

    He has a very disturbing facebook – a lot of Gangstalking related posts 🙁

  24. Britt

    Just looked at his FB after watching his episode. So freakin sad. Pretty sure he’s not sober. And still writing some scary stuff on there. Hate to assume but I think it could be from the meth. Meth is a horrible horrible drug that damages your brain beyond repair. At this point prayer is the only thing that can help. Jesus is real and performs miracles everyday. Praying for you Dan

    1. Stefan

      Prayer without action is useless. I’m not directing that as you but Dan himself (assuming that’s what you meant)

  25. Katie

    Ugh I just looked at his Facebook. He’s been posting A LOT lately and it’s all really, really bad. Things are not going well. He even created a GoFundMe for himself back in May which no one donated to. I don’t know how much longer he can go on like this 🙏🙏🙏

  26. Ali-Kat

    Hello all…I’m not sure how I’ve never come across this page before but I am Danny’s girlfriend. Most of you noticed in a one hour show that he is a sweet, loving, caring man. All of that is true and very real. He has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known. He is a very private peeeon but I will tell you that he has not done drugs in months and he is seeking treatment for his alcoholism and has been doing well. He has a wonderful mom who will go to the end of this earth to help him, as will I. Thank you all for thinking of Danny and for all of your kind words.