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S2E14 Daniel

Season 2, Episode 14


Age: 23
Location:  Texas
Addiction: Meth
What’s memorable: His very Christian mother. The singing evangelist childhood. The way he dealt with his molester. The selling himself for drugs as a teenager.

Official synopsis:  Daniel got hooked on meth after becoming a victim of molestation.

Original Air Date: July 2006
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Gregory Moore

    What a great guy Daniel seems like. I sure hope he has found happiness and gotten past the sickening abuse by that pedophilic monster. The episode ended on a very hopeful note. For his sake, I hope he has remained on the right path. His strength of character and his kindness shone through, even when he was bottoming out on drugs. I can only imagine what a fine person he is sober. Continued good luck, Daniel!

    1. snugs

      A friend of a friend of mine was dating him in Bloomington, Indiana a few years ago. I heard he was doing much better, but that was 2011 or 2012, I think.

      1. Adena

        Do you know his last name? I worked with him at Disneyland. He was going to work with me and then he quit. I saw his episode and was like “That’s Daniel!!” I want to see how he’s doing.

  2. MJ

    I’m friends with him on Facebook and he’s still doing well

    1. Adena

      Can you tell him I was asking about him? I don’t know if he’ll remember me. We worked together at Disneyland.

  3. Kristy

    How cool to see Daniel on the update tonight. It’s nice to see them do an update on someone that was on a long time ago that you don’t hear about often.

    1. Shelly

      I am friends with him now and he is a great guy and doing well! I am so proud of how far he has come since July 2006 ????

  4. TL

    Daniel’s episode still gives me the chills to watch it, because I see him and think about how that could have been me. I was sexually abused as a child, and turned to food instead of drugs. I’m still dealing with compulsive eating all these years later.

  5. Joy Blessing

    This is Daniel’s Mom with words of joy and encouragement that there CAN be REAL life after addiction! Even though recovery and healing is never quick and/or easy- the journey of fighting for life is well worth it!!! The hellish years of addiction seemed hopeless and unbearably long and painful….but now the joys of the present are to such a magnitude that it is almost as if the pain of the past never happened.
    Daniel has constantly been ” failing forward”.., he would take 2 steps forward and one step back for years…..until the ” steps foreword” put him in a abundantly blessedlifestyle of full sobriety and recovery. And now….he is about to enjoy the greatest of blessings…. for last October he got on his knees at Disneyworld’s Epcot Italian pavillion…. and declared to his girlfriend that he had never believed in soul-mates until he met her….. and proposed. They will be married next month at Disney Springs Characterd in Flight hot air ballon – HIGH in the sky – FAR FAR FAR better then any ” high”before. ….. and I have the GREAT JOY, honor and privilege of being their Wedding Minister/ Ifficiant. God is GOOD! TBIYTC!

    1. Shelly

      I’m excited for Daniel! Last I heard from him he and Gabby decided to take it slow and not rush into marriage but I am glad he decided to go through with it. I wish them both the best ????

  6. Janelle

    That’s awesome! So glad to hear Daniel is doing so well. Although if he were my kid and expected me to be at his wedding I’d insist he hold it on solid ground 😀

  7. Brooke

    i’m only five min into the episode but—->HE HITS THE DOG??!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Elia

      That got me too. What did that poor dog ever do to him? Ugggh.

  8. Chloe

    Has no one but me noticed the song lyrics he was singing with his mother in the living room?? “He touched me…”
    …like I get these are “Christian” songs but … really?!

    1. Kex

      That totally freaked me out too if I’m honest …. but also great if he is doing well. Daniel had so much to overcome!

    2. Rob

      I found it odd too if I’m being honest. People deal with grief and trauma in their own ways, but mom whipping out a live microphone to sing hymns in her living room while her son was upstairs doing meth was very bizarre.

      1. Holly Kemph

        I completely love that song “He touched me” but I thought it was terrible that the show choose at that moment to show him sing that song! It was right after talking about him being molested by a man. On another note I’m pleased that Daniel got sober. There are so many people that can’t get past the memories of abuse. God bless you and your family!

  9. Lenaya

    Why is it that being a male who’s molested by a male makes it “okay” to be homophobic and use slurs? Imagine if the millions of women who are/were molested by a male started treating straight men that way. It wouldn’t be as praised and accepted as this is…. I mean, if these people want to generalize, maybe they need to look into why power-abusing pedophiles are so prevalent in these uber religious congregations. But no, instead of doing that, they’d rather pretend it’s a “f****t” issue