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S17E1 Katherine C.

Season 17, Episode 1

Katherine C

Age: 28
Location:  Syracuse, New  York
Addiction:  Crack (primary)

What’s Memorable:  The well-meaning parents so profoundly and tragically enabling of their daughter’s addiction. They’re in it deep, repeatedly paying lip service to creating boundaries but never able to do it, right up until the last epilogue screen. My hope is that they get help for their own health and well-being and that it ends up helping Katherine too.

Official Synopsis: Katherine was a bright college student with dreams of becoming a journalist until she was abducted and brutally assaulted. Katherine swiftly spiraled, becoming dependent on a dangerous mix of drugs to mask the trauma. Her parents have already purchased a burial plot for her and are certain that it’s only a matter of time before they bury their only child.

Date Aired:  July 2017

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  1. Dewey

    Powerful episode. So hope that she doesn’t die from this illness. She’s seems so sweet and damaged

    1. Jenn

      I totally agree! I am watching a repeat of this episode. She seems very sweet and so do her parents. It’s heartbreaking. I wish they would do a little quick update on the recent people and not just the success stories that are 2 years old or older. I have prayed for this family since I first saw this episode. <3 Breaks my heart for them.

      1. Scott Hodson

        Hi Katie! This is Scott Colorado All of you are correct in your thinking, but you are thinking from the perspective of being straught, never being an addict, it is so hard to change your ways once you are in, it sucks! Her parents are rite in enabling her, because that very well be the only time they will have with her, I have spoke to her parents by phone once they love heras much as any parent lives there child. And I can tell all of you that Katie loves them just as much if not more, we talked of this many times, I love her just as I love my daughter! I have never met anyone as inspirational as she is. I miss grilling steaks and whatever else I would have around from the motel that we were in she lived next door, and i miss her so. And yes I worries about her! But know that she is smart and will do what she has to do To go on.Katie if you ever read what people write, and I hope you will read this one. I love and hope you are ok! You are a good friend and I would love to talk to you if you can! I will put my phone number on here once I look it up. Please me back I miss my friend! Love you Scott

  2. Martha Story Jones

    This beautiful child broke my heart. She has so much potential being bright, pretty and having a loving family. Unfortunately, her self destructiveness and unresolved trauma is going to probably kill her unless she gets help immediately. I am praying for her!!!

  3. Artemiseast

    I don’t recall that she was abducted. I know the mom said a van came along side her, pulled her in and raped her. Is there more to the story that I somehow missed?

    1. Lhamo55

      Under federal and state law, kidnapping is commonly defined as the taking of a person from one place to another against his or her will,

      *** or the confining of a person to a controlled space.***

      Some kidnapping laws require that the taking or confining be for an unlawful purpose, such as extortion or the facilitation of a crime.

    2. Diane Sampson

      Being pulled into a van against your will for nefarious purposes IS being abducted.

    3. Dahlia

      Is this comment a joke lol? That’s the textbook definition of kidnapping.

  4. Lhamo55

    Her parents define the expression “I love you to death” and she played them like a fiddle. I too hope they get themselves into treatment and take responsibility for their own role in this.

    1. Holly

      I’m so so sad that this loving Husband & Wife ARE ” Loving Katherine to Death”.
      They seem so smart!

      Their only child. She won’t make it unless they practice the Tough Love.

    2. Nicole

      The focus of the thread has become more about her parents enabling which is missing the mark because at the end of the day this is Katherine’s fight, and she CAN get well regardless of what her parents are doing.

      I agree with these statements about her parents to a point. Yes they do enable her, but that doesn’t mean she can’t decide to make a change on her own. It also doesn’t make what her parents are doing wrong. It’s not so black and white. I’m sure her parents believe in and therefore exhibit unconditional Christlike love. I am a rape victim and recovering heroin addict and all I had growing up was tough love and tough love pushed me further into my addiction. Compassionate love is what I needed to get clean and heal from rape.

      Unfortunately the problems are more complicated than whether Katherine’s parents are enabling her or not because addiction isn’t the only problem Katherine is facing. Eating disorders (which I’m surprised they didn’t address more on the show), as well as the rape, which likely gave her another issue, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) play a huge role as well.

      The problem is that while tough love is usually prescribed for addiction, it is literally the worst possible way to handle PTSD. So what are they to do? I think loving her unconditionally but setting boundaries would be the best for both parties. But whether or not that happens does not determine Katherine’s ability to succeed. I believe in her! ????

      1. Pam

        Kathryn has to WANT to get help, regardless of what her parents are doing. They are only making things so much worse

      2. Sharon Legume

        You are absolutely wrong on both accounts.
        Recovering addict here, 7 years clean.

      3. Kara Bishop

        I agree with you 100% Nicole… I had unconditional love with boundaries, and that is what helped save me from my addictions… If I would’ve had tough love, it would have pushed me further into my addictions and out on the street and I would have died. I know every addict is a different, just like every parents are different, every one’s traumas are different… Please, everyone don’t be so judgmental and try to have an open mind ❤️

    3. Pam

      One hundred percent, they love her to death

    4. Tinky

      Listen people. We all do the best that we can with what we have. These tough love comments are really ignorant. We all have our own unique paths in this life and Kathrine is learning to cope with her circumstances as well as her parents. No one has the right to pretend to know another’s situation or what they are going through. You can’t change or know something, that you just don’t know. Prayers to the family and to Katherine. My heart is with you all💜. Keep on fighting.

    5. Carolyn

      Tough love would have been the worst thing for me as well. I have PTSD and bipolar disorder and I was also raped. My parents were compassionate, my brother was not. Guess who has a better relationship with me now, and I’ve been clean for many years. Everyone is different, but you can’t tough love someone into healing their PTSD or other mental illnesses, nor can you separate the addiction from them.

      1. Stefan

        Well the alternative is usually death sadly.

  5. Stefan

    I had mixed feelings about her parents. They were obviously caring people towards their daughter, and despite being religious did not act self-righteous about it. However, at the same time, they probably never should’ve been parents, both due to their age and and the father’s diagnosis (as a fellow Aspie I am never planning to have children because of it). He really does help to dispell the myth that people on the Autism spectrum are emotionless though.

    On a side note, did anyone else notice Ken’s voice was much less raspy? If the damage from drug use is starting to repair itself that’s great. Also he did a great job this episode.

    Finally, I think this may be my new favorite song that has been featured on the show, even more than Five Steps:

    1. Nicole

      I think that the parents were unable to understand exactly how to care for a sick addicted daughter in part due to their Asperger’s. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like people with Asperger’s are usually very intelligent intellectually but not socially. I think that tough love doesn’t always work. Mostly in cases where the addict has always had tough love and never compassionate love (Megan, Gina and Katie come to mind – Seth was always good at dealing with those families). I know I only had tough love growing up so that didn’t help me get clean. It wasn’t until my parents supported me and I found methadone I was able to get clean. Everyone’s story is different. I can relate to Katherine’s story in some ways since I grew up very sheltered and I am also a rape victim and that is when my addiction started as well. I am still working through that and my depression/anxiety. I really hope she can get clean because she seems like a very sweet and beautiful girl.

      1. Megan k

        Hi Nicole, I’m so sorry that you were raped. What a horrible thing to go through. Please continue to talk to people and get help with your addiction.
        If you ever need someone to talk to please call 1-800-273-8255. The rape and your addiction is not your fault. You are a victim and you can get help and become a survivor.

  6. Janelle

    Ken nailed it when he said that Katherine will never hit bottom as long as her parents keep putting a cushion under her to soften the landing. She isn’t sober today because she hasn’t hit her bottom, and it will probably take her parents cutting her off completely to force her to hit bottom before the disease kills her.

    1. Nadine

      Exactly and Ken never really made the parents feel that they enabled Katherine to the extent they I think he should have. He needed to work on the Mother more than the Dad. I’ve watched Intervention for years and this episode, for me, has been the worst. Poor Katherine, for all the trauma and parents that have loved her to death. My heart breaks for all of them. Praying ????

  7. Jen

    This was a heart-wrenching episode. My heart broke for Katherine and her parents especially. It was hard to watch her partake in drug use and phone calls with “clients” right in front of her parents who so clearly loved her so much but were enabling her so horribly. Ken tried all he could to get this across to the parents, but sadly, it doesn’t seem like they will ever be able to use tough love with her. Praying for all of them, though!

  8. Kei

    The bit where she helped her pops after a fall had to be one of the most tender non-intervention moments in recent memory. Just a very tough, wrenching viewing overall. We could all tell that Katherine has a brilliant mind and a loving soul, but I really did come away fearing for her and her parents toward the end. Still holding out hope that we’ll see a happy follow-up featuring her and her family in a few years’ time.

    1. Darlene Garrett

      OMG!!! I had tears!!!! I was touched and furious at the same time! It was at that moment, my sympathy for Katherine turned to anger!

  9. Bekah

    So sad that just in June, she was arrested for possession and providing officers a fake name (on the A&E fb post about the episode, her friend Sara on the show commented that she tried to impersonate her)

  10. Dewey

    Was the arrest after the intervention? What a sad mess

    1. Bekah

      I assume it had to be since there was snow on the ground when her dad fell, and the arrest was in June. Also on the FB post,her friend Sara said that it happened after returning home. (On the intervention FB page where they posted the link to her episode)

  11. Theresa

    This episode is probably the best at showing the complexities and dangers of enabling an addict. I wonder though why the parents weren’t offered a more comprehensive treatment plan for their own recovery. I’ve seen this offered in past episodes. Al-Anon is an awesome program, but they needed help beyond what Al-Anon could provide. I was surprised at that.

  12. Nick

    So sad. I definitely want to know what happens, hope for the best but she just seems so hopeless. So trying to get the timeline down here. She was arrested after the intervention when her mom sent her back to a college then she was bailed out. Then sent to treatment again, then flyed back home to live with parents. Back to the start basically. So then this new charge happened after that apparently in June? Crazy story. Slamming coke, smoking crack and drinking. I’d say 7 years before heart failure. and that’s generous. God bless her soul.

    1. Nicole

      They sent her back to the same rehab in TX not college if I’m not mistaken. She got arrested there. Then she was bailed out and sent to rehab in FL, stayed 5 days, came home and then got arrested in NY.

      1. Jody

        I hope she’s on the right track. She knew she had problems but couldn’t stay in treatment. Wonder how she is now.

    2. Sara

      She had the intervention, went to rehab, after two weeks detox started sneaking out at night, officially left after 30 days and mom got her a Marriott room and plane ticket, she came home a month (using), her and mom flew back to Texas with intention she goes to rehab, she didn’t. Her and a man went on a month long meth binge. She went back finally to rehab where she assured staff, pulled fire alarms, through things through their windows, and kicked the cat litter box into the pool. Her mom bailed her out. She flew her to Florida. Katherine left that rehab afte days, contained to use and within no time was arrested again for possession.

  13. Renee

    Umm that’s kinda crazy to say that her parents should have never had her because of their age! My parents had me later in life and I have plenty of friends whose parents had them later in their lives. Hell I just had my first kid at 33! Their ages have nothing to do with her problems.
    “Mental illness is not your fault but it is your responsibility.”

    1. Stefan

      My parents had my sister at 31 and me at 34, but IMO 45 is too old to have your first and only child. The older you get, the harder it can be to keep up with a young child both physically and mentally. Combined with her father’s diagnosis (and possibly that of her mother as well) and it seemed to exasserbate the situation.

      1. Mara

        So according to you, the age of her parents was the reason behind her addiction? The lamest explanation/blame game I have ever heard. Get real here, there are thousands of kids born to young mothers who also become addicts, and age has absoluely ZERO to do with it. Its a toxic mix of traumas, painful emotional experiences and personalities that causes addiction. And this comes from someone who has grown up in an addicted family.

      2. Chris

        This is a ridiculous comment. If the mother were young, I imagine you’d say it’s her youth that caused this disease in her child.

        Over this show’s MANY seasons, and in our own lives, we have seen addiction in families of every size, shape, color, age, and type.

        Human development is much more complex than if you ______, your child will end up ______.

        Suggesting this woman’s addiction is caused by her parents’ ages or disabilities is an ignorant comment. I typically don’t reply contrarily in any forum, but I think it’s important to respond so that anyone stopping by this site can consider an alternative (accurate) point of view.

        Thank you, as always, for providing this forum, Dizzy.

  14. Jesy

    No one should be sad for these parents. Their enabling will literally kill their only child.

  15. Sara

    I’m her friend sara that applied her for the show, and was on it. It’s such a sad situation, and unfortunately she’s still addicted. I applied her because I felt like nobody was helping her. As you all saw, her mom is an enabler. Her mom buys her drugs, drives her to the drugs, and excuses all her behavior. When she went to Sante she left, her mom got her a hotel room and plane ticket. She then returned to Sante and disappeared on a 30 day meth binge, she went to Sante and assaulted the staff, pulled fire alarms, and trashed the rehab. She was arrested. Her mom bailed her out and flew her to Florida where she ditched that rehab after five days and her mom once again flew her to Syracuse. She already had a warrant there (rehab was a condition of no jail time per judge in prior heroin possession charge), so she decided to pretend to be me. She was caught with heroin and decided she should pretend to be me and get me arrested for heroin instead. Didn’t work. Got charged with possession and false personation. Of which, again, mom excused her. She told my mom “well I understand. She had a warrant, what else could she do?”. She has since been released from jail and is continuing to use. Her mom is continuing to buy. A couple of days ago Katherine drove a friends car home (on a suspended license), and honked the horn until 3am and her parents came out. She then fell out of the drivers seat completely wasted holding an open wine bottle. Talking about driving west and the end of the world. Again, a few days later, her mom excused her behavior- “poor Katherine, she was sad her boyfriend left”. Mom had called 911 due to the level of drunkenness and Katherine was brought to the emergency psych. They set up an outpatient, skip the waiting list, program for her. She never went. Mom again excused it “I understand, it’s not a good program”. It’s sad and terrible. I’ll never have my best friend back as long as her mom is in her life. She is so extremely codependent it’s insane. She never holds Katherine accountable. She’s given her the downstairs bathroom as her own personal drug den making her father have to climb a flight of stairs to use the bathroom. It’s sad and terrible. Katherine was once an extremely funny, caring and intelligent person. Best friend you could have. Unfortunately she’s extremely sick and her mother is too and unless separated there is no hope.

    1. Brian

      Sara, first of all, I want to tell you what a sweet and wonderful person that I think you are. I was very touched by Katherine’s story but one of the most touching parts of it all was when you broke down during the intervention when Katherine was talking about how she was embarrassed about you seeing her that way. I could tell that you were such a wonderful friend to her, probably the best chance she has to straightening out her life.

      I am sure going into this and submitting her for the show, you had to think that the cards were stacked against you, Katherine’s life is full of enablers despite how well-meaning they are but you did it. You were the one person in Katherine’s life detached from the addiction and chaos enough to have some perspective as to how to possibly fix the situation.

      I was so broken-hearted to see that the intervention didn’t work this time. Katherine still seems like such a sweet girl at heart. I am really, really sad that she had stolen and used your identity- that of a great friend that tried to help her when no one else would, when she found herself in trouble with the law.

      I hope that you feel great about what you did for Katherine. You really stepped up to the plate and you were the only one in Katherine’s life willing and able to do that.

      I sincerely hope that Katherine comes to her senses and accepts the help she so desperately needs before it’s too late. I really do think she has so much to offer the world once she tackles her emotional trauma and addiction.

      I do want you to know though that I was so touched by you and your love and devotion to your friend. You are truly a wonderful person and Katherine is very lucky to have you in her corner.

      Thank you for doing what you did for her!

    2. Vicki

      Sara, if you’re still reading this, did her mom tip her off about the intervention? My roommate and I were watching last week, and judging from her mom’s reaction when her parents were confronted, I was convinced that Mom tipped her off.

    3. Annie

      Thanks for this update. It was really amazing of you to try your best to get her help. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it’s been for you especially since.

      Since seeing this episode, I haven’t been able to shake her story. To me she seems incredibly empathic and emotionally sensitive and it appears her parents were overprotective and trying to shield her from experiencing those emotions (especially after the trauma), rather than dealing with them. The way her parents and especially her mom act really stuck with me and I hope they’re able to get help as well. Their enabling is out of control and really angering.

    4. Monica Anstadt

      I just watched the episode, again. You are truly the best friend anyone could ever dream of, and I’m so sorry your best friend is so lost. You can tell she was a sweet and loving girl. I hope she can find that self again, but I can’t see any hope for her recovery, until someone smacks her enabling mother into reality!! Her father is such a sweet man who loves Katherine dearly, but the mother is loving Katherine to her grave! As a mother, I had a very hard time watching her enable her daughter, and brush off her husband/father deep concern. It’s truly heartbreaking to watch, as you know. It may be impossible, but is there anyone who could get the mom into her own recovery? I’d say doubtful, as she has a calm excuse for everything, including her own detrimental behavior! Unless she gets help now, I can’t see Katherine getting out of this. Hang in Sara, and I’m pulling for you all.

    5. Melannie

      I’m so impressed and touched by you in all of this and how you took it upon yourself to ensure help was offered to your friend. You’re clearly a very strong and caring person. I only just saw this episode and wonder if there is any good news now that some months have passed. I hope that even if Katherine cannot make positive changes, there is some form of good news for you and/or others involved. All the best to you. <3

    6. Glenn

      Do you have any contact with Katie anymore

  16. Sara

    She was recently in the news in Syracuse for the episode.

    You would think this would all effect her, right? My mom (Teri from Intervention) said she asked Kathy if this effected Katherine (in a way to make her change) and she said no, Katherine is elated that she’s so famous now.

    Very, very sad.

    1. Chris

      Sara, thank you for being a good friend and a good person. I’m so sorry for everyone involved. I appreciate the updates, many of us here become genuinely invested in the people we see on Intervention. I hope you are doing well and that healing is in the very near future for this family.

    2. Michael Azar

      Hello Sara. Thank you for your past updates. I know it’s been many years but we’d love to know how she is doing. Praying she’s in the right path. How are the parents ??

  17. Sara

    I applied Katherine to the show because nobody seemed on her side. Her mom was more concerned with their 3 months winter vacation in rehab. I only make this stuff clear because as messed up as Katherine is or may seem she doesn’t have sane people fighting for her. She isn’t making right decisions but then again she is addicted to god knows how many substances incompacitating her and her mother is going along for the ride. Katherine is a great person but she’s so gone. With her first two weeks of treatment her mom had sent her 8 letters including one from their cat.

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for the update. I know addicts can be unreliable but I think it would mean a lot to her to know you are still there for her and are willing to be her friend. I understand you being angry about her impersonating you but you have to remember the real Catherine would never have done that. My friend impersonated my brother so I have experience with a similar situation and I forgave him because I know that wasn’t the real him. I think if she knew you would still be her friend in whatever capacity you are willing would mean a lot to her. Would she quit using? Maybe not, but at least she might not feel so alone. This is coming from an ex heroin addict so I know what it’s like to feel like you are too much of a loser for your “healthy” friends. Even if you just said you wanted to get together for coffee or lunch it would probably mean a lot to her. You can set healthy boundaries and still be there for her which it sounds like you’ve been doing. I hope she gets better soon!

    2. Lisa

      Sara, in addition to it being awful that you were named by her (how did the cops figure it out that it wasn’t you?) there are so many things appalling in this story. And making the legally blind father use a flight of stairs to get to the restroom is appalling as well.

      And I was wondering what Ken was referring to when he said to them about not contacting her during rehab. That is crazy!

      One question for you: do you think that the sheltered upbringing contributed to the situation now? It seems bizarre to me that the same parents who were so overprotective now let her do crack in the house and drive her to her johns!

      1. Lizzie

        I think the best advice Ken gave the parents was to stop communication with Katherine for 30 days. It’s a shame they didn’t follow it. That whole family is so enmeshed – none of them can function without the others. This was really driven home for me when Katherine mentioned never really having friends and when they did her Intervention, she only had one person her own age there – and that person was a friend because her mother was like a sister to Katherine’s mom. I think so many of Katherine’s issues are really rooted in her extremely sheltered upbringing, where she was really never able to figure out who she was as an individual. It was always – and still was at the time of filming – one little family living in their own little pod. Mom was even already set to have them spend all eternity together by buying three burial plots together.

        Ken knew that those parents could absolutely not stand up to Katherine. The only way they wouldn’t enable her was if they had no contact at all with them.

    3. Jeff

      You are a good friend and it took real courage to do what you did and stand up for your friend. Keep fighting for her, you might be her best hope to get healthy. It took guts to help her despite her family not being helpful. Every episode of Intervention tears me up inside, this one especially did. Remember to always keep loving your friend and doing what you can to help her and forgive her.

    4. Jay

      You did your best to help her as a friend but you can only be responsible but for so much. her actions are her own responsibility to deal with and she has to live with them. Maybe she’ll get a moment of clarity to realize how far she’s gone and try to change or maybe she’ll keep embracing what she has become till it’s over. Sometimes the healthiest thing to do is to just let people go and keep them in your heart. Otherwise is become toxic and unhealthy. You truly can’t help those who won’t help themselves. I’m sure she was a great friend but after years of being “in the life” she’s done a lot of things that have now made her a not so great person to call a friend. Just keep the good part of her in your memory and say a prayer for what she has become.

    5. Deborah

      I know this is 5 years later, but in case Katherine is still in Denver and still not well, just want to tell Sara that there is a therapist in Denver who specializes in therapy with women – Tricia Corso

    6. Wray

      Hello Sara. Thank you for your past updates. I know it’s been many years but we’d love to know how she is doing. How are the parents? Her episode meant a lot to us and we wish her the very best.

  18. Dewey

    What a sad situation. I wish her the best. It’s a mess for sure

  19. Flo

    It’s a miracle that she’s alive. Crazy situation with the parents.

  20. Bekah

    Also, if anyone was curious, this is the arrest in Texas from the rehab center.

  21. Chris

    Her parents have basically accepted that she is going to die. Sad. They need an intervention more than she does.

    1. Theresa

      My thoughts exactly. I mentioned this in my previous comments, but I find it odd that therapy was not offered to the parents as well.

  22. Tracey

    Katherine C. is one of the rare addicts that seem to actually realize the harm they are doing to their family. They don’t deserve what she’s doing to them, and I heard her say that. I’ll never understand why someone like that won’t surrender to the treatment, after seeing the heartache they’ve caused to very loving and (overly, in this case) supportive parents.
    I came online this morning to see if there was any followup info and found this blog.
    Sara, I feel for you. You must have so much anxiety.

  23. Jenna

    This episode broke my heart… I, too, feel that her mom is the one who tipped her off about the intervention. She seems to have some serious challenges of her own to cope and deal with, which she is clearly not. Sadly, Katie’s parents are going to kill her with their sick version of love… it’s a real shame to see such a vibrant smart and beautiful young woman just become another wasted life.

  24. Murray

    I loved her. Any update? Facebook page? Hope she’s ok.

  25. Roberta

    This episode made me cry and cry. But I am also Ptaying for this Family,

  26. Kate Malicek

    Sara – I wish everyone had a friend like you. I can’t imagine the pain you feel watching such a brilliant person and friend go down this path. Syracuse is so rough right now and needs far more resources than we have. Please consider speaking out publicly in this community. My thoughts and prayers for Katie, you, and family.

  27. Kenzie

    Anyone have her Facebook? Would love to see how she’s doing. Sara, I applaud you for such a good person you are. Not many people would do what you did for this young lady.

    1. T

      It looks as though this is her FB page, not sure how often she is active though

  28. Tammy

    This episode really saddens me so much and is sticking with me for some reason. It’s obvious that the sane Katherine is so intelligent, caring and really sweet. I’m so sad that her parents (particularly her mom) are as sick as they are and really hindering her recovery. This is a family disease and it has a tight grip on them all. Sara, maybe one day Katherine will be in recovery and will be able to thank you for this. We cannot change others but you did plant the seed for her! I’ve heard often that the graveyards are full of ppl who were loved to death. On the other hand, sadly, should her parents die before she does she won’t be able to function AT ALL. They really aren’t doing her any favors. I’d bet just about anything that if the mom gets the help she needs Katherine would thrive in recovery. It’s really sad…

  29. Lee

    I’ve watched many episodes of Intervention, and I’m not sure why, but this episode really affected me more than others. Katherine has such a beautiful light about her, but it’s smothered by her destructive behavior and addiction. There is no doubt the mother is to blame for the enabling, and it doesn’t appear Katherine will be completely shut off anytime soon. As Ken states, she needs to bottom out without a cushion.

    Sara, unfortunately, you are most likely her only lifeline of hope. I hope you can find the strength to continue to pursue a way to get her the help she so desperately needs. You’re a great friend……

  30. Andy

    I don’t wanna sound mean but her parents especially her mom are huge enablers. They’re helping their daughter dig her own grave. That whole family needs an intervention.

    Also a side note to Sara. You’re a great friend. Even though Katherine left treatment both times because she clearly doesn’t wanna be sober I think you did the right thing.

  31. T

    This episode was probably one of the most heartbreaking that I have seen. My heart aches for her parents. While they are the biggest contributors to her addiction, I feel as though they are very misinformed and think that by trying to micro manage her life they think are helping her. This family needs help, but it almost seems like the parents do not want to listen to the advice given to them from the experts. So tragic. I think about them often, and I truly hope things work out. I could not fathom the downward spiral Katherine would go into if one (or both) of her parents were to pass and vice versa.

  32. Troy

    the mother does not truley want katherine to get better because she is afraid if she is better katherine will no longer need her. the mom is enabling her for her own selfish reasons and should not be commended for anything. In fact she should be arrested and convicted for buying drugs for her daughter. Please get help katherine and stay away from your mother, it is the only way you will get better. Praying for you Katherine.

    1. Laura

      whoa!! first of all, nobody should be arrested for buying OR using– that’s 40 years of sorely failed war-on-drugs rhetoric gone stale. also, co-dependency might be many things, but since when is it a criminal statute? drop the law and order jazz, friend.

      1. Geoff Elder

        I agree. Decriminalization for possession and use. More funding for rehabilitation.

      2. Maria G

        Buying and selling drugs are a criminal offense, and that is what her mother should be arrested for. If that is what needs to happen for Katherine to finally get help then I hope that is what happens.

      3. Troy

        Laura, read her friend Sara’s comments about the things her mother does for or better wording to her and tell me it not criminal. Her mother needs to be held accountable.

      4. Laura

        “criminal” is a social construction, and again, not one that has functioned well at ALL at the policy level in this country. just because the parents’ approach isn’t healthy doesn’t mean drug consumption/purchasing should be punished; there are so many alternatives to using the police and jail as a solution. a retributive society doesn’t allow for healing. if this girl was living in Portugal, where decriminalization of drugs has re-framed the issue as a public health issue (by all accounts, successfully), this would most likely be a different story.

      5. Ash

        Troy, I honestly understand where you are coming from. I have a mother who is sickingly codependent to the point of not wanting me to be a full person and I’ve struggled throughout my life to maintain distance and boundaries. It’s quite difficult when no one will intervene and I was never nearly as sick as Katherine is. Reading this board makes me very sad for this whole situation.

    2. blarinna

      The addict is addicted to the drugs, the codepedent is addicted to the addict.

      Just as hard as it is for Katherine to give up the drugs, it’s as hard for her parents to give up addicted Katherine.

      I got sober by getting arrested and getting sent to rehab by the judge. I was 23 in 1993. I’m actually for decriminalization of all drugs. So, let’s say that wasn’t the case, that Katherine’s use was legal. Even with that, the parents are putting up with abuse and chaos in their home.

      If they focused on their own health and putting the needs of Katherine ahead of their own needs, she would not be living there. Nor would her mother drive her to dealers and clients. Notice when Katherine was “on her own” for a month, she came begging back. She cannot continue her addiction comfortably unless parents enable her by providing safe housing and transportation. It doesn’t mean she’ll get healthy, but it does mean that two people who desperately need to focus on themselves can get healthy.

      1. troy

        I agree with everything you said. Thank you. I may not have quite the same views on decriminalization of drugs as you have but I can respect your view on that.

  33. Geoff Elder

    I hope Katherine finds the strength and courage to make the decision to seek a better life. There is so much more to an addiction than the use of drugs. I wish I could give her the wisdom that comes with overcoming extreme adversity.

    You can love yourself, Katherine.

  34. Jenn from PC

    Is there any update to her story? She seems such a sweet girl with a broken heart and spirit. I wanted to reach out to her and her parents. Her parents seem very sweet too and beside themselves because they don’t know how to help her. If anybody has an update on her progress, I would love to know. Blessings, Jenn

  35. Ashley

    According to her facebook, she’s moved to Pennsylvania.
    Sara, any updates?

    1. Ami

      Can you post a link to her facebook?

  36. A

    I really like Katherine and I’m so sorry for everything she’s been through. When she says she is not in denial about any of it and knows what she is doing to her family… strikes a chord with me because I’ve always been the exact same way.

  37. Mag

    Write to dr.phil!!

    1. Jon

      Absolutely not! The man isn’t even a licensed doctor anymore. He’s a snake oil salesmen who exploits people on TV for money. I personally know a few people who have been on the show and the producers encourage the guests to lie or do whatever is necessary to make their story more sensational. It’s a farce. Katherine needs real help, not Hollywood bullshit.

  38. Heather

    It’s really easy to tell a parent they are being an enabler. However, I work with opioid dependent clients, and I find it to work much better if the person dependent has a strong support network. Bottom line/rock bottom leads to death.

    It’s a rough life but I believe these parents knew she was going to die and wanted to protect her.

    Katherine, if you read this…know that I am hopeful you will recovery. You can do this.

    1. Heather

      The thing is, what her parents are doing isn’t support; it’s enabling. Support and enabling are two different things. That’s why Katherine is doomed if her parents don’t change themselves from enabling to supportive or if she doesn’t cut contact with them if they refuse to draw and maintain healthy boundaries. Her mom obviously has codependency/addiction issues as well and needs professional help/intervention herself. As long as her mom continues to be at Katherine’s beck and call on only Katherine’s terms, her mom will be a roadblock to her recovery. It’s sad.

  39. Su

    Does anyone know if there are any updates? Just caught this episode, wow. A great study in when what you can do alone is not working looks like. Definition of insanity anyone

  40. Adrienne

    Just watched this episode. Does anyone have an update or fb page for her?

  41. Niddy

    I just watched this episode. Katherine and Mr. and Mrs. C, you are a beautiful family, no one has the right to judge any of you. Through God all things are possible. Trust in him. Katherine I believe God has a plan for your life, you can recover and heal. You are meant for great things. God Bless you and your parents.

    1. Lizzie

      I didn’t see anyone judging this family for their faith but they very clearly completely disregarded professional advice multiple times with disastrous results.

      If prayer alone could cure addiction, Katherine would be healthy and thriving; her parents prayed constantly. Unfortunately they didn’t combine that with listening to the guidance they were given to help their daughter recover.

  42. eric

    The only addict I’ve ever heard describe their addiction as ‘insidious”

  43. Jacob

    I was in HS with her and reached out. The year after this she was in Denver area using and prostituting herself. Not sure after that

    1. Brenda

      You are correct. She is in Denver. West Denver. I second-guessed myself until I just saw your post. I am an Intervention fan. I always have been and have followed all of the stories in-depth. I have a couple friends that have been on the show. About a month ago, I was driving out of the parking lot of my gym and I saw this girl who I thought I recognized and I couldn’t remember why. And then it hit me that it was the girl from Intervention. Or so I thought it was. Just three days ago, I saw her again walking by the front door of my gym. I am a Certified Peer Recovery Coach and was an alcoholic for 20 years. I’ve been sober and in recovery for 2 1/2 years and it has crossed my mind both times I saw her to just go up to her and give her my card and she can do with it whatever she wants. But she is definitely in Colorado.

      1. Katie

        I absolutely cannot believe she’s still alive. I know two men she’s led to death via overdose, one of which was my husband and father of my child. Another was a wife of her next victim. Not denying our spouses roles in their own addictions but she introduced both to Iv drug use. She is the armpit of humanity. She has been given all of the tools, time and time again. I have spent far too much of my life fretting over her actions and how they impacted my family and I now spend far too much brain power searching for her every 6months or so in hopes that her decisions have led to prison, or to the the same ending she led my sweet child’s father.

  44. Missy

    Hoping the best for Katherine and loved ones.

  45. Lori

    I am praying for Katie’s parents. Hopefully, they will see the light.

  46. Sam

    Wish there was an update.

    It really seemed like she would be successful. The end of the episode was so disappointing.

    And I can’t believe the parents allowed the heavy drug use in their house.

  47. Jody

    I think jade was such a sad story. Has anybody heard anything on her recovery?

  48. Marie A

    Does anyone have any updates on Katherine c? Everything about this episode broke my heart..GL

    1. Stef

      I’m searching in internet too for updates. Just watched the episode for the 2nd time. 🙁

  49. Brenda

    Update posted in response to another. She is in Denver.

    1. Jacob

      I Am happy she is alive, was really thinking she was not. Tell her Jake is thinking of her and hope she comes home and gets help.

      1. Brenda

        Haven’t seen her for probably 9 months. Not sure her whereabouts, but I also look at faces when I’m over that way. There were a lot of motels over that way that have been shut down, demolished, and even condemned. So if she was staying in one of those, she could’ve easily changed her location.

  50. Joanne L

    If she has hep c, not only is her addiction endangering her own life and those she comes in contact with, but this virus is an added chronic threat to all who are close to her. Her poor parents are so sweet and loving, yet suffer the most. How can this family survive?

  51. Victoria

    Such a sad episode. I believe I saw she is currently in jail in the Colorado area.

    1. Cat

      Do you have confirmation of this?

      1. Brenda

        I saw her in Denver, on the west side. Unless somebody is constantly trolling the inmate searches of all the counties and cities around Denver, there would be no way to know that.

    2. Brenda

      Saw her recently. About two months ago in the same area as before- years ago.

      1. Britt

        How is she doing? Katherine is one of my favs

  52. Jay

    Sad episode but she seemed way to deep into the life of drugs and prostitution to just cut it so abruptly. When you’re willing to manipulate your family into getting your fix and they’re willing to help you get that fix the problem is deeply routed. It be hard to believe her ever getting clean without some truly divine intervention. Things only get worse for addicts like this and they only get deeper into reasons to continue using. First you have what caused you to start using drugs and then you have all the demons chasing you from the dirt you did while you were using them. Drug life is no joke. My best guess is she’ll continue prostituting to fund her habit till her looks fade and spend the rest of her life in and out of jail on drug and prostitution charges. Sadly these types of cases either end up overdosing or getting murdered by someone. best case scenario for someone like her is to get a serious enough charge to end up in prison and get clean behind bars. Sure they have drugs in there too but nothing like what’s on the streets.

  53. Britt

    You are charming, hilarious and beautiful inside and out.
    I’m so sorry you’re struggling with addiction. Me too, girl. I relate to you on every level.

    Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes
    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

    It is no wonder to me why you use, you’re too beautiful for this world.
    You have a friend in Toronto, should you ever need one Xoxo

  54. Lizzie

    This episode aired on Vice tonight. I am so enraged with Katherine’s parents. They just don’t get it and don’t want to get it.

    Are there any updates? I hope that Katherine has somehow found her way to health and recovery and that her parents have also gotten treatment for their co-dependence. Such a dysfunctional dynamic…

    1. Nivey

      Out of all the horrible parents we see on the series, these parents were angels! Yes, totally enabling her, but they seemed very misinformed and just trying their best! They were older too and seemed out of their element! Remember, the father suffered from Aspergers and had his own limitations! Maybe their religious beliefs also complicated matters. It was definitely a dysfunctional family dynamic all around, but I felt deep empathy for her parents. I found Samantha to be bright and self aware. I pray she finds sobriety before it’s too late! Prayers to her and her parents!

  55. Ingrid

    wow this was quite the episode this girl is so broken yet she has parents who love her so much and try so hard and she manipulates them both she was in rehab twice man told them to blackout with their daughter but they didn’t they flew her back home where she relapsed I wonder if she is alive

  56. Christina Chizek

    Is there any new updates on Kathrine C.?? When I first seen this one I fell in love with the family. I wish they would do updates on those who didn’t complete the intervention. If I knew where she was, I would try to help her!! I see her as a little sister I never had!!

    1. glenn motykowski

      e mail me if you want an update or contact information [email protected]

  57. Taryn

    Seeing this one for the first time and had to run to comment before it’s even over. I strongly believe Katherine is also autistic. My jaw dropped when she actually said her father was autistic and it made so much sense. I wish her the best.a

  58. Stephanie

    As I was reading through the comments that have been posted about Katherine C from Syracuse I noticed several people were saying she was living in Denver in 2021 and 2022. It made me think if she is not living in NY with her parents then they are no longer enabling her like they were at the time of the episode. Will this help Katherine to hit her bottom? All stories of addiction are painful and sad to watch and worse to live out. While Katherine’s parents surely contribute to her staying in her diseases it appears they do not have the skills needed to make better choices to help their daughter. Will add to those praying for katherine and her family.

    1. Rebecca

      I wonder, at this point, if her parents are both still alive. Her dad was in his 70s back in 2017.

      1. glenn motykowski

        parents are alive and well living in ocala Florida

  59. James

    Tragically, her parents could not cope with her addiction and enabled her to the nth degree. I’m thinking when she went to jail they should have just left her there. She could have benefited so much from some serious natural consequences for her actions. Who knows…..? She needed at least a year in rehab to overcome just some of the issues. She was so deep into that lifestyle that it was obvious it was more of who she was now than who she was before her addiction. It takes years to get the therapy and help for what she has been through and put herself through.