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Age: 23
Location: Colorado
Addicted to: Alcohol

Update: Austin died of a heroin overdose in December 2011.

Official synopsis:  When Austin’s stepfather died from alcoholism, he turned to alcohol himself to numb the pain. His girlfriend is now pregnant, and he’s doing as much partying as he can before his child is born. Austin needs an intervention to become a sober dad and break his family’s cycle of alcoholism.

Original Air Date: December 2010
Interventionist: John

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  1. Colin Casey

    RIP Austin. Your are missed bro

  2. snugs

    I can’t believe that his name was Austin Powers and his fiance is Amy Tittle, it’s just too much.
    And I can’t believe he went from alcohol to heroin even after a friend of his overdosed and died. He must have really been somewhere else emotionally.

    1. Tina

      Snugs, I actually thought the same things about the names. While only a coincidence, it’s rather amusing (in a fun way) to some of us. Nevertheless, his addiction and troubles are not amusing in any way, and I feel terrible for his son, family, and friends. It does take serious emotional pain to go from alcohol to heroine. Poor guy; if only he had been able to continue recovery. My heart goes out to his loved ones.

  3. Rachel

    Clearly you’re narrow and feeble mind has brought you to a place not only of disrespect but also ignorance. Austin has left our family with a massive hole, a void that can never be filled. Because he never recovered, we can never recover. His mother is without a son, his son is without a father, his sister is without a brother and we, are without our Austin. His humor and sarcasm never missed a beat, even during the deepest throes of his addiction. Your “humor” is not only irrelevant but also disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. We miss him every day. He is irreplaceable. He was so much more than an addict, so much more than sick. He is ours. His name came far before lame movies and his addiction was poorly portrayed by this show. His losses and his descent into darkness were far more ugly than anyone should ever have to comprehend. Shame on you. You are foul. Austin would never have said the things about a stranger that you did. He loved and we love him.

    1. snugs

      I’m so sorry to upset you, Rachel. I meant no disrespect and wish you didn’t have to suffer this terrible loss.

  4. Mac

    Miss this dude. Austin was always a happy guy. And fuck this Snugs person.

  5. Sarah Thomas

    RIP Austin. Although I didnt have the pleasure of meeting you, I hope you have found peace. My thoughts and prayers with you and yours.

  6. Carl

    I met Austin in rehab. He was having a tough time accepting the structure. I graduated before him. Got a call about a week later. Austin needed a ride, he had been kicked out. Picked him up at a bar and took him back to Greeley. We ended up having a fight over something stoopid I don’t even remember. It would be the last time I saw him in person. Saw that show. Got the news. Cold day. Couldn’t get time off to say my goodbyes. So here it is, Austin, goodbye brother. I pray you’ve found peace.

    1. Brenda

      I’m from the same area. I went to high school with Austin‘s girlfriend at the time and now after getting sober I work in the recovery industry. I would be curious as to what rehab we are referring to.

  7. Gregory Moore

    Hauna, so sorry for your loss. I just viewed the “Intervention” episode featuring him and was deeply moved by your family’s story. I hope that the “takeaway” from this sad family tale is a cautionary message to absentee fathers, who think that money is a good-enough “babysitter”. I hope that other men, especially, can view this episode and see how devastating child abandonment can be…and LEARN from it. It would have taken super-human strength for your brother to have any kind of positive self-image, after being so cruelly tossed aside by his own father, during childhood. How does somebody get over that? I hope it comforts you to know that because of your family’s generosity in sharing your story, somewhere, someday…some negligent father will see this episode–and will re-think his own poor parenting, with Austin as an example of how to permanently scar your child, through neglect.

    You have my sincerest condolences…

  8. Melanie P.

    Saying goodbye to someone we love is heartbreaking. May you find comfort in all the special memories shared with Austin.

    Thank you for sharing your story with the world Austin, rest in peace.

  9. Toreigh

    Rest in peace Austin. I hope his family is doing ok. And I hope his child is healthy and living a full life.

  10. Larso86

    Jesus people, you guys need to take it easy with Snugs. He merely made a simple observation and added some light harmless humor to it. He didn’t make fun of Austin in any regard, not even his name, which is just a name that many other people have. It doesn’t define him or who he is a person in any regard, nor did the “joke” take anything away from him. Using his death as a justifiable excuse to come down on other people is not a healthy or respectful response. I didn’t know Austin, however his personality strikes me as someone who would most likely not be offended in the slightest. It’s unfortunate he passed and was in such a dark place that it lead him to overdosing. As a former addict whose lost more friends than I’d care to count I can empathize with everyone’s lost, however Ive gain the insight to realize that those who react a certain way to harmless comment like Snugs only reveals how they truly feel about the situation as a whole and that it’s not merely an isolated reaction to a simple comment. It’s you choosing to feel and take it that way.

  11. Kelly

    Well said- I completely agree with you, LARSO86.

  12. Xlio

    Does anyone know where I can find this episode?

    1. Stefan

      I don’t think it’s available to stream anywhere but I have found torrents.

      1. Brenda

        It’s literally missing.

    2. Gigi

      I watched it not long ago on dailymotion

      1. Nivey

        Can you please post the link for the episode?! Ty!

      2. Gigi

        I just looked for it on dailymotion and it’s GONE!

      1. Nivey

        You’re awesome ty! If you can find the link for some of these other episodes, that would be great! There’s so many episodes on this list, especially the first part of the list that I can’t find anywhere!!? Thanks again!
        RIP Austin.

  13. Nivey

    I answered my own question. I found the link to the episode:

    1. Nivey

      Sorry guys, the link above is for SEAN MESSINA! I’ll repost the correct one for Austin!