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Season 16, Episode 5


Age: 29
Location:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Addiction: Meth (injected)

What’s Memorable: The whole weird situation with his sister on a night when he was high was disturbing. I hope he’s made amends for that because it clearly affected his sister Katie, she obviously needs some closure there.  I love that when he got to treatment he was immediately motivated to commit himself to recovery and really make an effort. I love it when they do that! All in all a powerful and heartwarming episode.

Official Synopsis: Handsome, talented musician’s promising career is sideswiped by crystal meth, plunging him into a life of crime, prostitution, and addiction. (Canadian produced.)

Date Aired:  December 2016


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  1. Janelle

    I hope Jordon got his life together and is staying clean and sober. Winnipeg is not the best place to be homeless in…it’s the sort of place where a homeless addict could freeze to death and not be found until days later.

    One of the issues I’m sure he had to address in treatment was how his family expected him to be a part of the family musical group and constantly tried to prevent him from expressing himself as an individual, musically or otherwise. Being surrounded by people who see the world in terms of what they approve and disapprove of and being unable to meet their approval is a major addiction trigger.

  2. PixieDust

    Jordan was seriously an addict that scared the crap out of me. I think some people have a certain darkness and then when they do drugs it comes out. It may just be the editing but there is something about him just rubs me the wrong way…he is nice enough to the people around him but like most addicts, it’s part of the manipulation. To me, he comes off volatile & capable of real evil. Whatever happened between his sister & him is still not clear but with human nature…. whatever came to the surface was likely to be there before the meth. Meth just lowered inhibitons & made it seem ok at the time to say out loud. And his family?? Where is their parental responsibility?. Just “oh lets make music & pretend everything is peachy”. And that horrendous haircut…just no.
    I hope he gets & stays clean so the family can start to repair all of their relationships. Best of luck to them

  3. Desi

    I wish I knew what happened with Jordan? I hope that he is doing well and thriving in sobriety!! He had a kind heart and seemed he was sick n tired of trudging the lonely world of addiction. I myself got sober for my daughter in fear of losing her. I like to watch these stories to remind me of where I was, but I like to see how others are doing and thank them for doing the show because it is apart of my sobriety. So thank you to intervention as well! Keep on keepin on! Rock on Jordan

  4. Rinna

    Do you guys have any guess of what may have happened between him and his sister? She seemed permanently scarred from it

    1. Gigi

      Obviously I don’t know what transpired but it was clearly sexual in nature and wildly inappropriate. That said Jordon was hallucinating heavily. I have been there and people can come to represent something TOTALLY different than what they are in reality so I don’t think it’s fair to judge him based on this incident.

  5. Brooke

    i wonder what his sister catie meant by her brother threatening her sexually and taunting her? did he threaten to rape his sister or something? anyway, here’s one of jordon’s fb profiles: btw, his friend stephanie looks EXACTLY like amy schumer to me!

  6. Canadian Jay

    Ummm that’s not a pay by the hour hotel. Winnipeg doesn’t have hotels like that. That’s a gay bathhouse called Aquarius Bathhouse. He probably turned tricks in there.

    That whole situation with his sister is scary. You know when you meet someone and your spine tingles and you get an uneasy feeling. I get that from him. There’s something off about him.

    1. Rob

      I thought the exact same thing. I’ve never been to that place but everything about it suggested “gay bathhouse”. I’m surprised they didn’t say exactly what it was.

  7. emily

    i saw jordan hanging out at the park west inn in Charleswood wednesday night. he was hanging out with some kid in a tan colored truck. seemed uber sketchy. he looks awful,

  8. Patrick Sinclair

    Jordon is a good friend and has almost 3 years of clean time. He hasn’t lived in Winnipeg for quite some time now and is engaged to be married next summer. He has a steady, full time job and is also working as an apprentice. Drugs have a crazy ability of turning people into something that is completely unrecognizable to most people around them. The man in this Intervention episode does not even come close to the man that he has become now.

    1. Katelyn

      Hey Patrick, that is 😎 awesome! Does he have any contact with his son (he was 2 years old at the time of the intervention) ? Could you link his Facebook? I love to look at the people’s profiles and compare them being sober!

    2. Wouldn't you like to know

      Do you know if Jordan is on any music platforms? I’d love to listen to his music

    3. Kara Bishop

      First thank you so much Patrick! That is such a wonderful news! I still hope Jordon is living a life full of recovery, happiness, love, and music!! He so deserves this!! His music and voice is so captivating!!! I was a crystal meth user until I had my son a little over 18 years ago!! Let him know that his story helps so many people stay clean, get clean, and it helps families of addicts to not feel so alone!! Sending Jordon & his family, love and prayers from California! ❤️❤️

  9. Rodney

    I met Jordan in Aug 2023 in BC at a remote lake. He’s a really nice fella and doing really well for himself. Jordan if you see this God bless buddy. let your talent shine you are a true inspiration.