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Season 16, Episode 3


Age: 51
Location:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Addiction: Crack, alcohol

What’s Memorable: Kathy is obviously a very smart, vibrant, fun, strong woman when she’s not high or trying to get high. She had ROUGH childhood, and adulthood for that matter, so it’s not shocking that she would turn to drugs. But she did so great for a while and her slide from where she once was is so unsettling. Her misery about being who she is right now, while simultaneously demanding to be able to stay that way, is a difficult thing to watch.  I had high hopes for her recovery, too bad it didn’t take. Hopefully she’ll get herself into treatment and get back to being who she really is.

Official Synopsis: Wealthy entrepreneur loses everything to crack, reducing her life to a never ending cycle of prostitution and begging. (Canadian produced.)

Date Aired:  December 2016


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  1. Rosalie

    I just watched this episode. I was saddened at the end to see that Kathy left treatment and relapsed. I hope that there is a more positive update later if there can be an update later. I’m really hoping that she can clean up her life and go on to live what could be a very rewarding life.

  2. Melody

    This was absolutely heartbreaking. I hope kathy and her family find peace.

  3. Savage_scavange

    I really felt for Kathy, it was obvious that deep down she wants to get better. I really hope that at least she gets involved with an organization like “Stella” which is a non-profit who’s goal is to ensure safety from the violence done to sex workers. They’ll have a system of spotters holding guard while they work, they’ll use distress signals so that if a meeting goes awry and gets violent, the authorities will be notified immidiately. No one deserves to get beaten and raped (let alone murdered!) even if they live a dangerous lifestyle. They also do blood screens for STD’s. All of this is completely legal and FREE of charge (Yeee Canada!). It would’ve been interesting for the show to mention these preventive systems, even though Intervention is based on getting the addicts to stop, if Kathy can’t stop, at least she would be a little bit safer where work is concerned. Her family are wonderful people, I really hope she makes it.

    1. Deborah

      Kathy is a greatest but she had hard times i loved this family sad for Kathy

  4. Nurse Sugar

    Any updates on Kathy?

    1. Jeff

      Still doing drugs and lives from couch to couch (or motels when possible).

      1. Kitty Katt

        How about now?

  5. Brianna Scott

    I had really hoped to see an update .She broke my heart .

  6. Brooke

    wow, that sucks. although i was doubtful (not bc i think it’s too late – it never is; but the longer you live that life, the harder it is to quit) i was really hoping she’d be successful. she seems like such a wonderful person. maybe one of these days she’ll come around. fingers crossed.

  7. Maz

    I think she has given up and doesn’t want to live. My brother was the same, it was hard for us, but we had to give up helping him as it was affecting all our lives, both personal and in work. He sadly passed away. But, it was also a relief as he wasn’t suffering anymore. Plus, my mum could move on. I fear Kathy is the same, she doesn’t want to live and sometimes there literally is nothing you can do. They have to want to live. It’s especially hard when the body starts failing as there will be health issues that she will be self medicating for, she will always need medication, this will be difficult for her to take and not abuse. I hope I’m proved wrong…..

  8. Sudie

    Were all the siblings abused by one of their mother’s male companions, or was it only Kathy? I seem to recall that at least two others were sexually abused as minors. Wow.

    1. Brooks

      One of her other sisters had also been sexually abused by their mother’s boyfriend. That came out in the pre-intervention. It’s heartbreaking to think how much these brothers and sisters suffered during their childhoods.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Her brother was also molested but he didn’t say by who or perhaps I missed him saying who.

    2. Kitty Katt

      Another sister and brother who was at the pre-intervention.

  9. Johnny Juche

    Any update ?

    1. Jessica

      As of last November, she was a couple months sober, according to her fb. Now… not sure!

      1. kitty katt

        Can you give me a link to her fb account?

  10. Britt

    Hey I’m from Canada too, just checkin in on Kathy to make sure she’s alright.
    Does anyone else notice almost none of us Canadian addicts gets better?!
    I’m documenting my own journey I just wasted 6 months for a rehab that was a total joke!

  11. AMA

    This episode touched me deeply. The level of abuse Kathy and her siblings endured, yet how strong their love for one another proved to be—and the great lengths they had to go to to save themselves and each other. When Kathy’s older brother appeared, after being no-contact for so long and despite avoiding the cameras up to that point, because he wanted to save her life by persuading her to go to treatment, I sobbed. I still do every time re-watch it. No family should have had to endure what they did. How they did and have still kept their empathy intact is remarkable.

  12. Fag bag chaser

    Cathy is in jail

    1. Sudie

      I hope she is able to get off the drugs and maybe reach out to others and help them too.

  13. Ed

    Are there any new updates on Kathy? It’s been about two years.