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Season 5 Episode 14


Age: 35
Location: Seattle, Washington
Addiction: Heroin
What’s memorable: How isolated he’s become, so distant from his loving and forgiving son.

Update: A friend has let us know that Nik died on November 29, 2014 after having surgery.  Read more here. 

Official Synopsis: Beloved by his five sisters and his teenage son, Nik 35, was the glue that holds his large family together. He was a proud college graduate who became the director of a multi-million-dollar casino chain at a young age. But now Nik is a homeless drug addict. Four years ago, after a debilitating back injury, he became addicted to OxyContin. His addiction worsened and he turned to heroin. Now Nik has lost his job, his home, and custody of his son.

Original Air Date: July 2008
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Nick C.

    rest in peace Nik my fellow washingtonian

  2. snugs

    Watching this episode a few weeks ago I thought that Nik might not be around anymore since he just looked so physically sick. When he was shooting up in the park into his hand, it was horrifying. I feel for his son so much, I hope he gets some counseling.

  3. Will B.

    I spent 4 days in jail with Nik, in King County Jail. Turns out we were in there for the same thing pretty much (wont go into detail but you can probably guess).

    Despite our conditions as drug addicts and being locked up we hit it off pretty well, he was a very friendly guy and funny too! We couldn’t sleep in there so we just talked and talked and talked. Timewise this was in 2012, well after his relapse. I remember him talking about the casino he used to be a big shot at and he told me all about the filming of Intervention, like how annoyed he was with the cast because they were trying to film everything including the drug deal and almost got things pretty ugly.

    Just got a weird idea to google him and I am sad to find out he is no longer with us. I hope his son and rest of the family can get closure and recover as a family unit.

  4. Mike B & Mary M

    R.I.P. Buddy we miss you a bunch. I spoke with him between surgeries & he seemed pretty optimistic. He was very grateful to have his family by his side & supporting him during the time of his injury. Thank you all for your kind comments from a couple of Nik’s friends.

  5. Nicole B

    Nik was a great guy. Went to high school with him and his little sister. Partied with him a lot after high school and miss seeing him around. He’s missed by many.

  6. Tom

    They just showed a clip of him in the promotion of their new season. They implied he is still alive — not cool.

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah, they’re using clips from the “Final” Episode (Season 13), which aired before his death. It bugs me a lot, I hope his family hasn’t seen that promo.

      1. Jordy

        Oh my goodness, how can A&E not realize that?

  7. Laura

    I hope his family joins the suit against Perdue. For whatever reason this episode really left me feeling hopeless about the opioid epidemic. He didn’t have a chance. Such a sad episode.

  8. Xlio

    If anyone else was relying on findin Intervention episodes on Prime/Hulu here is the link

  9. Albert

    One of Jeff’s interventions when he doesn’t say “Love you like crazy.” but “Love you like max.” instead. Must have been a momentary glitch in his brain.

  10. Jayla

    Anyone know how his son Ian is doing. What a wonderful kid, I hope he’s well.