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Season 25, Episode 7


Location:  Meaghers Grant, Nova Scotia, Canada
Addiction: Opioids, Crack

What’s Memorable:  Yeah that trap house narcan save was something.  “He’s mad at us for ending his high” is the most messed up thing about it.

Official Synopsis:  When devoted animal rescuer, Shannon, develops a drug addiction, the one thing she can’t seem to rescue is herself. Childhood trauma, sexual abuse and toxic relationships become an explosive mix, fueling the addiction that threatens both her life and her relationship with her three-year-old daughter.

Date Aired: June 17, 2024


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  1. Rob

    Surprised there’s no comments for this one yet. I was honestly shocked about that possible OD in the middle of the episode – Narcan’ing the guy, then administering ANOTHER dose of fentanyl and “pills” to straighten him out.

    1. Stefan

      Yah that was definitely a first for the show.

      1. Silvie

        I think that just shows today’s world and just how dangerous drugs are…. this NEVER would have happened in the earlier seasons where heroin was the hardest opiate around. it’s scary out there, deadly and dangerous.

    2. Pippi

      that was a Top 5 moment for me. & I’ve been watching since season 1.

  2. Britt

    I really liked Shannon, I’m from Canada as well and I share her love for animals. The way she casually brought a man back to life with narcan in that trap house was crazy indeed.
    I am rooting for her.