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S14E7 Samantha

Season 14, Episode 6


Age: Late 20’s?
Location: Randolph, New York
Addiction:  Heroin, Xanax
What’s memorable: The crazy webs of lies she gets herself into to get money for drugs, the “friend” Rich who is definitely NOT a friend, the horrific rape she suffered as a young teenager, the dad saying “I wish you’d die” and her responding with “me too.”  So glad she made it through treatment, she looked awesome.

Legacy Update:

Synopsis: When Sam was 6 her life took a drastic turn when her parents divorced and her father moved away. At 14, Sam’s life changed forever when she was sexually assaulted.  She turned to a life of partying, fueled by alcohol and Ecstasy. A fast downward spiral into heroin followed and today Sam is a full blown addict.

Original Air Date: April 2015
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Vanessa

    This was a sad episode, at least to me. Sam seemed pretty self-aware and self-loathing, which made her father’s anger and loathing all the more sad. Glad she seems to be doing well.

    1. Ashley

      This episode was definitely a hard one to watch. Especially the exchange between Sam and her dad where he says he wished her dead. Her responding she wish she was too. It hit me in the gut pretty hard.

  2. Christina Cowell

    This episode made me realize that in so many Intervention episodes the addict just needed to hear one or both of their parents say “I’m sorry”. I hope all the best for you Samantha.

  3. Cathy

    It was nice to see Sam doing so well at the end of last nights episode with Mindie. And now she’s helping others that have been on Intervention.

  4. Jenny

    Always remember, you have braved pains that can’t be put into words; only your heart knows the true language. You’re a warrior for breaking the chains of addiction and I thank you for helping others through their struggle. My father is a recovering addict, as are my two brothers. I lost my childhood to his dependencies and stints in prison and he lost his freedom, his family, his business, just to stay all over in his forties. He is so talented, smart and has so many skills, but his felonies will enslave him to doing hard labor for long hours until he’s dead. Now almost 60, he has COPD, a replaced hip, a bad back and knees and he’s still replacing floors and doing the most flawless tile, stone and marble work. He’s a perfectionist and is killing him, but it keeps his mind off bad things. It barely pays his bills since he only gets work when the company he works for throws him a bone. Then he works himself to it. I can’t talk about him enough. When I was young and he had so many problems that drove him to commit crimes for money, “leave us” and go to prison, I was so upset with him. As I he older, I eventually refused to visit him in there anymore and didn’t see our write him for 7 years. Seeing how he turned his life around and just how many demons he continues to fight and stay sober makes me SO proud to talk about him and tell everyone how much he’s accomplished. While he’s not a college grad or a millionaire, he’s a fighter and a winner, just like you!
    If your family is not already doing so, you are eventually going to fill their hearts with love when they think of your continued success, your commitment to staying sober, your love for yourself and these selfless acts (even if it is just lending an ear and sharing your story with one other person who is struggling).
    Thank you for being so candid and sharing your story.

  5. Tad heath

    I want to tell you I just watched your show. It really hit me hard and I would not wish that on my worst enemy. You went through so much and I know I will never know the extremes of it. Watching these shows scare the living hell out of me and 8 would never think about doing it anyways. I AM SO SO SO HAPPY THAT YOU TURNED YOUR LIFE AROUND. YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMEN. Your sister Stephanie is very beautiful also and I like her cause she has such a big heart. Don’t get me wrong your family does also. I really hope ur staying clean and I think that’s a good idea that u stay out in California and find new friends but it hurts that your away from ur family. But it’s better I think. Stay sober and enjoy life and tell ur sister she has a fan…lol please take care and enjoy life sober and I send u all the strength and love from my heart for you and your family.

  6. Jimmie

    Really great episode! I am so proud of her for making it and even helping others!

  7. kirby

    My heart broke when Sam’s father screamed at her that he wished she would die. And again that he wasn’t sure if he loved her anymore, Granted, any addiction specialist would say he is angry at the disease, not her. But those words hurt so much…I know I have heard them from family members. I would rather be physically punched. Apologies can be made. But cruel words can never be taken back. Addicts (all people at times) are fragile. I wish those who speak, tweet, post or write in anger would remember that. Stay strong Sam, and all my other fellow recovering addicts who know how hard we work for the 12 step promises: “We will not regret the past nor wish to close the door on it; we will realize how our experience can benefit others…” —For anyone hurting now, a hug to you, together we get better-sharing our experiences, and hope. xo kirby

  8. SBG

    I have sympathy for her father. He has drained his savings bailing her put of jail. He paid $51,000.00 somthat she would not be charged with embezzlement. She iwas a con man that had no respect for her father all. Look at it from his viewpoint, the poor man had been driven over the edge. By the way, she was lying about depositong some of the check that her dad gave her to nring her bank balance out of the negative. I work a a bank and they would never cash a check and allow the customer to receive money back with a negative balance.

    1. LLC

      Agree. Her father was at the end of his rope. Can’t say I blame him.

      Also agree about the bank…they wouldn’t cash that check…

  9. Jessi

    Sam is my friend and she is doing amazing! !!!!!! She’s SOBER too

    1. Stacey

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I wish her all the best, such a a lovely young lady.

  10. Laura

    I get that Intervention tends to capture everyone at their worst, but good God, no! No! The way Samantha’s father and sister spoke to her was on par with the most craven addiction-related behaviors. I’ve never wanted to throttle any Intervention subjects quite so badly, and you could sense that their words and attitudes stemmed from a place of conservative moral high ground. Ugh. I truly admire Samantha for finding forgiveness for them, because that would have been the permanent end of two relationships for me, even post-recovery…and I think it speaks to a superior character. I thought Sam was a lovely person with some clear trauma leading to awful behaviors, but at least her intentions were not rooted in malice.

    1. Em

      If you think the father and sister are the problem you’re lucky enough to have never lived with or closely dealt with an addiction. it’s so effing draining. they ruin your entire life. it’s very easy for addiction to kill the love you have for someone and that includes love between a parent and child. when dealing with an addict you’re dying at the same rate they are just in a different way. but no one celebrates you when they get sober, and there’s such a massive trail of devastation left behind. you can be happy Samantha finally got clean while also acknowledging she absolutely ruined the lives of her family and their outbursts are more than justified and not them “being on a high horse”. use your brain.

  11. Jessi A

    Sam is one of my closet friends I was in treatment with her and still talk to her she’s doing so good im so proud of her and all her accomplishments she has rebuilt relationships with her family and I just love sam and the person she is today 🙂

    1. Stacey

      As others have said, really tough episode to watch! My heart just hurt when I heard the awful things her father said to her, CVD the total lack of sympathy or love that was withheld from her by her dad and sister too, made me wish I could crawl through the TV and just hug this poor girl and tell her that things can and will get better, that she was worthy, that she wasn’t alone. Thank God things turned around for you Samantha, i wish nothing but happiness for you in sobriety and thank you for so bravely sharing your story!

  12. Roberto

    I’m so glad to see you beat those demons that were holding you back from seeing all your dreams and goals come a reality. I seen the follow up on your program and you look amazing keep the good work cause God has amazing thing awaiting for you

  13. Stefan

    Sam had a follow-up tonight and is doing great!

  14. Stoney

    Samantha I’ve watched most episodes of Intervention and your story touched me the most very deeply. I’m in a tough spot and think talking/messaging with you may be very helpful!! @Stoney_41 thx

  15. Diane

    Man, I just watched Samantha’s episode and when her Father wished her dead it hit me hard. I’ve been for oxy and booze and I’m clean circa 2006. It’s hard, man, and I didn’t have to do some of the things she did, but I pissed away money I and my loving husband earned and caused a lot of pain, but I learned I had to love myself and harness that love into strength and love. I had to face all those I’ve hurt and apologize, which I was glad to do but it’s a interesting road at that time and above all I just wanted to give back and rebuild trust (if possible–never stop trying!) and help others. I really, really pray she’s doing better, and if there were a few bumps, I hope she’s been able to get over them! I’m not a super “religious” person, I didn’t do the steps I did it my way with tools I learned and it took me a few times but I finally have 11 years sober and I just want that number to get bigger and bigger! Good luck, chica, love ya !!

  16. tish

    I wish all the best for Samantha. I found her instagram and she seems to be looking healthy and living a full life! I am so happy for her and her family.

  17. Alice Schmid

    you know, I keep hoping that having men gradually come around to less Neanderthal ways of thinking and behaving will in general be a life-changer for our whole society/

    I love sam’s sister. she is awesome.

  18. Alice Schmid

    why wasn’t sam’s boyfriend there?

    Also her dad’s letter was so obviously written by the show. how muchof the letters do they script?

  19. Todd

    I liked this episode. Samantha is very cunning. She’s was playing her Dad for a fool. She’s bright. At the end it looked like Samantha had gotten it together. Good for her. I hope she can keep it together.

  20. Nivey

    Omg Samantha looks amazing and is living her best life! Looks like she’s traveling, she looks beautiful and healthy! Her IG is under her name: Samantha DiLallo. God bless her!

  21. Todd

    I was a fan of Samantha. I thought she was pretty cool. Turns out its stunning what has happened to her. Someone had posted her full name so I checked it out on Instagram. The transformation in this girl is absolutely incredible. I didn’t believe it was her so I doublechecked on Facebook and sure enough – there were pics of her Father. Her name is Samantha DiLallo. Anyone that is a fan of her episode should take a look at her now. You won’t believe it.

    1. Halley

      What a transformation! So inspiring!

    2. Luke

      I used to use with her now and again went to school with her. She is doing wonderful she is an inspiration. Sober myself I’m so glad she never came back to this town. this town is death.

  22. Alexandra D

    Found her on Facebook as well. It appears her father passed away last fall, but they seemed to be close. Very sad episode but wonderful see the transformation.

  23. shifty

    In the middle of this episode right now. I had to make sure I wasn’t being too sensitive about her father saying what he said to her due to being treated like that by mom(but I was growing up not knowing who my dad was and was young and hadn’t done anything “wrong” yet) . sheesh he was cruel to her

    1. CDF

      I can see how it comes off as harsh. And even a little excessive. But you have to take into account that this man likely has no idea what addiction is like. All he knows is that he is being betrayed. We know so much more nowadays. You can actually see by how she reacts when he is saying those things to her that she totally understands why he is saying them. She doesn’t play a victim like many people would do and maybe even be somewhat justified to do- she knows he doesn’t understand why she is doing it- she only knows that he is feeling rightfully betrayed. No matter if it was because of drugs or not- she betrayed him over and over- something she is not proud of. She is doing very well now. Something that goes to show that she never got too lost from who she actually was- not the dishonest person she had become in her active addiction.

  24. Katie

    I found her to be one of the most likable addicts! I loved her commentary and awareness and the emotions in the intervention. Very compelling story.

  25. jordan r

    I’m currently rewatching this episode and I can’t believe the emotional beatdown Samantha’s father gives her. It’s totally brutal. He goes out of the way to be cruel and say the most hurtful things a parent can say – “I wish you’d die!” and “I don’t even know if I love you.” Samantha is a fiend for heroin and puts some major junkie bullshit on her family, but I really feel for her, she went through a lot. Hearing her dad talk to her that way and her guttural response makes me uncomfortable for it’s familiarity. I hope she’s doing well today and I thank her for sharing her story. Samantha if you read this, I get you!