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Season 5 Episode 4


Age: 32
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Addiction: Dysphagia (unable to swallow). Also pain pills

What’s Memorable: She hasn’t swallowed food or liquid in 14 years! I mean seriously. Not even saliva. That’s disturbing enough, but her inability to swallow is a traumatized response to being forced to perform oral sex on her friend’s father when she was a child. The man who did it admitted to it, got probation, and still lives in her neighborhood, triggering her over and over every freaking day. Her parents did nothing when it happened and now everyone just tells her she should get over it and move on, that she’s just looking for attention. No one in her life seems to have any sense of sympathy for her, they just think she’s disgusting. I mean she clearly needs help, she’s very unhealthy and she’s been resistant to getting that help, but I do believe that if her family could get a grip on WHY she is the way she is, and that she needs their support and not their judgment, she would be more willing to get better.

Official synopsis: After being molested as a child, Nicole developed an unusual eating disorder–she was unable to swallow. By age 16, she weighed just 68 pounds, and doctors inserted a feeding tube into her stomach. The tube was supposed to be temporary, but 16 years later, Nicole still relies on the tube and can’t swallow any food or liquids. She also abuses prescription drugs and neglects her two daughters. Her husband plans to divorce her if she continues to neglect their children.

Original Air Date: December 2008
Interventionist:  Ken

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  1. Jess Russell

    Anyone know if Nicole is still alive? If so, is she still using the feeding tube?

    1. Gloria Noriega

      i wish we had an update on her, Nicole’s story was very compelling. God bless and thank you for sharing your story with us Nicole!

  2. Clementine Danger

    You know, “Intervention” is a good name for this show, but “Rapists Getting Away With Shit” would be just as correct.

    1. monica

      >You know, “Intervention” is a good name
      >for this show, but “Rapists Getting
      >Away With Shit” would be just as

      SERIOUSLY. THANK YOU. my blood boils when i watch this show. and “Families Pretending They Made Up The Sexual Abuse Claims To Get Attention And Make Everyone Look Bad” would unfortunately be a great subtitle

    2. Keekz

      I am just appalled that her parents feel “she should get over it already” don’t they understand they created a much bigger problem than the rape itself even?! And her dad is a cop, she must’ve felt so abandoned and alone, I am cringing seeing this. And…how many girls were raped by the same man by not filing a report????

      1. Amarie

        Seriously!!! Ugh they irritated the hell outta me!

      2. Kate

        For real. If that had happened to me as a kid and I told my dad, he would have hunted them down and rendered them unrecognizable. Her dad’s lack of action or even care only reaffirms ACAB.

      3. Courtney

        I was sexually assaulted at 29 by a man who was supposed to be my friend. I’m almost 34 now and I still have nightmares about the attack. On top of that, I was raped by another man at 30 after he drugged me with pot laced with I don’t know what. I reported the first guy to the police and all he did was lie and said I consented. Since when did yelling, “stop it,” “it hurts,” and “no,” mean yes? I never reported the last guy because I am too scared to. I don’t know whether he has connections to certain people that could harm me or my family and I don’t want to find out. Plus, the statute of limitations has expired on it. Luckily, my parents, boyfriend and friends are very supportive of me and therapy has helped a whole lot. No credit to my ex who accused me of “asking for it” and saying that me being assaulted reminded him of when he claimed he was “falsely accused” of rape.

  3. Kari CD.

    I just watched this show. So disappointed….really wish we had an update,,,,

  4. K

    Watching her parents was horrific!
    Her Father is a cop and he did NOT turn this guy in!??

    Her counselor eventually did!

    And her husband….I have my own addiction issues and my husband is an AMAZING husband because he refused to even risk impregnating me, until I was in treatment and recovery. I am now sterilized. Because I fear I will never be truly healed. And it is WRONG of me to ever subject an innocent life ( a child) to such issues. This man not once but twice, helped participate in putting a woman with major issues through the psychological rigours of pregnancy!! Who the heck does that to someone on a feeding tube!?
    And instead of making treatment a condition of being around her children, he takes her back!??
    Could not even be strong for his own children.
    Nicole was NOT the only one with issues in this episode.
    Sadly, two innocent children are subjected to that.

    And before jumping on me, both of her children were born SEVERELY underweight and had to be in the ICU. The fact that they were allowed to be on this show and so graphically interviewed is beyond disgusting!
    The husband blames Nicole for how the children were born and a host of other problems.
    Yet, last time I checked it takes TWO to make a child!

    This is the one episode where the adults (at least the supposedly sober ones) should be left to their own downfall because their heads are so far up their own asses….DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THE INNOCENT CHILDREN INVOLVED!??

    I hope those children have some saving grace…person in their lives.

    This one was a cluster*k.

    1. Eric O'Donnell

      Thank god someone who thinks exactly like me

    2. Msnick77

      I thought all the things you did! Well said. I hope no one “jumps” on you. My thoughts were even more graphic, as in how does one have intercourse with someone who is that sick? Not to say she is disgusting, but to say why not nurture & care for her, ensure she gets help, be friend, then begin a relationship when she’s in a healthy headspace…if that’s what she wants. On the hand I think to myself, welp…that’s truer love than I’ve experienced outside of my kids. I get the side eye from being a few pounds overweight.

    3. artemisia


      Seriously, I was *stunned* by her husband. Who in their right mind impregnates a woman who needs a feeding tube to live? Not once, but TWICE?

      This woman is too traumatized to EAT FOOD NORMALLY. Clearly she is in no state to be pregnant, much less raising children.

      Totally baffling. Sure, you can say that she is also responsible, but he is the “normal” one, supposedly.

    4. Stefan

      This is perhaps one of the most mature comments I’ve ever seen on this board. Bravo to you for realizing that a child wasn’t going to solve anything, and that you understood that you could be setting them up for a miserable life. I think it makes you a good parent because your not a parent, if that makes sense.

    5. Kitty Katt

      There many women out there that are/were in the same situation as Nicole. The only difference is that these woman followed doctor’s orders and delivered healthy normal weight babies. Nicole obviously didn’t follow the rules or perhaps didn’t care. This is why in one scene Bob mentions something about not caring or did her job during the pregnancy.

    6. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      I agree as well…there are no “winners” here.

    7. Shannon Monaghan

      Beautifully said, I’ve searched everywhere and can not find this episode nor can I find any kind of update on her. I want to see this episode so very bad. I pray her life has turned around, if nothing else simply for the sake of the children she should have never had to carry to begin with. As a recovering addict myself I refuse to have anymore children just because I finally found an amazing man when I divorced my abuser, and even tho he has no children he backs me 100% in my decision even with the confidence he has in my sobriety after 3 years. I will never again carry a child after watching what my almost grown (15 and older) children suffered when I went to rehab. I truly pray this girl has gotten a decent way through the healing process.

      1. Seeleigh

        It’s on Hulu now

  5. S

    I know Nicole. I grew up with her sister. She is still alive although I don’t know much more than that.

    1. Ashley

      Very sad that that happened to her and the “cop” didn’t turn the guy in?! He shouldn’t be a COP…cops are suppose to serve and protect and he did neither..poor woman had to be subjected to such a disgusting act…they need to execute pedophiles and child predators… You can’t rehabilitate them…it’s funny drug addicts get more time then child molestors… What’s wrong with this society we live in?!

      1. Xlio

        I think it’s because, sadly, he knew more than anyone that the system is broken and no real justice would be served.

  6. Ravensravens

    My family is friends with her family. I just returned from her memorial. Her feeding tube hole got infected and it wouldn’t stop oozing. Rip Nicole

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you for the update. Very sad. Do you know of any way that I can confirm this? What is her last name? Is there an obituary online somewhere? Thanks again.

    2. Gloria

      Has Nicole really passed away? If true, so sad.

    3. Ashley

      R.I.P. Nicole…very sad…and f**k the asshole who sexual abused her and caused her eating disorder…he should have died…NOT her. I don’t even know Nicole and my heart breaks for her and her family…may her family find peace through this difficult time in their lives. May Nicole finally find peace and happiness on the other side. :'(

    4. Marie-Claire Pinet

      are you nuts or what? she’s not dead why are you writing comments like that?

  7. Max

    No proof of her death

  8. Cb

    I think there would be some evidence if she passed. I hope not

    1. Sarah

      Yes she is still alive and on a feeding tube and was in a treatment facility

  9. Beccs

    Nicole has not passed away. I will not go into details but I will say she is fighting so hard for recovery and is the strongest most amazing person I have ever met.

    1. Recovery

      Yes Nicole is definitely alive. She got her feeding tube removed and is starting to eat more food, she’s awesome! I was just in treatment with her.

      1. Emily

        Very True! I was in treatment with her too and she is doing great!

  10. Jess

    Really? That’s good to hear. How are her daughters? I know her older daughter (at the time of the show) wanted nothing to do with Nicole… I felt so bad for those girls (being a mother) … I really hope Nicole is okay and getting better.

  11. Oz

    That’s great news

  12. Jodie

    Where can I watch this episode online? I’m from the UK so can’t stream it straight from A&E.

  13. April

    I don’t think Nicole is dead, but I at least know for sure that ravensravens comment is false because I met her in eating disorder treatment in November. She is such a sweet, and incredibly brave person. I honestly don’t like how the show portrayed her but I guess that’s reality television for ya.

  14. Dewey

    Anyone know how last name? So glad she’s doing well

    1. Traci Lynn Kent

      Sorry its a little late but on her facebook it looks like shes doing really well. Even posted food she made/ate.

  15. Kitty Katt

    This is her most active/current fb account.

    Her status says single…..don’t know about the feeding tube but she looks the same to me except an older version. From what I can tell, she seems to have a current relationship with her daughter Maison but I don’t see anything about Morgan on there (she was the one who basically wrote out her mother from her life when they were filming her Intervention episode). If we were to “assume” or “judge” about anything of her life now (which is only human nature and not a fact at all) then my opinion would be that certain things didn’t change except perhaps the feeding tube being removed (which would only be a guess).

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      Just looked at it – she looks wonderful!

  16. Gman

    Her 5’10 180 lb boyfriend Charlie Baugher, charged her with assault and she just got out of jail after 7 months in the slammer. She had a major drinking problem when she could no longer get opioids and klonapins. Verify at Md Judiciary case search . May the time will help her though, she was going down the drain last I heard.

    1. Kitty Katt

      Do you have a link?

  17. Nope

    Ok this is ridiculous. You do not “walk off” trauma. An unsupportive network that feels victimized by the person who they should have helped and then blaming the victim for it is freaking stupid. She’s mentally ill and it’s known why. Should have paid for a therapist like normal people instead of this weird stuck in the dark ages family where the person to blame for everything is the victim.

  18. Donna Murphy

    The intervention and family was not professionally directed to do the correct language and work needed… the Father really needed to articulate and say he had done the immoral and wrong thing to not report the paedofile, he needed to take a straw man vs steel man approach and take responsibility for letting her get abused on his watch… he did fail and then he dismissed and protected the pseudo file to protect the perpetrators wife and children?

    No your priority was to protect your own child?!

    The father and mother failed their child. This whole family seems sick… the sister seems to be angry, the mother enabled the father’s lack of empathy and stubbornness… their are layers of dysfunction in this passive aggressive and covertly toxic family that are swept under the carpet. The father seems to be very blaming shaming and desensitised.

    I hope this family is taking some responsibility and seeking help themselves the mother really has enabled the Narc father to scapegoat his own daughter and blame her for their failures.

  19. Gaye T

    Dysphagia Is the disorder of not being able to swallow. Dysphasia is a communication disorder. Please correct .

      1. Stefan

        It’s crazy how long that went unnoticed lol

      2. Tazz

        I was just going to say the same thing! Great catch!

  20. April Rose

    Nicole looks as if she has gained some weight and in my opinion looks WONDERFUL! I just did a Facebook search, and although there are like 4 different profiles for her, the most recent one has a selfie I’m assuming from earlier this year (or maybe like the end of 2019), and I swear she looked so good in the photo!

    I sure hope she did get her life back and in order.

  21. A

    I noticed that this family seemed particularly harsh, especially the father and sister. At the birthday party, Nicole’s sister was quite openly glaring at her and talking behind her back. I realize it must be a difficult thing for her sister to live with; however, in my eyes this kind of behavior is not only unfair to Nicole, but also not a great example to anyone’s children as they may learn to do the same thing in reaction to anyone who is different, ill, or struggling in some way.

  22. Kitty Katt

    I just watched Nicole’s episode again and something dawned on me about her father. He was a police officer at the time and did nothing about Nicole’s molestation (legally), as we all know. For whatever the reasons he gave, they weren’t good enough for me to accept.

    Question: As a police officer (not as a father), isn’t it his legal duty to report something like this whether or not the victim will be believed? Isn’t that in some way “illegal” of him as an officer not to report it? I don’t understand how he was not held accountable since it was the therapist who reported it and not him. This bothers me a lot and I can sympathize with Nicole when she said her father could have done a little more for her after the pedo got off on probation.

    1. A.S.

      No it is unfortunately not required for police officers to report abuse.

      1. A.S.

        The only way it is required is if it happened in the last 48 hours

  23. Kitty Katt

    Even though Nicole and her husband both said it’s not a eating disorder, I think part of her issue was just that. I believe she had both issues going on at the same time. Reason I say this is because it said she had a heart attack a year ago. It’s common to have one when you have an eating disorder (usually it will kill you) but I’m not just basing it on that alone. Right after it was mentioned, Nicole does say she wasn’t feeding the way she should have which is why she had the heart attack. Since the only feeding she gets is through a tube, how and why would you stop feeding yourself when you can’t eat to begin with? It was also mentioned that one of the places she had gone to in the past labeled her as anorexic. It’s why she kept saying she’s not going to any eating disorder clinic now. Doctors also told the mother that it was a mental issue and not a physical one as to why she c an’t swallow. Eating Disorders are mental issues.
    Also, why the hell did the doctor who inserted that tube for her (or any doctor for that matter) take out the feeding tube instead of letting her waste away and not getting down to the core of the problem?

    1. L

      While there may have been some disordered eating issues, I think the main problem was the body isn’t supposed to live off liquids for that long. I can’t imagine feeling hungry with a tube in my stomach and having protein shakes pushed through it. Then adding all the pain pills. That’s really hard on the body.

  24. Dahlia

    This episode really made me HATE Ken. I dont know what went through his mind during this, not making the family take responsibility and the joining the family in BLAMING HER WTFFF. Shameful amd disgusting. He should not be a doctor or interventionist of any kind.

    1. A.S.

      Well keep in mind their main job is to get the individual into treatment, and Nicole had a very complex set of problems which Ken on his own was not qualified to address. But I do agree that everyone seemed to be blaming her for something that she had no control over. This was one of the least sympathetic families I have ever seen, except for the mother who did actually seem to care about Nicole.

      1. Dahlia

        All very true. It all was very off to me. Sister and father were so awful to her, on and off camera.