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Season 22, Episode 8 (Intervention Canada)

Age: 32
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Cocaine, Morphine

Official Synopsis: Brilliant and athletic, Amber was a star hockey goalie with dreams of playing for the Canadian national team. But at age 15, a head trauma sustained in a brutal on-ice collision benched her for good, leaving her to live with excruciating, chronic pain. It was 12 years before a surgeon finally discovered that Amber’s spinal cord had also been injured in the accident. Surgery improved the underlying injury, but by then she was hopelessly dependent on pain medication. Now, at 29, Amber is addicted to cocaine, alcohol and morphine. Her family fears that without an intervention Amber’s days are surely numbered.

What’s Memorable: [Guest Post by Stefan] As is the case with many of those profiled on the show, her addiction came about by the need to stop intense physical pain. Also, the girlfriend Olivia had a major savior complex going on, so much so to the point where she would allow her children to be subjected to everything going on and cause so much tension with her mother. It was especially unusual how the ex-husband/father seemed to support Olivia and Amber’s relationship at the expense of his children.

Interventionist: Jesse
Date Aired: April 26, 2021  (Aired as Intervention Canada Season 5 Episode 10, on July 22, 2019)

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  1. BJ Dewey

    What has happened with Amber and Olivi
    Since Amber relapsed did Olivia stick to her guns and break up with Amber?
    Did Amber’s mother also stick to her guns and remove Amber from her life and home?

  2. Stefan

    I can’t be the only one who thought she looked a lot like Alicia “Pink” Moore.

  3. Claire

    This one felt a little odd to me production-wise. It seemed like they heavily implied that Amber’s mother had a drinking problem, but didn’t really address it or explain the history (unless I just missed it, haha). Also no update on whether or not people were maintaining their bottom lines.

    I was blown away by Olivia’s lack of insight and empathy for the people who weren’t Amber. Her kids were the ones who truly needed her, but she seemed so invested in Amber’s issues that she also seemed unaware of how growing up around so much dysfunction could hurt her children on a deep level. It was also bizarre to me that her ex wasn’t setting harder boundaries to protect them.

    IDK, I guess I can’t judge too harshly since I’m not a parent and we never have the full story from a single TV episode. That just struck me.

    I hope she stuck to her bottom lines and got some help.

  4. chloe

    it really left a bad taste in my mouth when olivia asked her mother why she couldn’t be proud of her for wanting to help somebody. seemed very telling of some serious narcissism veiled as protection for amber.

  5. Susie

    The Canadian episodes have never given a great update at the end. I also thought that was so odd that Olivia said, “I cant believe my mom doesnt think its admirable of me for helping Amber.” But like someone said, you cant see everything from one brief tv episode. I would love to know what happened after Amber relapsed. As soon as I saw her after her 90 days I was thinking, “shes going to relapse”. She still just looked so depressed compared to other people on the show after treatment. I really hope she finds sobriety again.

    1. suzB

      I totally agree. at the update she didn’t look happy at all . it was very sad.

      1. Stefan

        I feel like this season’s Canadian episodes really had a lot of that (in the worst case Elann’s followup).