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Season 4, Episode 6


Age: 22
Location: Undetermined
Addiction: Food
What’s Memorable: How sad he is that he got so big, the incredibly messed-up family dynamic, especially dealing with his father. The followups and Josh’s subsequent youtube videos that shed more light on his situation. Here’s the latest video I could find.

Note: Josh is in the “Homosexuality as possible addiction trigger” category because he came out after the episode aired. I don’t know for sure that being in the closet was a part of his overeating, but it certainly makes sense.

Legacy Update:

Official synopsis: Next, a talented singer and the owner of his own karaoke business, 22-year-old Josh is addicted to food and weighs 550 lbs. Josh’s father, Rex, has the same weight problem–at 317 lbs., he’s a diabetic who’s had six strokes. Now, Rex watches helplessly as Josh follows in his footsteps toward an early death. Josh’s mother and two brothers hope that an intervention will be a wake-up call for the whole family to choose health.

Original Air Date: January 2008
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. jessinoz

    Seems as if Josh continues to do well.

  2. Jerry

    Hang in there Josh.

  3. Vanessa
    I found this March, 2015 update!

  4. Tina

    Wow! Josh is successfully conquering his food addiction and has lost so much weight. He seems happy with life and, as a bonus, has a handsome partner now. Check out his public photo on Facebook:

    Waaaaaay to go, Josh! I love happy endings, or should I say…beginnings. 🙂

  5. t.toro

    I am so happy to hear that Josh is doing well. He looks so great! As someone who’s struggled with my weight I totally felt his pain. So it’s inspiring to see him doing great.

  6. Andy

    Hey Dizzy you should add legacy updates to his category.

    1. Dizzy

      Yep, done. Thank you.

  7. Jeanette

    Location: Arlington Texas. The comedy club Josh was performing at in his intro is 700 Secretary Dr.

  8. Stefan

    According to his Facebook page, Josh has checked himself back into rehab for food addiction. At this point I think he should just get weight loss surgery.

    1. Kitty Katt

      Even with weight loss surgery, if you are addicted to food and continue to eat unhealthy, the weight will come back. Weight loss surgery is not a solution but rather a tool to be used along with diet and exercise.

      1. Stefan

        For sure but at this point he’s running out of options.

  9. Amanda

    As of June 2020 it looks like Josh is doing well, he has a YouTube channel as well and talks a lot about his journey.

  10. Shauntal

    Josh’s awful abusive father drove me nuts. So shameless in his cruelty towards his kids, and it was sad to see the mother sit silently by and watch her husband treat her son without an ounce of compassion. Forcing him to ice cupcakes, say he can’t have any, then licking the mixer while staring at him—the guy seems sadistic. It’s so heartbreaking to see the impact on Josh and likely his brothers , too. I’m glad to see Josh seems to have come through it and is out there sharing his experiences. He seems like such a sensitive, kind, and talented person.

  11. Stefan

    Josh recently started a podcast: