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S25E3 Jessica

Season 26, Episode 3



What’s Memorable: PLACEHOLDER

Official Synopsis:  Jessica, a former high school beauty queen, is now just a shadow of her former self; as a teen mom, Jessica went to college and did her best to provide for her children, but a toxic ex introduced her to the drug trade.

Date Aired: May 6, 2024

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  1. Tori

    This episode was one of my favorites. I too have trauma from my childhood and my mom does too. I feel like we butt heads a lot because she handles hers different. I’ve never had an addiction but i internalize mine. My sister was addicted, as was my mom when i was little, and my brother. And i watch intervention all the time to remind myself what happens if i ever become addicted.

    I saw so much of my sister in Jessica and the way Jessica looked so beautiful after her intervention, gosh. I’m just so proud. I hope the family gets family counseling for their traumas and everything and i pray Jessica stayed clean.

    1. Stefan

      Yah it was wonderful how they all supported each other through it all. Jessica will be an amazing grandma I have no doubt. On a side note, orange soda in a bong is totally something I would do if I was an addict I feel lol

  2. Nivey

    It’s so uplifting to see how so far this season each participant has thrived after treatment!! I hope they all stay sober and reclaim their lives! Seeing Jessica reunite with her daughter and grandson was heartwarming! She looked amazing too after treatment! Years ago in the first few seasons you could see how generational trauma whether it was sexual abuse, domestic violence, and family history of addiction it was all swept under the rug or denied by most participants and certainly by many of their family members! Seeing this new trend of parents, grandparents, the older generation stepping up out of the shame by telling their real truths and also by accepting and being empathetic to their loved one truths in the intervention is truly remarkable! I hope this trend continues so that the shame dissipates and more healing and acceptance can truly begin!! That’s when the generational traumas can finally end! Xo

    @Stefan LOL orange soda.

  3. AK

    Everyone who wants to understand generational trauma and breaking the cycle should watch this episode.
    The teenage pregnancies, the addiction, it just goes from generation to generation.
    Also: narcan on a dog isn’t something I’ve ever heard of. It definitely made me mad. They shouldn’t have had any kind of animal. No idea why the family allowed it to happen.

    1. Stefan

      Yah if you do the math, Jessica’s grandma because a great-great grandma at only 70 years old.