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S19E8 Morgan (Young and Addicted)

Season 19. Episode 8


Age: 20
Location: Lancaster, Ohio
Addiction: Heroin

What’s Memorable: The fact that Morgan became a heroin addict because she didn’t want her boyfriend to lose interest in her. The phone call during the pre-intervention from the little girl crying – and Morgan threatening to take the kid with her to find drugs – was the saddest thing ever. What a waste of potential. It was such a relief to see where she was at 3 months later, but mom should’ve let her stay longer as the doctors suggested and not had her come home because she missed her. That could have gone terribly wrong.

Official Synopsis: Morgan is married, has a one-year-old daughter, and is addicted to the only drug she ever tried – heroin. Without an intervention, the once picture-perfect child may now be in danger of leaving her own child motherless.

Date Aired: May 2019
Interventionist: Ken, looking amazing. So good to see him again, it’s been a while.

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  1. Terri

    Really really hoping Morgan is still doing good. I dunno I’ve seen all the seasons but just seeing it comes up and say she’d been there 3 months and he lasted 4 days before bailing to a friends house. go Morgan, live girl!!

  2. Joe

    She really needed to stay in treatment or sober living. The parents never should have gone against the counselors’ suggestion to stayin treatment longer and not go straight back to where she was using a mere 90 days before. She’s on a slippery slope unless she really stays focused on meetings. The parents enabled her using-and then turn right around and let her come home too soon. What’s a few more months in the scheme of things when a person is sobering up? Especially one as young as Morgan? I wish her luck but if she gets near that husband forget it-he’s already living with friends so we know what that means.

    When I got out of rehab/sober lliving I went to a ton of meetings and treated that like an extension of rehab. I’d hit 3 meetings a day for the first few months till I went back to work. Yeah it sucked being broke but it built my foundation of sobriety up even more than it was after treatment. I hope she makes it. She’s a smart kid and can accomplish anything she wants but let’s pray she doesn’t entertain any thought of staying with the husband. Good luck Morgan!!

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      It appears that she’s working at it, if the end credits are true. Terrence is another story.

  3. April

    Holy…. why did they all let her have custody of that child? She’s using and the baby is there! And the way everyone spoke to grandma??? They treated her like dirt! She has probably aged 20 years. I really felt for her sister. The good kid always gets passed over.

    1. Joe

      Couldn’t agree more. The grandmother was there with the niece or whoever that younger gal is but CPS could come down on them hard if they found out. Let’s hope Morgan stays sober and keeps on trucking and this super nice family gets the life they all deserve. They seem like wonderful people. And yes I felt so bad for the younger sister who seems like a great kid too. She really had her head on straight.

  4. ccharlesberresford

    What a scumsucking jerk her husband was for wanting to get back together with her after they broke up (when they were just bf/gf), and when he had become a heroin addict. He KNEW that she would take him back because of her insecurities and her need to care for people; he just came crawling back to take advantage of her, and now look what’s happened. To be fair though I have to fault Morgan too for not seeing this; it’s a shame how malleable and manipulable those types of people are; parents or society should teach empathetic and insecure people to watch out for people trying to take advantage of them.

  5. kpowell

    If her Facebook is recent, it appears she may still be married to him? I don’t know, man, I wish her all the best.

    1. Sharp

      There were some recent (from earlier this year at least) pictures of them together on his facebook. I think there’s a good chance they are still on and off

  6. Toreigh

    I really hope, for Peyton’s sake, Morgan can stay clean and be the caring awesome mom that her little girl needs. She did amazing and I hope she continues to. Hopefully in treatment she got counseling and feels more confident in herself to be able to leave her husband and someday be with a man who loves her and can care for her as much as she cares for him. Shes so young and has the ability to have such a bright future. I hope it stays bright! Good luck Morgan! You’ve got this mama!

  7. Toreigh

    Also, Ken was looking buff and lovely…. just had to throw that out there 😉

    1. Stefan

      Yah he’s really gotten better with age I must say.

    2. Dizzy


    3. JuliePV

      I told him so on his Facebook.

    4. Kitty Katt

      IKR? I thought the same thing…lol.

  8. Rinna

    Dizzy do you still have access to Intervention Canada episodes? If not please let me know

    1. Dizzy

      Only to a limited number, the ones currently available on A&E and Hulu. I think I’ve done recaps of all the ones I have access to.

  9. April

    I do have to say she looked beautiful after treatment. But, the mom creeped me out kissing her and telling her to come home right after rehab. And oh yes. Ken is hot.

  10. Kitty Katt

    I hope she is still sober. I don’t believe she would have become a heroin addict if it wasn’t for him and her low self-esteem she has. She’s now tied to him forever due to having a child with him so I pray that she stays strong for that baby and for herself.

    I found his fb page:

    Both of them still have their pages as being married. I don’t know what type of relationship they really do have at this point but his fb page makes me think he hasn’t changed. I know we shouldn’t judge by what’s on fb but I see a lot of red flags on his. Just my opinion and not stating it as a fact.

    1. Natalie

      If she wasn’t obese, she wouldn’t have the insecurity. But the parents didn’t do anything about that, just like their parent likely didn’t and so forth. I do not think it’s Terrance’s fault. Everyone wants to point the finger in blame, and I understand that. Like Jesse Hansen said, there is never just one reason for addiction.

      1. Stefan

        I wouldn’t call her obese at all.

  11. Kitty Katt

    Both of them now have SINGLE on their facebook accounts.

    I think he is still struggling from what I see on his fb page.

    She made the right move IMO.

  12. Shannon Lynn

    I felt really sorry for her. A man rejecting u at a young age can really lead to life long low self esteem and self loathing as an adult. I think she’s young enough to turn it around, and hope she can!

    1. A.S.

      Completely agree with this, I remember getting dumped at her age hurt so much. I was already sensitive and I simply couldn’t deal.

  13. Greg

    You people searching their facebooks are beyond creepy

    1. Kitty Katt

      It’s called SOCIAL MEDIA….if you don’t won’t your business out there than don’t put it.

      You must be new here. We actually care about these people. We like to see updates. We love to see that they are still sober. We don’t know them personally, so our only access is SOCIAL MEDIA… may call it creepy but we call it caring.

    2. Joe

      Most of us here are in recovery or have dealt with addicts and we genuinely care about the people in each episode. It’s frustrating at times to wonder how these people are doing after the episode airs. No one is stalking them. This site is full of great people. If you don’t like it maybe this isn’t the place for you.

    3. B

      No we are not, you’re basically doing the same thing by searching this website and reading the comments for updates.

  14. Toreigh

    So according to her facebook she posted a sonogram on jan 4 of this year. I’m pretty sure she is back with her husband. Hope he cleaned up his act too.

  15. Kayla

    So devastating to know that she was in this addiction because of a boy who is absolutely no good for her. Was horrible watching her barely interact with her daughter, and the scenes of her driving feeling asleep! She looked fantastic at the end, I hope she continues to learn self love, stays sober, goes back to letting her intelligence shine and stays away from that no good “husband”..

  16. Lucie

    Omg Ken DADDY! I feel so sorry for Morgan, she has absolutely no self confidence. The best thing that could happen to her would be for Terrance to disappear forever.

  17. Ash

    So here is what she wrote on Facebook when someone asked if Terrence is still in their lives: “ Carolyn Fields yes. Terrance is going great. He does lawn care around the neighborhood as a job. And he stays home with the girls. I’m a home health aid so my hours are crazy. I work 12-13 hours a lot of times so it’s good he’s around when my mom can’t keep the girls that long. But Terrance will have a year clean in October! I’m really proud of him. He slipped up last fall and I made him leave for a while, but he was only gone for 3-4 weeks before he got help. He’s been doing great ever since 😊”
    I hope they both stay clean for the sake of their daughters!

  18. Erin

    I’m glad Morgan is sober but her family is something else. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Especially her mother. Sick

  19. Brimo

    I’m late here but I saw Morgan’s Facebook and it looks like both she and Terrance are clean and sober. In July 2021, she posted that she enrolled in nursing school. She should be very proud of herself. Looks like she is being a good mom and role model for her girls. I hope sobriety lasts for her and Terrance both.

  20. LK

    In a way this episode pissed me off. I am so frustrated by women who think having a boyfriend is the end-all-be-all. One of the most liberating things you can realize as a woman is that appealing to men in any capacity doesn’t matter at all, you should focus on yourself and your own success first and foremost. That lesson can apply to the reverse gender scenario as well, but I feel like women have a harder time with it because of how we are treated societally. I really hope Morgan stayed sober and learned to see a life beyond her pathetic loser boyfriend.

    1. Cat

      Thank you for posting this. I really needed the affirmation that I’m not alone in coming to the same conclusion that I need to be who I am for me and not enmesh my sense of self in someone else. I’m finally making my own self care a priority and it feels like I’m traveling down uncharted waters but not in a bad way rather more so in the way of realizing the joy and gratitude and sense of awe almost that comes with discovering or rediscovering them.

    2. Knl

      I never understood why they want to drag their spouse down with them. My wife…she doesn’t do drugs. I definitely don’t want her to start. I know the struggle too well. She’s amazing…why ruin her life.