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Season 10, Episode 5


Age: 27
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Addiction: Cocaine, opiates (oxy, heroin, xanax)
What’s memorable: All the degrees she has, how smart she is. How her mom stayed with the husband who was abusive toward Megan, then left him as soon as he started being abusive to her instead. Shameful. And Megan really holds on to that resentment. Also the first trip to a new john, not knowing if she would come out alive. That was frightening. But an AWESOME followup. She looked so much better!

Note: Megan died in February of 2014 of a heroin overdose.  News story  Obituary

Official Synopsis: Megan is struggling with her own demons. Her mother divorced and remarried, but Megan never felt included in her new family. She became an addict and even turned to prostitution to pay for her drugs. Can Megan still realize the dreams she once had of becoming a lawyer or professor?

Original Air Date: July 2011
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. anonymous

    Rip megan. I’m sorry to say that she has lost her battle with addiction

  2. Nicole

    I came here to say the same…Rip Megan 🙁

  3. Lindsey

    Megan, you poor sweet angel. I’m sorry your mother was so horrendously unfair and selfish, and didn’t protect you the way she should have. I can’t imagine taking abuse for several years as a child when your grown adult mother can’t hack the same treatment more than a few months. Disgusting.

    God rest your soul, and may you find the love and peace you were never granted here on earth. God bless you.

  4. bridget

    i was absolutely gripped by megans episode….her addiction reminded me so much of my own addiction. I am a heroin addict in recovery and really felt a connection to megan.
    she is so beautiful and smart…i was heartbroken to hear that this disease took her life. megan, i hope you are happy now, wherever you are.

    1. Lydia

      The disease did not take her life – her child abusers did.

      Stop blaming a substance when it is more than clear her horrendous child assailants caused her demise.

  5. snugs

    I just don’t understand how she is gone! She was doing so much better, she was so intelligent. I would like to hear how she got to Wisconsin and things got so crazy.

    1. Jennifer

      Megan ended up in a womens shelter for the abused. thats where i meet her and she was doing great. she was going to all her apppointments until she was introduced to another addict who was also going to the same clinic. this young man had her doing all sorts of things i wont mention on here. but my friend ended up in jail for a while and as soon as she got out some people she knew hooked her up with a dealer and she over-dosed. when i got the phone call i nearly lost it. I called all the women we meet at the shelter who were an encouragement to her to help her stay away from drugs and we all cried together.

      1. Tabitha Peck

        I knew Megan from rehab…. The first time I met her was in December of 2009…shortly after my husband had past away….We were room mates and more like sister’s… she took me in even though she didn’t know me….she was kind and gentle person..a beautiful soul and a beautiful girl and person….I love you Megan and I’m saddened to see what came of you…..I’m so sorry those demons would not let go of you… in piece my friend and my sister!!!!!!!!

    2. Cole Thompson

      She moved in with my uncle who was also a recovering addict. He was clean for over 20 years and she moved there to be closer to someone who was family but also traveling on the road to sobriety. She ended up getting into some legal trouble. My uncle passed away about a month and a week before Megan did due to a massive heart attack. Megan had relapsed a few months prior, but she ended up not having any family out there. She ended up shooting up too much which ended up in her overdosing and passing away on February 9th of 2014.

  6. crystal

    Be easy, Meg.

  7. Sherry

    I just watched Megan’s Intervention for the first time. My God, where did she go wrong? She looked amazing!!!! Sad, just sad, and she called it at the intervention, she’s afraid she would want to get high when she got out.

    1. snugs

      I remember finding an article about how she was at some sleazy motel where someone overdosed on heroin, I can’t remember the whole story but there was a mugshot where she looked in even worse shape than this one (

      I can’t find that article now, I think it’s been deleted, but the article about her dying is still up.

      1. Andy

        Okay we get it she’s been arrested several times sheesh.

    2. Randy

      It just goes to show you just how powerful drugs can be. I’m a recovering addict myself and I still fight the urges when it’s brought up in conversation orI walk into a room full of junkies at a treatment center. Once a drug has a hold on you you’ll be fighting the pull of that drug forever. Yes it’s that strong. Megan is another example of someone who won a battle but ended up losing the war against this powerful foe. If only the young would listen when I first talk to them about the odds of beating drug addiction. Sorry you lost your final battle with this demon Megan, but if you made one addict think about that next pill, drink or shot you’ve scored a victory Megan, whether it be big or small.

  8. Lily

    I remember the woman pictured above, but I don’t remember that being Megan. Did she drastically change her look to blonde before her death, or is the photo posted above the wrong one?

    Either way, insanely sad story, (especially dealing with such a wimpy “mom”), and I hope she’s RIP.

  9. cori

    Really wanted to say that you were incredibly brave to do the journey of treatment. Being from north Carolina and having went through heroin addiction myself this story really hit home. Rest in peace and know that your story touched and saved many lives.

  10. Jennifer

    Megan I miss our talks. Im so hurt by this because you were doing so well until you met that man. if only these people knew what really happened.

    1. Alexis

      So sorry for your loss.

  11. t.toro

    It’s a damn shame that Megan lost her fight. She seemed so happy at the end of her episode. I hope that she is finally at peace. She had everything going for her, it’s just so sad that she couldn’t see it. Or rather the addiction wouldn’t let her. 🙁

  12. Sarah

    So heartbreaking. I really hoped that she would make it. Her childhood was so unfair. RIP Megan.

    1. Vanessa M.

      True. …R.I.P
      Im addit too. ….So sad….

      Love to all of ya….

      Vanessa from Paderborn in Germany

  13. Asadsoul

    These always make me cry.
    My dad is a cocaine addict and an alcoholic.
    I always wonder if my dad will end up this way too…
    I just cant help feeling so bad for the family who missed out on a wonderful and amazing girl. I hope she can have her peace where ever she may be now.

  14. Cole Thompson

    Don’t dare speak on my lovely sister or my mother who made sacrifices to provide the best she could for us. You have no room to speak on our battles with my father and don’t expect to know shit from watching some poorly shot and very one sided television show.

    I love you big sis and miss you so much. I will see you soon.

    You and I will always be one in the same and I fear we will have the same demise. Keep watch over me you beautiful angel.

    1. Vanessa Mole

      Wow. ..that was nice. ….So sorry that she’s gone.R.I.P

    2. Kathleen Golt

      The episode they stated in the article season 10 episode 5 isn’t the correct Megan. Therefore the comments aren’t about your mother or sister. I’m sure they didn’t realize that and do it intentionally. I hate typos especially when a death is involved. I find it very tacky.

      1. Kitty Katt

        This is the right Meghan and that is her brother who said that.

  15. Tiffney Adkins

    Just curious why I can’t find this episode? I must have missed it when it aired and judging by the comments I’d love to see her episode.

    1. Shellsea

      They usually take them down if the addict has passed out of respect for the family.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Not really….there are some that are still showing even though they have passed away. I guess it all depends on how they choose each one to be.

    2. Megs

      I found it on the Dailymotion website. Just type in Intervention Larry and Megan. Just watched today. I live in NC too. And we share a name. She’s so beautiful. It’s so sad.

  16. Kitty Katt

    Don’t know if any of you know about this or have already read it but the article below is very interesting regarding Megan’s death.

  17. Brooke

    woooooow, the mother is really something else. the stepfather tormented megan and the mother did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for 15+years. when megan was no longer around, the evil stepfather then turns that same torment on the mother and she left within 3 months. gee, if only she had afforded poor megan the same protections from torment and misery!! then she had the NERVE to complain that megan had no empathy or sympathy for her situation and didn’t come to her aid. I HAVE NO WORDS. and candy TOLD the mother that megan needs to hear an apology for that, but did she apologize? nope. it’s both megan’s stepfather’s and mother’s fault that megan is not alive today. period! may she rest in peace <3

  18. Luna

    This is insane because I used to live in Racine a couple years ago before watching this episode. I wonder how she got from North Carolina to Wisconsin when I think about it.

  19. Tasha

    Poor Meghan what a intelligent beautiful girl desperate to hear the words ‘I’m sorry’ from her mom.
    So the mom let Meghan take all the crap from the stepfather for years and ruin her childhood as she had to choose between that or poverty, yet when the husband turned on her she left within months….hhhmmm….also the best bit, she was upset that she got no sympathy from Meghan…seriously grow up!!
    I can see the comment from Cole about this being a one sided show however this comment was made by the mother and was pretty clear….there are no assumptions to be made or anyway these comments could be taken in the wrong way.

  20. John

    Such a waste.
    After watching, I really thought she would escape and achieve her new life.

    Her Mom has a mansion but no compassion for the abuse and alienation Megan had to suffer, during and after, her childhood.

  21. Gigi

    I was just able to track down this episode recently and I REALLY liked Megan A LOT…so smart and spunky and down to earth. She is somebody I really would have enjoyed knowing. RIP 🙏

  22. Todd

    This was my first experience watching an episode and knowing ahead of time the addict had passed. I felt sorry for Megan. She fell into drug use and just couldn’t get out of it. People do a lot of crazy things when they are young and experimenting. These addicts, they didn’t do anything that plenty of other people didn’t do – the difference is the addict cannot move on. It’s a shame. Megan was another one that had plenty going for her. Props to Candee. I like the way she does things. She ends up steering things in exactly the direction she wants them to go without seeming manipulative or phony. The thinking always ends up going her way. Very good Interventionist.

    1. Patience

      I cant seem to find this episode anywhere. Where did you watch it on?

      1. Chandler

        Dailymotion app

  23. Cathleen

    Does anyone have a link?

      1. JD

        It’s under season 11 ep 5 (should be season 10 but the site listed it wrong)

      2. Alexandra

        Thank you! I was looking everywhere before I saw your comment – really appreciate it.

      3. Elizabeth

        Thank you so much for posting the link. I finally had a chance to watch this episode for the first time; it’s such a shame that she succumbed to her addiction.

      4. Britt

        Clicked on this link it’s not even Megan it’s Alyson

      5. Elizabeth

        Britt–the link will default to Season 1, Episode 1 (Alyson and Tommy), but if you scroll down you should be able to change the season and view more episodes.

  24. julia

    i’m so upset with megan’s mother that i can’t even think about everything she when thru in her childhoold. the fact that she justfied that she couldn’t divorce her shit of a husband because she would end up in poverty put she didn’t handle THREE MONTHS when it happened to her and filed for the divorce speaks volumes. the competion, how she’s not humble and sees herself in a pedestal when talking about megan. i felt like crying for megan all the time. i don’t feel bad if she is rotting in guilt with megan’s death every day since then, because everything was, in fact, consequece of her actions

  25. Heather

    I can’t find her episode on A&E or Hulu. Do they take down the ones of people who have died?

    1. Stefan

      They used to, although most of the ones who have died recently are still available.