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S4E9 Brad

Season 4, Episode 9


Age: 24
Location: Undetermined
Addiction: Alcohol (vodka)
What’s Memorable: His mother trying to kidnap his sisters and leaving him on the front steps crying – abandonment issues understandable, right? How quickly he became an alcoholic after coming home from Iraq. How completely wasted he gets and the constant blackouts. The guilt he feels about not being back in Iraq while his buddies are still fighting.

Official synopsis: The chaos and bloodshed that Brad witnessed as a young soldier in Iraq, including the death of a close friend, left him emotionally damaged. He now suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and uses alcohol and marijuana to quell the endless nightmares and flashbacks that haunt him. Brad’s temper also flares and he’s had several incidents of blackout drinking which have led to two car accidents. His parents and sisters are terrified that Brad will kill himself or someone else in a drunken stupor. An intervention is their final attempt to save his life.
Original Air Date: February 2008

Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. irene

    I am a regular viewer of Interventions, one of the most memorable scenes of the program for me was in this episode. The part where Brad is passed out drunk again in the neighbors garage, and his loving and patient father walks over, throws Brad over his shoulder and carries him back home. That scene was sweet and so tragic at the same time.

    1. Jaclyn

      Brad’s sister here. That was probably the scene that got to me the most too. My dad would go to the end of the earth and back for Brad. Brad couldn’t see it then how much Dad loved him and worried about him. But he does now. And I’m so glad he’s sober.

      1. Angela

        Jaclyn, I just seen brads episode tonight and recognized him from when we were in basic training… I’m speechless that he went through all of that! He was such a happy, funny guy! I am happy to know he has recovered well!! I will continue to pray for him:)

      2. ziggy

        What is his facebook? I also have survivors guilt. If he ever needs a friend I would be glad to listen.

  2. Jen Wikstrom

    Though I am sure brad will never read this I just as a mother want to apologize to him for his own mother! I know abandonment my father and stepmother left me on my mothers doorstep with no one home when I was 10 because my step mother felt I was a burden to them and hated my fathers obligation to actually be a father. I am now the mother of two boys they are 7 years apart and do have different fathers but I would never ever ever choose one over the other, leave them for anything or pick one I liked better. The damage of having his mommy pick his sisters and leave him behind especially in such a blatant way is irreparable and beyond cruel. Cruel is no where near a strong enough word I don’t think there is a strong enough word! I am so sorry he had to live thru that and think he deserves to hear from as a mom I don’t think that he is less than, he is someone’s son and he is priceless! If there is a way to get him that message and if other moms agree and can tell him what his mother should have please do so. I was watching his episode tonight and it just struck me in a way no other episode of this show ever has!

    1. Jaclyn

      I am Brad’s sister and will get this comment to him. Thank you for your kind words. Brad is living in Virginia now and has been sober for over a year and a half. We are all so proud of him!

      1. connie

        I want Brad to know that I have seen dozens of episodes of Intervention and I never had one affect me like this one..I cried throughout the whole show..I could almost feel his pain and I have a son about his age and I could only imagine him going through what Brad has. Please tell him how much he touched my heart and I continue to pray for him.

  3. jason

    I am a desert storm veteran who self medicate with vodka. I start rehab at the va tomorrow. I get it. I do understand. I’m going to get help. I just wanted to let you know Brad isn’t alone. He is an inspiration. Peace and love. Jason

    1. sammy smith

      thank you both for serving!!! takes a special person!! good luck god bless

      1. Marie-Claire Pinet

        war is not good, they were no ennemies, there were no mass destructive weapons in Irak. Nevertheless, Congratulation Jason (and Brad) for going to rehab. So sad about your mother, Brad. I feel a lot of resentment towards her even though I don’t know her. I hope you’re doing well and that you’re happy. Your dad is a sweetheart.

  4. Leslie Viscioni

    If anyone in Brad’s family sees this, please tell him that this episode touched me the most of any episode I Have ever seen. He is a HERO and to have to go through what he has gone through is one of those questions I will never understand. His mom really messed him up, but I teach 6th grade and can say that it is unfortunately all too common. It is SO SO obvious how much his step mom loves Brad. I want Brad to know I texted both of my boys ( they are 24 and 19) to remind them how much I love them. One is in Greenville at college, the other was in the next room getting ready for work. Brad, if you read this, I can tell you are SUCH an awesome person. What happened to you when you were little was NOT fair. I am so sorry. I am going to be praying for you. I’m honestly not some weirdo who usually writes stuff like this. I teach 6th grade, my husband is a police detective and we have two boys. You are such an easy person to love. I don’t even know you and I feel like if you didn’t have that awesome step mom who loves you so much, I would ask to meet you so I could “adopt” you. I have looked for your last name to hopefully maybe facebook friend you, but know I am praying for you and have faith in you. You are a hero. You helped make this country a safer place for my boys and I could never thank you enough for that. My cousin served in desert storm in it took him years to “recover.” I think that’s pretty normal. I will never forget you. prayers and love to you, Brad.
    -Leslie from Naperville, IL

    1. Jaclyn

      Leslie, thanks for your kind words. I will be sure to pass them along to Brad. It’s comforting to know that he has in some small way, helped changed lives or change perceptions, etc. He is on FB under his full name, but I’m not sure what his privacy settings are.

  5. Jennifer Kersten

    I just watched Brad’s episode today and I have never been so touched by any other story like I am with Brad. Listening to what he’s gone through from his mother to Iraq, my heart just ached for him. I wept when I saw him hurting and when he was passed out, eyes open at the neighbors. His father showed such unwavering love for him and Brad showed it right back. That just struck me so deeply in the heart and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. If Brad or his sister or anyone around him ever reads this please let him know that my heart goes out to him and I wish him a long healthy prosperous life filled with all the love and happiness he deserves.

    1. Jaclyn

      Jennifer, I will pass your message along to him. Thank you <3

  6. sammy smith

    i tried to find him online as well … nothing . but i really wish and hope brad has found peace within!!

  7. Jaclyn

    Sammy, he is doing really well! I am so proud of him!

  8. sammy smith

    jaclyn do you think you can foward his contact info? please and thank you god bless

  9. Caitlin Hobbs

    I’ve searched for this episode for so many years. As an airborne brat myself, this episode hit oh so very close to home. I worked for the VA in the psych Ward, and I actually used this episode in my psychology final and received a 100% for my “Back From War” presentation..please keep fighting the good fight..back from war is a lifetime struggle. Good wishes and strength with god bless. Thank you for sharing your struggle

  10. Adam A

    This episode touched me quite a bit. Best of luck to you Jaclyn, Brad, and the rest of your family!

  11. Jennifer L.

    I know this is from 2008 but I’m watching this episode for the 2nd time and I’m so incredibly disgusted by the way Brad’s “mother” treats him. The fact that she abandoned him but took his sisters makes me sick. That is not a mom, that is a selfish person. This sweet boy not only needed but deserved to be loved by his mom but never was. What kind of person does this? And then she says that it’s not a big deal when you sign up for the military when there’s not a war going on!?! Are you kidding me??? Heartless and frigid are words I would use to describe her. Thank God for his Dad and Step Mom. I hope Brad is doing well now and I hope he knows how many of us are rooting for him and how appreciative we are of his service for our country.

  12. Tammara

    I just wanted to first say that I am 23 and in recovery for alcoholism and this intervention episode touched my heart.I wish you the best of luck brad its not easy I know for a fact keep up the good work

  13. Greg E.

    this episode was really powerful. I am in recovery myself and I have so much empathy for Brad and other young men and women who came back from the war with this terrible burden of addiction to deal with. I do hope Brad continues to do well. Any updates?

  14. Stefan

    The episode epitomizes why I despise war so much, especially when it’s all for nothing like in Iraq.

    1. Marie-Claire Pinet

      thank you for saying that! i think that a lot of americans are brainwashed about ” serving for making our country a better place ”. It just made it worse plus it killed tons of innocents, both arabs and americans.

      1. Luke

        You two should be ashamed of yourselves for your disgusting comments…

      2. A.

        Thanks for saying that! As an European it is crazy to see what these Iraq wars did… and still so many people in the U.S. do not get full information apparently.
        I do can see though how hard vets suffer from PTSD and so many other things. No war is a good war, everybody suffers one way or the other!
        So, all the best to Brad!!

  15. not thedr

    flash to 2018…How is Brad now? I felt so bad for him. he deserves better than that ballbag of a mom. I read that his g/f is expecting? not sure if its true but I really wanted to see im do good

  16. Alice Schmid

    Please Brad, forgive yourself. The world needs their Brads.

  17. Alice Schmid

    Just got to the point where Brad’s mom abandoned him.

    God, I hate that horrible excuse for a woman. Horrible horrible woman, who has the audacity to try to RATIONALIZE her horrific cruelty.

    His step-mom sounds like a wonderful person. She allowed herself to fall in love with a stepson who resented her.

  18. Alice Schmid

    Sgt. Decent (I heard it that way at first, and liked the poetry of it) died by bleeding from his femoral artery, Brad, if it was a result of the 6 inch wide hole in his leg; The carotid artery is in your neck.

  19. Brooke

    found his fb. i hope he’s doing well.

    1. Mimi

      Thank you!!! Watching his episode now and could not stop looking for an update on him! Looks like he has a daughter and has been 6 years sober, so good to hear

      1. Stef

        He has a son and he is currently 6 years sober. Just had lunch with him Saturday.. he is doing alright. I’ve been a long time friend of Brad’s since we were teenagers at the skating rink and am friends with his twin sisters… he is truly an inspiration to all who know him and it’s wonderful to see that he is touching so many lives still.

      2. Marianne Brown

        Brilliant to hear! Alcohol is the most insidious and destructive drug. Well done 👍

  20. Marie-Claire Pinet

    Wow, so glad to hear that!

  21. Nicole

    Looking on his Facebook it seems he had a son in 2012 ish – no recent pics are public with the son but there are a little bit more recent pictures of him and his niece. Wishing the best health and happiness for him always!

  22. Bryan

    caught this episode as a rerun 07/29/21. Brad’s story is heartbreaking. I pray everything worked out for him. He seems like a great guy that was put in multiple horrible situations. Really dealt a shit hand and had trouble making the right decisions. Stay strong Brad, hope everything is well.

  23. Name

    I watched the episode yesterday, so heartbreaking. I hope he’s still doing well. I can imagine his trauma from this unnecessary war… Keep on going, Brad.

  24. Sara

    From Facebook, it looks like Brad now has a service dog 🙂 His dad and Dawn both passed a couple years ago.

    1. Kara Bishop

      Oh my gosh that just made me almost cry. this episode filled me with love from this family they were two great people i’m so sorry to Brad and his twin sisters for their Great loss! 🙏🏼❤️