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Season 4, Episode 2


Age: 37
Location: Los Angeles, California
Addiction: Meth and Alcohol
What’s Memorable: I think it’s interesting that Fabian thinks he needs to be high/drunk in order to create, and doesn’t realize he’s not actually making much of anything.

Official synopsis:  Fabian, 37, was once a successful entertainment entrepreneur, but his escalating addiction has cost him everything.
Original Air Date: December 2007

Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Sara

    Fabian is one of the most unforgettable episodes. And I can sum up why in a few simple words: fetus in a jar.

  2. Renee

    Of all the abusive parents whose children were featured on this show, his mother was the scariest – those eyes. If only her mental illness had been addressed – I would have loved to learn what childhood factors contributed to her behavior. And it would be nice to see a followup on Fabian, I so hope he found a good enough reason to want sobriety.


    This is a very memorable episode and it makes me sad to see that there is only one comment! Very odd situation with his mom and the whole “fetus in a jar” thing. I hope he is alive and well, although it did say at the end of the episode that he was still using..

    1. Kara

      At the very end of the episode it said that Dawn was using and then with Fabian it said that he got kicked out and then he went to another place and then it said that he did a 12 step program and he’s been clean since so maybe you didn’t see the last part or maybe I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that said that.

      1. Kij

        I just rewatched this episode and the ending was different. Maybe they did an updated update (lol)? Literally just ended it and said Dawn was sober, Fabian was kicked out of rehab for making homemade wine, evicted from his apartment and still using.

  4. Janelle

    This is yet another example of how often times within an addiction dynamic the addict isn’t always the sickest person in the room. Often times there is one or more people in the addict’s inner circle that is even sicker.

    Some other examples: Nicole (the Canadian alcoholic girl with the mom from hell), Sebastian and Marcel (the heroin addict brothers with the most inept and clueless parents in the history of the show), Luke (the crack addict from San Francisco with the extremely codependent mother), Tim (the crack addict musician whose girlfriend wanted him to stay sick in order for her to feel needed), Vinny (the crack addict with the overindulgent father), and Gina (the Korean heroin addict with the cruel dragon lady mom).

    1. Stefan

      Very true. I’d also add to that list Amber’s (the bulimic/alcoholic) mom. Her quote where she implied she wished she never had children really disgusted me.

      1. Lhamo55

        I just watched that again last week and felt she checked out early on. I felt that her dad actually did the right thing by refusing to put up with her behavior and did not deserve to be condemnation of the other more enabling relatives.

    2. Andy

      I agree with this. I think dizzy should add another category for dysfunctional family because there have been quite a few addicts on this show who were way more sane than some of there family.

      1. Lhamo55

        Agree. With no new episodes, this ia a good time to rewatch all the episodes with a compassionate focus on how loved ones might better avoid enabling and maybe even consider seeking help for themselves.

        This show and its offshoots continue to offer so many of us a deep learning experience. For me it has been a primer for self awareness of my own addictive behaviors.

  5. Jordy

    I couldn’t believe his backstory,and how his mom was SO crazy and brutal growing up but still there for the intervention and cared about her son’s life. Fabian should have had a full episode. Hope he’s ok!

    1. Beatrice Thomas

      He does look like he’s doing pretty great! Maybe he got sober later after all?

  6. Brooke

    i cannot believe his crazy severely abusive mother is part of any of their lives!! and that she was even part of his intervention. her abuse, especially the severity of it, really angers me so so much! so glad he’s doing well despite her.

  7. Keith

    On his facebook I found a post from March of this year where he talks about a friend of his who is miraculously alive after flipping his car. Then explains how even two drinks is too many to drive. He then states he is a grateful recovering alcoholic. This would bode well to the fact he mentioned in his episode that he needs alcohol when he does speed, so I think we can eliminate that drug from his life also. Also he looks to have his own film business. Glad to see he is doing so well! I love to see it.

    1. Kij

      Thanks for that update! Reallly hoping he’s still doing well. Poor Fabian. Takes a strong person to overcome what he’s been through.

  8. Nena

    Fabian is a friend of mine and I just wanted to give the update that he is thriving, he is healthy, and he has his sobriety. life has been much kinder to him.

    1. Xlio

      that’s so great to hear! just rewatched his episode and wanted to check in.