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Season 23, Episode 8

Age: 23
Location:  Syndey, Nova Scotia, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol, various benzos, amphetamines and opioids

Official Synopsis: A woman copes with the knowledge of an unfortunate family secret by turning to alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs, which causes her life to tailspin out of control while her mother stands back and tries to mend her daughter’s life.

What’s Memorable: “I know that I’m going to die…soon”

Interventionist: Maureen

Date Aired: Dec 6, 2021  (Originally aired as Intervention Canada Season 3 Episode 11 in April 2017)

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  1. Stefan

    Maybe it’s just me, but wasn’t there a similar episode where the participant had a similar experience there they ran into their birth parent in public without knowing it? For a second I thought I had already seen this episode because of it.

    1. Dahlia

      Caitlin from last season perhaps? Honestly never seen the episode just getting that from its “Whats Memorable” section.

    2. MellyBee

      Yes! Caitlin from S22E16 randomly met her birth mother in a grocery store. Caitlin knew who she was right away though, and if I’m not mistaken that’s because her birth mother gave photos to her adoptive parents in case Caitlin ever wondered what they looked like. It was all a bit strange…

  2. Laura

    Something about this episode was very strange to me. The relationship with her boyfriend really wasn’t explained much at all, and they seemed to treat each other more platonically than romantically. I also want to know why the mom had such a strong reaction to that one dude coming to the door, to the point of punching (?) him. I know we aren’t entitled to any info and don’t get much info from a 45 minute episode but, something about this episode overall felt off or weird to me. Maybe it’s just me! Regardless I hope Brea continues to do well.

    1. Brea Leigh dicks

      My ex

      1. Mary C.

        So happy and proud you chose to go sober! It’s what, like 6 years later and I hope you are still doing well. You have the ability to go so much farther than you ever thought possible. Get your hs diploma, go to college, keep yourself busy. What a gorgeous little area you live in, take advantage of that beautiful water and your cottage. Travel. Love life, there is so much out there Brea! Take advice from an old lady…travel. See the world. It’s really a better education, than any degree can give. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. I wish you nothing but happiness. Love. Peace.

  3. Alexandra

    As usual, I don’t think Maureen is the best for the job. I wish they had offered her mom some support services. Brea was very unlikeable when she was on drugs/alcohol. She also appeared to be out of it or just a little delayed when speaking at the end. Maybe from prior use or maybe current medication? Hope she’s doing well. She’s very beautiful.

    1. Stefan

      Yah I sighed in frustration when it was revealed she was the interventionist. Thank God everything turned out well for Brea at the end.

    2. Gigi

      Yeah Maureen really doesn’t address the family dynamics at all aside from a few phrases like “helping is hurting”. I mean if Brea had refused treatment what was the family prepared to do about it? The little brother (who was a doll) said he would no longer have a relationship with her but they lived under the same roof. And the mothers complete identity was wrapped up in saving her daughter but that was barely addressed. In any case I’m glad Brea is sober.

    3. Richard

      All the armchair interventionists, pile on the evil Maureen, similar to the hate Donna always receives. You see 12 minutes of edited interactions and are in a position to assess her abilities? The joys of reality television.

      1. Debbie

        I never liked Donna until she opened up and explained what she went thru and realized how strong she is. She’s wonderful.

  4. Alex

    I did find her Twitter page:
    On Facebook she’s no longer friends with her mom, brother, or cousin. Appears to be 6 months sober.

    1. Brea Leigh dicks


      1. Laura

        👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Good for you 🎉

      2. Megan Swanek

        Brea- you’re amazing!! I’m so glad you did it!!!! You’re sober! 💪

    2. Xlio

      Idk if it’s just her sm style for her Twitter makes little to no sense. I liked her though idk something about her. I hope she makes it’s through.

  5. April S.

    Getting REALLY tired of seeing Maureen. I understand they don’t show the whole intervention session, but what they aired seemed like the family did the whole intervention (and pre-intervention) on themselves, without any real help from her. Maureen just kept repeating back to them what they said. Super frustrating and if the next episode features her, I’m frickin done.

    1. Dahlia


    2. Kitty Katt

      I can’t stand how she parrots back everything they say.

      1. Brea Leigh dicks

        The interview was scripted n made me say things differently & gave me 16 beer the interview is just one day each person

    3. Richard

      You could get certified and take her place. You seem to have all the answers.

      1. Intervention Enthusiast

        hi somehow-related-to maureen person!

    4. Jennifer

      They need to have an interventionist closer to these kid’s ages. I think they’d be able to connect to them more.

  6. Mr B

    A fine and dandy episode, but what a shocker at the end when it said she’s been sober since [whatever date] IN 2016!!!?? What have you been holding out on us Americans, A&E?

    Also, why didn’t they offer help to her boyfriend? He was obviously struggling… And then he tried to stay in contact with her while she’s in rehab? I couldn’t understand that.

    I hope she is doing well and staying clean. She’s a beauty and a kind soul, I hope the best for her!

    1. MellyBee

      It’s because it’s an episode of Intervention Canada, which is exactly the same as the American version except was originally aired only on Canadian channels. I’m Canadian, and many of our channels are either fully American or will broadcast American shows at the same time that they air in the USA. That typically isn’t the same when going through other way (ie Americans don’t often see Canadian-made content or things that air on Canadian channels). I was able to watch the Canadian and American seasons as they premier because I have channels that provided me with both.

      I’m guessing Intervention USA has run out of episodes, and seeing as Intervention Canada is also English and has virtually identical drug issues, they’re airing these to provide ‘new’ content despite not having any of their own.

      There have been other TV shows made in Canada and that originally broadcast only in Canada that end up airing in the US at a later date and are marketed as brand new, just like what Intervention is doing. A recent example of this is a new medical drama called “Transplant”. It had a great first season and I guess the American networks noticed, because they decided to air it on the American networks as “new”. This has been very crappy for us Canadians who were excited for season 2, because the networks decided going forward it would broadcast simultaneously, so we’ve had to wait for the US to catch up.

    2. Brea Leigh dicks

      10 months without a drink thank u sm
      Cocaine methadone free awwellll and opiates almost 6 years

      1. Todd

        Hey Brea – I hope you really are clean and I hope you stay that way. After I watched your episode (which as I’m sure you know is from 2016) I predicted you’d stumble a few times, but ultimately you’d become clean and sober. I hope you prove me right. All the best of luck to you.

      2. Brea Leigh dicks

        Thanks i Am and doing goood

  7. Molly

    Being so young and such a heavy user, it was hard to get a clear sense of who brea was or could be like without drugs. The birth father thing was traumatic and her mom seemed to have anger issues, but it felt like perhaps there was more to the story give the extent of her addiction. Or, may be just a classic example of how some people’s biology is simply more wired towards addiction.

    1. Brea Leigh dicks


  8. Ann

    Did anyone else have suspicions that Brea might not have been completely sober when they filmed her in rehab? Her speech still seemed very slow and slurred. Perhaps she was on some kind of prescribed psych meds? Also seems from her social media that she’s had a hard time remaining sober and in stable environments. :\
    Of course, she didn’t stand that much of a chance with god-awful Maureen as her interventionist.

    1. Xlio

      Definitely slurring her words.

      Also sidenote hated seeing Maureen there. I tried to give her a chance but she’s useless.

      1. Richard

        Did Maureen get her to treatment? Yes. She did her job.

    2. Brea Leigh dicks

      I was on methadone

      1. Ann

        Hi Brea, thanks for clarifying. I really wish the best for you. You DESERVE a happy and sober life. I can’t recommend therapy enough; it’s helped me in ways I never expected. I believe in you!

      2. Brea Leigh dicks

        Np 5 years off it

    3. Brea Leigh dicks

      They filmed me ina hotel

      1. Ali Shane

        Your episode really stuck with me. You remind me of myself when I was actively using, I wish you well and continue to stay sober!

    4. Intervention Enthusiast

      @RICHARD – once again, howdy somehow-related-to maureen person!

  9. Todd

    I hope Brea can keep it together. She doesn’t have all that much going for her (not trying to be mean, just my impression of her) and what she does have, good looks, isn’t going to last. I wonder how others view what her Mother did – meaning not disclosing the reality of Brea’s parentage. Personally, I don’t like what her Mom did but I can’t disagree. Brea was just a baby at the time – she wouldn’t have understood the dynamics of the situation. Whether her Mother is telling the truth in that she DID eventually plan to tell Brea the truth is debatable to put it mildly. My feeling on Brea is that she will fall a few times but ultimately become clean and sober. I happened to notice this episode is from 2016, so, if anyone knows, I’d love to hear what happened to her.

  10. Rands

    BREA IS NOT SOBER (though the end says otherwise)
    This was aired 5 years ago under Intervention Canada.
    She claims she is 9 months booze free..(right now)
    But she smokes weed, does acid & “other” I don’t want to get into.
    Want proof? Look at her twitter and facebook.
    I hate when it airs on A&E USA. And never gives a proper update the past 5 years.

    Her family has mostly cut her off. A new man every few months. Just very destructive behavior. Some very weird postings on the socials.

    Also. As an ex addict myself… She was on serious heavy phrama meds during her 90 day rehab video. I cant be the only one who didn’t see that. What the heck was that?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?

    Ex addicts pick up on the slightest sign of someone being high or under the influence (legal meds or not). SHE WAS NOT SOBER in that 90 day interview.

    Canada does have some good rehabs. But the waitlist is YEARS!!! But many are just exist for the sake of keep people in jobs. Government funding and grants. Low quality community rehabs. All the good councillors go to the US (make 3x as much)

    I had to go to the states to get proper specified care for my addiction & mental health.
    Sober since November 2014.

    Please Bree. I know weed, acid etc isn’t going to kill you.. But it’s the other things that will. One small trip up could be the end.

    Please get serious help. Intervention should do a follow up show. Anything to save this beautiful & lost soul.

    1. Brea Leigh dicks

      I agree

    2. Brea Leigh dicks

      I want toooo

    3. Brea Leigh dicks

      I was sober then i left n they did not even fly me home

    4. Brea Leigh dicks

      Im off all those medications that rehab gave me i was a ZOMBIE

  11. Makena

    I noticed this episode seemed a bit different. The theme music was different and the first commercial break was a lot earlier than usual. Also, I found it unusual that we didn’t really get to see much of Brea in the treatment center. The “after” segment showed her walking around her hometown and not in Ontario.

    1. Brea Leigh dicks

      The place was a shit hole

  12. Brea Leigh dicks

    Maaurrreeennn calllme

    1. Mary C.

      Same sh*t at 30 that you were doing at 17 and 20 and 23. Come on girl. Grow up. You aren’t stuck at 15, you just think you are. It’s never too late to be good to yourself. Turn it around.

      1. Brea Leigh dicks

        I have & i got a new animal and place!!! A sponser and 9 meetings a week

  13. Kat

    I was looking through some of her videos on her YouTube. Its hard to say but I don’t believe she been maintaining her sobriety.

    1. Nancy

      That was extremely disturbing. Yikes!

  14. alice schmid

    Brea seems high even when she’s sober. Her speech is slurred, her eyes are hardly open. Is she really sober?

    1. Lawna Gibson

      Hi Alice
      …I thought the very same thing. She was high after treatment..had to be. She looked it and speech was so slurred like it
      Was before her intervention.

      1. Mary C.

        She admitted to being on Methadone.

      2. Brea Leigh dicks

        Im now on suboxone 8 mg feel free to actually QSK me

      3. Brea Leigh dicks

        Methadone.. off it now

    2. Brea Leigh dicks

      I spur because my jaw now im gtn surgery tomorrow

    3. Brea Leigh dicks

      Im natural mumbler also was on methadone and benzos

  15. Sue

    Very sad, and I believe Maureen is a lackluster interventionist. There are many others that are more effective (Andrew and the newest female interventionist who looks like Mercedes Ruehl come to mind).

    1. Brea Leigh dicks

      She only talked too me for mabye 15 minutes and filled me full of ativan the whole time

    2. Brea Leigh dicks

      I agree i met her once

    1. Megan

      Hey Brea! Hope youre doing well! I’m from Ontario, Ive been to Nova Scotia before & its so beautiful there! I struggle with my own sobriety…hang in there <3

  16. Staci

    Do you have a relationship with your mom and brother?

    1. Brea leigh dicks

      yes I do ♡♡♡

  17. Jacinda

    Mom looked A bit out of it during the intervention.. such a beautiful girl I hope ur well Brea

  18. J

    i managed to reach out to Brea. she’s had some ups and downs but she’s currently sober and doing her best to stay that way. Brea, if you’re reading this i hope you’re doing well <3

  19. Kail

    Is no one going to explain the weird relationship between her and the “boyfriend?” She spent most of her time with other men her own age, it didn’t seem like she was interested in him at all. And his living quarters looking like someone set off a bomb. Was he cooking meth in there? There’s always so much left unsaid in these newer episodes. The poor family though! It seemed like Bree had so much love and support and it just wasn’t processing with her at all.

  20. Brea leigh dicks

    I’m still sober everyone.
    2.3 years for alcohol & 18 months for drugs!
    9 years for opiates
    [email protected]
    if anyone wants or needs to talk.

    1. JR

      youre awesome girl keep fighting the fight
      i can tell you are very strong.

    2. Christina

      Keep it up! If no one else says it, I am proud of you. My stepson is currently in prison for meth. As an outsider and a person of an addict son, I proud of you. Stay focused. You are your number one priority. Much love! Christina from Indiana

    3. Brit

      I tried emailing you brea, I’m in recovery myself and you don’t respond.

    4. Crystal

      Just stopping by to say I really hope you’re still doing well Brea.