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Season 22 Episode 2

Age: 24
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Addiction: Alcohol

Official Synopsis: After a series of tragic losses, Tristan relocates to Las Vegas for a construction career only to become an alcoholic.  (Oh come on, they can do better than that!)

What’s Memorable: The intense family dynamics that linger from what happened with their brother, Tristan’s terrifying hair-trigger anger and violence, the fact that he really cannot believe his family loves him. I honestly didn’t think for a minute he was gonna stay in treatment, so that 87 days later was so beautiful! It’s crazy how even after 22 seasons you can still never predict who’s going to take to rehab and who isn’t.

Interventionist: Michael Gonzales, last seen on the Heroin Triangle season I believe.  He did a great job with this one, effectively navigated some really sensitive stuff. Hope we see more of him.

Date Aired: March 22, 2021

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  1. Courtney storrie

    I have never cried or jumped for joy during this show more than when I saw that 87 days later at the end of the episode.

    This poor family has been through the ringer but it seems like they would go through hell and back for one another.

    I am interested in the relationship between the sister with the short hair that was sitting next to the brother. It seems like Tristan had an immediate negative response to her speaking so that makes me curious!

    I wish Tristan the best of luck in his sobriety, he truly deserves it!

    1. Gigi

      Courtney…yes…he was very triggered by that sister. Who knows…it could be residual from childhood or maybe she had the firmest boundaries since he descended into alcoholism. I was also intrigued by the reality of the brother who committed suicide…he perceived that he was isolated and left alone but I wonder where the truth lies. All said they were really a beautiful family doing their best with some heavy crosses to bear. I really wish the best for Tristan.

  2. Kathleen

    I was in tears seeing that he stayed in treatment. I’m so happy for him and his loved ones. They all deserve the love of family and happiness.

  3. MH

    his unbridled rage really scared me, especially with how he was so quick to get up and clench his fists like he was about to punch someone. i was so happy to see that he was able to commit to the program and stay sober. i hope everyone in that family can heal and i wish nothing but the best for them.

    1. Alice Schmid

      i just kept thinking,”Hey idiot. All the other males in the room are WAAAAY bigger and stronger than you. Quit trying to be a bullying tough guy.”

  4. Stefan

    I’m just realizing now that he was only 24 years old. He looked at least ten years older.

    I’m amazed no one has mentioned how he dirtied up his sister’s backyard, especially pooping in the bushes and leaving the takeout containers to fill up with maggots. I had to rewind the video to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was.

    1. Beth

      Trust me, I didn’t rewind that part!

    2. Xlio

      That was definitely gross, the poop and maggots. It was kinda difficult to empathize with him since he was so awful to his sisters but that’s addiction. He definitely looked weathered like 7 years old and 40 at same time. He looked so much healthier after treatment i hope he’s still doing well.

      I live in the Bay Area, so maybe I’m missing something, but anyone else find it a little odd filming during a pandemic? Like they chose Las Vegas because no one cares/is responsible? I know other parts of the country couldn’t care less but it seems a little…

      1. Stefan

        I thought Nevada has been strict overall. I mean everyone was shown wearing masks.

      2. Kat

        I noticed in the last episode that the sobriety date was early 2020, so I think these were filmed pre-pandemic. PS-hi, neighbor!

      3. Judy Lewis

        I was in Vegas for my brother’s wedding I think in August 2020. I noticed in the older area (with the screen over the top) it was about half and half with masks. I would imagine once people start drinking/partying it would be near impossible to enforce mask laws?

    3. Bumble

      Why are people so surprised by stuff like this with addicts? Have you seen the conditions some folks live in (or don’t live in)?

  5. Sudie

    I liked Rodriguez’s approach to the intervention – he was soft-spoken yet strong. I hope they bring him back as well.

    1. AM

      I had to laugh at one part–when he used Jeff’s words, “You’re going to say what you’re going to say, he’s going to say what he’s going to say, and then we’re done.” It makes me wonder if Jeff might have trained him.

      1. Just me

        I heard Ken seeley actually trained him. I believe that is what i read.

    2. Alex

      I agree! He really empathizes with the individuals living with an addiction. They always seem to get where he’s coming from and what he’s trying to say.

  6. j

    oh my god. the poop area, oh my god. wishing he and his family the best tho!!

  7. Selma

    I loved this episode, Tristan and his family and the interventionist. Michael is so patient and disarming. If you read this Tristan, I wish you the best! You deserve it.

  8. Lauren

    I was shocked he was only 24! Shocked! I found this website just to confirm I was hearing correctly.

  9. Rod

    Cool that he moved to Austin. Lots of construction jobs in that area as well even traveling to the DFW area.

  10. Lori

    They could do a whole special on how addiction is running rampant in the Native American community. This is just the tip of the iceberg for a family who moved out of the reservation. I wish cameras would be allowed to help people who are still on the reservations.

    1. Stefan

      There was one episode where they profiled a woman on a reservation.

    2. Marianna

      1000% I’m surprised no one else has mentioned this about addiction in the Native American populations.. I’m a therapist and I remember studying how Native Americans process alcohol differently than other populations.. and by differently I mean not well! It takes much less to get them drunk and the way their bodies and minds react to it is much more extreme than other populations. I truly wish Tristan and his loving family all the best!

      1. Ase

        Marianna, that information is incorrect and is based on colonialist constructs . Racism has been allowed to dictate healthcare for too long and it is time that providers educate themselves on the harms of race-based medicine. The fact of the matter is that external research on indigenous populations is limited and biased due to factors such as racism, distrust, and cultural superiority. There are genetic differences in alcohol tolerance amongst all human beings, but to use that as a blanket to cover all native Americans is ignorant. For the time being, the focus should be on addressing how generational trauma and other sociopolitical factors continue to inflict harm on these communities.

  11. Michael Miller

    Good job to this guy he’s a hero to his family! I’ve been him and even though we don’t know each other I feel connected to him! Love you brother keep up the good work

  12. KK

    I found it so interesting the different reactions he had depending on who was talking during his intervention, with the two younger sisters he seemed to be touched, with the brother he didn’t seem to care at all, then the two older sisters whew there was tension. I’m glad he accepted the treatment and I gotta say I love the look of where he went. It seemed perfect for him seems as he loved to be active

  13. Laura

    I love interventionist Michael Gonzalez. I really hope he becomes a regular. He is part of the reason I really liked the Heroin Triangle season.

  14. Mike

    I could befriend Tristan. He’s a good dude and we have the same love of construction. I have struggled with addiction myself and I can understand how he feels. I would like to someday meet him and talk construction and life. I’m disabled now and would give anything to be on the job site again. But there is many of things that still need work and I can do. Just because something happens and it comes to an end then you have to find a new opening. You got to keep on keepin on!! Quitting is not an option.

  15. Dan B … compulsive gambler

    Tristan is a hero to me!! I’ve never been so emotional after watching a miraculous Turnaround. For 21 years thru the grace of God and the help of some very very good people I have not had to return to gambling. What caught my heart was watching Tristan’s daily loneliness dealing with an awful addiction. I could actually see in his heart he was struggling BUT he was a great person as well. The interventionist was awesome, and the Love his family has regardless of past tragedy was very moving. I watch intervention as a tool for my recovery a lot. This particular episode reenforces for me that living with an addiction one day at a time, while at the same time not relying on something bad to deal with pain, is very possible. So Tristan although I don’t know you, you helped me to continue to have faith in the recovery community to change. I’m praying for Tristan and his family to only have the best in life and not letting the specter of active addiction to strain their LOVE. Thank you for the positive work. I’m hoping Tristan can continue to realize his higher power chose him to spread the word of recovery one simple day at a time.

  16. stef

    What a fantastic episode. Heartbreaking at times, of course. But the end was wonderful! SO very proud of Tristan! I hope he realizes how much his family loves him. Be well, Tristan.

  17. Alice Schmid

    How is tristan doing?

    1. Ciearra

      Tristan is doing well. He just passed his 3 year milestone of sobriety ❤️ he has been working and saved up enough money to buy himself a brand new car and apartment. This intervention truly changed his life for the better.

      1. Pang

        That is great to hear. Thanks for the update. Wish him well.

      2. Randice

        I am so glad to see that. when I saw Tristan on the ground throwing up before his intervention I was waiting to see him have a seizure and was starting to wonder when his last drink was. I was in Tristan’s shoes and both my parents were addicts who died at young ages due to their addictions. I could see how much pain he felt and how he would use anger instead of having to go through those painful feelings. A lot of us addicts use to self medicate and not feel that pain or trauma. Tristan’s story was one of those I was afraid he was going to die so I am happy to see he is doing well. I hope he finds a great woman and can start his own family so he can make up for the loss he may feel

      3. Lainey

        I just watched his episode. Just curious – are you friends with the family? I’m hoping what you’re saying is true as we are all rooting for him! So glad to hear he is doing so well.

  18. Mini

    I was so convinced he left rehab… then bam! 87 days later! I hope he still sober. He had a lot of trauma to work through.

    1. Rebecca

      This is the first episode that ever made me gasp with surprise! So shocked, but so very happy to see Tristan embrace and stick with recovery!

  19. J

    damn, the drinking made him look AWFUL. i couldn’t believe he was 24! he looked so much better in the followup – he had fullness in his face that was lovely to see. i didn’t think he’d stick to it, good to be proven wrong. happy to see he’s still doing well 🙂