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Season 5 Episode 9


Age: 22
Location: Wayne County, Indiana
Addiction: Alcohol (vodka)
What’s memorable: “It’s a sick love affair and I’m a hopeless romantic.” – Anthony. Oh, Anthony. Such a sad lost soul. His alcoholism is so advanced for his age, he’s been hospitalized 12 times in 3 months for alcohol poisoning. And what a mess he is when he’s drunk. He’s got a very sad and tragic story, never feeling welcome in his own family and losing his brother after taking care of him and even donating his bone marrow. The followup is uplifting, really hope it took.

Official Synopsis: From an early age, Anthony’s father made him feel worthless. His parents divorced, and his mother remarried, but she was still unhappy and turned to alcohol and drugs. It was little wonder, then, that Anthony began drinking at age 13. Another blow came when Anthony’s younger brother died of leukemia. Anthony spiraled downward, and now he drinks half a gallon of vodka a day and takes whatever drugs he can find.

Original Air Date: January 2009
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Lena

    Anthony is not from Wayne county Indiana, He’s from Michigan. I wonder how he’s doing nowadays…

  2. spooky

    He was indeed from Michigan… I think about this guy a lot, we were from the same punk scene and I always wonder how he’s doing. Any updates would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Kelly Causey

      just seen him ….hes back in rehab

      1. melissa

        How can i reach him id like to help

      2. Alice Schmid

        august 2014 is 4 years aqo now. And I think about 6 years after his intervention. I would hope he can go back to rehab and get it to stick…..

  3. Holly

    How is he doing now? I wish a benefactor would pay for him to go to art college.

    1. Zachary Charles Teigen

      Did you ever reach him? I’ve been trying too, I’d love to talk to you too 714-864-8306.

      Anthony, please hit me up, I wanna talk to you

  4. Kat

    So very, very sad what Anthony had been through and to see where he ended up. I was amazed and touched by his group of friends. Hope he is well today. Even at his lowest you could still see what an intelligent and compassionate guy he is.

  5. Pb

    I can’t forget Anthony. It is a miracle he is alive. I hope he is in remission from self numbing and destruction….his soul needs to shine for us in this life.

    1. Joodie

      You’re romanticizing him

  6. Jess

    This episode is so, so, so hard for me to watch. Anthony looks so much like my ex husband, acts like him, and is into the same punk scene as him. They even cry that soul crushing the exact same way. My ex still struggles with drugs and alcohol and it hurts my heart that I can’t help him and had to leave him because of it.

    I really hope Anthony is okay and doing better. Such a wonderful soul.

  7. Sarah T.

    I truly hope Anthony found himself!! He is a great kid, smart, big heart. He deserves better than what he got, I hope he realized/realizes this and chased his dreams.

  8. Erika Q.

    Anthony! He deserved so much better in life. I hate the way alcohol takes everything away from smart capable people. He experienced the saddest loss I can think of, losing a sibling. If you’re reading this, my mom has been an alcoholic for 20 years, she lost her twin sister. If you ever read this, please continue to be strong Anthony,I’m a complete stranger but your story resonated with me and I don’t even know you but I care very deeply for your well being.

  9. kristy

    I felt Really bad for him he was in hell. He was young when the episode aired and he just seemed to be lost and overwelmed emotionally but I had a feeling that maybe as he grew up a bit he would find himself he seemed to be a really smart guy. I really hope so but I can’t find any updates on him anywhere.

  10. jon

    I wish depressed people didnt drink alcohol. It makes some other drug addictions seem like a picnic by comparison. I have lost more friends that only made it to 30 from alcohol, which like drug abuse, is an epidemic in Alaska, where I am from. I think it’s due to the cold and darkness of the winters in the north, and the isolation it causes.

  11. Flo

    Any updates on Anthony

    1. Wendy D Taylor

      Anthony’s mother Linda died 2 years ago from a heroin overdose

  12. Rinna

    If Anthony or anyone who knows him who is reading this, this is one of the more relatable episodes for me. I went nearly 100k in medical debt when putting my brother through stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma and I became an alcoholic at that point in my life too. He didn’t die though, that was my only saving grace. But I almost died from drinking, even with a good outcome. I know it’s not the same, but I understand your pain Anthony and hope you’ve finally experienced some sort of happiness and peace.

  13. Flo

    How is he doing

  14. Nickel

    Any updates on this guy? He broke my heart. Such an amazing group of friends, great uncle, and adorable grandma. With all of that support I think he may have had a fighting chance.

  15. Alice Schmid

    sloppiest drunk episode. Awful.

    1. Alice Schmid

      I mean this in reference to watching him and his mom dealing with each other drunk.

  16. mamansexprime

    The show has said that over 30 people from this show has now died, with how bad his liver was I can only assume he is one of them 🙁 RIP

    1. Dizzy

      41 have died that we know of, Anthony is not one of them. Here is the list:

      1. Stefan

        Yah I’m very surprised he’s still alive considering how near death he was by the end and he relapsed.

  17. Isa

    Please does anyone know how to contact him?

  18. Lex

    I would be open to starting a GoFundMe for Anthony to get him back on his feet and I’m sure others would too. He seems so genuinely sweet and I don’t even know him but I do know he can overcome this. I overcame addiction and homelessness, it’s been 6 years clean and the best years of my life. I wish the same for him.
    It’s really too bad that there’s no updates anywhere about him.

  19. Nancy

    I just watched this episode of Invention. I believe i live very close to where Anthony was at the time this episode was made. He/They are referencing places very close to me. Maybe that is why this story is resonating with me. I wish there was some way to help. I wish we knew how he was doing. He was in a very bad way when this aired in 2009. I can’t believe he is still alive.

  20. Beth

    I really wish there were updates on Anthony

  21. Tazz

    It looks like Anthony’s mother, Linda passed away earlier this week. Here is her obituary.
    Anthony doesn’t seem to be anywhere on social media. I can only hope he’s well and happy. I went through a similar childhood, and think about him often.

  22. MJ Calvo

    He is such a sweet sweet soul. I am genuinely heartbroken. I really really hope he has seen the light somehow. I wish there were updates on him. I felt his pain.

  23. sarah

    I’m currently studying to be a counselor and undertaking my placement at a drug and alcohol charity, I very much felt, Anthony would be a dream client, so insightful and so creative. Where ever you are Anthony I very much hope one day you realise the sublime potential you behold. Sarah from Great Britain

  24. Dianne

    Does anyone know how he’s doing? Hope he managed to get well. I have never met anyone so addicted they would drunk hand sanitizer. I hope he overcame his addiction and if he did he would be a really good at helping others.

    1. Ashley

      Drinking hand sanitizer is insanely more common than you think. I spent 4 weeks in a detox center to taper off valium and I noticed all the hand sanitizer units were quite small. I asked a nurse about it and she said too many alcoholics who were coming in would drink the stuff, so they top up these tiny dispensers a dozen times a day.

      Apparently it’s so common that some manufacturers are creating methanol hand sanitizers that addiction/mental health places are snapping up, as drinking it makes you go f#cking blind. And some still run the gauntlet and drink it knowing it can send them blind or kill them. It’s insane the lengths full blown alcoholics will go to for a ‘drink’.

  25. Bev Phillips

    I wish I knew what happened to him. Just watched the show again.

  26. rb

    I just watched his episode, and I really want to know how he‘s doing 🙁

  27. Rona Walstra

    I just watched it again and searched to see how he’s doing. Searched the Internet, hence why I’m here and leaving this message. I sure hope he overcame his addiction and is alive and well out there. Just broke my heart. I know after 16 years of going through my eldest daughters addiction. Thankfully she’s currently over 2 years sober. Never give up.

  28. Emma

    Where is he today? Hope he’s ok.

  29. Mark Rice

    yes i liked Anthony but I feel he was too enamored by the attention he was getting thru his illness. Felt there was probably a little immaturity there, which isnt surprising, considering he is a kid. Definitely smart and even good looking if he lets himself be, got a lot going for him. Obv not a lot of self worth, which again isnt surprising after having that bastard says those things to him as a forming soul. Think he could beat it. Do got to say though Ive never seen anyone drink like that. He has to feel like utter crap 80% of the time.

  30. camilla

    I started to watch Intervention today and, damn, anthony’s episode made me cry so bad. Now i’m in here in tears searching and revolving the web in hope to find out that he is doing fine now, that he achieved all the success in life he deserves so fucking much.
    Damn, even dealing with all that hopeless misery, Anthony still showed himself such a sweet, smart, big hearted and creative kid. His words soaked with love and sorrow when talked about his brother shattered my heart.
    His so fucking talented and kinda rebellious way to express himself drawing, that subtle poetry spontaneously put in his words… the bittersweet way he expressed himself like he had behind his eyes an angry animal, so upset and furious about the unfair game life left him to play. All of that touched and impressed me.
    Even with the scarcity of tools to develop himself, he showed an intelligence and ability with the words so above average.
    I read above Lex’s comment about open a GoFundMe for him, I super would contribute and im also sure others would too
    Anthony, wherever you are, keep in mind that your soul is pure fine art. Dont let it perish.
    If anyone get any news about him, please comment. I activated the notifications.

  31. illana

    God, i hope he is doing fine. Such a smart guy.

  32. illana

    why the fuck did they FUCKING LET him drink hand sanitizer?
    it was irresponsible and disrespectful by the teamthat was filming.
    they should just interfere and stop him. God, he could had poison himself and they were just filming him instead of stop him.

    1. Stefan

      No kidding. It’s like on Laney’s episode where they let her attempt suicide.

      1. Ri

        Which one is that?

      2. Xlio

        Type in Laney in the search bar of this website

    2. Ashley

      I’m pretty sure both parties (the addict/family and production team) sign off on a contractual agreement that the crew are there to document their daily lives and neither party can interfere with the other.

      It might seem rough to let him drink hand sanitizer, but he no doubt has done that plenty of times before and would have done it if the camera crew wasn’t there anyway. If the camera crew step in for this, where do they stop? Shouldn’t they stop the heroin addict who’s about to shoot her 5th consecutive bag and is already near unconsciousness?

      The camera crew aren’t there to support or assist the addict. Just document as mutually agreed.

      If anything, it’s exploitative…but that makes the viewer guilty of exploiting them too by watching their product.

      1. Rob

        I absolutely agree with Ashley on this one. Hand sanitizer has been featured in several episodes, and is just as potentially dangerous as anyone using fentanyl on the show. The camera people are there to document, and the producer assigned to the addict is the one who checks on them, stops them from driving intoxicated, calls for medical support if needed, etc.

    3. Ana

      I agree that was so fucked up! They recording it and letting him do like no one was watching! Really bad!

      1. Pang

        I don’t think they are allowed to do anything until the person becomes unconscious. Then treatment can be administered.

    4. A

      I agree, to me Anthony was extremely ill and at risk for either accidental overdose or suicide. At some point they really should step in and say that’s enough, we’re going to stop filming and actually do something to help you.

  33. Miranda

    Anthony is an amazing, wonderful, creative human being that absolutely deserves to be happy.
    I do hope he finds it.

  34. Marie-Claire Pinet

    Humans are very fragile and the lack of love at a verly age can mess us up so badly. It’s so sad that he feels like he’s been cursed and that he ”likes to be hit”.

  35. Ren

    He’s on Facebook, obviously healthy and thriving.

    1. Camilla

      I found his whole family and Nicole’s (best friend who was on the episode) facebook.
      But i didnt found Anthony’s profile

    2. Camilla

      But I hope so.

    3. Junkielove

      Could you share hes FB?

    1. CJ

      Looks like him and his girlfriend looks like Nicole

    2. Camilla

      i wish it was, but im 90% sure that this Anthony is not the same Anthony and 100% sure that girl is not the same Nicole.

    3. Junkielove

      Doesn’t look like him at all. I wish the folks on the show had their own website or even came here and let us know how they are doing. They don’t have to share their FB/IG but just an update and photo. It makes me super sad when no one can find them on social media or on the net, usually doesn’t mean anything good.

    4. Emily

      Anthony was one of my good friends in high school. This is 1000000% not him.

  36. Mikey

    Heres his uncles FB. I have watched this a few times since i got hooked on the show in 2016. I really do hope hes doing ok especially after his mam has passed

    1. Junkielove

      I don’t think that’s him.

      1. Tania

        No it’s not that Guy has a tatoo with the name of his mother Roselyne

  37. Junkielove

    Hey all, Andrews story hit me like a ton of bricks. The pain ooozed from, I couldn’t help but cry throughout he’s episode. He was the first person I came here too look for an update. It broke my heart not seeing one, so I went on a mission to see if I could find him or contact someone close to him. I sent a Hail Mary email to someone close to him and after a few nail biting days he got back to me. Granted it was a very short and sweet email, he said 3 amazing words.. “he’s doing great”. I was so relieved to hear that. I wish I knew more but I don’t want to pry into this guys life. After all I’m a complete stranger.

    1. Ali.M

      Thanks for providing this info about Anthony.

      I’m just a stranger too but his ep haunted me, it was gut wrenching, he seemed like such a kind and sensitive soul who was in an incredible amount of pain. You could see that his family and friends cared for him deeply and he was unable to feel any of that love. Heartbreaking.

      I check back here once or twice a year for updates so I’m so happy to hear he is doing well. Addiction is terrifying And anyone who can extricate themselves from its grip is incredible. Hope he lives a long and happy life.

  38. Artkid

    I went to elementary and high school with Anthony. He was a grade older than me, and we were in different social circles. I was friends with his sister in elementary school when their little brother got sick. He was such a cute little kid. I didn’t know the dad hit the mom. Both him and his sister were extremely quiet. He was always really good at art, and I had a few art classes with him. He and his friends were definitely too cool for me, haha. Some people in his clique very openly drank during school hours. The girl is the video was very friendly to everyone.

    His story is pretty common for my hometown. I’d need a few more hands to count the suicides and overdoses for my classmates. I hope he’s doing well and still drawing. The pictures of his artwork they showed didn’t display half his talent. He is significantly more talented than that.

    1. JJ

      He was class of 2004 I was 2005. It was crazy watching this episode when it came out. Showing him at St.Mary’s drinking sanitizer was enough. Poor kid and sister went through a lot. Hope all is well.

  39. Lindsey

    Hi all..
    I have just had an update from Anthony’s uncle..
    Anthony is alive,he his doing really well especially this year.

    1. Xlio

      That’s so good to hear!! I think about this episode often. Thanks for the update. Everyone on this site deeply cares for the addicts featured.

    2. Jesse

      Do you know how to get in contact. Successful punk about his age from Canada who would love to chat.

    3. Camilla

      I’m so happy to know that <3
      I found uncle dave, nicole and uncle Robert's facebook, but did not have the guts to get in contact.
      By the fact that Anthony himself is almost impossible to get in contact directly, i concluded he just didn't want to be found (by strangers and stuff). So i gave up.
      I'm glad someone made contact (thank you!) And I'm happy he is doing fine. He showed himself such a smart guy. Pretty sure he can find his way to a successfully life, If staying sober.

  40. Laura

    Almost gave up trying to find updates on Anthony, my heart sank at the end of his episode when it said he’d relapsed but it’s so good to hear he’s doing well!! His story really stuck with me

  41. Marie

    Best wishes, addiction has different faces. Was touched by Anthonys story too, hope he’s doing good.

  42. Gabriella

    This is the last picture I could find of Anthony, on his mother’s profile (who has passed away). He looks great in the picture.

    1. Jen

      That’s his uncle in that picture.

  43. Tina

    Anthony lived in Wayne county, Michigan (not Indiana) Shout out to Livonia! It’s hard to see but many times children who are abused turn to substance abuse to numb the pain.
    I would have liked to see Anthony get sober and hope he’s okay.

  44. May

    That’s not Anthony, that’s his uncle

  45. LK

    God this episode hurt. I could feel his pain and understand why he was abusing alcohol, although I myself never got quite to his level I still struggled. I understand so intimately the “tortured artist” way of life that he was going through (referring to his incredible drawing skills here) and I related to his intense feelings and sensitivity very much. This is why people who don’t want children shouldn’t have children, even if their spouse pressures them into it. Good lord. I hope he is doing better nowadays.

  46. Intervention Enthusiast

    currently on TrueReal but i’ve seen this episode before. anthony is truly an awesome human being. i hope he stays strong and stays alive.

  47. Katie

    Maybe add the “most likable addicts” tag? I loved this kid! I just wanted to hug him until he stopped drinking (which I know doesn’t work, but still)

  48. Anthony M

    When Anthony talked about his Brother’s death from Leukemia, I just couldn’t hold back tears because it’s truly is just so heartbreaking to for anyone to have yo deal with that sort of loss.