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S15E4 Anne and Digger

Season 15, Episode 4

Digger & Anne

Age: 34 and 29
Location: Weaverville, California
Addiction: Heroin

What’s Memorable: Their toxic relationship and what they show to their children – it’s just very, very ugly. There is so much addiction in and surrounding this family and the impact it’s all had on Blaze is remarkable.  She’s a truly incredible, unbelievably perceptive person who knows way too much about how fucked up adults are.

Official Synopsis: Digger and Anne are husband and wife–and both are addicted to heroin. Intervening on addicted couples is incredibly difficult; and Digger and Anne’s situation is complicated further by other addicts in the family. Their three young children are in danger of losing both parents if the couple does not get help soon.

Date Aired:  March 2016

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  1. Essex

    As the daughter of an addict who passed last year, I can’t stand the Intervention’s that have children under 18 on camera.

    It is psychological abuse.
    Life is hard enough for them. And when shows like this air…their classmates know.
    It is not fair to them.

    I really wish Intervention would allow the kids to part of the intervention but OFF CAMERA!

    1. TAB

      I have to say that I agree. It absolutely broke my heart seeing all that this child has been exposed to and how sadly she has had to grow up and mature so fast, as to try to make sense of this situation that has stolen her parents affections from her. She said, “it’s like my parents are cheating on me with drugs”. She’s only 11 years old. My daughter is 9 and a half, and it was too painful to even imagine if my own child was in those shoes. God bless that precious child, I pray she can find peace in her little life.

    2. Jacinda Godwin

      it is not her fault her parents are addicts. Its not her shame to carry around! The psychological abuse she may have wont come from a camera man.. trust me. It does come from broken promises, missed family events, and just the emotional distance from her biological parents. Her strength and life story will serve as beacon of hope to other children her age going through the same exact thing she is going through. The sad reality is there are so many families just like this across the street and next door to your home- who dont have a camera man in the living room, but the whole community knows there is a problem. The shame is not for the family to wear.. its the addicts

      1. Michelle

        I ❤ your comment!!! So on point! That woman Anne makes me so mad!! Selfish people who don’t do whatever it takes to get well for the children they elected to birth don’t deserve even a five minute visit! That little angel Blaze deserves 2 adults that can parent her, nurture her, and let HS be what she should be A KID!!! That pos Anne doesn’t deserve a courageous, bright, beautiful daughter like Blaze!! Thank God for the grandmother and her husband!!! I definitely pray to God Blaze prospers in her life and kicks life’s ass!!! I have good feeling she will!!!

      2. Kara Bishop

        I agree with you 100% Jacinda!!

    3. Jamie

      Trust me – in a town as small as Weaverville, their classmates already know anyway. Their parents are probably known as the town junkies.

    4. MaximusDreivinX

      I agree with what you’re saying here. But, with that said, that little girl was VERY intelligent and seemed that she really had a grasp on everything. She also already knows her parents are heroin addicts, and wants them to stop. I would bet that she begged to be a part of the intervention. And I think, especially with Digger, SHE was the most convincing and heartfelt. That little girl did such an amazing job.

      I have a feeling that she is the only real adult in her immediate family, considering mom and dad were junkies. Wise beyond her years.

    5. Kristen Quartararo

      I just watched this episode of intervention and that little girl melted my heart she is such an amazing little girl her parents have no idea how lucky they are to have her!! It would be nice to know that she is ok and doing well.

      1. Shay

        Hey, I live here and I grew up with Digger and Anne. Theyre both doing well. I just saw Digger at the river swimming hole with his two younger kids. He looked super healthy. Like a different person. He gave me tons of hugs and said hes been clean for a long while. His kids looked super happy. Anne was at her oldest sons graduation last week and he has never lived with her. Blaze is doing great. She just had a birthday and both her parents were healthy and in attendance. Anne has since married Greg, the dude who was hiding behind the couch during the intervention. Theyre all really great kids. I hope they’re coping/healing as well as they seem to be.

      2. Kate C Brice

        I am so happy to hear this!

      3. Kara Bishop

        Shay thank you so much for sharing! I am so happy to hear this and we intervention fans feel so invested in some or even most of the people on the show… And I felt this way for Digger & of course for that amazing, wise beyond her years, intuitive, and articulate Blaze!! I was searching most to see how they were doing… So I am so happy to hear this!!! I am so very sorry for what happened to Digger as a young boy … I could not even imagine the trauma, but as a mom of an 18-year-old young man, this was something that I was always worried about (probably part of my OCD). Anyways, thank you to Blaze, Digger, & Anne for sharing their story for the world to see… You are helping so many people from children of addicts to would be addicts to recovering addicts and to those still addicted!!! Sending the entire family, grandparents too that raised those amazing kids, my love & prayers from Placer County, California!! ❤️🙏🏼❤️

    6. Susie

      I do agree with you for the most part, but I really think Blaze was mature enough to handle the intervention. She already knew everything that was going on with her parents. And while she definitely shouldn’t have been exposed to that stuff, she was. I think it was nice that she could see her parents choosing to go to treatment. She was able to finally see some good come out of her parents struggle.

  2. Blake

    I cried so hard this episode! 🙁
    Sad to hear Anne and Digger’s dad relapsed, but I’m glad Digger seems to be on the right track.

  3. Halley

    That girl Blaze is amazing.

    I hope Digger stays clean, if only for his kids. I think out of the 3 he is showing the most tenacity, despite his having issues… I am majorly rooting for him!

    1. Blake

      Me too!
      He cried almost the entire episode. I think he was really ready receive the help.
      And unlike some of the people on the Intervention: Codependent show, he was ready to completely break ties with his wife! Like, bye!
      Or at least that’s what it seemed like.

      1. Shay

        I live in this town. He got clean. Saw him yesterday. He is visiting for fathers day and was swimming with the two youngest at the river. He looked super healthy. They kids are doing great. Digger and Anne broke up and Anne has since married Greg.

    2. Alicia

      Well digger my nephew I’m not much older than him and his dad is my brother and it makes me sick to watch but the part that hurts the most is I would love to help my nephew I don’t want to have to bury him I would love my kids to meet there uncle

  4. kristy

    Wow that seen where the little girl was sitting outside with them both and they were talking about nodding out and such was really tasteless how they were acting. You could tell how uncomfortable she was hearing those things.just was akward. Anne seemed really immature to me in general.

  5. Jules

    Being a child of an addict, if they cannot stay clean, then those children need to stop having contact with them. That poor girl Blaze knew way too much for her age. I have severe trauma having seen my mother “nodding” and even more from watching her final overdose and hearing her struggle to breathe until she finally died. I just wanted to take those poor kids and hug them forever. Now I’m a clinical social worker– can’t work with addicts though because of my history. I still haven’t fully recovered from watching my mom. I hope that Digger kept up with his sobriety. Thank goodness for that grandmother. I felt like I was stabbed in the chest when Blaze learned that grandmom was an addict at the intervention… Talk about the severe possibility of having trust issues for life even though Grandmom was a godsend. I hope Blaze breaks the mold and still holds that sunshine in her heart. God this one was brutal. Thanks again for having this page Dizzy.

    1. MaximusDreivinX

      Do you remember, or think you were as ‘with it’ and inept as Blaze was when you were younger dealing with your folks? I just wonder because I was so impressed with her overall. Her grasp of things and maturity for such a God awful thing, and at such a young age as she appears. Her emotions towards her dad were very clear. She was as honest as can be with him. I did NOT see the same towards her mom. And I wonder if Anne is really as cold in real life as she appeared on this show. I thought she really lacked any sort of affection for anybody.

      1. RB

        Blaze had to grow up too soon. I had to grow up too soon. I am a very intelligent woman but the fact I was intelligent and understood probably as much or more than Blaze caused me extreme trauma into my adulthood. That(those) child(ren) have been exposed to too much for their age. I suspect the codependency of the gramma is partly the cause of this… especially her being an addict herself. Just the fact she said “I was”… it’s never a was. You are an addict for life… and she seems to be quit oblivious to what she allowing to happen to those babies. I am grateful she took responsibility of the children but she should have been protecting them better than did.

  6. K

    I was so disappointed that Digger’s dad relapsed. He seemed to want to so badly. I almost cried when he was thanking the Interventionist and said “I need a hug”.

  7. Jacinda Godwin

    I have been watching intervention since season 1 and this episode has to be the most heartbreaking to me. Its really hard to watch 2 people who at one time in their lives had to be really amazing people to create such a breathtakingly, spiritually in-tune young lady like Blaze just waste their lives on the constant hustle of drugin’. The inner strength that young lady has is an inspiration. How could you not want to fight and work your hardest to be her parents! I pray that Digger stays clean for himself and his family. If you want to be a part of ur childrens life you will do anything it takes!! Anything Anne!you have to try.. u have to want it!

  8. ShelbyLee

    What an amazing soul their daughter Blaze is – such a beautiful, eloquent young lady.. I would be so proud to have a daughter like that. I cried thus whole episode, it was a good one for sure!

  9. mary

    I was shocked to see a child exposed to this situation on tv. Leave young children out of an the intervention, at least on camera. So sad.I kept thinking she should be playing with her friends instead of dealing with adult issues. I pray that least one of her parents get it together enough to parent and not dump their responsibilities on grandmom. God bless.

    1. Liz

      Seems to me like he might still be using, unfortunately, according to a comment his mother left on a picture this September. I won’t post it here (not sure of the privacy stuff?), but a picture in his Mobile Uploads album from September 1. Sounds like he can’t stay clean for too long. Very sad.

    1. Timothy Chen

      Well, I hope both Digger and Anne continue to stay sober despite their… current drama that appeared on their FB profiles.

  10. Miranda

    Wasn’t their supposed to be an episode with two brothers? I remember seeing the preview during one of the episodes this season, but it looks like they may have scrapped the episode? I can’t find the preview anywhere. I’m pretty sure tonight’s episode with Barry was from awhile ago because it has the old format. Anyone know what happened?

    1. t.toro

      I knew I wasn’t crazy! I kept trying to find the new episode, but saw Barry which is I’m pretty sure an Intervention:Canada episode. So weird!

    2. Sweetie

      I was wondering that, too! Glad I wasn’t alone in this thinking!

      1. Madeleine

        I am still seeing the commercial for the two brothers, so I think it comes on this week.

  11. Sweet Melissa

    Wow, Anne’s Facebook page. The relationship with Digger’s best friend was just insane. It looks like she married him (Greg) and they’ve both been using. I wanted to hug Digger. The situation with his dad, the obvious excruciating pain he was in. And 2 grams a day? How does someone afford that? I can’t imagine how sick he must have been without the drugs. Opiate withdrawal is something I don’t wish on anyone on this planet. And those beautiful kids. It was all just very hard to watch.

  12. LTempel

    I agree to an extent about not showing kids on this show, but the impact that Blaze has made on so many people– as hard as it is to see– I think it really gives people a deeper insight into the consequences of what it means to neglect a child. She didn’t ask for the role but I sort of see Blaze as a powerful (indirect) advocate for children who may be in a similar situation. How can any adult watch this and not have it rip your heart out? (I don’t even have a child and it affected me so deeply.) I hope Blaze and all children in situations like this can find strength and people who will watch out for them and love them unconditionally.

  13. AK.

    The whole thing was heartbreaking, especially what happened to Digger as a child.

    BUT. I’m sorry most for the kids. It may sound harsh, but I’ll never allow the kids to see the parents if they are high. Never. It’s not right. No child should witness an addict. Especially as a mom or dad. I’m saying this as a child of a gambler. It was hell. Sitting in shady bars at 6 years old because he wanted to play. Or being alone and cooking for myself for days at 10 because he had a gambling ,,rush” and disappeared. Now I wish someone would have come and taken me away from him. Everything would be better. We have no contact anymore and I’m happy with that. He writes sometimes and says that he’ll send money for Christmas/Birthday/etc, but at the end he is gambling everything away. As he did with my college found.

    Anyway if you are an addict and you choose drugs/addiction over your kid, then let the kid go. Nobody deserves parents like these. And if you got sober, you can get your family back. Otherwise you should leave them behind, go get high and don’t care about anything if that is your choice.

  14. MaximusDreivinX

    I CRIED through so much of this episode. I tear up here and there watching Intervention …. especially when there are children involved. Yeah, I’m a 41 year old MAN too by the way. This show breaks my heart very often, but this one in particular got to me for some reason. That little girl of theirs is so damn smart and so cute …. and I feel so bad for her dealing with the BURDEN that her parents are heroin addicts. They love drugs more than her and her siblings. They both SAY nothing is more important than their children. But they stay head bobbing, stumbling around high on opiates 24/7.

    I felt a lot of empathy for Digger. He was brave (IMHO) sitting there like he did and spilling his demons to the world. He sat there and cried through everything that has/had and IS breaking his heart and it was so hard to hear. I cried along with him …. just in pure empathy, as I (thankfully) cannot relate to what he’d been through in his life. Contrast that with how Anne acted the entire time and it wasn’t a shock when those little girls ran right to Digger when both parents walked into the house. Anne appeared cold …. to everyone. To Digger. To her children. To family members. Even when she was at the facility and clean and sober she seemed cold and distant. Hell, when their little girl was PART of the intervention itself (God … i was a mess watching that pretty, smart little girl be the adult in her immediate family) she seemed genuinely upset with her dads intervention, and then sort of forcing it with her moms. The ONLY PERSON Anne ever cared about was Anne, and the only person she showed the slightest affection towards was her dope shooting boyfriend.

    In the end, what really disappointing me was the success rate of all THREE of them! When the intervention guy approached Diggers dad, his reaction was so awesome. And his few words in Diggers intervention were great too. But, what blew me away was Diggers dad in the followup interview! My GOD! All 3 of them looked great once sober, and in their follow up interviews! But Diggers father cut his hair, put on 20-30 lbs, and had a strong, NORMAL voice. He didn’t sound like a frail 85 year old man anymore. And then, we find out ALL THREE of them went home and relapsed! Unbelievable! ALL THREE! At least Digger went back to rehab out west and then stayed out there apparently. Anne, the ‘cold one’ went right back to her dope fiend boyfriend she dumped her husband and kids for. Too bad for Diggers dad in the end.

    I wish the best for you Digger! You’ve had a lot of shit happen to you in your life, and a lot of it wasn’t your fault. It’s not fair you had to deal with, and go through, any of it. I hope you’re staying clean and sober brother!

    1. Lexi

      What happened to Digger as a kid ? I missed that part! And I agree. That little girl broke my heart. I just wanted to hug her. My dad was also a drug addict, not to that extent, but when I was ten and he and his gf started heavy drug using when I was about her age, so I sympathized with her. One thing I will say, he did not expose me to any of it, the worst I think that happened was when they left me and her daughter and said theyd be back later that night and didnt come back til noon the next day. And my grandma came and got us because I called her in tears since I was scared something bad happened. I cant even imagine the trauma that poor thing went through though. I really hope she stays strong and doesn’t fall into the same habits so many of her family members did. And I hope Digger finds the inner strength to stay clean for his the sake of his kids.

  15. Rachel Evans

    Lawrence (Digger’s father) looked amazing in the followup. He looked twenty years younger.

    Hearing that he relapsed is heartbreaking. I hope he gets clean again; he seems like an awesome human being. His reaction to his own mini-intervention is the reaction I would like to think I would have: pure, unadulterated gratitude. So many of the addicts on this show are so filled with rage when the intervention happens. Lawrence’s reaction of disbelief and thankfulness moved me to tears.

  16. Janelle

    Usually Ken does a stellar job, but in this case I think he and the producers made a huge mistake by allowing the eldest daughter to take part in the intervention. She was visibly traumatized by both the intervention itself and appearing on camera, and that sort of gutwrenching trauma is far too much to force a 10 year old to deal with. Ken (as the interventionist) and the producers have moral obligations to protect children from extreme trauma and/or unnecessary exposure and I think they both failed.

    1. Samantha

      Where the hell did you see she was traumatized by the cameras? I swear so many of you see only what you want to see & have such a negative narrative. Blaze knew exactly what was going on the whole time & looked happy to share her side to the world, if not for herself, then for others, even at such a young age. If I wasn’t so shy as a child, I would have loved to do the same with my moms addiction & alcohol abuse.

      So sad that Diggers dad relapsed. He looked incredible. Anne I saw coming; she’s too codependent on having that validation from a man. I’m surprised they didn’t offer Greg treatment since they typically do with significant others- even if they play a negative role in the initial persons (who’s getting the intervention originally)‘s lives. Also, I’ve read on “behind the scenes” of the show (disappointed in some things), but how do they go about paying say, their rent while they’re away? Especially if the person doesn’t have family or family who have money to cover it while they’re in treatment?

  17. Sam

    From what I’ve seen on social media, he has relapsed and has had a rocky pattern of this since Intervention. So sad…

  18. Timothy Chen

    I will get my thoughts on Digger out of the way first before I start my rambling: He is seriously one of the most hurt people on Intervention I’ve seen. Of course, I’m not too surprised he continues to relapse, but I’m so glad he is able to continue with school and hopefully the best comes his way. His future seems bright in my honest opinion (after looking through his FB). Rooting for Digger all the way!

    Now for my episode thoughts/ramblings:
    I am beyond pissed and disappointed in Anne. She does NOT get any sympathy whatsoever from me with her attitude, her continual cheating on Digger with Greg. She doesn’t even put up a fight when she got into an argument with Digger… right in front of BLAZE. Blaze, she is so mature and had to grow up fast. I really hope Blaze can break that cycle. Back to Anne, I really hope she is clean now but I don’t really see as much hope for her as I do see with Digger. And Papaw Lawrence (Digger’s Dad), oh he doesn’t put up any fights too. This could complicate Digger’s recovery, which it may have in the past.

    TL:DR – Blaze is so mature, I wish the best for Digger, but Anne and Papaw Lawrence really need a wakeup call.

  19. KK

    This was the only episode that made me cry. Seeing how badly Digger wanted to get well for his kids and the shame he had was heart breaking. His kids, especially Blaze, are going/are impacted so much by all these addicts around them. Hopefully at least Digger stays clean, any current update for him?

  20. K Yee Digger was arrested in December of 2017 for armed robbery.

  21. SMS

    Any other updates on him? His FB says he’s in VA as of 2018

  22. Jane

    Looks like he has another FB that makes it seem he’s doing really good. No sign of his dad though. I hope he seemed additional help.

    Blaze grew up to be very beautiful. Wish them all the very best

  23. Erin

    This episode made me so mad. How Blaze, A CHILD, was basically exploited on a TV show made my skin crawl. Anne is so selfish. All addicts are but she only cared about her own needs and NOT her children. Digger was the only parent who showed genuine love for those kids. Thank God for grandparents.

  24. Valeriya

    Not me sobbing during the intervention… I was rooting for Digger so much. Not gonna lie Anne did not leave the best impression on me, especially since she went on to relapse with the side piece Greg. The oldest daughter was so beautiful and smart I don’t have enough words to describe her. I hope she can heal as much as possible from this traumatic upbringing she must have had having addicts as parents. All in all I hope for the best for this family. I would’ve killed for a loving dad like Digger.

  25. Susie

    I really hope they’re both doing good. Theyre children are so adorable and sweet. Especially Blaze. She so cute and extremely intelligent. Talk about really having a sense of what’s going on around her. And shes so young. The kids need good influences ; Digger last posted in March on his facebook that hes with a new girl and looks happy & healthy. I hope Anne followed!

  26. Susir

    Here’s Anne’s facebook:

    She looks great! And Blaze grew up to be so pretty, it says she lives in Oregon now.

    So happy for their family.

  27. Susie

    Here’s Anne’s facebook:

    She looks great! And Blaze grew up to be so pretty, its says she now lives on Oregon.
    So happy for their family!

  28. Mr.Wolf

    Feel so heart broken for Blaze their daughter. She is such a smart, understanding and mature young girl, especially having grown up in such difficult circumstances. She was like the adult and the parents were the drug addicted out of control child. I pray Blaze grows up strong and does not let drugs effect her life.

  29. Amoree

    Omg this episode with this couple is sad it broke my heart to hear their daughter already knows how they shoot up and use drugs at such a young an innocent age. It’s truly fucked up how this couple is and they’re gonna regret their actions when they have to reap what they sow. They’re gonna withdrawal so horrible the worst sickness cause they caused this by their reckless sin and carelessness.

  30. Suzvkb

    one of my most watched. heartbreaking story. their transformations in the update were astonishing! especially digger. at this point this episode aired 5 + yrs ago…but im routing for them both still. can’t forget his dad. hope hes doin better too!

  31. Michelle

    Believe it or not, I finally watched this episode for the first time tonight. I never wanted to because the synopsis mentioned children and for me, as a mother, episodes like these are always the hardest for me to get through. After watching I was, of course, curious to see how they were/are doing. I had read in a previous comment that Digger was arrested for burglary at a gas station, I believe it was 2016. Sadly, I found this when I did a search of his name. It looks like he is looking at significant jail time if he is convicted of the recent charge mentioned in the article, especially given the fact he was a parolee at the time. If he does go back to jail, maybe it will help him clean up once and for all. He seemed like such a wonderful man carrying a ton of guilt for many things that weren’t his fault.

  32. AMom

    As the daughter of an addict I just wanted to come here and say I’m so proud of Blaze. She broke my heart. She is so courageous and bright, she did so great.

  33. Curvicular

    As of September 2022, it looks like Blaze and her boyfriend were pregnant and were due in August. She seems to be living in Oregon with her boyfriend.
    Anne is still married to Greg, Digger’s best friend. She’s blonde and seems to be doing well.
    Digger, unfortunately, seems to have committed a hit-and-run offense in 2021. Really sad to see that he’s still doing poorly, I really wanted him to find his slice of happiness in the world.

    1. Molly

      omg, that is truly horrible. come on digger, I was rooting for you!

  34. Null

    I’ve watched almost every season of Intervention. While some of the episodes are shocking and sad, this is the first that literally had me in tears. Watching and hearing their little daughter cry at the intervention was absolutely heartbreaking. I pray that child, and their other children, have a good life away from the destruction of their parents’ addiction. Hopefully by now both parents are clean and sober.

  35. Brooke

    Digger and his father’s transformation were almost total 180s in my eyes. I was in complete shock and rarely cry during television shows but their health after recovery brought me to tears. I couldn’t believe Blaze was the daughter of Digger and Anne while watching this episode and how much more articulate she was than even her adult mother. But after Digger got clean I could believe it. I wish them well on their journey!

  36. LK

    I don’t like this episode because I thought it was really exploitive to their daughter. She was heavily featured in particularly emotional moments in a way that I thought was inappropriate. Honestly, this show in general is exploitive, but exploiting a child is just unfair and bordering on abusive. Using an underage person’s very real pain just to tug on viewer’s heartstrings is pretty gross.