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S19E1 Sam & Brad K.


Season 19, Episode 1

Sam & Brad K.

Age: 30 (Sam) and 28 (Brad)
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Addiction: Heroin

What’s Memorable: 2 Hours! The intervention that started terribly but ended up being really effective, largely because of Jeff’s skill and experience. The fact that they kept their word to visit the sister in the hospital AND they showed up for their 8:00 am trip to the airport to go to treatment – this couple was very sick but not hopeless, they still had so much love & goodness in them, and their desire to be better and live better was really apparent.

Official Synopsis: Sam and Brad’s families have known each other since Sam and Brad were kids. Brad’s sister was Sam’s best friend growing up, and Brad’s father coached Sam’s softball team. Although Sam and Brad always had a crush on each other, it wasn’t until they were adults that they finally connected. But when Brad introduced Sam to heroin and the two quickly got married, their drug-fueled codependency became the basis of their relationship. Sam lost custody of her son from a previous relationship and her career as a dental assistant, and recently contracted Hepatitis C. Brad has had multiple overdoses, lost his career, and his daughter from an earlier marriage. Their families are desperate for Sam and Brad to get clean, but are unable to work together as a united front, leaving Brad and Sam to continue on a downward spiral. Now they fear that rock bottom will mean both of their deaths.

Date Aired: June 2018
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. William

    I totally forgot the new season until the last second. Glad to see the return of the regular format and surprised to see Jeff back as an interventionist. Both looked great at the end and I hope they continue to stay sober.

  2. jacinda

    Aight.. glad the show is back, and the first episode did not disappoint. Was wondering if anyone thought that they also used cocaine as well- Brad’s jaw… was also wondering if the production team carried narcan. They both looked incredibly well after going to treatment, but Brad…. just looked like he wasn’t finished running. Heroin will eat ur ass up man… i wish the best for them both!

    1. Melissa Martin

      I noticed the jaw movement as well!

  3. Janelle

    I’m glad to see the show return to its usual, tried and true format, and I especially liked how they’re releasing new American episodes and not passing off recycled Intervention Canada episodes as “new.” I also liked the 2-hour episode, which I think might be the first in the history of the series.

    As for Sam and Brad, they are the epitome of an addicted, codependent couple. Their addictions are completely intertwined with one another, almost to the degree of Sarah and Mikael. I thought Jeff handled this one exceptionally well, especially considering how he called an audible and pulled off the joint intervention after the plan to do each one separately didn’t work out.

    As for their recovery prognosis, I see Sam as having a much better chance of staying sober than Brad. She doesn’t have the history of addiction in her family, and she seemed to have had no significant trauma in her childhood, unlike Brad, who has 2 addicted parents, divorce and parental abandonment issues to address in treatment, all of which increase the chances of him relapsing (although Brad’s dad seems like a genuinely good guy who has beaten his addiction and would be a great help to Brad’s sobriety). Hopefully, Sam will embrace sobriety and help Brad stay on the right path, and that they can both regain custody of their kids and build a life and family together.

  4. Julie

    I really thought the two hours were well spent. We got soooo much of the family dynamic. I used to live in Indy and they were in the right place to be drug addicts. Hope these two stay clean.

  5. Sue

    Firstly, I was so happy to see Jeff back. There’s just something about the way he presents the situation that makes me respect him. I wonder why Brad was kicked out of rehab. Hope they re-establish a relationship with their children.

    1. JuliePV

      I completely agree on Jeff.I think his patient nature and plain spoken-ness was perfect for the situation.

  6. Hector

    Wow 2 hours! I’m so glad the show devoted two hours for this episode. If it was just one hour, of worse split it with another addict case for one hour, it would’ve omitted out a lot. I’m rooting for them both and wish them well!

  7. beelove

    inger-lisa!!! i legit said that out loud when i saw her driving samantha to the airport.

    those two were exhausting to watch, though i did appreciate the 2-hour format.

  8. dexter

    This episode was actually slightly humorous to me and my friend who watched it together. Mainly centering around Brad, and him being so incredibly whiny and needing everyone’s help all the time. Every time he would shoot up he’d start complaining about stomach pain. It became so regular that my friend was able to foresee him doing it again, which surely enough he did, after shooting up. I mean come on, you’re shooting up to take pain away, why would pain suddenly come on AFTER shooting up heavy painkillers? Honestly whatever pain he was experiencing I’m pretty sure was in his head or an act. I’ve never seen an addict COMPLAIN SO MUCH after getting high.

    But not just that, he was just such a baby overall. Lots of growing up to do.

    1. Jenny N

      Did you not see the end? It said they found out that the pain was from liver toxicity, and he had also contracted Hepatitis C.

      1. T

        Exactly. Pain from liver issues is no joke. An enlarged and inflamed liver (be it from fatty liver disease, inflammation of the liver/enlarged liver, cirrhosis, etc.) is painful. I can describe it as anything from a dull ache, a burning pain, a feeling of pressure or “overcrowding” in your abdomen, a feeling of fullness, etc. I have fatty liver disease and enlargement of my liver from years of substance use, but what really did the damage was a bout of severe alcoholism (contrary to what some think, fatty liver can happen to people that aren’t overweight, like me, and can occur solely from abuse of substances). When my liver enzymes were off the charts, the pain was pretty intense. Until I was diagnosed and changed my lifestyle, I could not lie on my right side, move in certain ways, eat more than small amounts, etc, without pain or discomfort. Instead of mocking him, the other commenter probably should have done as you did — pay attention to the episode, and consider that something else had to have been wrong.

    2. Chris

      The fact you found it humorous speaks volumes about you. It seems you yourself might have a bit of growing up to do, but I assume the irony is lost on you. 🙂

  9. Julie Ballantyne

    Anyone have an update on these guys x

  10. Brad Weathers

    Also would love an update. I hope they are still trudging the road to happy destiny.

  11. Martinez

    I found it “interesting” how Brad’s labored breathing and reported pain suddenly disappeared when he and Sam were attempting to leave/go to the hospital. It must be incredibly embarrassing to later watch oneself in this show acting out in childish manipulation.

    1. Chelsea Rodriguez

      Why does that have to be manipulation? Earlier Sam said Brad is a very strong person so when the while family suddenly showed up screaming at them he probably just masked his pain and turned it into anger.

    2. Bri

      Any update? Are they still married and doing well?

  12. Helen

    I did a quick google search and found this-

    NOVEMBER 2018- Bradley A. Kemmerer, 29, 3064 Dunster St., Apt. 15, Indianapolis; arrested on a charge of dealing in methamphetamine; held without bond.

    Also, battery on a person under 14?!

    Sam’s arrest records

    November 2016- Brad was arrested as part of a meth sting

      1. Kitty Katt

        Although this may sound petty but I can’t stand it when a couple has one fb account for both. I know another couple that does it and I just find it silly. JMO

    1. Kitty Katt

      I came here to see if there was an update on these two because I was really rooting for them.

      Then I saw your post……sad.

    2. Kitty Katt

      battery on a person under 14?
      Each state has their own laws when it comes to domestic violence. When a child is present during the domestic violence happening and especially if the victim (not the child) sustained injury, you can be charged for harming that child even though you never touched him/her. Looking at the rest of the charges he has along with this one, makes me believe that is exactly what happened and he was charged for it.

      1. Kitty Katt

        This arrest from 2015 for Brad is an example of what I said.

  13. Kitty Katt

    I have to say that I teared up when Brad went to the hospital to visit his sister. She woke up to find his face starring down at her.

    It just shows the true love he had for her. It actually made him look human rather than the addict that is portrayed throughout the show. I was hoping he would do it when his sister asked him too. The way he responded to her didn’t seem too convincing that he would. Deep down inside, I think she thought for sure he wasn’t going to come because she’s been let down before. I’m so glad he proved everyone wrong.

  14. Summer

    Looks like he is an inmate at an India jail:

    That’s a bummer, I didn’t watch the whole episode (clip on YouTube) but he looked so much healthier when he was sober. You could tell he put some healthy weight on and I never would have guessed he was a former addict.

    Anyone have updates on Sam?

  15. Kara Bishop

    There was something Sam said that I hear a lot from drug addicts regarding getting sober… Sam said “ I want to stop using heroin, but it’s like there’s this little thing in the back of your head that says can you really do this? Can you really stay clean? Can you make it the rest of your life clean and sober? Can you not have any relapses? That’s what sucks…that’s what the scariest part is, it’s not getting clean it’s staying clean.” And I wish I could tell them that sobriety is not always living sober every single day. Sobriety or recovery is living a life that is clean and sober, and when you have a relapse, you know the tools and what to do to take the next step, that one step to get back into recovery and back on your path of sobriety! That’s why they say it’s one day at a time… You can’t think too far out or it’ll overwhelm you! Just do your very best each day! Wake up and say to your self, today I am going to stay sober or today I am going to take that one step towards looking into recovery! ☮️❤️

  16. April Marie

    Wish I could find an update on these two. I was really touched by their story and have been rooting for their continued recovery and love.

  17. Janel

    Found them both on Facebook. They’re together and look extremely healthy