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Season 17, Episode 9


Age: 21
Location:  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Addiction:  Crack, opioids

Official Synopsis: Ashley was a child prodigy on the TaeKwonDo octagon, headed for international competition had she stayed the course. But when the haunting memory of childhood molestation caused her to turn to the numbing effects of drugs at the age of 15, her athletic career was pinned to the mat. Now 21, Ashley is deeply addicted to crack cocaine and IV opioids. As she and her girlfriend are evicted from their apartment for their disruptive fights, excessive drug use and partying, her family fears that, without an intervention, Ashley will disappear into the streets forever.

Date Aired:  September 2017

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  1. Tiffany Anastasia

    Where is Ashley now? Very big Intervention follower and this is one young lady I know can make it

    1. Anonymous

      She went to rehab for 7 days and then quit. That’s all I know at the moment.

    2. Em

      I agree with both of the comments stating ‘there’s an innocence ‘and also ‘immaturity/zero responsibility ‘attitude with Ashley. Gosh I’m very grateful i watched this particular episode—learned about Ashley, about myself as well! A lot of my immature behavior from past and present revealed themselves to me by watching Ashley —truly! I hope Ashley can get motivation to stay clean/have better life from some sort of goals she can figure out that she wants (I’m seeing maybe that she has conflicting desires of autonomy and being somewhat childlike b/c she grew up too fast from the abuse. Perhaps also she does not know how to be a woman and still get that nurturing (from her mom and then herself (?)).

  2. Nicole

    Does anyone have any updates on Ashley my heart broke for her …i just seen such a innocence in her from deep .Just want to know if she’s ok after she left therapy ?

  3. Janelle

    Ashley’s rebellious nature will make it difficult for her to stay sober. She’s been running with a bad crowd of street kids for years and she seems to have learned more about how to survive from them than from her family. She’s developed that “F*** the world” attitude that kids who run in that circle seem to have, and she’ll need intensive behaviour modification therapy and a rigid, structured environment 24/7 in order to reintegrate her back into society. She’ll have a better shot if she gets back into taekwondo – any martial art will provide the discipline and structure she needs in her life in order for her to resist going back to her old habits.

  4. Krikri

    She seemed like she has a mental illness, like bipolar or a personality disorder, like borderline personality disorder and was in a part self medicating

  5. ainmama2001

    I see severe PTSD in this young woman. I was wondering why her biological parents were not present at her intervention?

    1. Nancy D.

      Ashley’s biological parents? The mother is the biological mother who had Ashley at age 16. The father has been in and out of jail her whole life.

  6. spraypaint33

    “Good girl! Good girl!”

    The enabling mother treats Ashley and her girlfriend like their both 7 year olds and cleans up all of their messes (both literally and metaphorically). Ashley has had zero responsibilities or repercussions for her actions. Unless the mother makes some drastic changes, there’s no way Ashley is quitting until she OD’s and dies.

    1. Tonia

      The enabling mother ? You seem to make judgement on a show that was half ass aired to be honest. I did what I had to do to get on intervention and they also ask me to Enable her for the purpose of this show. I spent years in therapy and put her in as many tehBs as possible. You have no idea the struggles of trying to get someone help and until to actually live with someone who is a addict and mentally ill, I would suggest you keep your comments to yourself. Your opinion has no bearing on my life or hers. But in case there is another mother out there in the same situation reading this . I want to ensure the opinions like this does affect her judgement on getting the you g adult help. There is no help for Ashley due to her mental state and i from far do not enable her.

      1. Artemiseast

        Hi,Tonia —
        I thought your commitment to your child was admirable. You never wavered, even in the face of being a young mom with a very ill daughter, I could feel your love for her shining through. I am sure your pain is immeasurable, and I hope you have some comfort in your life as well.

      2. Leah Kreutzer

        Tonia you are a wonderful supportive mother. Pay no attention to negative comments. You know the truth and who you are and what you have done and been through to support your daughter as you likely had zero idea what to do and how to react to such an awful situation such as yours and Ashley’s. You don’t realize that you’re enable until it’s too late and you’re deep into helping and handing out and, well, enabling. But without knowledge,, how do you learn that you are enabling and not just caring for your sick child. It’s hard for one to tell the difference when they have no experience on the subject. I hope and pray that Ashley has by now found recovery and my heart and prayers for recovery go out to Kaitlyn and her family as well 💜

  7. Ashley S.

    So my names Ashley (not the same one), but this story is IDENTICAL to mine only my addiction isn’t as bad anymore.
    I’m watching this remembering me being 21, ME.
    I really wish I could reach out to her because we are identical. Except she’s white.
    If anyone can contact her, or knows anything I really think I could help her by talking to her.

  8. nonny

    i think by misconduct – they mean, either physical fighting, fraternizing with another patient, or doing drug on site.

    i’m familiar with someone from rice lake – she was hostile throughout her stay. and would have done one of the above to have been discharged.

    very sad.

  9. Andy

    Dizzy you should add homosexuality to her category.

    1. Dizzy

      I didn’t get the sense that her being a lesbian, or being stigmatized/treated badly because of it, was necessarily a trigger for her addiction though.

  10. Crystal

    Just seen her on the bus the other day she’s doing worse than what she was in the show

  11. Cherie

    Are there any updates on Ashley? I’m not sure why but my heart just went out to her.

    1. cierra

      She’s been sober for six months, and is doing very well for herself 🙂

      1. Cherie

        Omg that is awesome. Not sure why but my heart just broke for her. Thank you for the update

  12. Phil

    Did they move to Omaha, NE? I swear I had them in my Uber on St. Patrick’s Day. Looked like they were doing well.

  13. j l

    sorry to hear that…

  14. Sara

    I just watched a rerun of Intervention Canada and it was Ashley’s episode. I can’t stop thinking about her and pray is doing okay.

  15. Maz

    It’s hard for a mother, my mum went through the same and both of us cleared out my brothers house, it was littered with needles and my mum got pricked by one. We did it because he was not capable, he was ill, the same as Ashley was. Her mum was helping her move out, not giving her money to shoot up!! There’s a difference. If I was moving my mum would help too!! We did have to walk away eventually and he died, so I understand why her mum was reluctant to leave her and not help. You’re only enabling, if you’re helping her with that lifestyle, I don’t think moving out of somewhere is enabling, plus, she said she couldn’t come home.

  16. Megan

    Anyone know how ashley is doing?

  17. Matt

    My question is why wasn’t the pedophile charged with abuse? Don’t you think that would give her a little closure that sicko being in jail?

  18. Cheeky mohsin

    This girl actually lives in a building right next to me and I can see that things are not going well

  19. Chalice Morley

    She comes into my work often and she is no better today then she was back when this aired. 🙁

  20. Neezy

    Hello all! Does anyone know why her face was bloodied in the beginning of the show? I may have missed something because I did not think she was fighting anymore. I hope she is doing well. This episode really stuck with me.

  21. Aurora

    This episode was heartbreaking. And I felt so angry about cats living in this mess. If she wants to live like this, fine, but don’t force an animal to live in this mess.