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Season 21, Episode 5


Age: 25
Location: Kenora, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Hydromorphone and other opiates, meth

Official Synopsis:  An adventurous child with a love for animals, Courtney dreamed of growing up to be a veterinarian. Tragically, when she was just seven years old, her best friend died in a drowning accident and Courtney was never the same. The loss left her closed off and moody. In her teenage years, that moodiness turned to rebellion and she began to experiment with drugs. Today, Courtney no longer cares about her health or safety. Her alarming re-use of dirty needles has taken her to the brink of death. If Courtney doesn’t accept treatment, her life is surely at risk.

What’s Memorable:  Another painful dinner scene. So many painful dinner scenes in this show! The well-intentioned and but egregiously enabling mother. How badly ravaged her body is from the drugs, with flesh eating disease and open sores all over her face. This girl is only 25 years old, it’s tragic how much irreversible damage she has already done to herself.  That intervention was a good one, so disappointing that it didn’t take.

Date Aired: August 17, 2020 in US, aired as Intervention Canada Season 4 in October 2018.

Interventionist: Geri Bermister (She’s pretty good. I like this line: “Remember that you’re not turning you back on her, you’re turning your back on her addiction”).

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  1. Chelsea

    Are there any recent updates on courtney almost 2 years after her intervention? I was really rooting for her the whole episode <3

    1. AK

      Her last Instagram post is from January, she looks a lot better/healthier. I’m not sure when the episode was filmed though..Because even in her posts from 2013 she looks better than on the show. (it’s really her, can’t be anyone else)

      (copied half my other comment in case you missed that one)

      1. Amber

        She died of an overdose. If you google Courtney from intervention you’ll find the info

      2. Rob

        Wrong Courtney

    2. Anonymous

      My baby’s dad (who is in the problem) just told me that he’s seen her around Winnipeg and knows for a fact that she’s currently an active user.
      Very heartbreaking that she didn’t take advantage of the opportunity that was given to her.

      1. Kdot

        wow winnipeg? shes definintley deep into the meth/heroin now. winnipeg is the worst city for meth addiction/crime.

    3. Amber

      She died of an overdose. If you google Courtney from intervention you’ll find the info

      1. Jessica

        No that’s a diff courtney

      2. Kurt

        That is not the same Courtney. Make sure you have your facts straight before claiming someone has died.

      3. Stac

        That is a different Courtney that died. She lived in Florida

  2. AK

    I’ve seen all Intervention throughout the years, but this was the first episode where I had to pause several times because I was so angry.
    The whole family is just the worst enablers I’ve ever seen on this show and Courtney is the most manipulative addict. It was incredibly frustrating to see her family walk on eggshells around her and her mom literally giving her everything except real help that she needed.
    I couldn’t believe that they supported her after her leg was nearly lost and after her mom was watching her shoot up in that motel room more than once. Just unbelievable.
    I was a 100% sure she’ll leave treatment and she did.

    Her last Instagram post is from January, she looks a lot better/healthier. I’m not sure when the episode was filmed though..Because even in her posts from 2013 she looks better than on the show.

    1. Ami

      What’s her name on Instagram?

      1. CC


    2. Marie Hollingshead

      I agree. Her Mom was so weak and harmed her daughter by giving in. The show was hard to watch because this young beautiful girl was in such bad shape it was disgusting the way she was living. I have a feeling she was going to leave treatment also in fact it seems since the new season aired practically every person has left treatment so far.

  3. Stefan

    This was a hard episode to watch. Picking always makes me cringe and what happened to her leg was awful. I hope Courtney is now doing better as her Instagram profile seems to suggest. I agree that Geri is a great interventionist, dare I say the Candy of Intervention Canada.

    1. Elizabeth

      I agree! I didn’t think I was going to like Geri but right after she spoke a few sentences I was like yeah she’s cool LOL. I love her demeanor and the way she talks, she says really good stuff that I haven’t heard before, so huge fan! Definitely Candy energy

  4. Elizabeth

    Why do you think so far this season has only been Canadian episodes? I don’t mind at all, I love the Canadian accents, just wondering why there hasn’t been an american episode yet.
    Also, I was SO disappointed to see that she left treatment, she is such a beautiful girl even ravaged as she was, and I was excited to see her all healthy at the end.
    I also can’t believe the guy she was with for four years. To terminate a pregnancy with that man and then he had a baby with someone else a FEW MONTHS later??? That is devastating, my jaw dropped. I hope Courtney is healing and is doing better these days!! If anyone could share her instagram/give updates that would be appreciated!

    1. Dizzy

      I think because they haven’t completed any US episodes recently but still wanted to have something on the air, so they’re using Intervention Canada episodes from 2 years ago and pretending it’s a new season.

      1. Elizabeth

        That totally makes sense! Thanks Dizzy

    2. Tim

      I gasped too! That was horrible.

  5. Elizabeth

    Okay uh from her instagram, after the show she seemed to move in with an older man, possibly her father took her in? And honestly, from the vibe of her instagram and her last post being back in January, idk, I don’t think she’s doing that good 🙁 not sure if I’m allowed to say what exactly her instagram is but i found it by googling “courtney intervention canada instagram” lol

    1. Ami

      I take it back. I was thinking about the other Courtney.

      1. Elizabeth

        oh okay I was like am I going insane thats definitely her? hahah

      2. Ami

        Ha ha sorry about that. I’m the insane one lol.

    2. AK

      I am not saying she is doing good, but she is not dead, which is kind of a surprise, we all saw how she looked like in the episode.
      She gained weight and looks healthier in general. It doesn’t mean she has a super fantastic life all of a sudden. I highly doubt that.
      But I’m glad if her family sticks to the bottom lines, because her mom had no life on her own anymore.

      1. Elizabeth

        Yeah thats true, I too was shocked she still is alive, as bad as that is to even say. She looked as bad as Katie almost! She does look a tad healthier in her photos, but of course, instagram is not a good indication on how anyone is doing, good or bad. I agree! I hope the mom is at least living her own life, so stressful to watch.

      2. Alice Schmid

        who’s katie?

      3. Sudie

        Katie is the one whose addiction has messed up her veins so badly that she had to take heroin anally. Yup, you read that right.

        Katie’s face was picked so bad that the scars around her mouth affected her speech. They had to use subtitles even when she wasn’t under the influence because her speech was so garbled. She was a gorgeous woman before all this happened, and I was shocked.

  6. Ami

    I don’t think that’s her. It doesn’t look like her.

  7. Annette

    More Geri, please! Immediately after watching this ep I scoured YouTube for more Geri vids. Her voice and overall affect are so soothing – she would be great at ASMR!

    1. Stefan

      Agreed. She kinda looks like Famke Janssen.

    2. Sudie

      what is ASMR?

    3. Sudie

      I agree with you – I’m sure Maureen tries her best, but Geri doesn’t parrot back what people say to her, which is what Maureen does, and which I can’t stand. Geri has it together and tells things straight up. I like her.

      1. Kitty Katt

        I totally agree with you about Maureen. It’s so annoying.

  8. Rob

    One part of this episode irked me: when Courtney is heading to the airport after the Intervention and tells Geri that she’d “never really thought of” doing anything just for her (or something along those lines). She didn’t strike me as a selfless person once during the episode.

    1. Alex

      Agreed. Everything she did was self-serving. That’s the issue with intervention, not every addict is ready and she wasn’t. Her social media accounts still show her partying and living that lifestyle. Addiction is sad.

      1. Rob

        Yeah, I just had a look at her Instagram and it’s terrifying. Shortly after her episode aired in Canada, she was cozying up to a man probably 35-40 years older than her and in terrible shape.

      2. Stefan

        That’s sad to hear. I predict she will soon be joining the “addicts who have died” page sooner rather than later.

      3. Tara

        We only know 45 mins of this girls life & it was during her active addiction. To say that she was self serving is an assumption & imo a wrong one. Her addiction & disease is self serving but I think the real Courtney is absolutely selfless. Described by her family as saving all animals she came across, loving others before herself. You gotta look deeper than the active addiction.

  9. MadiR

    I can’t remember another addict that looked as physically sick as this.

  10. Mrs. Emily

    Is there anyway to watch this without cable. I no longer have cable:(

    1. Xlio

      Amazon prime has it for 2.99

    2. Tara

      Possibly even on YouTube. Just search the episode number. It might be in parts.

      1. Sudie

        It’s also on Hulu if you have the “live” option on the account.

  11. Brand

    This has to be by Far the worse addict they’ve aired. So freaking heart breaking.

    1. Raven

      Have you seen Cristy on Season 2, Episode 18? She was the worst I have seen. If you haven’t seen that one, you need to watch it. She has one of the worst cases of Meth Induced psychosis I have ever seen!

  12. Cliff lanc Davis


  13. Tammy

    It was so hard to watch this sweet beautiful young lady. I felt so bad for the mom. That’s her baby . I’m the mom of an angel addict. I found my son Tony deceased. He died from fentanyl poisoning. I went through his addiction with him for over 8 years. He had been clean for 8 months. Addiction is a disease and it affects the whole family. I pray she is doing better.

  14. Tara

    I was an addict for years & had a few relapses after I first got clean, I’ve been completely clean for 4 yrs now. This episode even made me cringe, seeing her leg & face it just shattered my heart because I know that behind that addiction there’s a beautiful, kind girl. I really hope that she can find a shred of hope & grab it because it’s literally life & death. I have seen a lot of addicts in my life but I don’t think I have ever seen someone so terminally ill in addiction as Courtney. I hope she can choose life & not death. I’m glad her mom got help because she was addicted to Courtney & her disease as Courtney was to drugs.

  15. Sudie

    I really like Geri (the interventionist). She’s compassionate and no-nonsense, and I believe she has a better approach than Maureen does. It seems like Maureen repeats what the loved ones say to her, and Maureen tends to condescend. I’m sure she does what she does out of love and caring, but to me, it really grates.

    I really hope Courtney is OK and continues to be OK. She deserves good things.

  16. Pang

    Unfortunately I don’t think her prognosis is very good. She has been an addict since she was 10, meaning that her developing brain was hard-wired for addiction. Her brain chemistry was severely altered from a very early age so she probably doesn’t have “normal” dopaminergic pathways. I’d love to be proven wrong though. Participants not doing well this season…

  17. julia

    Just watched her episode and God, I’m so sad. This is by far one of the worst addicts I’ve seen on the show. The eating flesh thing was just.. her face, I’m just so so so heartbroken. I saw her IG after seeing the comments here and she looks way better, but I wonder how she is today and if her friend Rudy accepted the help.. hopefully yes. Hope they’re both healthy and happy, and wishing the same for her family.

  18. Heather N Richardson

    So hey I just watched this episode and was more affected by her not making it than any person that I’d seen before.🥺 Anyway I looked her up to see if she got better but there’s no new updates on her insta. Anyway if anyone would like to see what it would’ve looked like had she gotten clean here’s her before the dope.😌

  19. Peach

    I really disliked the way she treated her family during the dinner like, yes, addiction makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do, but the way she was whining and causing a scene and throwing a fit and all her family was trying to do was engage with her was appalling and just downright sad. She acted like a child having a tantrum and this is a 25 year old WOMAN. “meeeh you’re all looking at me staaahp it.” I mean wow, I have anxiety. I get it, but that was straight up manipulative nonsense. I know She had a rocky childhood but I really got the feeling that this girl has just never heard the word “no” that many times in her life…. I mean that’s clear with the whole dynamic she has with her mother. I’m rooting for her to get better but that scene made me struggle to even really like her on a fundamental level.

    1. Katrina

      Omg, right?? I couldn’t believe that everyone kept going over to the bathroom and playing in to that childish crap. Ohhhhh, and when she told her mom to GTFO when she came to take Courtney shopping for clothes?? It didn’t faze the mom at all, like she was so used to the abuse already. I mean, what happens in someone’s life where you’re okay with paying for your kid’s drugs, hotel room to party in, clothing, cell phone (I assume) and watching them shoot-out, all of which occur when they are a grown-ass adult?? I was appalled at the mom’s statement of “I’m just not good at playing hard ball. I suck.” She had to realize that her enabling was killing this girl. I loved Jeff’s statement of something to the effect of “Addicts usually don’t have the ability to keep their addiction going on their own. They almost always need and have someone enabling them that makes their addiction possible.” So true.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Agreed. Also, Ken said something to the effect of “addicts don’t die from drugs but from those who enable them” or something like that during the Katherine C episode.

    2. Kitty Katt

      I totally agree with you on this.

  20. Mr B

    Man, as soon as you hear the tick-tock-tick-tock music start and notice she’s just walking INTO the treatment centre… you just know there’s not enough time left in the show to follow up on her doing well. Two days… ack. Well, for some people, it takes 2, 3, … more tries to finally get there.

    Was heartbroken to hear she started pot at 10, hard drugs at 14. I hope she can turn things around. Every person deserves another chance.

    1. Stefan

      Agreed. I thought I was the only one who noticed that.

  21. Todd

    I just had a surgery and have been recuperating. I’ve spent a lot of time on my back watching television. I’ve watched several Intervention episodes. I think this one was the most disturbing.

  22. Sheri

    Courtney Munn hasn’t posted on her Facebook page in 2 years or on Instagram (pink whiskey) for a year and a half. I can’t find an obit tho.

    1. Kitty Katt

      She has a few fb accounts. One shows 2020.
      Also, if you are not on her friend’s list (that goes for any of us and our accounts), somethings are public and some might not be. In other words, we might not being seeing the “whole picture” here which is why it’s hard to figure out.

  23. Anonymous

    She was recently sighted in a house they found over 800 used needles, a box with her name on it in nail polish and a reminder not to reuse the needles.
    Her head is shaved from all the meth mites she thought she had lice went running in the streets naked. The man she is squatting with broke all her fingers for stealing from him.

    1. Stefan

      I am at a loss for words.

      1. Isabelle

        Oh no! Poor girl

    2. Gigi

      That is so sad… it’s really grim when somebody is SO addicted at such a young age…like before they even have an inkling of what adulthood looks and feels like.

    3. April S.

      That is really specific information…do you know her?

    4. Kitty Katt

      How do you know this?