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Season 3, Episode 3


Age: 24
Location: Sacramento, California
Addiction: Alcohol
What’s Memorable: Jacob is a sad angry mess, but he’s so incredibly smart and self-aware and open about how he feels and where he’s at in his life, it’s very easy to like him. You root for him to get his shit together because you can tell he’d be an awesome and happy sober person. The followup is pure joy. I found myself wishing I could track him down and try to be his friend. If you’re reading this Jacob, email me. Let’s hang.

Official synopsis: By day, Jacob, 25, is a banker. But most nights, Jacob is drinking, driving and often engaged in barroom brawls. He recently overdosed on alcohol and prescription drugs. His heart stopped and he had to be revived with paddles. Jacob blames his mother — a drug user and former dealer — for his addiction. But will he be able to hear her when she pleads for him to get help?

Original Air Date: March 2007
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Eitan

    One of my favorite episode with one of my favorite interventionee. This episode should be categorized in Most Likable Addicts / Most Powerful Episodes / Most Unforgettable Episodes / Most Uplifting Episodes. Jacob is so endearing that each time he’s crying I am too. And FWIW, I’m a guy.

  2. Dizzy

    Well he did get Most Likable and Most Uplifting, that’s pretty good. But I agree with you, and I’m gonna add to Most Unforgettable now too because after how ever many years since his episode aired, it’s still the one I think about the most.

  3. Samantha

    Wow, I was beyond moved by Jacob. He was seriously so incredible… What a sweet and sad man; I could feel his pain, definitely. The minute that he walked into the intervention, you could almost feel how relieved he was. That smile on his face said it all. He was so ready to surrender, and it was so moving! That willingness to surrender is one of the most important things in recovery, and it was definitely there. I cried so hard when he said, “Of course I will go.” You could just tell that he really wanted it, and it was almost like he had been waiting. I sincerely hope that he is sober and well, and I’m sure that he is! I saw that he has had relapses, but that is just a part of his recovery story now. If you ever tracked him down, maybe you could get his autograph for me. 😛

  4. Gregory Moore

    Totally rooting for Jacob. I agree with the others–and would say he also gets the “Most Willing” to have an intervention” award, too. The thing we have to remember when watching these episodes is that many–perhaps, most–addicts do not have the money or the insurance to enter a 90-day, first-class rehab. To be offered the chance to have treatment at no cost has GOT to be a relief to many of these people–a chance that they might never have otherwise found. Jacob “got” it alright. And bravo to the couple who saw his episode and paid for his college. Even though he had relapses, I sure hope he’s back on track. That’s clearly a fine young fellow who had a rotten start in life. It would almost be more surprising if he WASN’T screwed up after that mess of a childhood he got dealt.

  5. Sandra Simousek

    Jacob was and still is the one addict I was truly rooting for from the beginning to end. Have I missed an update? How is he? I, too, wanted to be his friend immediately and I can totally be your friend in the Windy City! Email me too, Jacob!!! He is the one guy I think of every time I tune it or even see “intervention” on the guide. My thoughts always go back to him and I hope to God he is still living the sober life!

  6. Marsha Rogers

    Great episode – hope you are doing well! If you ever need a friend in Sac, reach out!

  7. Keaton

    Wonder how well he is doing now. He seemed like he was legitimately helped by treatment and is thriving in sobriety, more than some of the other addicts.

    1. Samantha

      Oh no! 🙁 I really hope he can get well… That was almost 5 years ago, so I wonder where he is at now with all of that. Still, I wish him nothing but the best- he was so inspiring.

    2. RIC CALI

      The Jason Cummins who was most wanted in Oregon isn’t the same one who was on intervention. There’s no resemblance what so ever to the two of them.

  8. Lissa

    From the above link (how sad):
    Jacob Lee Cummins

    Jacob Lee Cummins is being sought on a charge of Theft in the First Degree. On November 13 or 14, 2010, Cummins stole an expensive engagement ring from the home of friends he was visiting. He later pawned the ring, providing his Oregon ID at the pawn shop.

    Cummins is 29 years of age. He is white, stands 5-foot-11 and weighs 175 pounds. He has hazel eyes and brown hair.

    1. RIC CALI

      The Jason Cummins who was wanted in Oregon for theft isn’t the same one who was on intervention. In comparing the two it’s quite obvious that they’re two different people.

      1. Isabelle

        I don’t think it’s the same Jacob either.

  9. Pat

    I’m so sad to read the last comment about Jacob ( that he’s wanted for theft) . There was something about him that I thought was so touching, raw and genuine. A young man with a profound brokenness . Parts of the episode left me sobbing as something about Jacob’s self-destruction yet and remorse reminded me of my own beautiful son who lost his life to addiction. Jacob if you read this, remember your still a young man, take care of your legal problems and move on with your life. I saw the goodness in you that the world needs.

  10. Jimmie

    I was so happy for him that he turned his life around. I can’t believe the above link! I really was rooting for him. I hope he got back on the right track. He really had everything going for him! Poor kid….

  11. M.E.

    I think it is worth noting that the Clackamas County sheriff’s website seems to have possibly not been updated since September of 2012, so its likely that he isn’t actually wanted on this charge currently. Idk anything about his sobriety, wishing him the best of course.

  12. Kellie

    here is his facebook…hasnt been updated in 3 years. I hope he is doing well

  13. Mandy

    Jacob’s episode really hit home with me and his episode was absolutely inspiring…he seems like a truly awesome person, and I live about 20 minutes away from him.

    Unfortunately, Jacob (who is now 33) is currently in custody in Placer County’s jail…charged with burglary and ineligible for bail (projected release date: 02/18/16) ?

    1. Zach

      I had high hopes for Jacob but given the fact he has been arrested twice in the past five years, it’s safe to say the issues that plagued him back then still do today.
      Hate to sound cold but at this point, he has made his bed so he can lie in it.
      He was given chances to succeed and chose not to taken advantage of them.
      Hopefully his time in jail will wake him up but I’m not holding my breath.

  14. RK

    Jacob has a new FB page. He talks about being on Intervention and apparently he became addicted to heroin sometime after his episode was filmed.

    I felt drawn to him when I saw his episode and always hoped the best for him.

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you for commenting. I feel the same way. Here’s a screenshot of what he has to say about his Intervention experience. I don’t quite know what to make of it, but hell yeah I’m gonna read his book. Jacob Intervention Followup

      1. Ash

        I’ve always figured the whole reason the rehab gets paid for is because the addicts agree to let their episode air. I do believe some things can be edited/manipulated to look worse, but the addict is still doing these things.

      2. Pang

        I’m not really clear on what he is trying to say here…

  15. Halley

    I know I would also definitely read his book.

  16. Renee

    I can’t take that fb post seriously. He’s going to write a book about people that tried to help him?? C’mon dude. Also, with all the run on sentences and misspellings…your kidding, right?

    1. Jacob Cummins episode 36

      I understand, and yes im serious. Misspellings and poor writing must not hold back the experiences that I have been blessed with. The details of what happened and the lessons learned from never giving up are key ingredients to stories worth telling. I want to write a book, yes, and that does involve those that have helped me, yes-absolutely, does that reflect poorly on their involvement, no-it was their involvement that brought me to the present and the present is best place I have been yet! Thank you for your participation, I need to be influenced by outside perspectives.
      Jacob episode 36

    2. Bill


      1. Diane S.

        I caught that, too!

  17. Jacob Cummins episode 36

    This is Jacob…Jacob Cummins from episode 36. Dizzy, I wanted to show my gratitude by reaching out to you and answering the often asked question of, “what happened?!” The answer to that is much more rewarding and honest than television could ever articulate. That being said I am proud of the work that A&E’S Intervention put in not only on my episode but the episodes that continue to follow. I must say that they only filmed me for eight days before they did for me what I was unable to do for myself and to have such an accurate depiction of my mental state at that point in my life and for that to be utilized as a tool to better lives totally validates the sacrifice involved. I always wanted my fifteen minutes of fame, until it happened in the forms of episode trailers, fans of the show recognizing me when I did not want to be recognized, expectations-especially those that haven’t seen my episode has fueled my never ending pursuit of staying true to myself…it all falls under the often asked question…”what happened?”
    So I would like your participation in answering that. I must continue my journey following the path of keeping what I have by giving it away and what I have today is a gift, I have the present, I am a source of strength that can only be found through surviving the struggle so that it may be used as testimony to save those that wouldn’t or couldn’t survive such struggle. There is so much to say and there is so much to learn…starting with the answer to…”what happened?”
    I look forward to your anticipated involvement and I appologize it has taken as long as it has but trust and believe it couldn’t have happened any other way!

    1. Ash

      I can certainly understand that. I’m an alcoholic, everyday, regardless if I’m actually drinking or not. People that watch Intervention I think genuinely want the best for every addict & their loved ones, and I can understand when they become “disappointed” when an addict relapses. But as an addict, I also know the reality for addiction is it is very seldom remedied & cured after one intervention/treatment. One day at a time brother 🙂

    2. Natalie

      Hey Hun . This is Natalie . Happy you are doing well. I happy I got to know you . Even though I fueld the fire at times and I regret that. Our friendship was a mess. It was a bad time in my life and yours . We learn from our mistakes though . You are truly a good person with good intentions. Stay on track and do well . Shine and let people know the real you. I want nothing but the best for you . When or if you write your book I would love to read it .

    3. Jaime Lynn

      You seem to have such a sweet soul and desire to keep becoming a better man. You have given up at times, but something in you keeps you going. Setbacks are disappointing, but what matters is that you have continued to put one foot in front of the other and keep trying to make your life better. You may not be perfect, but you are resilient.

      As someone who is 37, I can also say that your thirties are sooooo much better than your twenties anyway. 😉

      Best of luck!

    4. Gregory Moore

      Hey Jacob–You’ll note I posted a comment back in 2014, near the top of this thread. If you’re looking for an empathetic ear, I’d be happy to help in any way I can, as you’re finding your way to “what happened?” (I’m a pretty good proof-reader, too, if you need one!). As someone who’s struggled with addiction myself, I’m a very non-judgmental listener. You’re fortunate, in that you seem to now understand that one of the most important steps in overcoming addiction is realizing how you got there in the first place. One has to sort of figure out where it is they are “from”–if only so that they know where it is that they do not want to return to. In any case, keep at it, buddy. You can get there. And I think your book idea will really help you gather your thoughts and figure it out. With best wishes always, Gregory/NYC

      1. Eitan

        Move over Gregory, I was here first!

        Seriously though, I like Jacob, but I went through his post three times and cannot make much sense of it at all. He says he’s going to answer “the often asked question of, “what happened?!” but then goes off on tangents and ends up requesting our “participation in answering” guess what? The “what happened?!” question!

        I’m going to go off on a tangent myself but what brought me here is a video of a heroin addict that looks a lot like Jacob:

        Impressive documentary on addiction esp. if you consider that it was made by a College student. For those like-minded…

  18. Sandy Sjoquist

    How in the hell do I get to become your friend? That’s what I’d like to know. 🙂

  19. Madeline

    He seems like such a like able and good-hearted guy. Here is his facebook.

    1. RIC CALI

      Jacob’s FB page has been deactivated.

  20. Congrats

    His fb is weird

  21. Ang Crivellone​

    I know it’s been a while since anyone has posted on here. I just wanted to say that you are all right. Jacob is a very sweet, funny, outgoing, person. He and I worked together, and we’re friends before his intervention. I still remember hearing his voice on TV from the other room. I was mortified. Especially because he’s not the first person I know who had been on intervention. (Gabriel V. The young man adopted​ from India was my neighbor and friend growing up. I even got him a job years back. But I haven’t talked to him in about 6 Mo’s ????) So it was even harder to accept. I’ve always been wondering about you Jacob. I want to talk to you. It’s been many years. But I have stories I remember when we were friends. Plus I have some other things I really want to talk to you about. I hope I can find you on Facebook these days…

  22. Andy

    I can’t tell for sure if this is him but its possible.

    1. Dizzy

      At first I thought no way, doesn’t look like him at all, phew! But I did a side by side comparison of the photos and all the same features are there, I think he’s just lost a ton of weight. Ugh, this breaks my heart. I really wanted him to be ok.

      1. RIC CALI

        This is not the same guy who was on intervention.

      2. Dizzy

        You know that for a fact or you just don’t think the photo looks like him? Because if you closely compare, the hairline and ears are the same. I was skeptical too but now I do believe it’s him, just much skinnier.

      3. RIC CALI

        What people need to remember is that there are a lot of Jacob Cummins out there. If the one who was arrested in Oregon for theft is the same one who was on Intervention I hope that he’s on the straight and narrow now and doing well. A lot of people who have the cunning and manipulative disease of addiction have a lot of potential to do well in their life. That’s definitely the case with Jacob. This disease will rip out a person’s soul. People who are lucky enough to survive and make it to recovery can really help a lot of people. I would say that if Jacob is clean and sober he could make a big difference in people’s lives.

      4. Andy

        Yes it is. If you look up Jacob Lee Cumming on google you can find a couple of his mugshots. There was one from him in 2011. They both have the same birthday and the same height. He was also wanted in 2010 around the same location where he was arrested in 2017.

      5. RIC CALI

        I googled his name and did find the mug shots that you spoke of. On the show he was I think 25 or 26. In the latter mug shots taken in his 30s he looks different. It is the same person.

      6. Kitty Katt

        Yes it is. He has more than one mugshot and all of them have the same birthday for him. Only difference is the aging and losing/gaining weight.

  23. Tazz

    Woah. It is him. Sad 😧

  24. Justin Llorente

    100% it is him. Hes still stealing and tweaking near sacramento….looks like death…

  25. Alice Schmid

    Addiction is a horrible thing. Jacob knows how to be a salesman. He is gifted at being able to tell someone what they need to hear. They should not have let him cave so quick at that intervention.

    He needs to be in therapy for years and years and years.

    1. RIC CALI

      Therapy can definitely help a person. Addicts and alcoholics need to immerse themselves into the AA or NA. Regardless of how much therapy Jacob might get if he doesn’t do a program he’ll relapse. I don’t think that they let him cave in quickly at the intervention. He was sick of the drinking and his life so much that he agreed to get help without arguing about it.

  26. Alice Schmid

    I look at his eyes in that crimeinformer mugshot and it breaks my heart. So much pain. So much destruction……

  27. RIC CALI

    I saw this episode the other night. I was most impressed with Jacob’s intelligence and his ability to sort out his problems. The way in which the show ended was he was at an expensive sober program in California. As for his recovery and :what happened to him” is a good question. Having gotten into heroin it doesn’t sound like he had a good program going. At a sober house you get pee tested and have 24/7 support. Once you’re on your own it’s up to you how your life turns out. It’s been 12 years since the show ended. Hopefully Jacob has gotten clean and become active in AA or NA. He’s rather young. Jacob needs to realize that sobriety is a life time battle. The disease of addiction is cunning and manipulative. It goes after the young and old. It’ll rip out your soul. Having battled a heroin and Oxy addiction for years. After the second overdose I realized that I didn’t want to die. Jacob seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. He knows what to do. It’s a matter of actually doing it. I really hope that he’s involved in the program. AA and NA help to keep me clean and sober everyday. I truly hope that Jacob is one of the lucky ones who was on Intervention and makes it. This guy has so much potential. He’d make a great Drug and Alcohol Counselor or a Certified Peer Support Specialist. I hope that he’s learned from his mistakes and is able to move forward in a positive direction.

  28. Brooke

    i really liked jacob. so much. all the fb links above are broken, here’s his most recent profile: he looks pretty good, i can only hope he’s doing well!

  29. Andy

    Here is his arrest record. It only covers his arrest when he is in California. He seems to go back and forth between California and Oregon. I am pretty sure this is his arrest record for California.

  30. Rob

    He’s back on Facebook as of June 2020. 2 profiles, neither have very much information.

    1. Isabelle

      That top link is definitely him. I wouldn’t have recognised him at all except for the necklace. Same as the one he was wearing in the show.
      I can’t believe the difference. So sad

  31. Alan

    I watched Jacob’s episode and didn’t expect it to hit so close to home. He reminds me of my brother when he was at his lowest points, hurting everyone around him, but you could tell it was killing him inside to be like that. How sad he gets after arguing with his mother, how distraught he gets after physical conflicts when drunk… It’s heartbreaking to see a sweet guy lose control like that.

    Also that quote from Jacob about how trauma in your own home makes you scared to sleep, scared to leave home, scared to go home, etc… I can really empathize with that sadness… it’s really like losing your home for good.

    Jacob came across very likeable and relatable, I hope he can see that in himself and gets the help he needs dealing with his buried feelings.

  32. Kay

    Looks like he was arrested again in March 2020. This is all of his California arrests. Sadly, the list is pretty long.

    1. Laura

      Wow. Very sad. I really hoped his life would be better.

    2. Tifffany

      His last FB posts were after this arrest date. So, maybe things worked out OK?

      1. Zach

        Sad to say but it shows an arrest in Nov of 2020 so it appears the answer is no.
        What a shame.

      2. Maz

        Last arrest is 15th Dec 2021. Looks like he won’t change. He’s in his 40s now, really time to move on, but with his upbringing it’s not a surprise.

      3. Halley

        So sad, though. I really liked him.

  33. Sashie

    Damn, it’s so sad he had a life of crime after what appeared to be such a hopeful time post rehab.

    1. Maz

      Agreed I really thought he’d make it.

  34. Jude

    I just revisited this episode..he reminds me of myself at the height of my struggle. I have been sober since 1992 but Jacob’s episode makes me remember to be grateful for my sobriety. Would love to talk to you, Jacob. If you see this reach out!!

  35. Dahlia

    This poor kid. OMG. Like everyone else, I have absolutely nothing but sympathy and respect for everything he’s been through. THE MOTHER!! OMG she made me SOOO mad!! I do wonder what happened to her tbh, because no one gets that messed up without something big happening to them. Wish Jacob and Mom well, and that any struggles don’t take them down.

  36. Nivey

    Jacob is one of the most self-aware and likable addicts by far! I prayed for him and hoped he would continue with his sobriety! His follow-up was so amazing at the end of his episode! Sadly, after following the links above, I found his most recent arrest, which was only days ago in 2022. It breaks my heart! He was dealt a shitty hand in life, and his tears and pain were so palpable. I cried right along with him; his anger was just masking his deep pain. I will continue to pray for him and not give up on him! Xo

  37. Cate Love

    Wow, I just read Jacob’s first draft of his book. It’s a great read already!

  38. Keith

    Found his facebook which he seems active on. Just search Jacob Lee Cummins in Sacramento, California. He managed to get himself a business so there’s that, a power washing company. But his last arrest was in march of 2022 and in 2020 he had a drug charge. All not good signs. And then in September 2021 he asked his friends on Facebook about how to break into a car. He also has a history of theft. Just all bad signs that he is still struggling. Unfortunate!