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Season 7


Age: 20
Location: Las Vegas. Nevada
Addiction: Heroin (black tar) and Xanax
What’s memorable: Oh, that hacking. At 20 years old she can’t breathe, has to use a nebulizer several times a day just to survive. Also, the strange relationships with her mother & aunt, the snorting off the sidewalk using a tampon applicator.

Official Synopsis: Ashley was raised by a mother who was addicted to methamphetamines and gambling. Ashley flourished when her aunt and uncle became her legal guardians, but she started using heroin when her beloved grandfather died. Now she bounces back and forth between her rigid aunt’s house and her permissive mother’s house, and she’s developed serious asthma from smoking heroin. The family fears that Ashley will soon overdose and die.

Original Air Date: April 2010
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Michelle

    Just watched her episode. beautiful girl, so heartbreaking to see her do what she is doing to her lungs, body. If anyone has any updates, I’d love to know how she is doing. I can’t find anything on her really, and I don’t know her last name. Just curious if she’s hanging in there still.

    1. Anonymous

      I went to elementary school with Ashley, we actually grew up together. We’re Facebook friends, she’s been clean and dating her elementary school sweetheart.

  2. Michelle

    i finally found her! I didn’t find much else out, but she looks happy and healthy, and her sister Nikki and herself seem to have repaired their relationship. She looks great, so I can only hope she is clean and gotten rid of that nasty cough.

  3. Michael Prescia

    Ya know I was just hoping she didn’t die because she was so bad with the hack, etc.

  4. Anon

    Hey guys! Talked to Ashley and got an update. She is still with her elementary sweetheart, she is doing good and is happy. I do not know how her family relationship is or how her cough is, but she seems to be better. And the best part is that she is clean!

  5. Joe

    Just saw this episode. 2010, wow…awesome news she is doing well and hopefully she understands the inspiration she has given others. Also hopefully the relationship with her Aunt,Uncle and cousin and mom has healed.

  6. Johnny Rico NYC

    I just saw this episode tonight March 24, 2018 and I was so moved that I was dying to see her meet with her Aunt and sister after being clean at the program for a bit and knew she would be radiant!! Hope to God she’s still embracing the beautiful thing we call life. God Bless girl.

  7. Kalli Jordan

    Just saw this episode and it was crazy and so good I wondered if Ashley was okay and clean happy she is doing well

  8. Fer

    I hope she is fine now, she is so beautiful.

  9. no name

    Looks like she is having a baby as of March 13 2019!

  10. bree

    Oh my gosh when she grabs Jeff’s hand in the car on the way to the airport… So nice to see someone who fights through the fear! Keep it up Ashley!

  11. Rinna

    I can’t find this episode online, A&E took it off their website

    1. Stefan

      It’s still available on Amazon Prime.

  12. S

    Looks like Ashley’s father passed in August 2019.

  13. Ashley Mazziotti

    Thank you everybody for your kind words.. I am clean and still with my elemerary school sweetheart. We just had our first child. Thank god for blessing me a second chance .

    1. George

      Thank you for letting us know. Gives me hope.

      You and Jeff were cute together. Tell us something about it?

    2. Susie

      Good for you girl! You look great and your daughter is so cute!

    3. K

      I was in treatment with you in Hattiesburg but flew the coop against medical advice. I always hoped you would be happy and healthy someday.

  14. Nivey

    I found Ashley on IG! Google Ashley Mazziotti and her IG profile opens up! She is doing fantastic with a new baby girl and is with her childhood sweetheart! I see her Mom is in her pictures, she looks well too. But nothing of her aunt and uncle. So happy she is happy and thriving!!

  15. Pang

    I think this episode number is confused with the other Ashley episode. This one was in season 3, so should be listed as #43, not #114.

    1. Erica

      You’re thinking of blonde Ashley who had a baby, fundamentalist parents, and lived in a trailer with her bf. This Ashley’s episode aired in 2010

  16. LK

    Most of the episodes are available on A&E’s website but this one isn’t. I found out because I wanted to re-watch it since I really felt for this woman. Is she doing alright? I know sometimes they take an episode down if the person dies so that’s why I ask.

    1. April S.

      Cbeck out the link to her Facebook page in the comments above. It appears she is doing really well.

      1. LK

        I couldn’t see the links because I don’t have a facebook account, so thanks for letting me know she seems well!

    2. Marsh

      Late here but check Tubi. I’ve found that they have her episode incorrectly marked as S03E09. Mixed up with the other Ashley.