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Season 6 Episode 3

Sonia and Julia

Age: 23
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Addiction: Anorexia
What’s memorable: Everything! This episode sticks with you long after you watch it. It seems so clear that these two are addicted to each other, positively obsessed with each other, and not eating/being thin is just another way for them to compete. I mean they’ve obviously got a serious eating disorder, but it’s more obvious than usual that it is a symptom of much deeper emotional issues developed probably as a result of them never having had their own identities apart from being a twin. This is a fascinating, profoundly sad , but ultimately uplifting story that is truly unforgettable. One of Intervention’s best.

Legacy Update:

Official synopsis:  Identical twins Sonia and Julia, 22, shared everything as children and grew up in a loving home. Their parents emigrated from Poland and worked multiple jobs to send their children to the best schools. But now the family’s American Dream is turning into a nightmare as Sonia and Julia are withering away from anorexia. The sisters’ competitive spirit has turned to bitter rivalry and jealousy. And they’re so stricken with fear that the other will burn more calories that they never let each other out of their sight. Now their desperate parents seek help.

Original Air Date: June 2009
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Rachel

    Besides the Allison episode, this is my most memorable episode watching the relationship of these two girls was so strange. I always think back to them moving methodically in sync, and their agreements regarding their eating disorders. They’re an example of what can go wrong with identical twins.

  2. Stephanie

    As for their location I notice that if they don’t say their location they are typically in Canada. I know with another episode they had shown No Name brand products which is a bargain brand in Canada sold at Superstore locations. Maybe it was this one that had No Name? Not sure. I would guess these two were somewhere in Canada. Possibly Vancouver or Toronto.

    1. Liz

      Towards the end of the episode (57 minute mark), when they are in the van on the way to the airport, there’s a quick shot of a sign that says “Welcome to Columbia Metropolitan Airport,” which is in South Carolina.

    2. ec

      I went to highschool with them. It’s in Columbia,SC.

    3. Melissadiana1980

      I believe you’re thinking of the Amy P episode which is also about anorexia/bulimia. they are picking up food from a No Frills in a suburb of Toronto. it’s close to my bf’s place.

  3. Janine

    Can I just say how relieved I was to see how well they seemed by the end of the episode?!!! Good for them!! Their parents just couldn’t comprehend…such different worlds like they said about waiting in line for bread then to see someone starving on purpose…of course that must be so utterly perplexing. Their sister saved their lives. Its good they had her to step in when she did. I hope they’re still doing well.

    1. Angela

      It seems that they are. On the latest episode of Intervention, it gave an update for these two. They’re still maintaining a healthy weight and their relationship with each other is much healthier as well — while they still love each other as sisters should, it seems as if that unhealthy co-dependence and rivalry has disappeared. One of them lives in California (I think) and the other lives in Germany, and one of them (I think it was Sonia, but I forgot what the caption at the bottom said) said she was thinking about finding a nice guy and starting a family, while the other seemed a little uncertain about where their future was going to take them, but was certainly quite satisfied with life as it was. It was good to see that they were doing well.

  4. Erica

    I loved seeing their follow up on Kacy (S16)’s episode. So happy they’re doing well and growing as individuals 🙂

  5. Dizzy

    As soon as I saw their names on the followup screen during Kacy’s episode, my eyes were wet and I seriously got chills. Their story really stuck with me hard, I was so glad to see them doing well.

    I found some great pictures of the sisters on the Kindred Co photography blog. They look healthy and gorgeous.

    Sonia and Julia 2015, Photo by Kindred Co

  6. lisen

    Oh my god, they look like completely different people! Gorgeous!

  7. Shelby Lee

    Is the slow-talking, dead-behind-the-eyes thing a side-effect of the anorexia? Cuz it reminded me of how people are when their high on opiates. Not saying they were, I just don’t know a whole lot about eating disorders.

    1. M.E.

      I would say so. The nutritional & glucose deficiencies essentially leave them asleep on their feet. It’s like being sleep-deprived for a long time.

      (I’m not a doc; hopefully my explanation makes sense. 🙂 )

    2. Janelle

      Yes it is. More specifically, it’s a side-effect of malnutrition. One of the symptoms of protein deficiency and insufficient caloric intake is lethargy, apathy and slow reaction time

  8. Janelle

    Yes it is. More specifically, it’s a side-effect of malnutrition. One of the symptoms of protein deficiency and insufficient caloric intake is lethargy, apathy and slow reaction time.

  9. SnowyBison

    I just want to say: their older sister seems like a wonderful, supportive and eloquent woman. She also seemed very much in pain over the situation and I hope she was able to find help and was also supported. Her compassion and intelligence really struck me and I hope she is doing well.

  10. LK

    This episode always fascinated me, I’m surprised people don’t bring it up more often. Their relationship dynamic was completely dysfunctional but was really interesting to watch because I have never seen twin codependent anorexics depicted in the media before (Emily on this show was an anorexic twin, but her twin was NOT anorexic or codependent with her, so that was different). So many highlights for me: the having to do the exact same movements so as not to burn more calories than the other, the sharing a bed, the pact for Julia to remain three pounds heavier than Sonia which reduced her to tears. It was shocking and sad but also very enlightening. I was pleased to see in their legacy update that they were doing so much better! I send my best wishes to both Sonia and Julia going forward.

    1. hanna

      there was a dr phil episode about twin bulimics/anorexics, almost the exact same thing as this episode except they were like 13-15 years old