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Season 2, Episode 10


Age: 29
Location: Los Angles, California
Addiction: Heroin
What’s memorable: There’s a lot that’s memorable about Chuckie. He was born addicted to heroin, his parents were junkies and lived the literal rock star lifestyle. Now he’s the stereotypical junkie – he shoots up 20 times a day goes to skid row to get his dope. Despite all this, he remains likeable and you’re really rooting for him.

Official synopsis:  Chuckie, 28, is the son of a famous musician, and was born into the rock ‘n’ roll world of the 70’s. Surrounded by famous musicians and privilege all his life, he aspired to be an athlete or singer. However, drugs have over-shadowed every moment of Chuckie’s life. Born addicted to heroin, this third generation addict lives on the streets, and is the last remaining member of his family not to get clean. Chuckie’s loved ones hope an intervention will help him break free of his family disease.

Original Air Date: March 2006
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Shirley

    I eatched rerun of episode and hope ju are a sucess story been a heroine addict for 10 yrs and went to prison few times myself and wasnt enough to stop got pregnant and got clean 3 half yrs ago ,hope u were able to become a father to your son noah and watch him grow up

  2. jay

    I read in an article recently where Chuck Negron was being interviewed and he did say that Chuckie is doing great and now works for him.

    1. Jennifer

      Really ? I was looking for info or updates on chuckie. Having a hard time tracking it down but awesome to hear something positive I was seriously hoping n praying for a sober end / beginning of his story.

      1. Laura

        Julia (Chuckie’s mom) is very active in the harm reduction community and attends conferences on drug policy reform. I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with her a couple of times; asked about Chuckie, and she reported that he has been release, that he has shown improvements and is moving forward with his life.

  3. Nicole

    Julia Negron, Chuckie’s mom, did an interview on Klean Radio I found on YouTube that I thought was quite interesting. She does mention what he’s been through since his intervention but talks about a lot of other very interesting and helpful info as well. Unfortunately it won’t let me link it but it’s easy to find on google.

  4. Keisha

    Go Chuckie!! Pulling for you!

  5. Ginjer u

    I met chuckie in 2011. He was on a.maintenance program then but was trying to get things together. I understand how hard it is. My episode of intervention airs this season.

    1. CC

      Hope you are well, Ginjer

    2. Suzvkb

      ginger…I hope you are still doin good! 💜

  6. sue silversmith

    I saw this episode years ago and somehow he just tugged at my heart. I have never forgotten Chuckie. He is always in my prayers. I am a sober drunk of 30 years this Feb. 2016, one day at a time, but there by the grace of God go I. My son ended up being a heroin addict also and he now, tonight is celebrating 3 years being clean/sober. If we can do it anyone can. Bless all the people that have been on this show. Bless you Chuckie

    1. Kate J

      So proud of you and it is no coincidence I fell into reading some of these while I was researching Chuckie too. That episode and he and his family tugged at my heartstrings too. I am a newly sober drunk (like how you put that) a little over a year. Since covid I haven’t had really any resources that I was comfortably seeking out but through watching Intervention it is therapeutic for me especially if I hear about happy and positive outcomes for people. Keep rocking on with your sobriety bc your short simple story already reached me! Take care!

    2. Kathy Billings

      Thanks be to God! I love happy endings and I get it that it’s one day at a time. I, too, saw the Intervention episode with Chuckie and think of him often. I pray he beat the Dragon. God bless you and your son, now and forever!

  7. Tina S.

    I remember Chuckie because his dad is one of the members to the band 3-Dog Night. The last part of the episode of Intervention, Chuckie was in jail the last I heard from that episode of Intervention. I hope he didn’t go to prison. I know how it feels to be a addict. I have 25 years sober. I have no thoughts of going back out. If I could make I know anyone else could too. Why is because I’m very stubborn. I couldn’t accept that my life had become unmangible. But I finally did. I got away from the boyfriend that beat me all the time. Moved away from the city I was living in. That seemed to help me stay sober. I know that I’m sober and not a dry drunk, because a dry drunk still has the impulses to want to drink. I don’t have that. I don’t even go to the isles where alcohol is sold. Chuckie I hope that you can get your life together without drugs and alcohol. My little sister died of alcoholism in June of 2012. If I remember right, Chuckie has a child. He needs to be there for his child, sober. Chuckie, to you, from me, please stay or get sober. A sober life isn’t a bad life without drugs and alcohol. My life has moved forward for over 25 years and continues to get better every day. The hardest thing to do when you get sober is how to live on life terms without drugs and alcohol. That was very hard for me because when you get sober you are actually the age in the mind of the age you did your 1st drug or drank alcohol. I was 12 years old when I had my 1st drink of alcohol. I hope your doing well Chuckie. From a fellow recovering addict Tina

    1. Kevin

      That is not what a dry drunk is. A dry drunk is someone that doesn’t attend meetings and isn’t active in the recovery community. It’s absolutely okay to have cravings. For most people they never go away. Get a sponsor and stay active in the recovery community. Glad you’re sober and good luck to you moving forward but don’t spread misinformation

      1. Lorie

        I mean, you’re not entirely accurate either. Dry drunk, it’s someone who no longer drinks alcohol but otherwise still has the unresolved feelings that led them to drink and thus displays the same behaviors they did when they were on alcohol. You can be “active in the community” and still be that way, sadly. For some, it takes much longer to heal than others

  8. Nicholas

    Why did his father threaten to write that note. Does he not see he did exactly that. He choose drugs over his children. But hey. Money and fame. And why can’t this son of a bitch admit HE had an integral part in this. Both of them poisoned him with heroine from the womb to 8 years old. Fuck LA. God love Chuckie!

    1. Mary C.

      Nobody CHOOSES to be an addict. It is a disease, much like diabetes or depression or heart failure. His father is an addict, mother is too and thus their sons are. This is why they are called addicts, even sober. This isn’t the place to be down on addicts and claim it’s a choice. Stupidity is, however, a choice.

    2. Katie

      I actually agree with the spirit of what I think you are saying. Which is that the dad of Chuckie was really kind of on his high horse with everyone. Especially considering what a critical role he had in setting the stage for Chuckies addiction. It would have been nice if he had acknowledged that.

  9. Andy

    I hope Chuckie is doing good these days. He was definitely one of the most likeable addicts.

  10. Brooke

    ughhh the mother is SOOOO frustrating!! she’s like, “i don’t know how you you don’t help your kids”. Yeah uhhh you help your kids by holding your bottom line and NOT enabling them. bc you’re NOT helping him lady! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!! she clearly doesn’t know as much about addiction as she thinks she does. the father knows more than she does.

    1. perry

      it sounds a lot easier than it is. loving someone in active addiction is scary. it’s easy to criticize but try compassion. was she don’t the right thing? no, but she really was trying and thought she was coming from a harm reduction angle. hope the whole family is well

      1. CDF

        Being from San Francisco and a recovered heroin addict- I would say the whole harm reduction is pretty much BS. Every person I knew on methadone only did it to supplement their high. Every needle exchange user I knew had no intention of using it to stay safe and then get clean, as well as every person who used the drug use rooms that are provided had 0 intention of getting clean and I know of 0 that got clean from it. I have many friends from when I lived out of state who moved to SF specifically to abuse these programs and 0 of them are clean. I see it as government enabling. Growing up in SF drugs were obviously around. But now it is a complete zombie-land with open air drug markets. It has only made things totally and completely more accessable. Although i am a firm believer of these things because of my own experiences I can see why a mother would continue to enable. I only thank god that my mother took herself out of her life and my father only helped me when i was willing to help myself. It is truly a shame. That’s all it is..

  11. Nivey

    I found this article from Chuckie’s Dad from 2018 where he mentions Chuckie being clean! Such good news I was happy to hear it he was so kind and likable! Hope it continues.

  12. Nivey

    This FB post was from 2015. Chuckie with his Dad. He looks great!

    1. Paisley

      Video of Chuckie and his dad being silly boys in the comments. Priceless. I’m so happy for him and proud of him.

  13. Suzvkb

    I seen this episode countless times. chuckie broke my heart. all these years later & still I wonder & hope he’s doin good. the mother.. I do not fault her..I cannot fathom how hard it would be to want to help ur sick addicted child, while trying to not enable them to death. I hope I never know.
    –side this ep I heard a quote that stuck with me all these years..
    “heroin addiction is like someone giving u the key to a room that u always wanted to be in… and u never wana leave. the goal is to get comfortable with yourself outside of that room”
    as a recovering alcoholic/addict.. I felt that!

  14. KS

    I can see why Chuckie is very likable. I was absolutely rooting for him. Based off other comments it seems like as of recently he’s doing well. I hope Chuckie’s son Noah has been ok in this world. It’s not easy being born to two addicts. Although during filming his mom was clean, I can imagine staying sober is difficult. I hope the cycle stays broken within this family. I’ve seen Chuck comment some positive updates. I wish them the best!!