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Season 6 Episode 8


Age: 29
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Addicted to: Alcohol (Rum)
What’s Memorable: Everything she’s given up in order to just hang out on the couch and drink, how dependent she is on her mother.

Official synopsis:  While Andrea was growing up, she yearned for a relationship with her mostly absent alcoholic father. During high school, she sought solace with her boyfriend, moved out and started a family at 19. Andrea soon became overwhelmed with parenting duties and turned to alcohol. As her drinking escalated she turned to the only person she felt would understand–her father. Four years ago, Andrea’s father passed away and her drinking has since spiraled out of control. Now, she is unable to raise her children and spends her days on her mother’s couch drinking.

Original Air Date: July 2009
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Jenn

    I just watched this one last night… Haven’t seen it in awhile. It really resonated with me because I am recovering from drinking myself. AA is so key- God is key (not religion)- I didn’t lose my marriage or kids thank God, but I really related to her- being overwhelmed with two kids, having an addict for a father (my dad is addicted to pills). I hope she is still happy and sober!

  2. Alice Schmid

    I am surprised there isn’t more interest in Andrea’s story.

    Does anyone know how she’s doing?

    1. LNewbs

      I am also, actually- this was a rough episode!! Andrea was so frail- it was sad and scary. I really hope she is doing well.

    1. Dizzy

      Wow, yeah she does. That’s awesome.

    2. Laura

      So happy to see she seems to be doing good, one of the better success stories from intervention

    3. Honey

      Wow she looks incredible and so beautiful!! Like a whole new person wow. So happy to see !

  3. Elizabeth

    Every time I watch this episode, I’m struck by how much better and healthier she looks at the end.