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Season 15, Episode 12


Age: 31
Location: Lamar, South Carolina
Addiction: Crack

Official Synopsis: Rob was already a successful business owner when he inherited over a million dollars and several valuable properties from his father. But after his father’s recent death, Rob, a former crack addict, picked up the pipe again after years of sobriety. In just 12 months, Rob has blown through 200k of his inheritance, has shut down his once thriving business, and now his wife and family fear for his life.

Date Aired:  July 2016

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  1. Kristy

    Good episode and it didn’t seem rushed like some of the newer ones lately.

  2. A.

    He was so deep in the addiction, that I didn’t see any personality there, just a zombie begging for money. It was really uncomfortable to watch.
    I was also really mad at the mother ( I’m happy she wasn’t a part of this), I mean who does that to a child?! Giving him crack at 14?

    1. Jaime

      What right does she have to force her way of life on an innocent CHILD… What child deserves that?

    2. Kris Marley

      Sadly they said he was 12.

  3. KJ

    He looked COMPLETELY different at the end! Fuller cheeks, healthy skin color, handsome. It’s incredibly scary how drugs can completely change facial structures. Hope he continues to do better for his children, family, and for himself. His mom robbed him of a decent childhood. He deserves to be happy & healthy and enjoy his life with his family.

  4. April

    I’m really pulling for Rob. I lost my mom very quickly as well and know how hard that is. Rob, man you have my utmost respect. I hope you keep going forward. I think your wife is one awesome woman. Did not care for the mother at all. She berated the fact that Robs wife had to control the money from properties. Sorry lady, your grandkids need food, shelter, diapers etc. I’m pretty sure she took her check to the dope man instead of paying her light bill.

  5. Nicole

    He is actually from Lamar, South Carolina not Dakota

  6. Monte

    Odds are against him being clean as he has access to $.

    I get that when he’s clean he’s ambitious and works hard but reality is he doesn’t have to work due to the income from rental property.

    If he can find a drive to work at something say that tree business he’s got to do it for another reason other than $. And I think he has that ability. He’s obviously a business man and can work hard.
    He can make jobs for a lot people who otherwise might have a hard time finding work. As a successful business owner you have to think about jobs you are creating. People depend on you.
    But now he has the option to watch tv all day.
    He’ll his wife will get him water.

    Who reading this goes to work to have something to do?
    I’m not saying he can’t ever be sober – but it is way tougher when you have $. For example – you think he’s gonna find a sponsor that doesn’t have to work? I mean he’s of the 1% of our society.
    So really he needs to give all that property to me!!!!!

    I see a lot of my self in Robert.
    I’m clean and sober today – but like I’m the only person in my group that doesn’t get up everyday and go to work. So I have to be friends with successful addicts/alcoholics.
    Not many rental property landlords in meetings you know?
    Thank God there are those people in my area.
    No $ doeesnt make you happy it’s truer than people realize, but it’s pretty fuckin miserable when you have no electricity no cable tv and can’t go to the grocery store. He will never or should never have that problem. Y’all get it.

    1. marcy lily

      Addiction idustry , Mea Culpa

  7. BEA PEA

    Oh man he looked so much better when he was healthy! Sad to hear he’s slipped back into old ways. He seemed to be doing so well in treatment, though his eyes looked sad and haunted. Maybe he just needs to get out of Lamar and a fresh start somewhere new.

    1. Sudie

      wife too, or did they split up?

  8. Sean

    Was pulling for the guy and he has swindled it all away. Sad sad sad story.

    1. Eric

      I just watched this episode with my wife and I told her that I had no doubt he was going to get clean because he thrives when he has a controlled regimented schedule, I military school, jail, etc. It’s when he is left on his own without an authority figure to manage him that he falls back into his old habits. It is sad.

  9. JadeNZer

    Wonder how he/they are today, found them on fb but nothing much to be seen.

  10. Lord

    I gave Rob a Roof over his head, put Food in his belly and Board Shorts on his Body. The guy was a total positive and full of Good Living. It did not last. Rob. Are you alright? Do you know who this is?

  11. Tucker

    looks as if he’s doing a tad bit better than before. superficially at least.

  12. Lexie

    Just rewatched his episode. As a parent myself and a former cocaine addict the episodes where parents use drugs around their children and neglect them break my heart the most. I was really rooting for this guy and his beautiful family.

    Last I’ve seen he and his girlfriend are both in jail? Neither have posted on fb since around the date they were arrested that I can tell, so I’m assuming this huge drug bust put the nail in the coffin for Rob. Sad to see but I hope his ex wife and children are moving on and happy now without all the

    Selling large quantities of narcotics and having a gun in the home with children. What a nightmare.

  13. Lexie

    Came back to add they were actually arrested again with a large amount of meth on them in October shortly after being released from their arrest in may. 2019.

    1. Xlio

      Makes me wonder if his girlfriend was using the whole time.

  14. Nicole

    His girlfriend since about 2017 is april … robert and april have been arrested for some big time charges In 2019 & 2020 (link was previously commented) if you search april’s name, she was arrested sometime in 2017 with another man (maybe an ex ) who is a felon. She sounds like she was mixed up in some bad choices before she met robert and unfortunately now they both are, together. Wishing them hope for health and recovery

  15. Todd

    I couldn’t figure this guy out. I understand how hurt he was when his Dad passed. I can even understand turning to drugs to ease the pain. What I can’t understand is why this guy keeps pushing the envelope. He had it made. All those rental properties. Nice family. Loving wife. He was potentially set for life and could have retired at 31. Even with all that, I can sympathize to where he was at in this episode. What makes no sense are the comments I’ve read. He has gone bigger and bigger and bigger into the drug world. To the point of big time arrests. He just keeps going down and down and down, further and further and further. It always seemed to me that the people that let their lives get to these levels really had nothing to live for and couldn’t have cared less how low they sank – or how much prison time they were facing. This guy had everything to live for. Go figure cuz it makes no sense to me.

    1. Gigi

      It’s really hard for a non addict to wrap their head around

      1. Todd

        That may be so Gigi but how about common sense? At some point you would think Robert would look in the mirror and say to himself “This path I’m on – it isn’t working!” Hahaha – seriously. You think the guy would be running back to rehab. I mean what else has to happen to him? I was reading the comments – this guy just keeps digging his grave further and further. He gets more and more involved in drugs – and in more and more catastrophes. Like I said, at some point you would think his common sense would send him in a different direction. Just my two cents. If you can explain why he continues to do what he does, I’m all ears. I mean that in the most respectful way because it doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I should lastly say, yes, I’m not an addict. However, I don’t judge anyone. I’m completely open minded. I’m very sensitive to the human condition. Maybe there is a sensible explanation here. I just don’t know what it is.

  16. Whatevs

    I dont know how to respond to comments but the fact that Todd thinks that overcoming addiction should be common sense angers me. Do you think people just decide to be drug addicts? You think they lack common sense? Addiction is a disease that is so much more in-depth than that i would think anyone watching this show would understand.

    1. Todd

      Hello Whatevs – you actually misunderstood what I was saying. The common sense I was talking about is Robert looking in the mirror, assessing himself and his life, seeing it is in catastrophic condition, and then doing something about it. Doing something about it means heading to rehab. In his case, he should sprint to the nearest rehabilitation facility. Personally, if my life was in catastrophic condition, I would take a step back, figure out what I was doing wrong and then try to fix it. Robert knows what he is doing wrong – but instead of doing something about it, he gets deeper and deeper into it. No common sense whatsoever – which has nothing to do with the fact that he is an addict.

      1. Natalie S.

        Todd, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      2. Todd

        Well Natalie S., you’ll have to enlighten me because I just read what I wrote a month ago and I still feel the same way. This guy is beyond just doing drugs – he continues to get in trouble with the law because he also sells them (check out his arrest record). This is what I meant by him getting deeper and deeper into drugs. What else has to happen to the guy for him to realize the path he is on is not working? Its beyond being an addict. As I said in one of my posts I understand how devastated he was when his Dad died, I understood him turning to drugs because of it. But this business of getting deeper and deeper into the drug scene makes no sense to me, addict or not. So, you’ll have to explain to me how Robert’s actions make sense to you.

  17. Todd

    I didn’t expect this guy to still be alive. Shockingly, it appears he was approved for a loan that was backed by the SBA. The loan was for 20,000 and was approved 5/12/21. Here is the info I found:

    I guess the question is, is this good or is this bad? I suppose it’s good he had the motivation to start his own business. But it may be bad in the sense he only did it to get drug money. Whatever the case may be, I’m just glad he’s alive. I caught this episode around two years ago, I didn’t expect him to still be around. He’s not a bad guy, he just struck me as hopelessly addicted. Well, I hope he did good things with his loan.

    1. kitty katt

      He had his own business as per his episode. He was also a millionaire who inherited tons of property.

      Tons of companies were given loans at the time due to Covid and everything shutting down.

      1. Todd

        Hey Kitty Katt. I’m not so sure you are exactly correct – meaning about his business. If I recall, he did have a successful business in a different town (maybe even a different state). He then came back to his hometown when his Father died. After that, he went off the deep end smoking crack. He eventually sold off all the assets of his business (tree cutting as I remember). Anyway, by the time this episode is filmed, yes, he still has rental properties, but his own business no longer exists. I could be wrong though as it’s been two years or so since I watched this episode. And yes, his properties were inherited, but he and his wife, as I remember, didn’t have ten cents when this episode was filmed. As a matter of fact, I remember her commenting on how she wasn’t going to be able to pay the taxes on the properties. Not to mention he was in a ton of legal trouble, in and out of court. So, although I’m not 100% sure, I think he was broke and his business was gone. Post episode, he kept getting into trouble with the law. Two arrests (involving drugs) that I know of. I’m surprised he was given a loan considering his background.

    2. kitty katt

      Hi Todd, I’m replying here in regards to your other comment. They were collecting rent money from all the properties. His wife held the purse strings but money was going quickly. Also, the loan that you found is a payroll loan which was given out during covid so employers can pay their employees because businesses were suffering. It shows that it has been paid back.
      They never sold the properties at the time of filming. She had some tenants pay her on the side so he doesn’t know about the money.
      But anyway, that’s what this loan is about. It had to do with Covid and businesses that already existed.

      1. Todd

        Yeah that makes sense. Even if the business wasn’t exactly functioning – it did still exist, hence he could get a COVID loan. Plus I noticed he mentioned all of the proceeds of the loan (aside from $1) would go towards payroll. As to what the other $19,999 went towards, who knows? Thanks for the response Kitty Katt.

  18. Kathy Reed

    Geez- is Rob still sober in 2023? Is he still married? Nowhere anywhere can I find out if he went to half way house and stayed sober and is still sober. You all really should inform on ALL individuals who were on your show so we can be aware of what happened to them. Rob was such a kind hearted guy. Love to o on if he made it…!!

    1. Dizzy

      This is a fan site, we don’t produce the show.