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Season 15, Episode 20


Age: Early 20’s
Location: Trenton, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol

What’s Memorable:  Seeing someone as young and bright as Sarah waste away drunk in a crappy motel room is always so sad. The followup was fantastic, so glad she was able to get it together.

Official Synopsis: Hopeful college student succumbs to reckless alcohol abuse while coping with “survivor’s guilt.

Date Aired:  August 2016

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  1. Holly

    Anybody have an update on Sarah? I found her to be sweet and intelligent despite her addiction to alcohol. How fast and quickly she would get wasted was scary! I’m really rooting for her and hope she’s still sober today!

    1. james

      if you look at her Facebook or instagram, she fell off the wagon really quickly. she’s drinking just as much as she was before if not more in 2018

  2. Christie

    What about her boyfriend? Does anyone know if he was able to stay clean?

    1. Kitty Katt

      I don’t believe she’s with him anymore. Not sure what his current situation is.

  3. Kitty Katt

    I think the most memorable parts of any intervention has to be when Sara is sitting outside on the steps, falling over, face first into the dirt and just lays there while the boyfriend gets up and goes inside as if nothing ever happened.

    I don’t believe they are together anymore and I’m pretty sure her sobriety didn’t last.

  4. Bob

    She didn’t stay clean. And her brother actually is into really hard drugs his girlfriend died of an overdose, he was arrested for a DUI and caught with drugs. The father is a alcoholic and the mother constantly lies and covers for everyone. She continues to support sarah and her addiction.

    1. Jane

      To add onto this, within the last year she admitted on Facebook that she was shooting up crystal meth. Who knows if she’s still on it, but it’s sad to see somebody with so much character and charisma posted up on Instagram drinking a beer waiting to get into the grocery store or drinking a cooler at 8 am.

    2. Rachel

      YES, I heard about that! and that the brother in the episode broke his daughters legs like 8 different times, and the mother lied to cover up that he beat his daughter. Sarah is the most stable of that family, the best thing for her and her new baby would be to get as far from them all as possible.

      1. Ez

        wow what a scumbag, and he was worried about Sarah?! The more I learn about this family the more I think Sarah was the least problematic person in the whole damn episode. I hate that her sobriety was so short lived, but she doesn’t realistically have a chance unless she gives her family a bottom line and if they don’t get treatment themselves she needs to go completely no contact. they are toxic enabling narcs using her as a scapegoat. Very irresponsible of A&E not to have done their due diligence and divulge the entire truth of the situation.

      2. Kara Bishop

        Do you have any links about her brother’s abuse to his daughter… This is so hard to hear…

    3. Catherine

      That’s so interesting because the very first thought I had when her brother spoke was, “He’s more messed up than her!” meaning I thought he was slurring and strung out a bit. I was confused why he never admitted to using substances and it was just her boyfriend who had to do codependency treatment, when I thought the brother was clearly not sober, and on some pretty intense drugs. Just kind of confirms my unfortunate suspicions. Not sure if things have changed, but hope they’re all OK.

    4. Catherine

      I just checked her instagram, she was pregnant and just had a baby on Oct 26, 2022. Hoping that means she’s sober now. But I saw that on Nov 6 2021 (my birthday lol) she posted herself holding a glass with friends, under which was the caption “Flowers and wine go good together (heart)”. If she wasn’t sober in Nov ’21, idk if anything sobered her up other than getting pregnant unfortunately. So she may not be going to meetings or have a sponsor or any desire to get sober. Having a kid can help, until you become an alcoholic parent. I’m an alcoholic myself, so trying to think on the positive side of things that she will stop drinking as a mother, but I’m also trying to be realistic. This is why I’m not sure if I ever want to have kids.

  5. Michael vienneau

    Sarah is the most smartest and loving person I’ve ever met , despite what that liquid makes her do , I will never give up on her like this episode and show does to them ,, interventions for shadowing the real truth and lighting up the directors cuts !!!! You people are disrespectful and speak like she is a chair or lamp , listen and read these words , I will be back with the update that will make A&E make it’s way to Your tv screen , and obviously didn’t make it in the industry because you search for the next best thing , making money or viewers by showcasing a human beings life , the money spent and wasted to make this ignorant show would of paid for their recovery , life head start and sobriety,,!!! A home that feels safe , somewhere that sarah and Brian can call home for ever , lil apartment with nessecities and a caring soul with no judgement to their burden , he lost his half , she lost herself by having a Boyfriend that hurts , tortures and maliciously take her for granted with no remorse , he’s will serve his justice . She will find her passion for living and Brian is going to hang around with us till the pain is gone for all of us , i will carry the ambers with the fresh of my skin across the seven sea to reignite the souls you cowards have branded ! Sincerely michael the arc angel , Update to follow June 24th 2020 ,

  6. Alh

    She has an Instagram where she post stuff all the times of alcohol and weed. From the looks of her page she seems to be happy but shes probably just fooling herself still. It’s sad.

  7. Kc

    Whats her IG or FB? It would be good to see how shes doing. I hope shes doing a bit better..

  8. Jane

    @siddy_inkk93 is her instagram, and Sarah Ashley Dubow is her Facebook. She’s doing the exact same stuff that she was doing on the show 4 years later, just in a different city with a different guy. It’s just sad.

  9. Xlio

    Did anyone else wonder how she could afford all those tattoos?!?

    1. Ez

      There’s a lot of things in this episode that don’t add up tbh. The tats, the non trauma from the Tsunami effectively overshadowing some serious shit in her childhood that was basically mentioned for two seconds before we see her starving to death and covered in cuts, locking herself in closets and threatening suicide. Learning that her father was also an alcoholic and her brother is an addict the picture of her being the problem child loses all credibility. And also fuck her parents for blaming her alcoholism for breaking up their marriage, while never mentioning that her father was a drunk. like they had a perfect marriage before Sarah started drinking . Denial runs deep in that family apparently.

  10. EJ

    I just watched her episode again after rewatching all the seasons. I checked her FB and it seems she works as a bartender and her cover photo in August was a photo of alcohol. She talks about mixing vodka and rum and watching Tiger King. I hope she gets help again soon before her body gives out on her.

    1. A.

      She seems to be pregnant and sober now.

  11. Danielle

    Does anyone know where i can find this episode online ?

    1. Katie

      I just took a look at her FB and she’s pregnant and seems to be doing very well!

      1. Sara

        Yes, she looks great. She posted that she got sober when she found out she was pregnant

      2. Xlio

        Came here to say this! been following her a while hope this is a positive direction in here life. you got this Sarah!

  12. Gem

    Sarah had a baby girl in October. She looks so different without the black hair dye and heavy makeup. I had to check the tattoos to make sure it was the same girl.

  13. Ez

    I was waiting for her to say she saw a bunch of dead bodies or a friend of hers died during the tsunami. She was literally just in the country when it happened…not to downplay her experience but I think they just added that for sensationalism. Her self destructive behavior started way before that with the cutting and the ED. I don’t think we were given the whole story about what happened to her as a pre-teen.

    1. Kail

      I felt the same. It felt like her story was slightly boring in terms of how dramatic a lot of the Interventions go and the producers latched onto the PTSD theme because it was different.

  14. Kara Bishop

    I had this intense desire to look her up, partly because I knew there was so much more to her story, and partly because I needed to see how her life had turned out! And I am so very happy to see that she’s doing so great… A wonderful mommy… A sober mommy!!!! She has really gone through so much and has changed her entire life around! My son and my daughter have changed my life around as a recovering addict and watching intervention, especially Sarah’s, has helped me stay on my path of sobriety!!! I am sending you light, love, and happiness, precious Sarah!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Ella

      Maybe check a little closer. Not so sober anymore, even after her daughter. Her mom has her

  15. Katie

    I just looked on her Facebook and it looks like as of the last year or two she is doing SUPER well. She just got married, loves being a mom, and posts often about her sobriety. I’m so happy and relieved 🙌

  16. Katie

    Also— sidebar is this the first season where they started playing cheesy reality show background music during the intervention itself? Or did I just not notice it until recently? I really think it detracts from the viewing experience and just generally trashes the show up.