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Season 2 Episode 18


Age: 24
Location: Norco, California
Addiction: Meth, Alcohol
What’s Memorable: This might be the most famous episode of Intervention. I think it’s also my least favorite. It was hard for me to even watch it again in order to write this. Most of the time I have some measure of sympathy for the addicts on this show, but Cristy not so much. There’s just nothing about her that I can relate to or that evokes my sympathy. She’s unbelievably narcissistic and has zero self-awareness. Anyway, what’s memorable? The constant nudity. The eyebrows. The delusions. The intervention.

Official synopsis: Cristy was born into a tight-knit family and sought a career as a clothing designer before she became addicted to alcohol and crystal meth. Now she earns her money as a stripper, and her desperate family knows she needs an intervention.
Original Air Date: August 2006

Interventionist: Ken

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  1. alisha madariaga

    by far the most shocking and memorable episode for me. your synopsis is right on. I have wondered for some time what ever happened to her..

  2. MandaPanda

    Cristy left me just disgusted. I felt awful for the camera crew, her constant nastiness must have left them all in desperate need of long bath. The fighting with her sister was insane and her poor father….sigh. Like you, I hated this one. I do wonder where she ended up though. For the sake of her family I hope she managed to clean herself up. Regardless of how horrific they might become due to addiction, I cannot imagine having to bury one of my children.

    1. Joe

      Totally agree. I just could not feel any sympathy towards her whatsoever. I pray she got sober and completely changed but good Lord I did not like her at all. What an obnoxious person when she was using!

    2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      We have no touchstone to draw upon regarding what she was like before the addiction took hold…but I have a feeling she’s pretty much the same sober and drunk, honestly. It’s sad. that’s all I have.

    3. Alex

      meth and alcohol make people such assholes.

  3. Eitan

    She’s so pretty
    And she’s witty
    Sometimes feisty
    That’s my Christy
    She’s my world
    My little girl to me
    That’s what she’ll always be

    1. Nancy

      I hope she’s doing good these days ????

    2. hetzjagd

      Sometimes *misty

  4. vicky

    Just an FYI: Cristy lived in Norco, CA at the time of her intervention. I hope she left because that town is known for meth.

  5. Ashley

    While searching for updates on Cristy, I found her FB…I’m pretty sure it’s her’s. She’s 7 months pregnant. Pictures to boot, with beer on the floor…doesn’t look good. Link on my name.

    1. marcy lily

      Yep beer on the floor , a family member saying she did meth while pregnant with this child , NO prenatal care and the baby is due any day .
      Cristy admits she drinks but thinks it’s OK . It’s sad because several family members acknowledge the continued substance abuse but nobody called or went to help .

      1. Stacey Melchin O'Neil

        Can you link to her facebook?

      2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        Judging from her background of verbal and physical abuse, I’m thinking people are staying away for their own personal safety. Can’t say I blame them, either.

  6. marcy lily

    That is what is horrifying . She was/is using and drinking while pregnant . All the people on her Facebook fall into 3 categories 1. Family/Friends 2.Fans (yah she has fans) 3. Customers from her stripping days . Some have lectured her about using and drinking and others say it’s fine ( hope they don’t have kids ) but none have taken any steps to turn her in for abusing substances while pregnant . It is a crime in most states , especially since she has a well known criminal record . No one seems to care about the child . And her not having and prenatal care for 7 months was SICK . Gee wonder what that was about ? I beg that this child is taken away .

  7. diane miller (@deeluvx)

    Call me kooky but I feel very sorry for Christy, I didn’t know she was/is pregnant. but obviously she has some mental issues besides the drugs.

  8. K.

    Amen, DLC. You are right. Only God can help. I will pray with you for the child. Both of them.

  9. Tom Collins

    So did she have the baby? Is her baby ok?

  10. Ami

    I check her fb from time to time and I haven’t seen anything about the baby being born. She had to have had it by now for sure. Does anyone know?

    1. jenn

      Cristy’ s aunt had a post on her FB saying that Cristy had the baby, he was named Noah and living with his father. Sounded like Cristy and her family did not have contact with the baby’s father. The aunt also said the baby was seemingly healthy at birth.

      1. Marissa Robyn

        Thanks Jenn for the update. I went to the aunts page to find where she commented on the baby and couldn’t find it. Hope baby is ok. Cristy also hasn’t updated her fb in a while. Even tho she’s nutty I believe she had underlying mental issues before the addiction but who knows. Hope the family is well.

      2. Brigitte

        I found the aunt’s post and photos. Cute baby. I wish the best for him.

  11. Marissa Robyn

    Ty for posting the link to the pics! My goodness he’s so precious! I’m so glad he’s healthy!! Hopefully he’s in a stable environment with his dad.

  12. Lady

    Direct quote from the aunt’s facebook post with the pic’s made sometime at the beginning of March:

    “For those of you that I’ve shared about my niece Cristy, this is her baby boy that was born perfect a true miracle that many prayed for.These will be the only pic’s ever shared as he lives with his daddy…..I’ve shed enough tears so its time to let go~ I love you sweet boy~”

  13. Nicole

    The first time I watched the episode, I had a hard time empathizing with her. The second time however was different. Remember all the little charts and weird writings that she did at the beginning of the show and how she thought she was a god, etc.? Well that was the signal that changed things for me. My brother is schizophrenic and can chug vodka (same brand she drinks even) like its water. When not medicated he used to do that exact same stuff. The little charts, graphs with numbers in a circle, seriously idk how I didn’t pick up on this stuff before because my brothers charts looked EXACTLY like his. He used to steal money out of cars to get drunk. One time he stole about $2k out of a car and got so wasted that he fell into the water heater closet and ripped the door off its hinges, puked all over his room, and my parents called the cops bc the money was all over the ground and they knew he’d stolen it. In jail, he got in some schizophrenia meds and is totally different. He still can be mean, and selfish but not terrifying like he was. He still gets drunk sometimes but is in mental health court and is so much more rational than before. I think Cristy was either schizophrenic or bipolar on top of being an addict. I’m sure had my brother been on meth he actually believe it or not may have been worse aka scarier than her. I hope she is getting help for her mental health issues because oftentimes they go overlooked bc the addiction seems like the worse part when it’s just a band aid for the wound.

    1. Nicole

      One thing I will add is this: the reason my brother got treatment (well meds, nothing extensive) is because my mom pushed really hard for it to happen. We already knew he had schizophrenia or a related mental illness before he was arrested because of a psychotic break he had had around Christmas 2010. (He was arrested around August 2014). Had my mom not been extensively involved in his case, he would never had received the meds in jail or gotten in mental health court because he certainly wouldn’t have told the jail he needed meds bc he thought he was just more intelligent than everyone else and didn’t have a problem. He knows he does now that he is medicated, but my mom got him on Medicaid and makes sure he goes to his appointments and takes his meds. If he were living on his own, I don’t imagine he’d be living much differently than the squalor that Cristy lived in. My point is that people with underlying mental health issues usually need a lot more extensive help and resources to heal and get sober because things can actually become worse when you take the drugs away. I can speak to that for both myself and my brother. When he was drunk he was much easier to deal with and actually nice sometimes! I have severe depression and PTSD and have become suicidal and have unbearable anxiety after rapid detox, which is why I am on methadone. Like most addict families however, my family system is pretty messed up. I am the oldest of 6 kids and there are scapegoats (me and my 19 yo brother who also has mental health problems) and a golden child (my other 2 brothers) so my mom will go above and beyond to help my brother but it took 6 years to get her to even attend one session of therapy with me. My schizophrenic brother can do no wrong in my moms eyes. I can do no right. Enough about me though. This is about Cristy.. The reason I am sharing this info is in case anyone is going through a similar situation they can maybe get some kind of help from me sharing – whether it is by knowing resources are available (mental health court, Medicaid, etc) or just knowing they aren’t alone. My heart goes out to Cristy because the second time I watched I saw the little child in her screaming out for help – probably for a problem she doesn’t even know she has! I hope she is able to get through this!

      1. Jodie Mills

        Nicole, you just hit it on the head. I got clean 24 years ago, and I gave back to the Recovery House I lived in for 8 years. People tend to treat this like we have a choice and we didn’t take the right one. None of us start out wanting to be an addict. This is a very controlling disease which does takes over your life, financial resources, self-esteem, not loving yourself due to shame, depression, etc. I still remember when I would have $10 dollars in my pocket and I would feel ill with the anticipation of having my drugs cursing through my body. I would get sick and though up until I got got the drugs and I was just taken over by the need for my fix. I lived at the house for 2 years, went to University to get my certification, and I just love my live now. Most addicts have emotional issues that need attention, and a good psychological issues to that need to be repaired.

        It is only through determination and hard work, and I was a very diligent in my recovery and I have been able to stay clean.

        Well, this is my story, and I would like to thank you for your understanding. You are an awesome woman!!!

      2. Nicole

        Idk how I missed this comment, but thank you so much for the kind words you’ve shared with me. I agree with everything you’ve said about addiction and recovery. It’s not just a bad decision. I believe had I not gotten into heroin after being raped I would’ve probably gotten into an eating disorder. (I actually think I have a mild case of anorexia currently which I’m trying to work through). When you lack the right coping skills, many times because you were never taught them, you can turn to unhealthy behaviors to cover up the pain you’re feeling. The number one addiction killing people is not longer cigarettes, it’s food. Binge eating disorder is just as serious as other addictions but often overlooked. I thank you for sharing your story. Hope you’re doing well!

  14. Brittany

    She seemed ok other then beer and that was one fraction .

  15. Ash

    I linked an article on Cryste that Starcasm wrote because apparently they were traumatized by the episode too. Looks like nothing has been updated on her since 2015.

  16. Sandra

    This chick is just…wow. Honey you have effing stickers as eyebrows, you’re doin bad. Lookin at all the links that are one here, it looks like she hasn’t changed much, that poor baby may seem okay now, but later it won’t be; possible learning issues and not to mention that gene was passed to him. So sad, can’t save them all but that baby should NOT be with her until she has at least 3 years sober and on meds. Looking at the episode she clearly had an underlying mental disorder that has been undiagnosed, bipolar, or possible personality disorder with a touch of maniac depression. Hope her family is okay and has moved on with their lives.

  17. Kyle

    Ken Seeley in the Intervention thread on says that Cristy tried to karate chop him during the intervention!!! To paraphrase Ned Flanders “I’m not sure if Diddly or Ding Dong Doodily…”

  18. Dewey

    Do you have a link to Ken’s statement?

    1. Kyle

      Hi Dewey,

      Sorry for being late to your request.

      Here’s what Ken wrote in the forum: “I’m Ken Seeley. That alcoholic and meth addict that said she wanted to pull out some Matrix shit during her intervention tried to Karate chop me!”

      And here’s the link to the thread:

      Ken’s moniker on the forum is PriestTheyCalledHim

  19. Holly

    When I used to abuse Adderall and cocaine, I would not shut up about Jesus. I would quote the Bible to my friends even if I could tell they didn’t care. I’m a Christian, but I’m not the type to go around shouting my views while sober. Something about uppers makes people think they’re like super spiritual and all knowing. I could see it in Cristy big time.

  20. brooke

    She recently got a new facebook. seems like she is homeless

    1. Vicky

      My GOD!! This is sad. It looks the guy(I’m just assuming it’s him because all the pictures are taken from inside a car) in her cover photo made this Facebook account and just uploads horrible pictures of her. Because none of them are selfies. It’s very creepy. Like he creeps around the city and tries to find her just to take pictures of her. I don’t think she knows she’s having her picture taken in some of them. Her profile picture looks horrible too. The first fb link someone posted was definitely her and she stopped posting after she had the baby.

    2. Andy

      My god she looks terrible. I wondered what happened to her since September 2014 (last post from her old FB) I heard from a couple sources that she was living on the streets in north Hollywood. Oh well I hope she gets help soon.

    3. Timothy Chen

      I really need to point this out: This seems to be a fan-made account in my personal opinion. There is NO way in even her messed up mind to make such a grandoise FB, where she doesn’t take selfies and be like “I like getting hit”. The statements, her episode links, the countless amount of screenshots, etc., make it seem like it’s SOMEONE ELSE impersonating her.

      TL:DR – I don’t believe it’s really Cristy, to tell you the truth.

      1. Andy

        You know I’ve wondered about that too. There are literally no selfies of her. Plus she writes about things I don’t think she would ever say even if she was using.

    4. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      Apparently the page is not in existence at present…yikes.

  21. Janelle

    Cristy is clearly psychotic. This was obvious when her episode was shot, and it’s obvious from her behaviour thereafter. Whether it’s schizophrenia or another delusional disorder, or whether her psychosis is directly related to her drug use is anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if she began showing psychotic symptoms before she began doing drugs – often times people with severe mental illness turn to drugs as a way of self-medication because certain street drugs can lessen the effects of certain mental illnesses, e.g. alcohol can lessen the severity of delusions in schizophrenics.

    In any event, the psychiatric issues need to be diagnosed and put under control with medication before her drug addiction can be dealt with. I think she’ll need to be institutionalised first in order to have any chance of being reintegrated into society. She’s still a young woman, and there’s still hope.

    1. HollyBerry

      Agree with Janelle 100%. I work with people who struggle with co-occuring disorders (mental illness level MH2A and MH2B, along with substance abuse). Being on a strict medication schedule along with targeted therapy within the confines of a residential treatment or hospital setting is usually necessary for people to even begin to get on the right track.

      1. Nicole

        I too thought she was psychotic when I watched the episode. My brother has schizophrenia and he acted a lot like Cristy when he’s not taking his medication properly. The little drawings, the whole God thing, the numbers and codes, the diagrams, not to mention the filthy bedroom… I’ve seen it all. My brother makes the exact same types of drawings/writings as Cristy.

        Like Cristy, he has a God complex. Even while medicated my brother insisted we call him Apollo (named after the Greek God of music) his “true spirit name.” He thinks he’s a God at playing the guitar but refuses to learn any songs because “that’s copycatting” and so what he plays has no rhythm, no rhyme or reason. It’s rather awful. But when a guy befriended him at the mall and asked if he wanted to play with his band he said he wasn’t really good, and refused the offer so idk if he’s in touch with reality about his skills or not.

        He also rants to himself about various things,
        (sometimes purposefully talking shit so the person will hear) about how he’s the star of the family and he’s been oppressed by the entire family from becoming a rock star like he’s supposed to be. While unmedicated, he thought everyone was out to get him and became violent at times. Once he hit my little sister who was 12 or so at the time (now she’s 18) over the head really hard in the middle of the night while she was asleep because “a spirit guided him to” and then 20 minutes later came back and said, “So Kim, do you ever think about sex?” After that Kim has been scared of being alone in the same room as him.

        I also think my brother exhibits some antisocial behavior such as stealing, lying, manipulating, and just plain being an asshole to people for no reason. He also fits in the guidelines of the McDonald triad – bedwetting until a late age, cruelty to animals (he killed my sister’s rabbit, shut the cat in the freezer, swung kittens around by their tails) and had an interest in fire as a child. Growing up I could never trust anything he said because he was a pathological liar and manipulator.

        I know this thread is about Cristy, so thank you all for letting me discuss my brother because a lot of people don’t understand what it’s like to deal with and unmedicated schizophrenic. Thankfully he’s medicated currently, however if he didn’t live with my parents and trying to take care of himself I doubt he’d be taking meds, which is where Cristy comes in…

        In her case, I don’t know that the bottom lines her parents set were actually in her best interest. In her case I feel like her parents stepping in and taking the reigns would be the best option. She clearly can’t take care of herself. She needs to get off of meth obviously, but in order for her to do that I think she needs to be taking medication, go to an inpatient program that can handle psychosis rather than a traditional residential facility. After that, I think she would need a lot of support from family not just to stay clean but to manage her psychosis. If my brother weren’t living with my parents and was left to fend for himself, he’d probably be in the exact same situation as Cristy. My parents had to get him court ordered to take medication which wasn’t easy. They basically had to press charges on him when he hit my brother so they could get a judge to require him to take medication in order for the charge to be dropped which was kinda messed up but they had run out of options. Keeping their bottom lines isn’t working because her problem isn’t just drugs IMO. She needs help desperately. I have some severe mental health issues as well (PTSD, depression, anxiety, ADHD…) and wasn’t able to get clean and get out of survival mode without the help of medication, including methadone and my parents supporting me. I think the same might hold true for Cristy.

        I feel sad that she isn’t doing well however I am not surprised given the circumstances. And I’m sure her parents have tried to help in the best way they know how. I really hope she gets better and heals. I am sure there is that same sweet Cristy inside but it’s being covered up by drugs and psychosis of some sort.

    2. Stefan

      Agreed. Years ago on IMDB, someone posted about how Kristy should’ve been declared mentally unfit to care for herself and institutionalized. Otherwise, the intervention was essentially pointless.

      1. Kitty Katt

        At this point in her life, you don’t know if it’s the meth and alcohol or a mental disease. If she would have stayed longer at the rehab, I’m sure she would have been diagnosed but only after a month or two when she would have cleared her head from all the drugs.

    3. Laura

      if we’re going to be stuck on the idea that Western medicine and its hospital treatments, pharmaceuticals, etc., are panaceas for psychiatric struggles (which i strongly refute, but when in Rome), it’s worth pointing out– per the DSM V– that clinicians are not supposed to diagnose other mental health conditions for people with substance use disorders until after 6 weeks without drug consumption.

      1. Stefan

        Exactly, institutionalized where she would not have access to drugs and alcohol since they impaired her ability to care for herself.

  22. Andy

    I couldn’t stop looking through her Facebook. She posted her intervention episode and talked about how she’ll never change and trying to meet up with people. She’s still using meth and drinking. She’s also now addicted to heroin, crack, and sex. She is definetly back to stripping and may even be prostituing. Honestly I think she was exposed to drugs at such an early age that she’s now just too far gone.

  23. Anon

    She’s in jail now, another assault charge.

  24. Dewey

    Maybe she’s safer in jail. Is she serving a long term?

  25. Andy

    I can’t find her newer account anymore. I think it was taken down prob bc it was reported that it wasn’t her. I think it was that guy that she was with that was taking all those pics of her. Pretty damn creepy.

    1. Timothy Chen

      And thank goodness it was taken down. Very thankful for that. This kind of libelous impostering of Cristy is beyond unacceptable in my honest opinion. I don’t care how much I disliked Cristy and her episode, the impostering of her image with such a Grandoise FB is beyond low. I hope the fake Cristy profile(s) stay down.

      1. Vicky

        I agree. Whoever made the account thought it would be funny to put her pictures and business out there. I didn’t find one bit of it funny or entertaining. It was a nasty sick twisted thing to do to someone. It’s obvious that her family stuck to their bottoms so she’s having a rough time. Just need to hope for the best for her.

  26. Anon

    She currently is living on the streets or in a car out of North Hollywood. Her boyfriend, Denis Bocanera (whose Facebook is now completely private/unfindable), seems to be running her “fanpage” that I’ve come across. He uploads photos of her beaten, high, or sleeping on the streets. She looks absolutely terrible.

    1. Stefan

      I’m honestly amazed that she’s still alive at this point.

      1. Andy

        I am too. The fact that she’s been able to do meth for 21 years is amazing.

    2. Galusha

      I wish I hadn’t clicked on that link. You’re right…she looks awful.

      For her to have survived this long as an addict means she must still have a solid network of codependents propping her up. I’m guessing her father is still helping her out financially and he and other relatives/friends are giving her food and other basic needs as well.

      1. Stefan

        Or else it’s her network of “fans” lol

  27. Andy

    I wonder if Cristy will ever get clean and stay sober. Sometimes I wonder what she would be like if she had never done meth.

    1. Stefan

      Probably a very fun person I’d imagine

  28. Tallulah

    I wonder what happened to her baby?

    1. Andy

      Her baby daddy has full custody.

  29. Andrew

    Yeah, I started this episode thinking “damn, this girl is fine.” 10 minutes in I was revolted. The only one so far where I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for the addict. Just a useless, self involved tool. There has to be a measure of brain damage from prolonged meth and alcohol abuse at play here. Or maybe I just find it hard to believe someone could be that miserable of a human being without some kind of outside influence.

  30. Tommy

    It’s amazing to me how some people can defend her. You can usually tell with most addicts if they are genuinely a good person, but the drugs are affecting them in a way they probably wouldn’t act. You can tell by watching this and looking at her Facebook page that she really is genuinely a shitty person with or without the drugs

  31. Andy

    You know what’s something I kinda noticed and I think some other people may have noticed. I think Jaymee may have been using drugs as well. I don’t know if she had an addiction. But her eyebrows seemed like they were tweaked/plucked out to me. And not in a fashionable way. Also on her old MySpace account there were pictures of her and it looked like she was homeless at one point. Also on Cristy’s old FB when they were commenting about Cristy’s picture of her with beer cans on the floor, they talked about when Cristy was roaming the streets and she would live on people couches from time to time. Well one guy commented about how he always offered Cristy and Jaymee a place to stay. Which kind of makes me wonder.

    I don’t want to accuse anyone of anything. It’s none of my business. But it is something I observed that I want to throw out there.

  32. Andy

    I found this.
    I can’t confirm it. However the very first profile where its her age says deceased. It also says one of her relatives is Armando celaya. I tried to find an obituary but I couldn’t find anything.

    1. Calli

      I thought her middle name was Noel, therefore I assume that it is the other profile stating Cristy N Celaya’s age is 36 (considering she’s born in 1981).

      1. Andy

        Yeah I don’t think it’s her. I wasn’t sure anyways.

    2. Tazz

      That was for Cristy L Celaya, and this Cristy’s middle name is Noel… So I kind of doubt it’s her. Looks like she just got out of jail a few days ago. I’m not sure how she’s been able to survive and withstand this type of life for multiple decades now.

  33. Ness

    I think I found the fb page of Cristy’s baby daddy. It looks like the same man from the pics her aunt posted when the child was born. I found his name from public records when he filed against her in court for possible child support about a year ago.
    The child looks happy and healthy (thank GOD!!) and very loved. The father is married too. The child’s name may have been changed.

    1. Andy

      Aww her son is cute. Too bad she can’t quit drugs. Yeah I think his name was changed as well since it doesn’t look like his name is Vande1ous.

  34. Ash

    If someone has an update on her, I’d love to know. Looks like all those pics of her people were talking about have been taken down. It’s a shame that she has chosen to continue this path. She probably won’t ever get clean until she’s in jail for long enough. Even then it’s not guaranteed she’ll stay clean.

  35. Anon

    Just saw her talking to herself outside a Dollar Tree in North Hollywood. Appeared to be arguing with someone even though no one was next to her.

    1. Ami West

      Wow! How did she look? The last pictures I saw of her she looked horrible. Really sad.

  36. Kitty Katt

    As of 12/18/17, it doesn’t seem like she was doing too good.

    1. Ez

      not to be flippant but she hasn’t been doing good for about twenty years.

      1. kitty katt

        That’s my point…..nothing changed with her.

  37. Andy

    That’s really a shame. She will probably succumb to her addiction.

  38. Kitty Katt

    Looks like her sister (Jaymee) has been arrested not so long ago. The charges are sickening to me.

    1. Andy

      Yeah it looks like she was arrested for child abuse.

  39. Brian Speno

    Looks like this dude Dennis B is now posted nude photos of her doing meth on twitter. This is so low and sad.

    1. Dizzy

      I removed the link from your comment because I don’t think anyone should see those photos. I’m convinced this Dennis person is abusing Cristy, she had two black eyes and was clearly out of it when those pics were taken. I wish I knew what we could do. I reported the Twitter account but I’m not sure what else to do. He must be stopped!

      1. Andy

        I saw those photos of her posted on reddit. They were later taken down. She looked totally methed out in those pictures. I do agree though I think whoever her boyfriend or whatever he is is abusing her. Although I did find his FB page and it says he lives in Florida now. So who knows. I wonder if christy will ever get off the streets.

      2. Kitty Katt

        There are 2 FB accounts for that same name. The one I’m seeing is definitely the one associated with Cristy while the other states the person is from Tampa and doesn’t have her associated with him at all on there (at least from what I’m seeing).

      3. Kitty Katt

        According to his FB post back on 4/28:

        “I’m currently a victim(Targeted Individual) of “GangStalking”, Because of Cristy Celaya’s lies, She is a Pathological liar and so is her dad”.

        “Yep. Harassment, wherever I go.”

        Someone did respond to him by saying:

        “Well didn’t you tweet the naked pic of her”

        That seemed to shut him up for now.

        It’s just a sad, sad situation for all involved.

      4. Ami

        I commented on his disgusting twitter post tonight and tagged twitter in it them asking why they wouldn’t take it down. I know she’s crazy but no one deserves to be dehumanized like that. Sad for her and still hoping she makes it.

      5. Maz

        She is also wearing a hospital bracelet and yes has 2 black eyes and bruises on the inside of her thighs!! Abusing is definitely correct and he has posted a video of her from March this year calling her his wife 😢

  40. Aisling

    The guy who people have been talking about, Dennis, is accusing Cristy and her dad of setting him up. As if he did not post those photos of her. I follow a few of his posts on FB to see if there will be an update. He said when someone asked what happened to her, he said jail (no surprise). She’s so far gone she may never live to see the help she needs. So, horribly sad. Shows just how much addiction IS a disease.

  41. Kitty Katt

    Here are just a few of her arrests which include recently ones too. I really don’t know what to say because it just leaves me speechless on how this girl is still alive and not in prison either.

    1. Janelle

      Jeez Louise! I looked up the charges in the California Penal Code. The charges include making threats of bodily harm, battery, shoplifting, petty theft, robbery, public intoxication (6 separate charges), possession of a controlled substance (3 separate charges) and assault with a deadly weapon. That’s a grand total of 12 misdemeanours and 3 felonies since January 2015. She’s lucky she lives in California…if she were in my state of South Carolina she’d undoubtedly be locked up for a long time.

      I still think Cristy suffers from a psychotic illness which may or may not be related to the enormous amount of drugs she’s ingested over the years, and perhaps the most loving thing her family can do at this point is have her committed involuntarily to a psychiatric hospital. That seems to be the only avenue left for her to get the help she needs before she dies of an OD, dies in a wreck under the influence or gets murdered by a john, pimp, dealer or some other bad guy.

      1. Kitty Katt

        At this point, whatever mental illness she may or may not have takes a back seat to her brain being fried with meth for over 20 years. The meth has taken over all aspects of her brain. Meth brings out the violence in most people too which makes sense in Cristy’s case. We’ve all seen her with black eyes in some pictures and got a taste of that same violence when we watched her go off on her sister and the Intervention crew! Her “apartment” took the brunt of her violence too. Besides getting hurt or killed herself, one day SHE might hurt or kill someone due to her drug psychosis that she lives in. I just don’t know how the criminal courts haven’t had her involuntarily committed never mind her family. Makes me think that perhaps there’s only so much they can do because it’s drugs that are causing her violent outbreaks and not some mental illness. Know what I mean? I don’t know.

      2. Andy

        I agree. I don’t think cristy will make it to 40 with the path she’s on. It’s amazing she’s been able to keep up this lifestyle for so long. I doubt she’ll ever be coherent to see the help she so badly needs.

  42. kk

    It says that she was just arrested on 8/10/18, and no news of a release date, she’s on like 25k bail. So at least she’s sober in jail

    1. Andy

      Oh wow did it say what she was arrested for?

      1. Amanda Rose Van Abel

        Just says Grand Theft – not sure of what…..

    2. atschmid5322

      Dear God, she has had more than 20 arrests in the last 3 years. What if she gets pregnant again and brings another child in to this madness or worse yet, KILLS a child she brings in to this madness?

      Her family is completely failing their responsibility. She should be involuntarily commited. This is nuts.

  43. Andy

    She was arrested 2 days ago for shoplifting.

  44. MJ

    There is not much to say that hasn’t been to say. I hope this mentally ill girl
    Is getting help.
    …and that mustof been a hellova sedative they gave her before the plane. Wow. I need me some of that.

    1. Kitty Katt

      My thoughts exactly re: sedative.

      A simple sedative would not do what it did to her because of all the meth she maintains daily.

      I did laugh when Ken arrived at the treatment center with her and warned them…..”the Cristy you see tonight will not be the same Cristy you will see tomorrow…or the day after”….lmao.

      1. Andy

        She did drink at her intervention. I think that’s how she managed to pass out like that.

      2. Kitty Katt

        When you are dealing with a meth head like her who drinks and smokes everyday, it had to be one hell of a pill.

  45. Toreigh

    So I just watched this episode for the first time today. Holy smokes them brows. On a cristy n celaya does come up as deceased. But no other information has been able to find on her. On my part anyway. Her relatives are liated as Armando Celaya and says she was last living in North Hollywood, CA.

    1. Stefan

      If that is her then I feel like it would’ve been reported by now, but Dizzy should probably still look into it.

      1. Dizzy

        Yeah I’ve seen the listing and haven’t found anything else to back up that it’s the Cristy we know.

    2. Andy

      I saw that record a few months ago. However I don’t think it was her. As far as we all know she is still alive and using.

      1. Kitty Katt

        and continues to be arrested.

      2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        Most recent arrest was last month for grand theft and vandalism over $5000

      3. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        I think she’s listed as “transient”…it’s not clearly noted – there’s some blocking out of the information.

    3. Kitty Katt

      I saw the same thing a while ago but assumed it’s wrong because everything else about her was still coming up as though she is alive (at this point anyway). Her arrest record continues to grow well past her deceased date from what I can tell.

      Those eyebrows on the other hand…..well, let’s just say I wish I could un-see what I saw….lol.

  46. Tobie

    I think that person is an old lady. This Cristy is alive and unfortunately, still using.

  47. Kitty Katt

    So seeing that Cristy was just recently arrested AGAIN and seeing how often she is arrested and what her rap sheet looks like, my question is THIS: Why the hell is this woman still allowed to be living on the streets (literally) and not in prison doing some serious time with all of these offenses she has listed on her criminal record? She is a habitual offender of the same 3 or 4 crimes which some being serious enough to warrant a good long stay behind bars or a mental facility if that it what is needed in her case. I just don’t get it. She’s arrested, let out, arrested again a month or so later and then let out…..repeat….etc. WTF?

  48. Andy
    Someone commented on cristy saying that she was seen in a video at a north Hollywood Taco Bell. She doesn’t look well apparently.

    1. Ami

      Here’s a link to that video:
      I’m not sure that’s her though? Her face looks different in the beginning of the video. Totally seems like how she would behave though.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Doesn’t look like her….doubt it’s her.

      2. Ami

        That’s what I thought.

      3. atschmid5322

        Disagree. I thought it totally looks like her.

      4. Luna

        That’s definitely her you can’t mistake that voice. Even my husband recognized her and he’s only seen the episode once

  49. Tazz

    I don’t know….I feel that there’s a possibility of it being her. That video was posted on 10/24, and she was arrested for vandalism over 5k and grand theft on 10/19. Grand theft is defined by a variety of different crimes. These dates are pretty close together. The damage done in that video was definitely a high-dollar amount. Her behavior and verbage was pretty on par with the Cristy we saw on the show.
    I’ve watched that video quite a few times now. She moves around pretty quickly,and there isn’t a super clear shot of her face. I managed to quickly pause it a couple times in some spots where it shows her face as clear as I can get it, and I feel that the possibility is definitely there.

    If it is her…she’s massively deteriorated. Her voice…wow.. The way she looks, sounds and behaves…she’s so completely gone.

    I don’t know. But in a way, it’s kind of haunting.

    1. Kitty Katt

      Although there are a variety of grand theft laws but what they all have in common (the crime itself) is stealing. Maybe she stole a lot of tacos? lol

      1. Chance and Destiny

        Grand theft in California is theft over $950.

    2. Lo

      It’s definitely Cristy. When asked in the comments when this happened the poster responded Thursday (10/18), but it was probably after midnight so technically Friday the 19th, which matches her arrest record. The poster thought she was on crack but her movements seem pretty consistent with meth use.

  50. Tobie

    Someone like Cristy, at this point, should be in a strict mental health court program, because I don’t think she is capable of doing much in life without serious intervention. She’s just going to keep doing drugs and wind up in prison. At least give her one good chance where she’s seeing doctors who can possibly help her.

    1. Stefan

      Before the de-institutionalization movement of the 80s (thanks Reagan lol) she definitely would’ve been. Hell, I suspect many people on this show would’ve been.

  51. Andy

    That’s defently Cristy. The way she was yelling sounded a lot like her at her intervention. When she turned around for a few seconds, if you zoom in it is definitely her.

  52. Holly Berry

    I think it’s her too. I’ve seen recent photos of her on facebook and twitter from that creepy, horrible Dennis Boca guy and the hair and face fit. Plus her voice sounds raspier but just like when she was yelling at her intervention.

    1. Toreigh

      I also think its her. The terrible eyebrows are still pretty spot on. And the disgusting behavior, the spitting and pissing herself. We are probably all just unsure because she actually has clothes on.

  53. Tazz

    I thought the same about her hair and voice. I saw those pictures too….they all match up pretty closely. The bottom of her jaw too that you’re able to see in the car window-I know that sounds weird, but it looks just like hers, like the way her jaw was positioned/rested.
    It’s just really crazy to see after all these years. And to be that little boy and have someone like that for a mother…man it’s heartbreaking.

    1. Ami

      If that is her, wow!!! She looks so different. She really needs to be locked up and/or helped.

  54. Franklin

    I would like to just comment on the greatest power move of all time: Getting handed a bowl of pasta, rolling up a huge fork-full, and then tossing the dish like a fuckin boss!

    1. Jeanbak

      And she sounded appreciative too (in words if not tone)”Yes,I haven’t eaten all day” Jeeze, I’d hate to do something that ACTUALLY warranted an angry response,she’d probably try to kill ya. Mental illness is a helluva drug as well as you know..the drugs.I feel so bad for her and those who care about her, I wish she didn’t just keep slipping through the cracks of our mental health and justice system and just slipping down further into her grave basically,instead of getting whatever long term(permanent) help she needs.

    2. Beatrice Thomas

      and then aggressively spitting it out 30 seconds later

  55. Teri

    Dennis posted a video of her a few weeks ago labeled “My Wife”. She doesn’t look twacked out, but definitely looks like she is still using. Doesn’t look as bad as she did in the taco bell video though.

    1. Stefan

      Do you have a link?

      1. Donna

        It’s on his Facebook page: Denis Bocanera

      2. Maggie S

        That is an extremely scary dude. At least people are calling him out.

    2. MDTIO

      he posted the same taco bell video of her also. its quite sad as he has clearly abused her in the past and exploits her

  56. Ami

    It looks like there’s blood all over the right side of her face when she turns

    1. MDITO

      if you pause it, looks like a tribal tattoo or something, kind of matches her face makeup/.

  57. Brooke

    ugh i cannot STAND this girl and i have absolutely NO sympathy for her at all. everything is a joke to her, she thinks she is so amazing from looks to personality and she’s not AT ALL. ugh,

  58. Jeanette

    Back in prison? Arrest Information for Cristy Celaya
    Arrest Name Cristy Celaya
    Age 37
    City, State La, CA
    Arrest Date July 12, 2019
    County of Arrest Los Angeles
    Source Los Angeles Police
    Arrested For WARRANT – Warrants Or Holds Only

  59. SMS

    Christy was arrested yesterday! It was on a warrant. She will be dead soon if something doesn’t happen drastically.

  60. Tara

    It said that she just got released on Sept 24 for rehab. Do they send her straight to rehab or just require that she get help other wise she will be arrested again?

    1. Susie

      @Tara….usually when you get released to rehab from jail you go straight to rehab. Do not pass GO. So like rehab would be your sentence, you dont have a choice and if you leave before your times up you go back to jail.

  61. Teena

    Arrested again on 11/26/19. She’s at CRDF being held on felony charges, no bail. Don’t know what the charge is

    1. Toreigh

      Vandalism and Grand Theft Auto

      If you scroll down some it has a list of her arrests including the one from 11/26

  62. Luna

    Okay I know this has become about updates and from the first time I saw this episode I KNEW it wasn’t gonna stick! Ken tried really hard on this one but I mean I knew she was gonna get kicked out even if she went.

  63. Luna

    My heart breaks for Cristy seeing all the hardship she has been through all these years. I wish she could accept the treatment and get away from all these people abusing and taking advantage of a clearly mentally unfit person

  64. Ash

    I found her baby’s dad on FB. I figured out who he was because you can see online a court record for custody. The boy seems to be doing well and is loved by his family! Also- Cristy’s stepmom and Cristy’s dad have a few kids together, and the stepmom posts about their kids often, but no mention of Cristy or her sister…

    Here’s the baby daddy’s FB:

    1. Kitty Katt

      I believe most of us have known this for a while. Thanks for posting for those who haven’t,

    2. Alice Schmid

      he seems like a good guy, with a great family So relieved for the little boy.

    3. Beatrice Thomas

      this is heartwarming to see! Her son looks so much like her…

  65. Luna

    I’m pretty sure the vandalism was from the Taco Bell incident.

  66. JuliePV

    Jesus, that’s appalling.

  67. Lacey

    I feel so so.bad for this girl. I honestly am getting (watching this episode right now) so frustrated with her parents. They act like they have no idea why she started using drugs and she has said it so many times! She did not know how to cope with her parents divorce and her mom moving them so far away. She wants her parents. She loves them. At this point she has built a fortress of anger and resentment that is so thick she is running off of being a brat just to get attention. I really hope this girls see how much she is loved and that she can let go of the resentments and get the love she is literally killing herself over.

    1. Kitty Katt

      Did we watch 2 different Cristy episodes? The one I saw showed the divorce being mentioned by the parents while Cristy denying that it bothered her.

      1. Sudie

        There are no winners here.

  68. Alice Schmid

    isn’t this illegal?

  69. Pangaeus

    No mention of her online anywhere since November, so hopefully she is still in jail. Seems like that is the best place for her since it appears that she isn’t getting institutionalized for mental issues like she should…

    She clearly has at least schizophrenia and is probably borderline combined with brain changes caused by long term meth use.

    1. Melissity

      She got arrested twice again this year
      Scroll down and you’ll see “previous arrests”

  70. Kex

    I honestly cannot believe what I have just watched…. very behind on the times (from the UK) and intervention only came on our Netflix. this poor girl…she very very clearly has major mental health issues on top of meth psychosis….unfortunately, I don’t think Cristy will ever get well seeing as this has gone on for so long. As for her family, I think who really knows what the hell went on because we see a 40minute snapshot of what they want us to see/hear with some information no doubt being edited…the sister definitely also had issues so who knows the background really?

    That poor girl, I hope in some way her soul can find peace.

  71. AK

    She is obviously going to die from this sooner or later, I don’t see any chance of her getting sober or getting any kind of help. She is so deep and so in denial, combined with mental health issues that she either spends her whole life in an institution or she dies.

    What makes me sad is that she got a child and that poor kid is set up for a hard life already. I am hoping she is not going to give birth again.

    I am usually a really empathetic person, but I find it extremely hard to relate to her or feel some sympathy. It is really difficult to see the person under all this addiction, aggression and chaos.

  72. Ash

    I feel so sorry for her. I don’t think she knows reality anymore. She’s missing out on life and just stuck taking all that crap. I hope she has no more kids unless she’s sober and stays that way.

  73. Ash

    Why haven’t twitter taken that down!? Totally f*cked up!

  74. Kat5566

    Poor girl, my arse.
    Cristy was way more Lucid than people thought watching the episode. Trust me, she knew exactly what she was doing. And I speak this way, because I know her crazy ass. Very well.

    1. M

      How do you know her ? Can you tell me more ? Thanks

  75. Stephanie Alice

    can this please be taken down?

  76. Jacob CYE

    Looks like she was arrested earlier this week.

    Arrested For 243(A) – Battery On Person
    Arrest Date February 11, 2021
    Release Date Not Available
    Bail Amount $20,000.00

  77. Linda O.

    I find Cristy’s story quite sad. Addiction is a brain disease; addicts’ brains fire differently than those of non-addicts. Additionally, trauma and hurt can spark the genetic propensity for addiction and thus the addiction gets activated when perhaps it would not have otherwise. Kinda like someone who has the gene for diabetes but then only develops the disease because of obesity. Nature and nurture working together.
    And as Cristy’s case shows in the most extreme way I have seen, drug use alters the brain, and it can do so to a degree where the brain cannot recover. Cristy is clearly psychotic, but it’s drug induced. Would it clear if she stopped? Man, maybe…hopefully…
    Please don’t make fun of this young woman. Clearly she suffers greatly and her life is in immediate danger. She doesn’t know how to take care of herself in the most basic ways – dressing herself, eating, keeping a place to live. She isn’t a jerk or an asshole – she acts like that because of how ill she is. Grandiosity, wanting what she wants always…emotionally she is a little girl and is clearly furious at her parents, as she should be. Remember during the intervention when she said, “I can’ believe you guys let this go on so long?” Indeed. Yet, obvioiusly she IS an adult and needs to grow up. The first step is to stop using. Does anyone know what happened to her?
    Please don’t make fun of her or speak of her derisively. Don’t you have an addict in your life full of pain? That’s her, too. See how the whole intervention came from a place of love? That’s the key. Please have empathy, and a good way to start is for each of us to give voice to and honor our own hurt places.

  78. meg

    thanks so much to everyone for your comments that made me search this episode out to watch it purposefully. it’s not often i have no empathy for the addict and instead just enjoy watching the trainwreck. in fact, i think this is the only time, lol! oh cristy, i really truly hope you are less nasty sober.

  79. Melissity

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen this whole episode. The intervention. Holy crap. She’s definitely got something else going on besides the addiction. 100% manipulative AF. I think you have to also factor in the fact that she had been doing meth for 10 years, starting at 14. Your brain is still developing at that age, and she straight FRIED it. The alcohol with meth completely messes up your nervous system too. The behavior with the writing, drawings and formulas definitely screams mental health disorder. Meth users and people with bipolar mania often exhibit similar behavior. She was so far beyond help, I can’t even unravel this one.

    1. Alex

      Oh, I can answer that for you. My cousin was in the same rehab facility with Cristy when she was kicked out for her behaviour and inability to follow the rules. Cristy was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder while she was there. People with NPD always think they are right, that rules are stupid, and will always rationalize their behaviour because they think they’re right about everything. You’ll never win an argument with a narcissist because they’ll gaslight you, and to them, they’re always right and you’re wrong. You can see her manipulation when her dad comes and visits her at the guest house. Her Dad says “looks like you have the selfish thing down” and instead of taking accountability she blames him “oh where did I learn that from, you and mom” She then goes on to say her mom was selfish for moving and her dad was selfish for wanting her mom not to get fat. They have no empathy. Look at the way she treats her dads guest house. How disrespectful. And laughing at her family as they were pouring their hearts out to her during the intervention. They will lie and manipulate anyone, even family to get what they want. Hence her lack of emotion. The crying she did in the van when she was on her way to the airport was just due to the massive dose of sedatives she was given. You can tell, even as a child, she always had to be the centre of attention. The home videos of her on the show, show her pushing her sister out of the way when she tried to get in the camera shot with Cristy. Cristy always had to have all eyes on her.. To quote her parents words on the show. regarding her childhood “she was a big show off” “she was a star” “she loved being the centre of attention” . Kids who exhibit narcissistic traits need strict rules from their parents if they don’t want the traits to develop into a full blown personality disorder. She didn’t get that. To quote her step bro “it makes me mad Mondo or her mom never gave Cristy any boundaries for anything she did wrong, what do you think is going to happen here” and her dad said “I thought raves were just a dance, I guess I didn’t really pay attention like I should have” and then her mom saying “she was doing speed everyday, and I didn’t know” How do you not notice your 14 year old child using speed daily? Cristy needed rules and boundaries, but got none of that. By the time her parents tried to step in she had developed a full blown personality disorder and didn’t care. She will never care as she can no longer feel empathy. She made a post on her Facebook page saying she “had to fight for the right to party” and when her family left concerned comments she said the same thing she did on the show “I’m just living my life, you’re the one that’s not around.” Again, rationalizing behaviour. She also posted pictures of herself on Facebook drinking while she was pregnant! With empties in the background! You can’t get more narcissistic than that. Anyway I hope this explains her off kilter behaviour and explains the traits of NPD. As for the “writing on the wall” and the delusions, that’s just meth psychosis. If you go days with out sleeping you’ll become delusional and start to hallucinate. People with Bipolar get this to when they are manic. It’s not the drugs that directly cause this, this drug use leads to lack of sleep, the lack of sleep causes the psychosis. She is not Bipolar, just suffering from meth use and lack of sleep. And NPD.

      1. ANON

        Thank you for saying this! I remember watching this episode when it first aired and I am rewatching the series now. Her behavior was far and away more extreme than any other person on the series, so much that even as a teenager watching with my mom and siblings we all said there’s much more going on with her than addiction. She’s clearly suffering from a then, as of yet unknown, personality disorder which the drugs amplified by orders of magnitude.

        She had no problems using and discarding people who were no longer of any value to her. Her sister comes over to get her something to eat and she starts a fight with her. Then minutes later after calling her fat and other abusive language she’s asking to borrow her phone. And when she doesn’t give it to her she gets one from the camera crew and hurls more abuse at her sister, who understandably, snaps and lashes out in the only way Cristy seems to respond to violence.

        In the next scene the same camera guy who lent her a phone refuses to buy her booze and she does a complete 180 on him and starts to get physical like she did with her sister. I have been around many addicts and people with mental illnesses and I can honestly say Cristy would be the same person she is in her episode with or without substance abuse. She might not be as physically confrontational, but she would still be emotionally and verbally abusive to anyone who doesn’t do what she wants the way she wants it and when.

        That woman is an incurable sociopath, no amount of rehab or incarceration will ever make a significant difference in her behavior. She would likely use what she learns in therapy to manipulate others better than she already does. She is the Steven Assanti (my 600 pound life) of intervention. Smug, confrontational, manic, manipulative, abusive, and completely lacking any sense of humility or remorse. I like to think that no one is cut off from redemption or a second chance but this young lady is too far gone to get help. Her only chance of sobriety and living past the age of 40 is a long stay in a state facility far from the general public. Sadly without that I could easily see her taking someone’s life, during a narcissistic rage.

  80. June

    This situation touched me… if you read this cristy , I wish you well.

  81. Kitty Katt
    As of May 2021
    Here’s an update on Cristy. Seems like she’s still alive through all the drugs, alcohol, physical/mental abuse, homelessness and even Covid. I don’t wish anyone death but I can’t believe she’s still around doing the same things even during a Pandemic.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I do want to add this:
      Besides her still being alive, the other thing that blows my mind is how this woman is allowed to go back on the streets every single time? Her arrest record speaks volumes as it’s not just drugs that she’s doing and getting caught with. There are some serious charges against her and it’s not just one or two. If she doesn’t kill herself, she will end up killing someone else according to some of these charges. Is that what it will take for CA to lock her up and give her time or is then they will realize this woman is mentally fried and needs to be institutionalized at best? Judging by the dates of all the crimes, she’s in and out of jail pretty quickly….and who is bailing her out each time? Her bail amounts aren’t a small amount either and considering she’s basically homeless, who is still enabling her and WHY?

    2. Kitty Katt

      Here’s a better link to see the breakdown on all of her arrests on one page.

      1. Susie

        Wow…just wow. That one longggg arrest record. She seriously needs mental help. So very sad.

      2. Donna

        Cristy was arrested again last week on 7/10/2021. She took someone’s car without permission. Can you imagine this chick behind the wheel of a car?! After looking at her arrest record, I’ve come to the conclusion that the courts either don’t know what to do with her or they just don’t want to deal with her, period. I guess it’ll take her killing someone before a judge finally puts her behind bars forever, either in prison or in a mental institution. It’s a crying shame.

  82. Marni

    This episode, as well as Hubert, are the most memorable episodes. I just remember the look on Ken’s face like Wow. I looked at her FB and she posted how she hopes her baby ‘looked this cute’, with a picture of a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome baby, pointing out the features and what not, since she used during pregnancy. Smh. She was something else. I can imagine how hard it was for her family to disassociate themselves from her, but it was the right thing to do for them.

    1. Tiffany Drake

      I’m thinking that the OB/GYN had likely told her that her baby would have FAS, that it is a certainty. So that’s surely why she would post that. However, Cristy’s behavior’s plainly show she has mental illness. Her responses are inappropriate, often smiles and acts happy when some other response would be appropriate. In fact, she responded happily to most anything, no matter how negative or contrary it was. What I’m getting at is that FAS is a terrible lifelong disability for a baby, and she responds inappropriately “I hope my baby is this cute” or similar. Plainly she has undiagnosed and untreated mental illness. Praying she gets birth control and never procreates again.

      1. Stefan

        She should be forcibly sterilized.

      2. Kitty Katt

        She’s an attention whore. She did it for reaction purposes only. The baby was born just fine. From what I remember, she did say she was having a few beers on weekends only. It makes sense since the baby had no symptoms from hard core drinking like she used to do before she was pregnant.

  83. Chris M

    It is so sad all the way around. Her criminal history escalated:

    1. J M

      I think there was a creepy element to her father that contributed to her overall breakdown. I hope I’m wrong, and that wherever Cristy is, she can find peace. Thanks for the link.

      1. April S.

        Her father is super creepy, especially that cringe-worthy song he wrote. I feel physically awkward every time he sings it. So weird.

  84. Melle

    I read Christy as a almost perfect textbook example of a psychopath. She can’t even begin to take her family seriously at the most serious moment. For most other people on this show the intervention is a moment full of extreme emotion, be it positive or negative. But Christy just… laughing? Psychopath.

    1. Gigi

      It has been years since I’ve seen the episode but I tend to agree…I have never seen another addict so devoid of humanity.

    2. Jay

      Or… maybe if you actually listened to what she was saying, that really was one of the first times, if not the first time, her family (mainly mom and sister) expressed concern or love for her. She seems to genuinely not believe it. I saw that in her eyes the first time I watched this episode. Anyone who’s using meth for a decade, especially when they start at age 14, is going to have some developmental struggles. I feel the only reason viewers are so mean and unsympathetic to her is because she was aggressive. But we can see that likely came from her family. Because she was way nicer to her dad than anyone else. People act like her family were such victims. They never seemed like victims at ALL to me. Also why did no one diagnose or treat her underlying mental illnesses?

      1. Stefan

        Well the dad was completely negligent when she was a teen.

      2. Britt


  85. A.S.

    I didn’t read her as psychopathic, more like straight up psychotic. Either from the meth or because she has a mental illness, but either way she most likely was really unable to control her behavior.

    1. Jay

      I agree. People are so unsympathetic to people with mental illnesses.

  86. Kitty Katt

    I don’t believe anything has changed. Her arrest records and a few pics and a video showed she is still the same, actually worse.

  87. Jamestail

    She was arrested again for taking a vehicle without owner’s consent July 10th.

  88. Shelby

    I truly feel she is a narcissist who just cannot see her own self. I was a meth addict for 10 years but my brain never cracked like hers did, which tells me there are major underlining mental disorders that caused her mental state to become uncontrollable but to her feels right especially on drugs and drinking. My thoughts though, she has always had the selfish idiotic tendencies and drugs amplify that, she enjoys that aspect of it and honestly…. she feels no one can take that from her and her proudness of drug addiction will always keep her there. Just like in the show when she laughed in Ken’s face because he was only addicted to meth for 5 years and she has him beat. As if this is a game and she MUST win. It’s sad but it’s true. I currently have a friend who started using when I did… she never stopped and acts just like this. Consistently in jail or mental wards but then released and right back at it. Major God complex and no ability to take responsibility of her own actions. She was also A LOT like this before drugs so it makes sense why her brain got stuck there, just like Christy’s did. Truly a sad story, I know Christy is a shitty person and was extremely shitty to her family but man is it sad to think about all the hell she has been through, abuse etc. The one thing we can hope for AT THIS POINT… is that she is so far gone, she doesn’t even register the trauma she has endured. I know that sounds bad, but after 20+ years of this…. I pray she can’t comprehend her pain…. it’s better she dies in peace than feel all the weight and know it’s there with no escape. That is literally hell on Earth.

  89. Mgg

    If you read this, merry Christmas, Cristy

  90. Tara

    According to the Los Angeles County sheriffs department page she got released from jail on 11/9/21 after her 7/10/21 arrest to go to rehab (court ordered). Does anyone know how this works? Did she actually go?

  91. Chandler

    I really wish there was an update about her! Such a sad life:(

    1. Rob

      Honestly, she’s so far gone it would almost be irresponsible to send a camera crew to find her. There’ll never be a happy ending for Cristy.

      1. Stefan

        Sadly death is the best we can hope for her.

      2. Dizzy

        No one is beyond saving.

      3. Courtney

        I agree, she is way too far gone. Her soul and brain are fried beyond recognition.

  92. Jay

    You have no sympathy for a person who is quite literally insane? You should be a little less mad at a 24 year old with years and years of meth psychosis and a little more mad at the parents who let it happen. This episode was one of the ones that I felt quite sympathetic towards because the way meth affects a developing brain is insane. Maybe you should’ve listened more to what Ken said.

    1. Stefan

      Then she needs to be institutionalized if that’s the case (and I believe it is).

      1. Sudie

        good luck finding one to give her long term care

    2. Elle Bee

      She is in her 40’s. This episode was nearly 20 years ago, and she had started using meth 10 years before that, at age 14. She was already in full-blown Meth Psychosis well before Intervention. Her family missed the boat for an intervention many years before she was even 24. Now, she is a middle-aged homeless addict in full-blown psychosis & most likely will die this way. Her family failed her & she also failed herself. Horrible situation.

      1. Sheels

        This is WAY more than just meth psychosis. People use for years and don’t act like this. I’m not saying to use meth but she clearly has preexisting mental illness that has been exasperated by the meth and alcohol. She is probably beyond help like you said. No medication can fix this or even restraining from any drugs. It is very sad. Her dad just ignored it all and was so selfish.

  93. Kris

    Someone spotted her super high and fighting with people at Taco Bell. She looks AWFUL.

    1. April S.

      Old news.

  94. Courtney

    One thing I don’t understand is this: why didn’t Cristy’s parents bring her to therapy or counseling as a child when they got divorced? The response she had finding out they were getting divorced by passing out is pretty bad. I believe that if she had counseling, she would’ve learned how to cope better with the divorce and not have gone down this path. I feel like her parents were super selfish by not bringing her to get therapy and for her father to move so far away is pretty traumatic, especially in the adolescent years. I feel like the dad on this show just wanted to plug his stupid music career instead of helping her out. Last I heard, Cristy was in North Hollywood high off her gourd throwing rocks at a Taco Bell while pissing herself. Sadly, she is way too far gone now.

    1. Stefan

      In the 90’s therapy was much more taboo, and was largely seen as something just for the wealthy or the extremely mentally ill. I remember when I first started it around that time it was explicitly something you never mentioned to others. Today thankfully it’s quite mainstream/accepted.

    2. J

      alongside the therapy stigma mentioned by another commenter, her parents seemed to be the kind that just did not care what she was doing. the half-brother alluded to this during his interviews, so them not getting her any outside help might’ve occurred even if it was more acceptable at the time.

  95. Willa

    Not surprisingly it looks like the state got involved in taking away her child

    1. Blob

      She never had her child. He’s being raised by his father. That is a link to a court case regarding back child support.

  96. Britt

    Hey Cristy, not sure if you read these. It doesn’t matter to me if you’re still using, I’m an addict myself.
    Just wanted to check in and send ya some love from Toronto, Canada.

    1. Chance and Destiny

      sending you love Britt 😊

      1. Britt

        Mwah! Love back from Toronto

  97. Britt

    Also I may be totally off base here but I know a lot of women who started using meth to stay thin, and if you remember in the episode she accused her father of “not wanting her mother to get fat, and sneaking hamburgers.” Like that could make any girl have an eating disorder and meth keeps you thin (albeit crazy) but I don’t blame Cristy I actually found her interesting and at times funny. I try to always focus on the good not the bad and the reasons behind why people do what they do.

    1. J

      i think she is a classic case of starting drug use at a young age and frying your brain, but i can see her being introduced to meth under the premise of staying thin. she’s so incoherent i don’t think anyone will ever really know “why”.

  98. J

    on a lighter note, i have to say – “I’m gonna drink, I’m gonna do drugs, I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I want, because you know what?! That’s what the government’s doing!” is still the most legendary line from this show even a decade later.

    1. Stefan

      and sadly it aged kinda well lol

    2. Britt

      Lmao agreed, that’s why I said I found her to actually be quite funny.
      Perhaps 2nd place would be Alison’s “it’s like I’m walkin on sunshine” which is still a meme used today

      I loved both of these girls so much they just remind me of me and that I am not as alone as I tend to think I am.

      1. Britt

        Apologies, Allison has 2 ms in her name.
        Grammar police

      2. J

        it’s def a top 5 quote, up there with “It’s like I’m walking on sunshine!” and “DON’T USE THOSE BUZZWORDS WITH ME”

  99. Bailey

    Arrest again September 2022 for GTA.

    1. Chance and Destiny


      1. J

        grand theft auto. she stole someone’s car.

    2. Willy

      Can you link your source? I searched her full name and I don’t see an arrest.

    3. Emily

      This can’t be her, the arrest record says they are 23 yes old.

  100. ava

    i really hope she gets clean i wanna see this girl win so bad. no ones ever too far gone

    1. Emily

      Anyone have a recent update on her? I check back here every few months to see if there’s any news about her. I’m so curious, I hope she is doing much better these days.

    2. DL

      How do you know she hasn’t gotten sober or at least cut back? I believe in u Cristy!

  101. Katie

    Just saw this episode AND read through all the comments here. Horrifying. She would be the same age as me. It’s incredible that she’s still alive. Right now I feel like I could die of thirst when I haven’t had a glass of water in a few hours, lol. Imagine how thirsty Christy must be. Seriously how can her little body handle all of this?

  102. Jia

    I feel for Cristy and her family. She is clearly suffering from serious mental illness that goes deeper than the symptom of drug abuse alone. Not all adults are equipped to live independently, even in sobriety, and in that regard the system has failed her. she might be a person who requires full time care and the right medications to even begin to stabilize.

  103. tranquil21

    Wow, I have not been able to stop thinking about this girl. What a sad existence. In a way, maybe ignorance really is bliss because she didn’t have a care in the world it seems. I have to imagine and maybe hope that she is in a mental health hospital now since that info would be private and no one can find anything else on her.

  104. Jean

    Has anyone heard how she is doing? I’ve been looking for something, but either she’s in jail (although not found in LA inmate search), treatment or on streets..