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Poll: Who Do You Want To See A Followup On? Part 3

Ok so they don’t do whole followup episodes anymore unfortunately, but they do the Skype “Legacy” updates.  So let’s say we have a say in who Intervention reaches out to next. Who do you most hope to see on a future Legacy segment?

This will be done in several parts so that there aren’t too many to choose from.  I couldn’t include every single person that’s ever been on the show, so I had to narrow it down. The people who will be listed in these polls will have 1) not already had a follow up episode or Legacy update  2) have not provided updates here (meaning we know how they’re doing based on their comments) and 3) are the ones who have gotten at least a few “where are they now, does anyone have an update” comments.  If there’s someone you know meets those requirements and they aren’t listed, let me know and I’ll add them to the poll.

If there’s someone listed here that DOESN’T meet those qualifications, just assume that I know that and I included them for a reason.

Vote! (This is PART 3, Seasons 7-8.  PART 1 is here) and PART 2 is here)

Also hey, I figured out how to make each choice clickable so you can go to the episode page in a new tab if you don’t remember who it is. I’m so clever!

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  1. Stefan

    Amy P’s story has stuck with me more than most. I’ve never seen a bulimic so consumed by the disorder as she was. However, her and her family seem to for whatever reason regret doing the show, so unfortunately I doubt that we’ll ever see an update on her.

  2. Hanna Klosterboer

    Hiya Dizzy. theres a new season starting soon you may know if you watch other A&E shows. im shitting myself because i thought the series was over. but thank god its not.

  3. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    Linda’s the one I want to know about but something tells me that she’ll make things difficult.