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Season 12, Episode 2


Age: 25
Location: Calgary, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol (beer)
What’s memorable: The shaking, seizing, slurring, blackouts, and prostituting herself for beer are disturbing, as is the way she and her mother blame her sister for Nichole’s drinking. I mean what her sister and her boyfriend did was super shitty (Nichole’s boyfriend of 5 years left her for her sister and now they’re engaged) but to say that’s the whole reason she’s an alcoholic is just absurd. I know people need a scapegoat for stuff like this, I get it, but it’s all pretty unfair to pin it all on the sister.

Update: Here’s an interview with sober Nichole

Official Synopsis: Nichole, 25, has constant tremors due to a severe alcohol addiction as she struggles to overcome her sister’s betrayal.

Original Air Date: August 2012
Interventionist: Donna

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  1. tmvanhuizen

    I know Nichole…we went to church together as kids…her last name however is private

    1. Dizzy

      Agreed, thank you. I don’t publish last names unless that person has passed away and/or it’s publicly available without Internet stalkage (news stories and such in which the person has willingly revealed their last name).

    2. Molly Somogyi

      Do you know how she is doing now? Are her sister and Matt still together?

      1. Fried Kudzu

        I would guess from this comment on a photo of Nichole holding Sam’s baby in Feb. 2015 they might be.

        Nichole looks amazing BTW. I hope she is still doing well & continues to be.

    3. Bill Johnson

      I just saw this episode a day ago, she was in rough shape in this episode. I hope she’s still doing OK. That entire family has some serious issues. I hope they know that 99.99% of the people watching aren’t watching to make fun of them or laugh, it’s serious business and millions of people are pulling for them to get better.

      Intervention is graphic but people need to see what substance abuse does to people and entire families. Hopefully people see this and head it off before it becomes a life-consuming problem in their own lives.

    4. Cherry Fimbres

      Is she still sober? Wondering how she’s doin today.

  2. Ivy May

    Hi, I just watched this episode. I don’t know if the guests on this show ever read these comments. But I found this episode hard to watch seeing Nicole shaking so badly. I don’t always cry to shows, but this one made me cry a lot and I hoped in the end of it that Nicole has found recovery in the programe she participated in and keeps up with the recovery even after.

    If Nicole sees this message, I want you to know that I felt so happy to see you agree to the help. It is the best thing in your life you will ever have done. Keep up with it and be strong. You are a beautiful woman and should be very very VERY proud of yourself for accomplishing as much as you have and I know much more in the future you can accomplish also. Thank you for inspiring me to keep up with my own recoveries in life. Big BIG Hugs to you. 🙂

    1. Ivy May

      I’m very sorry for the misspelling in your name. 🙂 just realized I did that. 🙂

  3. Vikingessa

    I found an article with an update on Nichole 🙂 not buying the drama filled comment last left on the article…from someone claiming to know what else happened.

    1. snugs

      She responded to it! Looks like there might be some truth to the crazy sounding stuff…

  4. Jessa

    What a *for lack of a more appropriate word* crappy sister. That is not an excuse, I agree, but jeez man! Have some loyalty and a little class! I felt how hurt she was, this episode made me bawl 🙁 I really felt for Nichole. I was so proud of her for being strong and overcoming this devastation in her life. I hope she’s still doing well and being the better person. The best revenge is being happy.

    1. Kari

      So agreed!!! I was just watching a rerun of this episode and was SUPER sHitt that the interventionist never (at least in the episode) ever even addressed that what her sister did to her (and the dbag boyfriwnd) was HORRIBLE! And her mom had a right to be pissed and Nichole DEFINATELY did!!! I understand that it is no excuse for her alcoholism but sometimes things are a catalyst and if that was my sister doing that to me I would probably cut that deceiving, negative person out of my life COMPLETELY! ESPECIALLY while trying to stay clean! She has got to be a TOTAL trigger for her to drink! Also no one mentions that her sister was drinking right along with her in all the early pics until she DID HER SISTERS BOYFRIEND OF 5 YEARS and then yeah….probably pushed Nichole off the edge a bit!

      1. Kari

        Ugh…sorry for the spelling. Was commenting from my phone and then couldn’t figure out how to edit it and correct the mistakes!!!

      2. Rachel

        She had already been an alcoholic for 4 years before the boyfriend and sister got together. They’re not the reason she drank and even said so herself at the end of the episode. Her mom was a huge part of the problem as well.

      3. Brenda Anderson

        Thank you very much! That interventionist was a beast from hell!,,

      4. Jamir

        I’m WAY late to this show and thread but what did her mother expect moving a teenage boy into a house with two teenage daughters? This whole situation could have been avoided if Donna had acted like a mom in the first place and not moved Matt into the house.

  5. Jeremy

    Most relatable intervention I’ve ever seen. The shakes and the state of oblivion brought me back. Curious to know to know how she is. Sponsorship, and working the 12 steps as outlined in the book has kept me from that state for a while and hope for the same. To drink is to die.

    1. call me Montana

      happy to hear you are sober! hope you still are!! not sure if you will get this message but: you’re worth it.

  6. Clare

    While it was crappy what happened with her ex-boyfriend and sister, and the sister clearly was jealous of Nichole (maybe why she didn’t feel much guilt about the situation), they are not completely at fault for her alcoholism. She was an alcoholic before any of that happened. It bugged me how the mother was pitting them against each other. I would be upset if my daughter did that to her sister, but I wouldn’t take it that far. The mother was a huge part of the problem, and I don’t think she even realized how badly she was enabling Nichole. It was so hard to watch her shaking, very sad. Glad to hear she went back to treatment after her relapse, hope she’s still doing well!

    1. Halley

      When did it say that Nichole was an alcoholic before that happened? I don’t remember that, I remember the ep saying she was a social drinker before that but didn’t have a drinking problem. Just curious.

      Anyway I would also totally spiral out of control if that happened to me, or at least begin to… you can’t help what triggers you or the initial reaction, it’s what you do after that. But I have no idea where I would head…

      1. Ashley

        Agreed! I was so aggravated that the interventionist never mentioned the sister /boyfriend BS, I was reall thinking the sister should’ve been put in her place, the sister – Sam- had no right to even be at the intervention, wtf! Obviously Sam doesn’t care about her sister…

    2. sage

      but still I think about how gross it is to date your sisters ex! I mean seeing him touch and kiss your sister for a couple of year and then to go out with him and sleep with the same guy who slept with your sister, it freaks me out to watch this

    3. Sudie

      The mom seemed to me to live vicariously through her daughters, and then through Nichole only. The scene where she’s trying to get Nichole to take an anti anxiety med while little girl was DRUNK? No, no, a thousand times no. This made me angry.

  7. T

    Someone mentioned they think her sister’s betrayal is just an excuse, you have no idea. I have been in a similar situation but it was my best friend (ex now) and it plagues your mind for years. You can hardly trust anyone and feel ugly and useless.

    1. E

      So true. it was a best friend of mine as well, not a sister and i turned to alcohol to cope with the feeling of utter betrayal and worthlessness i felt. the alcoholism went on for FIVE YEARS before i moved away and started a new life basically but i still struggle with trust issues. i was 20 when it happened so i think it hits younger people harder when things like that happen with a long term relationship.

    2. sara

      Same here, my ex best friend not only did the same to me but also put everyone against me by lying and inventing rumors about me to cover her ass. I was pretty messed up before that but it just made everything worse. Just one more wound to the back.

    3. RachelEvans

      I completely agree. I couldn’t finish watching this episode; I had to skip around.

      My sister and I are a few years apart. Even as a dumb teenager, my response to one of her ex-boyfriends hitting on me was “oh, gross.” Not that he was a particularly bad guy, but you just don’t do that. You just do not start dating your close sister’s boyfriend. Talk about lacking class.

      Nichole, what happened is not, and never will be rewritten as your fault. The best thing you can do is live well – get sober, get educated, and leave those losers in the dust. If you can find it in you to reconcile with the girl with the same parents as you (she’s no sister), you’re a better person than I would be. Go live!

    4. Janelle

      The betrayal would have been much less of an issue if it weren’t for Brenda, the Mom from Hell. Both sisters would have let it go and patched things up if it weren’t for Brenda constantly bringing it up in order to satisfy her control issues and her desire to feel “needed.”

  8. Leigha Summer

    As far as the mom, I don’t agree that you have disowned sam because of Matt. You’re a mother. You shouldn’t judge. its called unconditional love. You don’t have to accept or approve of it, but you should still ALWAYS be there for your daughter. She is not the reason for where Nicole is. it may not have helped, but she was going to end up an alcoholic regardless. She is also able to make her own decisions and made her own choices to pick up the beer. You’re looking for someone to blame, and instead of doing what you should be doing, and just being there to help, you’re blaming Sam. You’re pushing her away and soon, she won’t be in your life anymore. Imagine your mom “hating” you or choosing sides like you’re doing. What if something happens to Sam and you never get the chance to make it right. She will have died thinking her mother hates her because she fell in love. Everyone knows you can’t help who you fall in love with. Yes, Sam should have NEVER started with matt in the first place, but she did and she fell in love. Its been years now, so let it go. Matt and Sam should have never gotten in a relationship. I think it was a HORRIBLE choice for both of them, especially Sam to do that to her own sister. Imagine if now, after all these years, Matt broke up with you and went back to Nicole. How would you feel? I can totally understand Nicole hurting bad. It hurts bad enough when a guy breaks up with you. You feel like you aren’t good enough. But to have it be over your own sister, wow. If that happened to me, I’d probably never talk to my sister again. But its no excuse for the alcohol, and Mom, you should NOT dismiss Sam over this. Make it right before its too late. Its been years. Let it go and start loving your daughter the way you should, unconditionally.

  9. Dee

    Limited profile, but she looks great! Just got done re watching her episode. Good for Nichole! Looks like she dropped the h in her name?

  10. Lexi

    What her sister did was horrible!! I think it absolutely could be a catalyst into addiction. Of course there were probably other issues that she pushed down for years but I think such a traumatizing event could absolutely push her over the edge into a full blown addiction. That is such a betrayal.

  11. Eric

    Nichole if your out there and reading this contact me.

  12. ann

    Are Sam and Matt still together in 2015?

  13. Jill

    I just finished watching this episode and I’m hoping by the grace of God that Nichcole is still sober!!! You are a beautiful person!!!! Some how some way I wish/hope that someone could let me know!!!!!!!!!

  14. Michelle M Triplett

    I just finished this episode and nothing has ever go to me on the entire filming of intervention like season 12 episode 1 of nicole like another. I was so into this episode i couldn’t stop watching and felt so bad for the things this girl went through. This showed me that no matter what u go through in life u can over come anything like nicole did i would love some how to keep up with her and follow how she is doing, like i said i have never been so ivisited in a show in whole life like i was with this one please if anyone knows how she is doing or if u r reading this please email or something thank u and i know this might not mean a lot i am so so proud of u

  15. Janelle

    Nichole may have been the addict, but her mother was by far the sickest person shown in the episode. Nichole may eventually need to cut all ties with her mum in order to maintain her sobriety and psychological well being.

  16. Renee

    I felt so much for Nichole in this episode. I could really sympathize with her feelings of hurt and betrayal because of her sister dating her ex boyfriend. I am in a somewhat similar situation with my child’s father dating my brother’s ex girlfriend. I have used and abused alcohol to cope with those feelings as well as many different aspects of my life and my self that I struggle with. I am now in an outpatient treatment program and doing well. Your story gave me inspiration to seek help. Thank you so much for that. I still struggle with feelings of hurt and betrayal surrounding my child’s father and brothers ex girlfriend dating, but I have deffinately come to realize that happiness is truly the best revenge.

  17. Tiffany

    I just watched this episode today. The intervenionist really pissed me off by not getting on the sister as she played a huge role in this messed up family.

    The mother and father as well but the sister got off easily.

    I hope Nicole is doing well today. I am proud of her.

  18. Jack Benson

    You’re amazing nichole hope you’re doing okay.

  19. Anonymous

    Her sister is still with the boyfriend and they have two kids now

    1. N

      I think what pisses me off the most about the entire situation is how arrogantly and heartlessly both the sister and the boyfriend justified their behavior. Yeah, okay, everyone makes mistakes, but they’re both too busy trying to defend what they did to even understand Nicole’s side of it. The boyfriend especially seemed so quick to jump into why he was so innocent (“It just happened!”) that it never occurred to him to take responsibility for hurting another human being that cared about him. Even in the episode, when Nicole asked, “If you’re sorry, why are you still with him?” it seems to still hold some weight. Now there’s kids involved? Inexcuseable.

      It must be nice to be about to skirt around the consequences of your actions so easily.

  20. Jen

    This is so drama mama family with genetic alcohol and deep emotional issues. I think the sis is a crazy chick. All will pass in time. Enjoy the good life and get rid of bad peep and habits in your life. Have Fun and enjoy. find the good.

  21. Jessica

    I would NEVER speak to my sister again if she did this to me. I don’t understand why the situation with the sister and boyfriend wasn’t addressed during the episode because it clearly played a major factor in Nichole’s situation. Yes, I know, that her drinking was her choice but what her sister did was a HUGE trigger. We all know there’s a girl code that you never mess around with a friends ex boyfriend let alone your own sisters boyfriend. He left Nichole to be with the sister.. so obviously he cheated on her with her sister. How selfish can you be? As far as the mother, I don’t understand why people wanted to blame her for the struggles between the sisters. Yes a mother loves unconditionally but what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Her daughter chose to be with him over her own sister. I don’t blame the mother for reacting that way.

    1. Elizabeth

      But what is the point? Say they had jumped on the sister and the boyfriend and gave them grief. Say even that they apologized or broke up or whatever. Nicholle would still be an alcoholic.

      I don’t believe in the girl code or the guy code or whatever. I just believe in being a good person. I don’t necessarily think that those two getting together was a good or right thing to do but I don’t think that they caused Nicholle’s alcoholism. She had a crisis in her life and her coping strategy was to drink. Say the precipitating event had been that she was fired from a job – would you say that it was her boss’s fault that she started drinking or that he was a trigger so he should be blamed during her intervention? That’s the problem and that’s what needs fixing. There’s work that the family needed to do too – but around their enabling – not around punishing the sister.

  22. Sandy

    Jessica… I totally agree with you. The sister went on to have 2 kids with him as well

  23. Mj

    Life is short. Those two people fell in love. Are they supposed to be miserable and apart to make everybody else happy? Did Everyone miss the part that they were freaking 15 when they got together? The huge problem is that the mother let him move in when they were only seventeen. So they were children allowed to play house like they were adults, yet they weren’t. The sister’s alcoholism would have happened regardless of the Matt situation.

    1. Sudie

      The mom allowing the boyfriend to move in, though, was also a poor parenting decision. I mean, the perfect opportunity to mess around with both sisters was just RIGHT THERE. Mom facilitated, if you will.

  24. Tanner Todora

    Hi. I just saw this episode and my heart went out to Nichole. I hope she’s doing ok. My maternal grandfather was an alcoholic. During my mother’s childhood he would drink and get abusive. He killed himself when my mom was in her early teens.

    Alcholism is a huge problem. I don’t drink. But I have a lot of issues in my life every day. I hope you’re well and better.

  25. Stefan

    What always struck me about this episode was how her parents allowed her boyfriend to move in while they were in high school. I would LOVE to have seen the response my parents would give if my sister asked that while in high school. On top of it, they were shocked the boyfriend went from one girl to the other.

    Seriously, this show makes me even more glad that I’m never having children.

  26. Mark

    I hope Nichole is doing well today. I never watched Intervention before – but as a dad to two girls; this one just broke my heart. Friends and family are always influences – her best bet was moving away from that toxic environment.

  27. Rinna

    I hope Nicole is doing well, she is the addict I think about the most. I think “favorite” is a bizarre word to use in this situation, but I hope you have more positive energy in your life Nicki

  28. Bob

    Sister and scumbag ex still together.

    1. Jade

      Doesn’t look like they are together anymore. His FB says single and hers has no pictures of him over the last couple of years.

      1. Intervention Enthusiast

        i hope the scumbag bf cheated on and left samantha for her gf.

  29. Shannon Lynn

    I just watched this last night, and it was sad to see the mom pit them against each other. What the sister did was pretty crappy, but it definitely wasn’t the whole reason she was an alcoholic, as she inherited it through the father, which he could of helped a lot more!

  30. Brooke

    how could you betray your own sister like that?! i would never speak to her again. never! what a heartbreaking betrayal! i hope karma comes for that evil jealous sister. i am not even halfway through and for the first time ever, i don’t think i can finish an episode. bc the traitorous sister is one of the family narrators. i absolutely can’t stand listening to her speak as if she actually cares about nichole when, from what i read above, she was still with the guy at the time of the intervention. i just paused it where she’s actually complaining about the men nichole was dating and how she only wanted men to drink with not for long term relationships… is she serious? GEE, i wonder why. could it be bc she had her heart broken and was betrayed by her own sister and long time boyfriend?? and from what i’m reading above, the sister is at the intervention? is the cheating bf there too? god, i hope not. and the interventionist doesn’t address the betrayal? WHAT?! maybe it didn’t start the alcoholism but it sure made it a LOT worse! no, i don’t think i can watch this. it makes me SOOOOO mad GRRRRRR!!!

  31. DEEMEE

    This episode got to me also as well. Everything down to the severity of Nicole’s alcoholism at a young age to the toxic family dynamic. Her sister didn’t truly care for her. I would be devastated if my sister was to do that to me and its constantly rubbed in her face because they are still together. While its obvious she had problems before with alcohol , I dont think the alcoholism would have been as severe if she didn’t go through such a tremendous betrayal/trauma. That event happened and traumatized her… especially as a young emotional person.

    I think her mother was so torn from seeing her daughter on the brink of death , so she held her other sister responsible .. ( i dont really blame her) again Nicole’s sister didn’t truly care.

    The constant lack of healthy family dynamic and support didnt help. I think her family made this worse and almost ruined her life . She does have to take some responsibility for her choosing to drink but psychologically she was young to go through this and it wasnt right. She looked so broken at the treatment center.

    She probably wont ever experience a regular healthy family network of love and support.

  32. Amanda Hayward

    Anyone know how Nicole is doing now? Saw her sisters page…no pics of anyone but selfies with one kid or the other as a prop…Nicole’s experience with complete drunkenness all the time pained me to watch…that was me 11 years ago..I hope she is well.

  33. Aurora

    That episode was hard. I understand, why her mother bought her beer. A cold turkey from alcohol can be very dangerous, I’ve been there too, 15 years sober now. So what is the other option then buy her booze? She couldn’t do it herself anymore, she could barely stand straigt. I wish her all the best.

    1. Rob

      Well, some would say that if you can’t stand straight from drinking, you’re not at risk of withdrawal for several hours, ya know, because you’re intoxicated.

  34. John

    Once Upon A Time people thought it was wrong to sleep with your sister’s boyfriend, But nowadays it’s OK.

    1. gianna

      Pretty sure no one is saying it’s ok to betray a sibling like that. The point is, Nichole’s drinking and addiction is all her own doing. No one else’s. She even acknowledges and accepts that at the end of her episode.

  35. Alle

    I disagree, what her sister Samantha did was unforgivable and at a young age for that to happen I can’t even imagine the hurt. It

    1. Nivey

      I 100% agree what the sister did was despicable! Especially as a young teenager in love how do you expect her to feel or react?! C’mon there is plenty of fish in the sea, the sister was WRONG. She’s still with the guy and had kids, great, doesn’t make it right. But he acts like a jerk anyways, so I hope Nichole realizes she’s probably better off! Let her sister have him, he’s no prize. Seeing her in the above article was amazing she looked beautiful and healthy! That was in 12′ I wish there were more recent updates! I’m still rooting for you Nichole!

  36. Sudie

    Can’t access the interview with Nichole. Is there another link?

  37. Squirrel

    Nicole is so beautiful inside and out. If you are reading this Nicole ~ someone in Ohio hopes you are well and is wishing you PEACE AND HAPPINESS! God Bless you.

  38. Stef

    Watching Nichole walk into the rehab facility was unbelievably heartbreaking. 4 employees literally helped her to walk. She looked SO darn good at the end and I was nothing but impressed with her when she admitted her drinking wasn’t her sister /ex’s fault. Hope she’s doing well. Such a pretty girl. Be well and happy, Nichole!

  39. Joleen

    Just watched this episode for the 3rd time. Each time I am just heartbroken for you. My husband is 8 years sober and finally understands he can never have another drink. It will kill him. It’s that ‘more’ that never stops. Nichole-I hope you have found happiness, forgiveness and the mindset that you are worth living and you can do this. Sending positive thoughts-your episode was truly touching.

  40. Child of Christ

    Nichole’s story really touched my heart. I pray to God that she is still sober and doing well and most of all I pray that she is saved by the Grace of God. God Bless you Nichole.

  41. Lynn

    I just watched the episode with Nichole and my heart goes out to her. It has been 10 years since this episode and I pray that she is sober and has found happiness in a healthy relationship. Without judgement…I noticed that it looked like the whole family regularly drank as a recreational activity. There is a good chance that her alcoholism could of been hereditary, especially with her dads previous binges.
    There were several factors that predisposed her to being at risk of using substances. As noted above her dad had a drinking problem and the environment exposed her at an early age that it was “normal.” I think the relationship with her father also played a significant part in her using. He was physically and mentally abusive and it looked like she had abandonment issues with him. I will say that I give her father credit at the end of this episode. He took accountability for his past behavior, admitted his wrongs and started taking an active role in her recovery.
    Her mother, although her intentions were good, was an enabler, which ultimately hurt her daughter. I think that she was torn between her 2 daughters and was disgusted by Samantha and Matt’s relationship. I think people downing her mom was uncalled for. She was in a horrible situation and I honestly thought she was doing what she thought was best…the mother felt Nichole’s pain and she could not get past that some of that pain was caused by her other daughter. The mother was in pain and felt helpless. The best thing she did was get educated, along with counseling.
    The sister and Matt was a different story. These 2 bothered me the most. Nichole was very young and Matt was her 1st love and for people to say that BOTH of them weren’t responsible for her pain, is ridiculous and ignorant to me. They were both arrogant and had a “get over it” attitude. I think Samantha was somewhat jealous of Nichole and you can only describe Matt as an inconsiderate, asshole. Her sister should of NEVER crossed that line. The sisters grew up very close and that’s a line you just don’t cross. There’s too many fish in the sea to settle for one asshole that you know is going to devastate your sister. Once Samantha realized the incredible pain and damage it was doing to Nichole, she should of broke it off. I do blame the sister for tearing the family apart and if people don’t understand that….you clearly have never been betrayed to that level. It is devastating, and has life long consequences. Do I think that Nichole would of eventually became an alcoholic if this would not of happened? There is a good chance of it…but it may not have reached the severity that it did, especially with her being so young when this happened. She definitely went through a grieving period. The 2 people that she loved and trusted the most not only stomped on her heart, but humiliated her beyond belief. I feel that the interventionist was wrong to let the sister even be involved in the intervention and lacks professionalism by not even addressing it. Samantha ruined that bond and she will continue to be a trigger in Nichole’s sobriety. Even if the sisters have healed enough to be cordial to each other. Samantha has forever put a wedge in their relationship. I hope that piece of ass was worth it?!? Nichole….you are a beautiful woman; I hope that wherever you are, that you have found peace and the happiness you deserve. GOD Bless🙏🙏🙏

    1. Dom

      And let’s say Nicole DID get over it. There is NO WAY I’d be able to sit across the table from a man who cheated on my daughter with my other daughter and be okay with it. I completely feel that Nicole needs to stop using that situation as a crutch to drink BUT I also feel like Matt should be blackballed from the family and Samantha needs to figure out where she falls within that situation. Their relationship is NOT okay.

  42. Jayla

    does anyone know a website to watch season 12? the ones I’ve been using all stop at s11 until s18. I’m not in the US so can’t use hulu/a&e. thank you anyone who can help!!

    1. Kara Bishop

      You can download the A&E app on your iPhone, or your smart TV… And then on some episodes, they have extra clips of the intervention, or after the intervention… Also, if you have DIRECTV, you can search A&E and you can stream most of the episodes… I go back-and-forth between the two because some of the episodes are on one and not the other…

  43. Sarah

    this was the hardest episode of intervention to watch. it’s the only episode that made me cry.
    the betrayal from her sister was unimaginable. I get that at a certain point. we I’ll have to move on, but it hurts when that happens from somebody you least expect it from. I really hope that Nicole is still doing well. she seems like a beautiful soul

  44. Angelica

    Unpopular opinion maybe but I think her sister is a horrible person… I thought so the first time I saw this episode six years ago and I think it now seeing it again. I don’t agree with the mom and whoever else disowning the sister necessarily. But bottom line, if you truly love your sister or family member, you don’t sleep and enter a relationship with the man she loves. No matter what. End of story. Her. Sis

    1. Angelica

      Dammit, got cut off.
      If her sister truly loved her she wouldn’t be capable of this, end of story.
      It’s not the sole cause of Nichole’s problem but a very very obvious root.

  45. J

    oof. i was shocked at how advanced Nichole’s alcoholism was for her age, so young… and what a messy family. Sam and Matt suck for what they did, but it’s also clear that her mother LOVED the fighting around the situation, and i got the vibe Sam did as well. Nichole is addicted to alcohol and her mother’s addicted to the drama. i hope that the family was able to patch things up somewhat and that Nichole is doing better, she was running out of time