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S23E5 Jayden

Season 23, Episode 5

Age: 20
Location:  Bakersfield, California
Addiction: Fentanyl

Official Synopsis: After a terrifying burn accident as a child, Jayden grows up hoping to become a firefighter and fight California’s notorious forest fires; after a series of tragic events, 20-year-old Jayden now smokes dangerous amounts of fentanyl.

What’s Memorable:  

Interventionist: Sylvia

Date Aired: November 15, 2021

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  1. Cathy

    The mom made me very angry

    1. Stefan

      She may have had her faults but was nothing compared to many of the others we’ve seen on the show.

      1. Pang

        I agree. The mom knew she had faults and wanted to face them.

      2. Stefan

        Case in point, Elliot’s mom from this week’s episode.

  2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    So glad to see Sylvia doing interventions!

  3. Pang

    I hope he is still doing well- it was nice to see an episode with a positive ending.

  4. V

    That final interview was the only time in the episode I saw his eyes! He looked so alert now. I really hope he goes on to achieve his dreams, he’s so young and has infinite possibilities ahead.

  5. Me

    She’s a former addict and she expected her kid to not use because she said don’t??!!